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Orang Pendek hand print?
Possible orang pendek hand print

I was recently contacted by Tim Binnall, owner of the Binnall of America website and podcast of the same name. Tim recently interviewed our mutual friend, cryptid researcher Adam Davies and asked if I might post a link to the interview somewhere on the Paranomalist blog.

Always more than happy to assist both Tim and Adam in any way I can, the following is Tim’s summary of his interview with Adam concerning his most recent research expedition to Sumatra, as well as other issues within the field of cryptozoology:

Wrapping up our triumverate of annual episodes, we welcome acclaimed cryptozoologist and extreme explorer Adam Davies for a conversation about his 2011 expedition to Sumatra in search of the Orang Pendek. We’ll talk about the growing evidence and scientific support for the reality of the creature as well as get an in-depth recounting of Adam’s journey to Sumatra this past year.

We’ll find out how the expedition differed from the trips of previous years as well as the evidence collected on this recent visit to Sumatra. Along the way, we’ll talk about the drawbacks of eyewitness sightings of the creature, the buzz surrounding Orang Pendek in recent years, the passing of Adam’s Sumatran guide Sahar, and the contributions of longtime Orang Pendek researcher Debbie Martyr. Additionally, we’ll discuss sea serpents and the North American Bigfoot as well.

As is custom when Adam Davies visits the show, it’s a fast, loose, candid, and highly informative conversation that will bring the listeners right to the very razor’s edge of Orang Pendek research.

Click here for the direct link to the Adam Davies interview with Tim Binnall.


13 thoughts on “Tim Binnall Interview with Adam Davies”

  1. Compelling interview with Tim, John and Adam. Thanks for sharing the account. I know you’re going to take some heat for it, but it is very interesting. I have to say John, you’re previous experience with these creatures does appear to be the link to this episode.

  2. Thanks for doing the interview. It was so compelling I listened to it twice without stopping. Thanks for coming forward with bravery and candor.

    • Thanks, Erin. I appreciate your saying so. I have had so many people who have told me of having bizarre, paranormal experiences and it’s very traumatic and upsetting. It does happen though and those who undergo them aren’t alone.

  3. Thanks for replying to my niece, Adam. Katie is ten years old and very interested in cryptids (particularly Bigfoot) and she’s just impressed to no end that I know a real, honest-to-goodness field researcher. She was thrilled to get a reply from you. Thanks again buddy.

  4. Hi Katie, I was first interested in looking for creatures when I was 14.I used to track animals on the moors near where I live. I have been doing expeditions now for 15 years. The only cryptid I have seen, was the Seljord Serpent, in Norway. It depends what creature I am looking for as to what equipment I use.Camera traps, and gear to gather samples, such as hair so I can get D.N.A are standard. though. I am never scared when I am in the situation, as I need to remain controlled calm and focused.However afterwards, when I think about it, I have been felt some things were scary, such as when I was shot at in the Congo, or when a creature crept right up to me when I was sleeping in the Pacific North West!

  5. Hi Adam. My name is Katie and I’m John Carlson’s niece. when did you start looking for creatures? ive gone looking for Bigfoot , i saw nothing. What do you use to look for the creatures? do you ever get scared? have you ever saw what you were looking for?

  6. I saw a new mythical monster just a few minutes ago! Absolutely terrifying! I believe its called the kissy monster, it is about 5 feet tall with brown hair and a terrible odor, very hairy especially down low, and it only wants to kiss tummies! Insatiable need to kiss them, in fact. Watch out guys, its on the loose!

  7. Wow, you people are nuts. Just saw this guy on Monster Quest. He follows empty leads with blind ambition, sinking resources into futile expeditions when his talent, which I believe is real, would be better used on something that is equally real.

  8. Hi Cyn .If you can find me on Facebook, and would like to add me, hopefully we can talk that way, if you like.

  9. very interesting. thank you for posting. Ive admired Adam for a while now. Would love someday to talk to him.

    thank you John!

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