Website Update and Future Plans

To any and all remaining readers of my long-dormant blog, The Paranomalist:

You may have noticed that the site looks different. As of this date (01/23/20), it will look quite bare-bones. This is because I’m in the process of rebooting the site and at this point in time I have focused on the back-end coding of the site rather than the front-end graphic design. You should notice an improvement to the site’s functioning, speed, and rendering on mobile devices. In the upcoming weeks, I will be improving the look of the site as well as adding new features and functionality to it. But for the moment, it is what is.

The site’s new home will be at There is a bit of a story behind the naming of the site, which I’ll explain as briefly as I can. Originally, I had wanted to secure the domain name “”, which at the time was unavailable. Instead, I decided up the name “Paranomalist” – a hybrid of “paranormal” and “anomaly.” However, people with whom I came into contact insisted on calling the site The ParaNORMAList. I kept checking the availability of that domain name and eventually it did become available and I was able to obtain in. So, heretofore the site will officially be The Paranormalist, To avoid confusion and problems, the old ParaNOMalist site will redirect to the I will also post a new email address (probably I’ll have all of this done before the end of January 2020.

Why am I doing this?

Well, for one thing, I honestly miss writing. Mostly, however, I would like to develop this site in order to help people who have had encounters with the unexplained. It is often quite jarring and deeply disturbing to directly experience that which our rational minds tell us should not exist. I have firsthand knowledge of this, having been plagued by a series of weird experiences since childhood and continuing until the present (the last one was a doozy, which I’ll be writing about at length).

I know that there are many individuals who have odd and troubling encounters with the paranormal. Despite the fact that I haven’t written anything on this site in quite a long time, it still comes up pretty well in the search engines. I receive a steady stream of emails from people seeking answers or, at the very least, hoping to unburden themselves by telling someone their story without fear of judgment or ridicule. If nothing else, I hope that this website can serve that purpose: to be a safe space for those who have had these experiences.

What I wish to avoid

I would rather not glamorize the paranormal. It is my hope to dissuade those who wish to engage in paranormal investigations or ghost hunting from doing so. I am against the use of any kind of occult practices, such as ouija boards, tarot cards, crystals, consulting psychics or spiritual mediums, engaging in seances. I believe that these practices can open doors that are often difficult to shut. I no something about this and I feel obligated to share my beliefs on the subject regardless of whether my readers wish to take my advice or if they will be offended by it.

I look forward to reestablishing the Paranormalist, expanding its audience, and meeting new friends on this strange journey. I’ll be talking with you soon.

– John

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  1. Hi John good to hear about the site. Good luck to you. I still have to get you up to ghost lake and other areas in NW New Jersey. Take Care. I have a new e mail


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