Mande Burung Expedition Video

Once again, Adam Davies has been so kind as to share his experiences with the readers of The Paranomalist. For regular readers of our website, I’m sure that you know that Adam was recently searching for the Mande Burung, a large, bipedal hominoid reportedly seen by many of the inhabitants of the Garo Hills region of India.

Adam Davies, Director of the Centre for Fortean Zoology Richard Freeman, and a team of additional researchers met with local M-B researcher Dipu Marak, spending approximately three weeks investigating this rugged, heavily forested and mountainous area of northeastern India for evidence of the elusive creature. In addition to collecting physical evidence, the cryptid researchers interviewed many of the native inhabitants who reported to have seen the Mande Burung.

Please enjoy a portion of Adam’s video journal of his most recent cryptozoological investigation:


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  1. hello john ,,im very interested in knowing how to deal with paranomal….becouse at exactly 3;00 am i get woken up by some kind of spirit and it taps my hand very hard ,also i keep seeing a pair of brith redish brown eyes will my eyes are close . i close my eyes cuz i get scare,i do ignore it as much as i can .now im having dreams with a couple and a little girl but they dress in old fashion clothing the strange thing is the little girl look similar to my firstborn grandouther.and it scares me that something bad may happen to her or me.please help me understand thankyou

    • Hi Doris — I’m not sure if I’m really qualified or able to give you an answer about what these experiences mean, but I can try to suggest a few ideas. I’d need to know a bit more about this though. How long has this been happening? Do you have a history of seeing apparitions or spirits? Do you often get precognitive dreams (i.e., dreaming about things before they happen)? Have you recently moved to a new home (sometimes these entities are tied to a particular location).

      Are you Christian, Doris, and/or do you believe in God? If you feel that these are evil entities with which your dealing, I’ve often heard that prayer or invoking the name of Jesus Christ usually will put a stop to the experience, at least temporarily. I would definitely avoid trying to interact with whatever this is — no ouija boards, seances, that sort of thing. Certainly not without very well-qualified professional help. You don’t want to invite anything unwanted in or provoke something that is unwholesome.

  2. I had some good news from Dipu yesterday. He and his family and my team in India are all safe and well.The situation also seems to be calming down now, with the Army firmly in control.

    • Hey Adam, that’s good news! I’m glad to hear it. One of the things that I’ve learned from hearing of your travels is that you’re often in politically unstable areas of the world (thinking of your first expedition to the Congo, as you described in your book Extreme Expeditions. I know that’s got to be unsettling, and that much more so for those who reside there year around, like your friend Dipu. Good to hear that he and his family are safe and well.

  3. John,
    It seems like we had a lucky escape. I have just heard from Dipu that there has been what he describes as `communal fighting` between the Garo people and another tribe from Assam. People have been killed ,shops and trucks burnt out, and the Garo border is closed.As a result, I understand that National Geographic have cancelled their expedition to search for the Mande-Burung for the time being.Most importantly, I have checked, and all our people in India are o.k.

  4. Thanks for posting this,John. May I take this opportunity to wish both you, and all your readers , a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    • Thank you, Adam. The same to you and yours. Have a safe and happy holiday season. Hope 2011 is the year we can finally meet up and have a belated shot of Christmas cheer together. Thanks too for so generously sharing your experiences with me and with the readers of The Paranomalist blog!

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