New Website

Hello everyone. Our new website is The Paranormalist, web address We will be posting new articles and videos there, and no longer on this website. Please follow us there. Thanks!

Website Update and Future Plans

To any and all remaining readers of my long-dormant blog, The Paranomalist: You may have noticed that the site looks different. As of this date (01/23/20), it will look quite bare-bones. This is because I’m in the process of rebooting the site and at this point in time I have focused on the back-end coding … Read more

Tim Binnall Interview with Adam Davies

Listen to the most recent interview by Tim Binnall of Adam Davies, on the Binnall of America podcast. Tim and Adam discuss the September 2011 expedition to Sumatra in search of Orang Pendek, as well as sea serpents and the North American Bigfoot. Great interview!

New Expedition to Sumatra

The search for Orang Pendek continues… The Center for Fortean Zoology has organized another expedition to Sumatra in search of the famed Orang Pendek, a short, powerful, bipedal hominoid, sightings of which have been reported for centuries by the indigenous people of the Sumatran rain forests. Here is the information given to me by expedition … Read more

Supernatural Event Over Vietnam

cargo plane

This is the strange tale of Robert L. Pollock, a former LAPD detective and Vietnam War veteran. It takes place in early 1968 in a C-130 Cargo aircraft flying at 25,000 feet over the coast of Vietnam. What was the strange, swirling, gray/black mist that entered their aircraft? Was it simply some type of fluid leak, or perhaps something far more strange? Read on for Robert’s firsthand account of this bizarre phenomena that he and his fellow crewmen experienced.

Mande Burung Expedition Video

Once again, Adam Davies has been so kind as to share his experiences with the readers of The Paranomalist. For regular readers of our website, I’m sure that you know that Adam was recently searching for the Mande Burung, a large, bipedal hominoid reportedly seen by many of the inhabitants of the Garo Hills region … Read more