Missing Time Experience?

missing timeI’d like to relate a personal experience that I had when I was an adolescent in the hope that others might be willing to come forward and share any similar experiences that they may have had.

I’ve titled this article “A Missing Time Experience?” – with a question mark, you’ll notice – because it does not necessarily fit the “typical” missing time scenario of which we hear. It did not happen late at night on a darkened rural road; there was no UFO sighting involved (that I recall). It occurred in the afternoon, on a sunny day, on a relatively busy street in a bustling suburban town in northeastern New Jersey. In fact, I’m not entirely sure that there even was a period of missing time. Yet, it was strange in the extreme and something that I contemplate regularly to this day, more than thirty years later.

The time of year was late winter or early spring – around March or April, I believe, of 1978. I was in junior high school, seventh grade, and thirteen years of age. It was a weekday at about 3:00 PM and school had just let out. I left the junior high school, which is located next to a hospital in my home town of Ridgewood, NJ. Ridgewood is located about 20 miles from New York City, in Bergen County, a very populated area of the state. I walked, as I did most days, home from the junior high (now a middle school). My parent’s home was located about 1.5 miles from the school along a very direct route. Most of the walk was on the street on which the school was located, followed by a left and a quick right toward the very end of the walk. So, I’d normally just walk out the front door of the school, take a left, and proceed straight for about 1.4 miles, the last 0.10 of a mile being that left and the right, at which point I was at our house.

That was the route that I would normally take, however, I had a run-in with a group of boys that bullied me on a regular basis, so rather than taking a left out the front door of the school and proceeding due south for that 1.4 miles, I’d go left and then take another left at the very first traffic after leaving the school. I’d then walk to the next street over and take a right onto that street, again walking due south. It wasn’t much of a departure from my normal route, as the street ran parallel to the one I’d usually take to get home. I’d been doing that for at least a couple of months in an effort to avoid walking past the homes of the boys who were bullying me. Therefore, I’m confident of the the fact that there was no way I would have become lost or confused of my whereabouts.

However, one day as I began walking home, I noticed that everything seemed strangely quiet, almost muted. The normal noise and bustle associated with the after-school rush of children walking home from school was oddly absent and the quiet was rather eerie. There were still cars and some pedestrians present as I walked down this busy suburban street, but there was an odd, unreal feeling to everything, along with this disturbing muted silence.

The street that I was walking down was called North Pleasant Avenue, and the intersection that I was approaching was at the corner of North Pleasant and Ridgewood Avenue. After crossing Ridgewood Ave, North Pleasant turned to South Pleasant Avenue and I would pass the elementary school that I’d attended the years prior to entering the junior high in September of ’77. At crossing that intersection and approaching the elementary school, I was approximately 0.8 mile from my home. I mention these facts only to continue to emphasize that this was a route and neighborhood in which I was used to traveling.

As I continued south, from N. Pleasant toward S. Pleasant and toward the intersection of Pleasant and Ridgewood Avenues, I saw the traffic light, the same familiar stores at the corner, and the small parking lot in front of the stores. However, these landmarks appeared to be getting further away as I walked closer to them, and still this odd silence persisted. As I continued to walk toward the intersection, these landmarks continued to appear to recede further into the distance as I approached them. I began feeling very disoriented and anxious – and then, nothing; a complete loss of memory. I simply do not remember anything past the point of approaching this intersection and seeing it recede further into the distance as I walked ever nearer to it.

My next memory was of “awakening” – for a lack of a better description – on another street in a different part of town, a fair distance from where I had started from at the junior high school. I remember feeling very shaken and confused and somewhat frightened. What had happened? And how did I end up in this different area, nowhere near where I’d begun walking, and nowhere near where I’d “blacked out”? This is where things get a bit stranger still: within a couple of minutes of “coming to” my mother pulled up in her car, parking along the curb of the street where I was walking. I opened the door and she looked at me with great concern and said “John, are you alright?” Now, normally my mother did not come looking for me if I was a bit late arriving home from school. Remember, this was the late ’70s and parents were decidedly more relaxed about the comings and goings of their children. My mother never picked me up from school unless the weather was very severe or we had some kind of appointment after school, and as long as I was home by dinner my parents didn’t worry or wonder about my whereabouts. If I didn’t come straight home it was assumed that I was at a friend’s house or had some kind of after school activity.

The fact that my mother knew exactly where to find me was surprising, and I asked her how she knew where I was. She replied that she was home, doing chores around the house, when a voice in her head said “get John, he needs you”. She of course asked me what had happened and I told her about the receding intersection, the strange silence, the memory loss, and of waking up to find myself walking in this other part of town. I had no idea what had happened and to this day I still do not, other than a vague memory or feeling of having been told or shown something significant. Who told or showed me what, and where it happened, I cannot recall, although I feel at some point that I will recall the entire incident. I simply feel that this event was significant for a reason that I can’t explain, but it’s meaning will eventually be made clear to me.

Being that this was over thirty years ago, I cannot accurately recall the time that I “awoke” or what time my mother found me. However, I don’t think it was a great amount of time, certainly not more than hour, and probably less than that. Thirty minutes, perhaps? So the time was maybe 3:30 or 3:45 in the afternoon, I’d estimate. It may have been later than that, but not by much, if I recall correctly. I’ve always felt that the strangeness of this incident is compounded by the fact that my mother was somehow involved and “contacted”. If I had simply blacked out or became disoriented and wandered off, I could accept that as being a possibility – although I had no history of seizures or blackouts. But the fact that my mother was told to “Get John, he needs you” makes me believe that there was some outside design and involvement in this, the nature of which I do not know.

This, I should mention, was not the only strange and unexplained incidents that I had as a child. Perhaps I’ll discuss some of the others in future blog posts. Meanwhile, I’d be very interested hearing from other people who may have experience similar phenomena.

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  1. Hey everyone, looks like I’ll join in on this since my experience was just a couple weeks ago…

    I let my mind slip on this fact due to being busy so I can’t remember the exact timing but nevertheless it happened and I was shocked

    It happened to me when I woke up one regular September morning, I got myself ready to head out for work this was around 9am – Just before I preceded to have breakfast, I went over to say good morning to my mother, she told me “Hey you’re up a lil’ early” and to my surprise I replied “Nope, it’s already 9” she goes “Um, it’s 8”

    I glanced over to the clocks in the room, they were all 8am. Her laptop on the desk showed 8am. I glanced at my watch and my cellphone all showing 9am.

    I of course I laughed it off and figured she set all the clocks back an hour so I preceded to have breakfast.

    My appointment was at 11am I would have to leave the house at 10:30am to get to my appointment in time. I did my daily routine of sending out emails to my clients and dully noted that my PC time was an hr behind too….

    I went over to my father’s home office 2 rooms over next to mine and asked, what time the appointment was to double check, he noted 11am and we had some time to kill. I asked him what time it was and he glanced over to his PC and told me the time, it was an hour behind mine…

    Confused, it ended up doing a couple things to ensure I wasn’t the one behind time, I did a clock sync on my phone – “no change” clock sync to my PC “no change” I manually turned them all back 1 full hour.

    10:30 struck and I was out the door, I checked the time again in the car, now it’s the same time I had manually set to my watch and phone. As we were approaching my appointment I was shocked beyond belief.

    The time in my car WENT BACK A FULL HOUR.

    My father who was with me said we’ll be there a little early to the office to get some work done. (The appointment was at his office) I replied, “once we get to the office I’ll prep some coffee for the client” he replied, “yeah once he comes in” and then I go “but we will get there when the client is there”

    My watch and my phone time were now ONE HOUR AHEAD.

    From that point to now, I couldn’t explain what the hell happened.

    Now this is before Daylight Savings kicked in, I’m still a little iffy on that day to now…


  2. Your experience is somewhat like mine, but I had an experience with a group of people. I was 13 years old in 1973 rehearsing in a church youth choir. We were singing the last note of a song when everything stopped. When I came to, I was sitting, and my best friend was crying, “We’re going to die. We’re going to die.” I assured her that we were okay. We all asked each other–“what happened?” We were confused. We noticed that our youth minister who had been playing the piano and leading us was gone. When we asked him later if he had experienced what we had, he said that he had inner ear trouble and had gotten dizzy. I believe he had the same experience but just wouldn’t admit it. The room was checked for any kind of gas leaks, etc. The adults we told could not explain what had happened.

  3. Hey John, would you believe that this might have happened to me today, just half an hour ago, in fact?

    I was looking down at my computer’s clock waiting for dinner and I last remember seeing the time of 7:53 on my clock. Just a blink of an eye later, it seems, the clock then showed not 7:54, but 8:24. A whole half hour had passed without me knowing it. I checked every clock in my room to see if maybe some glitches had happened. And every one showed the same general time.

    IDK, maybe it can be rationally explained, but maybe not……still, though, really freaky, man. =O

    • Steve — I get a lot of people telling me about these strange little hiccups in time. I suppose that skeptics can dismiss these as just being mental lapses, but I doubt that explains them all. Has that happened to you before?

  4. Hi John, I grew up in the U.K as a child. I knew things before they happen and had strange experiences. As I got older it happened less often but never went away. For me I felt the the dying, knew of plane crashes, and drownings. It was never good. I believe the souls called loudest when in fear. I like you run my own business but in Australia. I have grown kids that are doing well. I have had lost time after being chased by hovering lights (UFO) no recollection of it. (I don’t believe in hypnosis) Since then have been told I have a Genetic disorder which non of my family have. I also have tumor’s in the bone, (23/10/12) told we don’t know what they are. Strange thing is having the biopsy it felt familiar.
    People are too scared to face what we will face soon.
    John you and your family should leave the United States but don’t go to Europe.
    Ghosts, aliens, time, dimensions are all one. religion is false. God is real. We are part of God, but like all things there is a balance good-bad, up-down, inside-outside, black -white, you get the point.
    Aliens fear us we are unpredictable. We would sell our soul for a dollar. Kill for less. Look around there is little to no common good, just mostly self interest.
    Take it or leave it, there it is. No need for a reply I will not revisit this site.

  5. I just found this site today and find all the letters/experiences very interesting. A friend of mine and I had a similar experience. It was long time ago so I can’t really put a date on it. I know it was late 60s, I think 1968 or 1969 and late spring/early summer. Dean and I left my house and we were headed to my cousin’s house about 5 miles in the country. I have not told but a few family members about this then and since because of fear of ridicule. We were about half way to our destination ( a trip of 10-15 minutes) and we were in his pickup truck listening to radio on the way. While going down this isolated country road the radio went nuts, full of static and so Dean just turned it off. Right then we came to the end of this road, a “T” road and a stop sign and there directly in front of us just on the other side of the road hanging about 30-40 feet above road was the classic saucer shape craft. No we were not drinking! It was about 20-25 feet long and SILENT (our truck windows were down), it had one amber glowing light in the middle on bottom. We commented to each other WTF is that! What seemed like just only a few seconds looking at it went by and then the light on bottom got real bright white and without a sound the thing went like it was shot out of a cannon into the night sky and gone, still no sound! We were stunned and not sure what we had just saw. We went on to my cousin’s house and when we walked in through his back door the first thing I noticed was his kitchen clock (we went in his back door through his garage right into kitchen) was wrong. I commented to my cousin that he needed to set his clock, he commented back it is right, why? It was over an hour later then it should have been! I know the others didn’t mention UFOs but we had this lost time and I think about it a lot and do not know what happened and maybe I don’t want to know, just weird! Thank you.

    • Hi Bud — Thanks for sharing your experience. Actually, this was one of the few incidents described to me that involve an actual UFO sighting. Most are like mine, memory loss, a period of missing time and no recollection of seeing or hearing anything. Very interesting. Thanks again for letting me know about it. If anything else comes to mind, I’d love to hear about it.

      — John

  6. Couple things to add to this – the woman above mentioned a container just disappearing as she was using it. This has happened to my husband and I with 3 pairs of scissors at different times, and we still haven’t found them. No idea. Alternate scissor dimension?

    But the thing that brought me here, and it’s sort of a joke among my family now, is that I swear, I SWEAR, I distinctly remember actor Wilford Brimley dying back in the 90s. It’s not just a ‘Oh, is he dead of alive?’ thing that happens a lot with celebrities. I remember the television broadcasts announcing it, little human interest pieces they did on his work, mentions of things about his life. Then last year, someone mentioned Wilford Brimley, and I said ‘So sad that he died, he was great’, and my cousin said…um, he’s not dead. I was frantically checking his IMDB and the net, and sure enough, he’s alive. Such a weird thing to remember, so random, but I REMEMBER him dying, or at least his death being announced and discussed in the media. So now it’s like…did the timeline shift? lol Have I been moved from some previous dimension where Wilford Brimley was dead?

    • Dari — I have considered the idea of crossing over into different timelines, so maybe! If you’ve watched any of the shows or read anything about quantum physics, there has been a lot of talk about every possible outcome splitting off into another reality. Like if the Germans were victorious in WWII or if JFK wasn’t assassinated — or if Wilford Brimley died. These time anomalies could have something to do with different planes of reality or universes occasionally intersecting. I’m not expert in quantum physics and to most people this sounds pretty far out, but I think this new, quantum view of the nature of the universe and what we perceive as reality might explain a lot of these bizarre “paranormal” events that so many people claim to have experienced.

  7. I had a wierd missing time moment this morning. Maybe one could dismiss it as a glitch. But basically I set my clock for 5 am this morning. The alarm went off as usual and when it did I literally stood up and when I looked at my computer clock and turned on my tv it said 6:30am. How could I lose and hour and a half within 1 minute of time. My clock on my phone said my alarm went off at 5am and it recognized the time as 5am but immediately it was 6:30.

    Lately I’ve had strange dreams as well about the Bible and Im not really a Bible banger like that but some of the dreams i have had have literally lead me to bible scriptures when I would google the meanings of those dreams. I wish I could say I knew what was happening. I think I’m far too sane to crazy as I am very clear about whats been happening and theres been no reason for it.

  8. John, it’s hard to say if it has had a negative effect on my life. I haven’t lived a ‘normal’ life, whatever that is. There is only so much I can post here.

    • Same here, Mike. At least I’ve never felt very “normal”. My only point was that if you think that this repressed memory is affecting you negatively, and if you believe that the quality of your life will be improved by uncovering it (or attempting to do so), then maybe you should pursue that. If not, then you might be better of putting it behind you if you can, unless it’s really eating at you and you have a strong desire to find the root cause. Qualified psychiatric help might be the way to go if you decide to go down the road toward discovering what happened to you. I’m just throwing this out there, of course. It’s a personal decision that you’ll need to make.

  9. John,
    I have had more than one experience very similar to your missing time story. One was driving home one night in a classic Vermont winter storm. I remember coming up on a state trooper and a the woman police officer coming up to my truck and directing me to go around the cars . I recall her saying, be careful tonight and drive safe. I thought it was odd that there were so many cars all stopped, like frozen in time. I saw a man standing outside of his new BMW looking under the hood and there were two semi trucks just sitting in the middle of the freeway . It was all very confusing, then the really strange part happened. It was just like you said, I came to almost 17 miles and three exits later. I really had no idea where I was for a minute. I immediately called my close friend and told him, naturally he didnt really believe the story and told me near the same thing the Trooper said. Very odd. And the other story is way to complex for this blog. Yet I shared a missing time event with a friend and we both are convinced something happened to us. I have a strange mark on my hand that I never had before that night, a rectangular mole in the middle of my hand at the base of my middle finger. I know this sounds crazy, but i swear its all true.

  10. This happen last night and it bothered me alot. i thought i was going crazy too, however last night i went to bed before midnight and the last time i check it was 1147. I fell sleep then i felt something crawling up from cheek into my nose. i awoke to rub it off and thought it was a bug but it was nothing. i turned around and thought that was a good sleep. i might as well have abit more sleep before getting out of bed assuming it was about 6 or 7 am. so i tossed and turned for awhile. finally i thought i should go use the washroom. then i look at my time on my cellphone and it read 1257am. i said omg! so i got up to use the washroom then came back to bed. i layed in bed trying to sleep..my eyes still open. then i finally gave in and decided to update my facebook status stating that i couldnt sleep and thinking it was already 6 or 7am. after logging out of my facebook and it took probably a minute to update my status then logged out. before placing my cellphone on the table i check the time again and it read 215am. this is when i thought i was crazy, the whole time i was awake. how could i miss an hour? i keep thinking about it and how did that happen?
    last week i took my girls down a pumpkin farm and we had left about abit after 3 pm. i had pass the the farm and got lost for awhile and it was raining at the time. so we backtrack and found the farm. so we had 40 minutes to explore the farm. the farm closed at 5pm. the girl told us we had about 40 mins and when we got there we it was about 415pm. we went to barn, mazes etc. as i was waiting and watching my girl going into the maze i looked at my time and it said 326. i was like it cant be. so i called my daughter in the city and ask her what time it was. she said it was 426 and i told her mine is 326..how can that be? was there a time change? so that didnt bother me much so i thought it was a glich. when we left my time was back to its normal hour. Glad to hear all your stories so i dont feel too crazy now. have a good day!

  11. Hi John. I first posted on June 6 2011 at about 10:00pm. I posted just using my first name and no last initial. I was trying to recall some additional details to that day. The point at which the memory begins is as I stated, that I was on the curb on a very busy street. I remember that it was raining very hard. So it was spring or summer.

    I used Google Earth to ‘go back’ to that place I remember being, and the apartment I remember where the old lady was who asked me if I needed help was actually a bit further to the east of where I remember being. Like I mentioned before, I don’t remember the ride home, but I remember walking in the front door of our house, and my mothers shock.

    I also don’t recall any discussion of what happened, or where I had been. No questions at all.

    I thought about the whole thing again because I just saw a movie called ‘The Forgotton’. It bothers that I can’t remember what happened, and it also bothers me that the one day several years ago when I remembered it and thought the memory was coming back, but I pushed it away.

    Although it is not common, I have dreams in which I am a captive, and I am trying to escape. I have had dreams in which someone is trying to hurt me and I have a gun, but it won’t fire.

    I remember when I talked to a mental health professional, she asked me what I thought happened, and I said, ‘I don’t know’. She then asked me, ‘whats the worst thing you can imagine that happened’, and I began to cry. The session went downhill from there.

    I suppose I thought the worst thing would be a child predator had grabbed me. I have had experiences with people like that in my younger life, but nothing happened.

    God I hate people that hurt kids.

    • Mike — Sorry for the delay in replying. This does sound as if there was some kind of traumatic incident in your childhood that you’re repressing. I wouldn’t assume that it was necessarily anything mystical or paranormal. Other than the fact that this is obviously bothering you because it’s an unresolved memory, is it having affecting your life in a negative way? If it is, I’d say that further counseling might be a good idea. If it is not, then maybe you’re better off trying to let it go, if that’s possible. It bugs me that to this day I can’t recall what happened during my missing time episode, but it really hasn’t had a negative affect on my day-to-day life, so I’m not that terribly concerned with it. I’ve always felt that at some point I may remember what happened anyway. Could be that that may happen to you: when you’re ready to remember, you will.

      Good luck and take care.

      — John

  12. Hello. In approximately 1991 or 1992, I worked at Prudhoe Bay, Alaska (Alaska’s north slope, located in the arctic region and actually far north above the North Pole). Another co-worker and I worked in an office, doing accounting. I was processing invoices and sitting at my desk, as was she. All of the sudden I experienced this super white bright light (like a camera flash only it was so bright, it made everything not visible anymore. The next thing I know, I ‘woke up’ (my head was laying on the desk). I felt like I had been drugged and there was that silence, like you were writing about. I looked at the clock, and 3 hours had pased and I was still working on the same invoice! A couple of weeks later, my co-worker asked me “have you ever been sitting at your desk, then you feel like a bright flash went off, then the next thing you know, a few hours have gone by and you can’t recall what happened?” I have also experienced other unsual phenomenon in Alaska (UFO related). Do you think the missing time episode was caused by government workers or aliens? I stll think about this often as well. Thanks for letting me share. Take care.

  13. John, this is the second time I have read this blog. I cannot begin really to explain your experieince or what may have been the root cause. However, I can say that when I went throught the altitude chamber training while in the USAF, one of the symptoms of hypoxia was that feeling that things were getting grey and farther away until you blackout. Before we would blackout though they would place an oxygen mask over our face and we would come right back. Things got normal really fast with oxygen, (hypoxia is brought on by the lack of oxygen). As for your mother heeding that voice that told her that you needed her, that is pretty good evidence that what ever brought this episode on; was done so deliberately by the conscious effort of the purpetrator. I would seek out someone with experience in hypnotisim and see if any usable memory could be drawn out! Or maybe you will just spontaneousely remember what happened and why. Think back to those incidents in your early life and see if anything seems to be related if so you could possibly jar your memory with that? Any way stay safe my friend.

  14. John, Fascinating blog! Thank you for having it. Just curious…Have you, or do you know of anyone, who has experienced not “missing time”, but having traveled a long distance in an impossible amount of time? Or had a belonging shift from one place to another in an impossible time frame?

  15. I’m writing this because I’m a little confused and a little unsure of what has transpired. Today’s date is September 1, 2012. My location is near the west coast states of the USA. I had just woken up to notice my wristwatch is exactly one hour behind the current time. I wear a quality time piece, the odds of this wristwatch failing exactly one hour to the minute and then continuing are astronomical. I have other clocks in the house, one in particular is a Sky Scan atomic clock. Everything is current time except my wristwatch on this day. I do not know what to make of this at all, this is by far the most bizarre thing that has happened to me. Quite frankly, this is a very disturbing, awkward experience.

  16. My experience happened in my youth, the year was 1974, or 1975, 14 or 15 years old. Abduction? I have no Idea.

    Let me start with why I’m sharing this: this evening I was flipping through channels and I landed on a channel called “Destination America”, the first thing I heard was a man taking about bright lights and time loss. I looked at the lower right of the screen and saw the show’s name “Abduction by UFO’s”. Instantly I felt anxiety. I turned the channel as fast as I could. Was this some trigger to resurface what I’ve tucked away for so long? I don t know but it freaked me out like never before.

    Here it goes, and note the is the first time I have ever documented my unexplained event. Only a handful of close friends and family have ever heard me tell of it, but tonight I couldn’t shake the urge to write it down. I was down stairs in the family room watching Hawaii Five-O, It was the beginning of the show, the theme song was playing and I remember the Hawaiians padding the outriggers, suddenly a bright light shot past the picture window just right of the TV. It was visible for a mere instant, it went so fast.

    I recall the excitement and jumping from the chair running hiding for the screen door to get outside. My thoughts while heading outside were crashing airplane, or meteor. I can still feel the slight coolness in the air, and see the darkness of the night. I got outside and ran along the back of the of the house to the top of the hill on the east side of our house. There I immediately saw a stationary bright light that appeared to be between me and the trees just down the hill by the stream. I instantly felt freighted, and unable to move or speak.

    Now the next thing I remember was hearing in my head “you will not remember this” Again I feel unable to move or speak, still scared, and having a feeling of emptiness. Next I’m back in the house and in the same chair I jumped out of to investigate the light. To this day I have no memory of ever walking back into the house. So here I am back in the house watching the theme of Hawaii Five-O. This is when I really felt awful, I just realized the show was over, I looked at the clock, I had missed the entire show. I remember running up and closing and locking the back door, and trying to forget ever since.

    I don’t know what happened those many years ago, and honestly, I don’t want to know, especially what happened in the hour I seem to have missed. I’m hoping that’s the part I’m not suppose to remember. Well tonight after I turned to channel, and settled down I fired up the computer and began searching for answers. I haven’t found any, but I did come across this site, and the other accounts compelled me to share. Thanks.

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  19. First I would like to thank you for this forum, John.

    I worked in a school and this incident happened during the break, in the week before Christmas. I never smoked in the house, so after dinner I would go outside. There really wasn’t anything unusual about that. I know I didn’t have plans to meet anyone or leave the house for more than a few minutes.

    My husband was understandably upset; I don’t think he ever believed my version of what happened.

    I went online after that and read about missing time, which led to wondering if I was abducted. My husband went to Daytona Bike Week the following March. While he was gone I had a horrifying inexplicable experience. At work the next day, I became aware of a stinging pain down my back. I remembered waking up the night before and someone came into my bathroom and told me they were going to perform an “adjustment” on me. I asked if it would hurt and was told it would hurt more if I struggled. I hadn’t turned on the lights, and I couldn’t see the person talking to me. But I remember thinking that “this isn’t a human, this can’t be happening.”

    My online reading gave me the idea of using a blacklight to look at my body when I got home from work. There were yellow fluorescent marks across both my wrists that looked like fingers, as if someone had held me down. And a rectangle in the center of my back was glowing too. I had one of my daughters photograph the marks; they were only fluorescent for about a day. The photos were later stolen.

    I remembered feeling a sharp pain down my spine, so I looked at my bedsheets. There was quite a bit of blood, much of it looked like a fine spray on both top and bottom sheet, and a pool of dried blood about 6 inches diameter at approximately waist level.

    I don’t know who did this but I believed it had something to do with my earlier disappearance. I felt that some sort of drug was used during the “adjustment.” I still have a scar down my spine about nine inches long with a puncture wound at the end.

    I was divorced within a year of this experience. My ex started complaining that I was talking in my sleep. There were other issues but definitely his disbelief of what had happened to me contributed to our decision to split up. I am still afraid that whoever it was could make me disappear again, or do whatever they want. I am remarried and my new husband once commented that he feels like a “marked man” because he is with me. Our relationship to these people (beings?) is life-changing and malign. And I don’t need to be in possession of photographs to be reminded often that they are real.

    • Debra — It’s interesting to me that whenever ask a person who has undergone these missing time experiences if they’ve had other strange events happen prior to or after the incident under discussion, they almost always do. Yours appears to be much more like the “typical” abduction case than many that I receive. Sometimes the unusual occurrences might seem dissimilar to the so-called “alien abduction” scenario, but there usually is some kind of other strange phenomena that these people experience, and often they’re ongoing through their whole lives and may involve others in their family.

      I don’t blame you for believing that these beings are malevolent after what you’ve gone through. I’m sure you must feel violated in a sense, and powerless to do anything about it. That’s got to be stressful and frightening. I wish I had answers for you, but I’m not sure of the origin of these time-related phenomena. They vary quite a bit too, with some people claiming to have experienced a presence and others recalling nothing. I don’t know if they all come from the same source or if there are multiple explanations and origins for them. However, as I receive more and more of these stories from people I can see some patterns beginning to emerge, and I’m more of the mind that there is some purpose or intelligence behind this, rather than it being just a naturally-occurring phenomenon.

      Thanks again for telling your story. Please feel free to keep in touch via this forum or by email. I’d be interested in hearing of any further developments.

  20. I am still bothered by a missing time experience that occurred in mid-December 2001. I was then in my early forties, married with three teenaged children, and living in south Florida. The evening in question, I stepped outside around 7 PM to smoke a cigarette. We lived in a gated community, with a park across the street from our house. I walked over and sat at a picnic table.

    When I went back to my front door, I had to knock because my keys had inexplicably disappeared. My husband and oldest daughter greeted me with a barrage of questions about where I had been. I WAS GONE FOR FOUR DAYS AND MY DISAPPEARANCE HAD BEEN REPORTED TO THE POLICE!!! My cigarette pack and lighter, and my house keys were found sitting on a picnic table across the street from my home. I had no other belongings with me; my purse with all my ID, credit cards, etc., was in my bedroom.

    I have no memory of anything of that four days. For me, it seemed as if I had stepped out the door and then returned fifteen minutes later. I would really like to know where I was!

    • Debra — My first reaction is: Wow! Most of the missing time stories that people relate to me involve a few minutes or a few hours, not days. That’s really something. Can you recall seeing or feeling anything prior to your memory loss and disappearance? Has anything like this ever happened before or since, or have you experienced any other unexplained events in your life? Just curious… Thank you for sharing your story. — John

  21. Well,i continue to read here as often as i can.
    I still don’t know what to make of these missing time experiences from everyone and hopefully John will piece together a couple theories.
    Something is definitely happening,most likely since the beginning of time itself.
    Imagine a caveman reporting to his tribe that he threw his spear at some game meat
    during the afternoon and found himself standing there in the moonlight ,minus
    his supper and his spear. He most likely would have been scorned by his tribe if he had said anything.
    There has to be a logical answer,but what is it?
    Good luck John, i’m sure it’ll make your hair turn grey if it hasn’t already!

  22. My story isn’t very dramatic, but I’m sure I lost time once a few years back.
    I was chatting with friend on msn on the computer in my bedroom. I don’t recall any weird feelings leading up to it, just that I suddenly “came to” (i wasn’t drinking, high.. nothing like that. I was about 17) and the clock on my computer read 3am. I checked my msn message window, and it said that the last message I had sent was around 10:30. I got up to check other clocks and found everyone in my house asleep and it pitch dark outside.
    I was very weirded out, of course, but didn’t really know what to think of it at the time.
    I’ve since heard of other stories, like a guy I knew who was swimming in his family pool and suddenly it was very late out. He “woke up” in the pool hours later. -Apparently he had been in the pool for hours, yet he didn’t remember any of it, nor was he pruney…
    Reading these other stories here, they describe them so similarly to my own… eerie.

  23. I just had an experience which caused me to look up “Missing Time” on the internet and your site is the first one I found and clicked to view!
    I was up stairs eating a late snack and after I finished up, I looked at the clock and took note that it was 10:34 PM! I took extra notice to the time because I was waiting for someone to come home and figured they would be back within the hour. I took no more than 2 minutes to clean up my dishes, put them in the sink, pour some more lemonade, then sat back down at the table to finish watching my TV show that was on until 11 PM.
    About two more minutes later, there was a commercial break in my program and decided to quickly run downstairs (where I can smoke without the mrs. smelling it and getting angry. LoL!), smoke a cigarette, and check my FaceBook account! I huried up and inhaled the cig as fast as possible so I wouldn’t miss the exciting end of my show. I wrote a quick new status on my FB page, put out my cigarrette, and ran back upstairs before the commercials ended and my show came back on! BUT TO MY SURPRISE, when I sat back down at the table, the show that came back on was the new show that comes on after my program. I was puzzled as hell! I then glanced at the clock and it was now 11:15 PM!!! What happened?!?!?!?
    I was only downstairs for no more than 2-4 minutes while smoking and checking my FB page! And NO, I didn’t lose track of time on the net, drift off, nod off, or anything like that, BECAUSE once I noticed the time being later than it should, I ran back downstairs and checked when I wrote my new status and quickly messaged back a friend. It said that I wrote those messages 28 minutes ago!!! WTF?!?!?!? I wrote them and immediately came back upstairs to the table (and TV) and sat back down! From my computer to the table could not have taken anymore than 1 minute tops and that would be if I walked super slow!
    So somewhere in between hitting enter on my keyboard, walking upstairs, and sitting back down at my kitchen table, I lost about 25 minutes! What happened? Where did it go? Or where did I go??? I am baffled now by this occurrance!
    And the only thing that seems different about me now is that I feel extremely sleepy which I was not before. Oh and NO, I did NOT fall asleep!
    That is my similar missing time story and I am now super confused on why this occurs and/or how it does! Thanks!

    • Brad — I don’t have any answers for you, though I wish I did. Sometimes these missing time incidents are brief and sometimes they’re an entire day or longer. They can occur right in a person’s home, and other people find themselves quite a distance away from where they lost their memory. These episodes vary a lot in other words, but I think they all probably have the same root cause and origin. I just don’t know what that is yet. Let you know if I come up with any answers.

      Thanks for reporting your experience!

  24. John,

    Thanks for you your reply I’ll check that out. I have read many books about the “alien encounter” phenomenon by the likes of Timothy Good, Budd Hopkins, Nick Pope and others. I always keep an open mind and try to look for scientific explanations. However, nothing leads me to believe that what I experienced has anything to do with advanced intelligence of extraterrestrial origin, as I like to call it, although I wouldn’t dismiss the possibility completely.

    Regards, Andy

  25. I am 44 and live in the south of England. Your blog has reminded me of a few experiences I had probably up to a bout the age of 10 as far as I can remember. These would have happened during the 1970s. I only have a vague recollection of them and I can only remember it happening when I was at school. Typically we would break for lunch, go and eat and then go out to the playground. The lunch break was an hour long so eating would take between 15 and 20 minutes I guess. We would be playing and then I would experience the muted sound and feel distanced from my surrounding as if my body was still there but I was viewing everything remotely or through glass. Also I would be frozen, unable to move but I would observe everyone carrying on normally. Then after what seemed like about 30 seconds I would be back in reality able to move freely. But the thing is my friends would say to me “Andy, where did you go, we were looking for you?” Then very soon after the bell would sound signalling the end of the hour long lunch-break which to me had lasted no more than half an hour. As I said my recollection is vague but I would say this happened probably 4 or 5 times over a 5 year period. I’ve never told anyone about this until now and not thought much of it but now you’ve got me thinking.

    • Andy — I’m currently reading a pretty interesting book by Jenny Randles called “Time Storms”. You might want to check that one out. I’m only a couple of chapters into it so far, but I’ll let you know if there are some plausible explanations. There are many people who have these experiences and I’m doing my best to try to discern any patterns from the blog comments and emails that I receive from people who have undergone these strange time anomalies. I have no doubt that this a real phenomenon, but I’ve no idea yet about their nature or origin. Could be that it’s a naturally occurring anomaly, or it could have something to do with the individual. For the record, I have yet to receive one email or comment that describes any kind of alien presence — not that I necessarily would dismiss that this could involve some kind of otherworldly intelligence, but I haven’t heard anything yet that definitely would lead me to that conclusion. For now, it’s a mystery, but I do hope that the scientific community will take a serious look at this at some point because I think these incidents are real and much more widespread that most people understand.

      Thanks for telling us about your experiences.

      — John

  26. Hi Danny, The move was a long time ago. Before I knew about any metaphysical phenomenon. So I don’t recall feeling anything unsual. We were preoccupied with the possible danger we could be in. I think sometimes when things like this happen, it is the universe taking care of us and if we had been focused on the time then we would have been left to our own devices so to speak. If I were to experience lost time or gained time again I would reflect more on the feelings I had while going through it. Thanks for being there.

  27. John I hope your site gets up soon 🙂 still glad to have this here to share this stuff and read other’s stories.

    Merlene that’s very interesting, with the amount of vehicles used plus my personal knowledge of how long even a fast move can take from a one-story house even with 6 people to take what should have been a day-long move down to literally six and a half hours is incredible!

    I’m curious; did anyone of you notice a change in the air or while driving did it seem like you moved far faster then you should have with each trip? Anyone involved mention how odd it was that a two-story house with only three pick-up trucks got moved over in less then 8 hours?

  28. Yes, with that missing time I went to the restroom as soon as the meeting broke up and the room was full of people milling around. The speaker had a projector and screen from his power point presentation. So all of that would have taken time to gather up as well as the misc. beverage glasses that were still sitting around. When I came out all the tables were clean and the chairs placed neatly up to the tables ready for the next business day. And my friends never missed me, even though my car was still in the parking lot. Gained time: I will try to summerize. My friend was in a very abusive marriage. She planned her divorce and moving day for months in advance. So when the day arrived and her husband was at work we arrived at her house to get her out of there. There were 4 women and two teenage boys and 3 pickups. We started at 6:30am, and yes she was very organized, She had a two story house full of all the normal things. We had her all moved 15 miles away by 12:00 noon that day. And that included wrapping all the glass ware in paper and taking all the necessary precautions to not break anything. We were eating pizza at 12:30 and talking about how time stood still for us so none of us would get caught and possibly shot. All her clocks were packed and that was before everyone had cell phones so none of us checked the clock until we arrived at the new house.

  29. Merlene – thats very telling the fact that you were only ‘gone’ from your perspective for 3 to 5min but when you came out you lost half an hour! I use to work for a restaurant and as I know very well we would check the restroom before closing up; its as if you were not there while they were looking and they closed up and then you came back and startled the waitress. I am surprised you didn’t feel anything but maybe not all time slips are like that?

    Tell us about your gained time please? I wonder how much it matches a few of ours above?

  30. Hi John and everyone, I am so happy to find this blog. Because (of course) I too have lost time and gained time. When I lost time I blamed it on the subject matter of a meeting I was attending which was about the Matraya. A very creepy meeting at a restaurant meeting room. As soon as the meeting was over I went directly to the ladies room. I was only in there the normal time of maybe 3-4 minutes and when I came out everyone was gone and the restaurent was dark and locked up. I was locked in. My panic quickly turned to common sense and I knew I could use the phone to call 911. I walked over to the entry door and one of the waitresses was still sitting in her car making a call before she started home and saw me through the glass door and was able to let me out. I scared her too. I estimate I lost about 30 minutes. I had no strange sensations or feelings but it has been about 2 1/2 years and I remember it like it was yesterday. I think it scares me more now than it did then probably because of adrenaline. I would be curious to know how many bloggers are from Colorado? I have also gained time but that is another story. Thanks

    • Merlene — What Danny said! Thanks for moderating for me, Danny – LOL!! Those are the exact same points and questions I had after reading it, but I was on vacation this past week so I’ve been a bit slow on following up. I have nothing further to add or ask, so good job, Dan. Merlene: That’s definitely a strange one, and I agree that it seems odd that no one seemed to notice that you were gone and didn’t see you in the restroom. I often wonder if we physically disappear and reappear during some (or all) of these missing time episodes, or if we mentally “go elsewhere” but or physical bodies are in the same place. Interested too in hearing of your gained-time story. — John

  31. I would like to make a small correction to my own post; I only saw the black car drive up our lane and follow me after the weird reverse time hop where I seemed to move backwards in time an hour.

  32. Hi John – I’ve just found your blog today because I decided to search the ‘missing time’ phenomena because I had experiences 20 years ago that shocked me, have affected my life and I still don’t understand them.

    Around 1989 I began having strange ‘flashbacks’ during the day. I would ‘feel’ myself to be elsewhere in another time. They’d come and go very quickly and I didn’t really take much notice of them at first. Then I saw the ghost of a monk whilst driving home from work, he was as solid as I was from the head down to the knees, but from the knees there was nothing he sort of faded.

    Then about a year or so after that I was waiting for a train in an underground station and I saw the trains headlight coming through the tunnel . I was under a lot of stress at the time and had a major decision to make which I was worrying over. This was on my mind as I waited for the train. Suddenly, I was transfixed and immobile. I felt a beam of light come through the ground above me, down to the platform and straight through the top of my head. I felt the top of my head open up, the palms of my hands, and the soles of my feet. I felt the energy drain out of me and I was totally filled with this light from above. I could see right through the ceiling of the subway, right out to the cosmos and the feeling was an overwhelming sense of love. I have no other word for it but pure love and bliss. As well as the beam of light coming down through my head, I also felt a sort of outer tube of light which descended and surrounded me and held me totally immobile. If I was religious, which I’m definitely NOT, I would describe how I looked as ‘rapt’. I was gazing upwards in total communion with this beam of light. Gradually, I became aware that I was standing there gazing upwards and I began to wonder what the other passengers would think and do about me. I expected someone to have called an ambulance and the fire brigade to free me so that I could move because I felt that I’d been there for HOURS. But as the light drew back, the train which I’d seen in the tunnel drew up in front of me and I realised I’d stood there for only a couple of SECONDS.

    After that experience I became telepathic. I could actually HEAR people’s thoughts. They weren’t the kind of ‘voices’ telling me to do things or that I was bad etc, not like schizophrenia. I just could hear clearly what people were thinking about each other as they sat on the train, as clear as if they were speaking them. Later I could tell when I had conversations with people, whether they were thinking one thing but saying another.

    I became clairvoyant and clairsentient and to be honest it all became a bit unbearable and at times my head felt like a telephone exchange, I was literally a ‘medium’ through which thoughts were transmitted. I found life difficult during that period.

    A couple of years after that I was coming out of that same railway station into a side street, I stepped off the pavement and instantly the whole street became full of people from the Victorian age. Women in big long dresses, men wearing dark long coats and tall hats strolled up and down the road, a Hansom Cab pulled by horses passed me, there were cobbles on the road. A woman walked past me without seeming to notice me and I immediately said “Sorry!” and looked for the camera man believing I’d stepped into a TV or a Film set without realising it. I stepped back onto the pavement and everything instantly went back to present day! I just stood there staring up and down the road in total disbelief and believing I was having a breakdown I told no-one about it until about 7 years later. The person I told then told me that the particular road near the station where this took place was well known as a ‘Time Slip’ area and many people had had similar experiences in exactly the same spot and they had seen the Victorian version and some had seen a 1940’s 1950’s version of the street. It’s called Bold Street, Liverpool. I was absolutely shocked, because somehow it was easier to believe I was a bit crazy than to believe in time slips and other dimensions. But the most amazing experience was the beam of light, because I’m not a religious person, I’ve not been waiting for the rapture, I couldn’t tell you one single verse from the Bible or any other holy book and my belief in God is more a belief in the fact that we all stem from a Cosmic Source and we just ‘happen’ to be here on this planet as a result of a ‘happening’ out in space. But that beam of light was pure love. It was protective, it was benevolent when I experienced it I knew EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING and at the same time I knew NOTHING. I was both EMPTIED and FILLED. And when it happened the only three words that came into my mind were “Oh My God!”.

    I haven’t become ‘holy’ or ‘religious’, I don’t have the answers to everything, but the one thing I DO know and can say with all honesty is that those experiences were REAL and showed me that light contains knowledge, it’s not just an illuminating thing, it actually holds and transmits knowledge to us and through us. We are all connected with and by this light. What to call it? I don’t know. Can it be named?

    • Hi Grace — Thanks for posting this. I’m getting ready to head out the door to leave for vacation, but I’ll read through your comments carefully and reply back at length as soon as possible. I’ll have my laptop with me so I can keep up with what’s happening and can respond to comments and questions. I’ll try to get back to you this evening if I can. These experiences are apparently very common, and I know that they can be extremely disturbing and upsetting. Hang in there.

      Look forward to talking with you soon.

      — John

  33. To answer Doug’s question, I do believe that there were either no clouds or some thin high wispy ones because it was a sunny warm day and still stands out vividly in my mind. I don’t know if dad remembered things he did not want to recall or what, but I still have no recollection as to what may or may not have transpired during the missing time; it was just like an instantaneous blip. We all did return the next day (all three of us) and absolutely nothing out of the ordinary happened although dad was a bit antsy at first, until we caught fish and that seemed to relieve his anxiety. Subsequent trips there were also boringly normal. And, to correct the date range of occurance, it was 1964 or ’65 (my typo). This is the only inexplicable event I have experienced in my life, there have been no others that I can recall. Well, that one was enough!

  34. Marc, Brandy, Corinne — Thank you all for relating your experiences. I know that’s sometimes a difficult thing to do, but it might be some comfort to know that so many other people have had these unsettling experiences (just read through all the above comments). In addition to the many comments in response to this post, I get dozens of emails every month from very sincere and rational-sounding people who appear to have undergone these time anomaly incidents.

    These phenomena are definitely real — of that I have no doubt, and they seem to be much more widespread than I ever would have imagined. I have no answers for you, unfortunately; only a few thoughts and ideas. In the interest of not wanting to repeat myself ad nauseum, I won’t bother going into that now, but again, I’d encourage you to read through the other comments and my responses. I wish I did have some solid answers and I wish I could offer more encouragement, but I’m still baffled by my own experience that took place almost 35 years ago.

    If any (or all) of you would like to keep in touch or let me know of any other strange occurrences, please feel free to do so, whether through the comments section or by email at john@theparanomalist.com. I’m always interested in hearing about this sort of thing and more than happy to lend an ear.

    — John

  35. I have just had one of these experiences. My adult daughter and I were chatting in our lounge room and she was saying that she was feeling hungry and would I like some fish and chips, I remember clearly that I looked at the time cause it was getting a bit late and the clock said 10pm so I said ok it’s not too late then my daughter walked out into the kitchen to cook I followed her then I looked at the clock in the kitchen and it said 11pm, this worried me and I said to my daughter it’s 11pm what happened to that hour my daughter said no it read 10pm she then looked at the clock and said it can’t be 11pm I then went into the other rooms to check all the clocks in the house and they where all the same and some of the clocks are battery powered and some run by electricity. Earlier during the night the lights did dim twice and when I was doing the dishes I had the radio on and it was making a high pitched noise so I turned it of.

    I have experienced this a few times during my life time but just thought I have lost track of time but for my adult daughter to experience this with me is really worrying me.

  36. Marc,
    I feel bad that your dad would not talk about what you had experienced. I have also lost time and was wondering if you remember if it was coudy that day that you did not se an aircraft.
    Did you have any other experiences like this in your life since then? Also, do you feel like ever going bak to that site? Beacuse I will never bring myself to be able to go back to where I found myself ‘waking up’ like has been said here. Thanks for any response. I appreciate this thread and hope John keep this up.

  37. If your mind is open to fantastic stuff : go to the living moon.com or pilots for truth .com and read what John Lear has to say about all of us having been to the moon three times in our lives-once at three years old,once at six or was it nine years old and the last time at thirteen years old. For re-tooling for lack of a better word by The Greys, cybornetic organisms(glorified robots)Their job is to monitor us and make corrections from time to time-Earth is a farm for the development of soul-They refer to us as “containers”. In an interview I listened to with John Lear,he was asked-“well,would not the mothers notice their children were missing for an hour?” Your Mom was contacted-for some error must have taken place upon returning you. It explains a lot! Unbelievable!

  38. i debated whether i should include my experience-it still bothers me not knowing or understanding how we lost time. i was a senior in 93′ and lived in a small city-Alvin TX, outside Houston TX. like most teenage girls we went into the city to go to concerts.- it’s about 35-45 minute drive between the cities. like most bars, they close at 2am. we did not go straight home because-we always needed money for gas to get back home and realized that the water fountains in our museum district could have about $15 in change if we got into the water to retrieve. that was about 5 minutes from the bar-so about 2:30am by the time we left. we stopped at a store to get gas and i remembered the clerk joking about us juvenilles being out at 3:00 am-there is a road that stretches from that store straight into alvin without stop signs or traffic lights-it’s an old dirt road we can do 60mph on to get into the city faster and avoid cops. it’s about a 20 minute drive into the country-only cows with ya along the road. i was sitting passanger side and saw a light outside my window above us that seemed to be traveling along with us-the light looked like the beams the police helicopters use for searches. i told my friend to stop because she and the girl in the back did not see what i was talking about we got out and the 3 of us were puzzled-there was no sound and ut was not moving anymore when we stopped the car. i’m bad at math so the distance i would guess would be about 20 -30 story building. the girl in the back got dizzy and said she had to sit down. My friend was scared and just wanted to leave. so we left-we were outside the car about 1 minute if not less. we we started going again the light in the sky was gone. i went to drink my coke and realized it was warm-not even the sweat outside the can-it was cold and wet when i bought it at the store, and also the clock on my friends wall said 5:52 am. the 3 of us never looked at the clock in the car when we drove off after the lights but we missed almost 2 hours of time between the store and her house. i dont think i misjudged the time because of the clerk reminding us of curfew and my soda being cold with condesation. no but butt did not hurt and none of us had pokes or holes or strange dreams after-just missing 2 hours of our lives

  39. Hi John, I just stumbled upon your site and after reading all of the stories here I finally feel comfortable with putting my experience out there. It remains as vivid today as it was all those years ago when it was a fresh experience, as it is the most odd thing I’ve ever had happen to me in my life.
    My missing time experience happened while I was quite young, probably around 10 or 11, which would put this around 1965 or ’65. I was vacationing with my parents near Hayward Wisconsin and had gotten up early with my father to go to this little lake called Indian Lake, which sits in the LCO Indian territory and has but one winding sand/gravel road leading to what was then an unimproved sand boat landing in shallow water. We had barely arrived at around 7 a.m. and baited our hooks with night crawlers and thrown in our lines(fishing from shore, we had no boat) when we heard a sound coming from behind us like an aircraft coming over at a high rate of speed, so we both looked up expecting to see a fighter jet on a training flight. We saw absolutely nothing, as the sound passed directly over our heads and sounded like it passed over the entire small lake and flew off into the distance. Again, we saw absolutely nothing at all. We must have turned to look at each other and at that time we realized that the fishing poles we held had been reeled in, with the now dried up bait dangling at our feet! We had a very uneasy feeling and were frankly spooked, deciding to leave and go to one of the nearby resorts that had coin operated games instead as we both were somewhat rattled about whatever had just happened and wanted to just go somewhere, anywhere, to be away from that spot we had been fishing at. The resort, I think it was called “Little Bit of Sweden” on highway E just barely 2 miles away, was out in the open away from the canopy of forest trees and once we arrived we were again rattled to realize it was much wamer and the sun was much higher in the sky. Dad looked at his watch and it was now just a bit after noon! We never went into the resort, knowing that my mother would be making lunch back at the cottage. My mother noticed right away that dad and I were both rather silent and a bit pale, and we had come back with no fish as well, which was also unusual for that lake. Somehow, we had lost almost 5 hours of time, and neither my dad or myself had any recollection of what had occured. I related the tale to my mother, but my father was quite shaken by the whole thing and would not talk about it further; I asked him about it many times before he passed in 1980 but he always changed the subject. To this day, this remains one of those “WTF?” moments.

  40. John – I hope you get that forum up soon man! These events people describe get more and more interesting as people share. By the way, I think it runs in families alot more then some people realize.

    My mother and most of my family on that side of my family have all reported similar or strange incidents with time or place or object anomalies.

    My 2nd cousin Jeff, who is 18, recently told his mother and by proxy the rest of my family that he was leaving work last Thursday and driving home around 8pm when he suddenly found himself at home at 11pm; which is both unusual and strange as he only works an hour away from home and therefore should have been there at 9pm. He didn’t remember what happened during that time or how the drive took so long and he swears he has no memory of what happened for the three hours he missed.

    Prior to this my aunt Helen has mentioned objects will vanish and reappear near her with out reason or pattern.

    And the one that sticks out most in my mind is a story my mother once told me about when she was 12 years old during July of 1968; she and her sister (my aunt Helen mentioned above) were out riding bicycles around the area they lived in when they stopped off at a local ice cream parlor for a snack somewhere around noon time, she mentioned she was only 30 maybe 45min away from home by this point. Shortly after finishing off this snack they began riding back home which she was sure was only about an hour away from where they had been on the outskirts of town.

    Suddenly they were home with no memory as to why or how they got there, both of them just suddenly ‘awoke’ realizing they were not riding their bikes anymore and they had been a few seconds before. Stranger still my mother found her self walking into the house when she realized she had no idea how they got home so fast and had no recollection of the bike ride home. Her sister confirmed this also as she just remembered leaving the ice cream shop and suddenly they were home. She said it was weird like a large gap in her memory, she recalls the wall clock ready that it was the proper time they expected somewhere around 2pm-ish but they could not recall the ride home since they always talk alot on their bike rides.

    She then stated from then on until maybe I was born she would see a strange black car everywhere she went and it felt malevolent and like it was watching her even after she moved away the car would appear out of no where and drive around her area – at first the town she grew up in, then around a mobile home/ trailer she lived in for two years, and finally around a house she moved to not to long after. . It was black and curvy like cars from the late 1940’s early 1950’s. It was unmarked and gave off a bad vibe as mentioned previously. Her sister (my aunt confirmed this) also reported seeing this weird unrecognized car drive around well after she moved out and got her first husband.

    And speaking of odd black cars driving around like they are observing something; I too saw a black car drive up our private lane after my own incidents ((see above for new comers)) but the one I saw was more like a Cadillac but had no markings, black tinted windows, and seemed to drive up our lane and back down it, occasionally it felt like they followed me to/from school, work, and even when I moved twice. I haven’t seen any such weird black cars lately but It is an odd occurrence.

    • Danny — All fascinating stories! The only books that I ever read about this missing time phenomenon was the late Budd Hopkins’ Missing Time and Intruders. Both these books focused on cases involving people who had more “typical” (if I can use that word) alien abduction experiences. I kind of tend to shy away from jumping to the E.T. abduction hypothesis, although I don’t rule it out. It’s just a very big leap for me to make, even though I do feel that there is some kind of intelligence involved and controlling these incidents.

      I bring up the Hopkins books because one of his observations was these abduction or missing time patterns appear to be concentrated among families and often span more than a few generations. Why this is, couldn’t tell you, unless perhaps a specific family group was being studied for genetic research or manipulation. Or, maybe the capacity to make contact with these entities is an inherited trait that not everyone possesses. Maybe the experiencer’s memory is erased somehow after these encounters take place, or it could be that these happenings are so “out there” that our consciousness can’t accept them and therefore we repress them and bury them in our subconscious. I don’t know of course, just throwing out ideas here.

      Working on the new site (I know I’ve been say this for a long time now) and I’ll have the forum up and running too. Coming very soon, I promise. Meanwhile, keep in touch!

  41. .Was 1039 so i drove 25 mins past my job when it was so important for me to b there on time. I have 2 chikdren 4 and 12 i need to know what caused this as i need to b certain it doesnt happen when i have my chikdren with me. Anyone willing to talk to me about this please email me at geoeissler@gmail.com

    • George – It’s even worse when these weird time anomalies interfere with your day-to-day activities and jeopardize your job. Has anything like this happened to you before, or any other strange experiences occur in your life? My incident was during daylight hours too, although I was walking. I wish I could offer you an explanation, but I’m still at a loss to figure it out after all these years. Good luck, and please let me know if it happens again.

  42. Ok so i had the scariest time loss experience today while driving i was due in at work at 10am it takes about 35 mins average. I had been 5 mins late the previous 2 days and my boss had been hassling me bad so today i left 20 mins earlier than my usual time. My boss called me at 940am asking where i was checking maake sure im gonna be on time. I was very glad to be able to honesstly tell him i was just down the road 7 mins away according to a time when i used gps to find the quickest route when i first took the job aprox 3 months earlier. So its 940am im on busy road i just talked to my boss who was glad i was gonna b there at or 10 mins before 10 am. Next thing im leaning against the hood of my car i look at my phone and its 1012 i look around quick and i have no idea wheee i am or how i got there its a long driveway and a really nice car i get back to the road call my boss he is pissed i am not there! I have never been in this area before i gps my work address and says arrivaltime

  43. well here is one that will creep u out as it did me, i was doing a patrol last nite and finishing up paperwork, i then lost all memory of what happened for the next hour, as if my soul had , had enough of earth life packed its bags and was headed the great beyong, i was told this morn that two girls i work with helped me get home, but was told i had lost all my identity and was just a blank slate / zombie like / deer in headlites, etc.. missing time is SCARY i have no recollect of riding in their car or anything, i suppose this falls under the term of amnesiatic fugue , but ive never had a ” white out ” episode, feel so alone about this so detached almost as if there is nothing hopeful for the conscious brain to focus on so it starts to shut down of sorts, when it cant deal with such utter hopelessness, it trips a circuit breaker in some way, reminds me of these stories of people so depressed ( ive battled depression for over 25 years now, seeing a doctor one scant hour a week does little good , drop in a bucket way too little , never used meds because of the those warning labels that all say take this pill and it may cause suicide !! no thanks……maybe we are all getting near the day of enlightenment coming this december 21st in the mayan prophecies ?

    • Hey Todd — Thanks for sharing your experience. This is probably the first time I’ve had someone tell me that they had witnesses during their missing time episode and that the person was physically — if not mentally — present. So this was more of a missing time of the mind then, huh? Honestly, I think if I was there I would have called 911. I believe your description of this episode is an apt one. I’m not a psychologist or psychiatrist, but that does sound like you entered some sort of fugue state. Has this happened before, and does it come on suddenly? I’d hate to hear that this happened while you were driving or doing something that would put you at risk. I can understand your concerns about medication, but this seems to me like a situation that you should get checked out. Whether it’s physical or psychological, it could be potentially dangerous to your health and safety. Maybe you should consider seeing a physician about this.

      Regarding your suggestion that it could have something to do with a period of enlightenment that’s supposedly coming at the end of this year, that’s an interesting thought. I know others have suggested that at least some people are being prepared to enter into a new age and that our brains are going to go through a major upgrade or rewiring (for lack of a better way to describe it). Lord knows we could use it! I suppose we’ll have to wait and see.

  44. Hi Craig, Thankyou for mentioning the LHC. I think about some of the strange oocurances that have happened to most of the people in this thread, and I always come back to CERN. Appart from trying to explain the big bang theory, time-travel is another project high on CERN’s agenda.
    When I read the amount of testimonies that are on this thread alone, it makes me believe that time travel has already been discovered. But lets face facts, if or when time-travel is ever discovered, it won’t be broadcast to the public, ever. Such a powerful tool would be too much of a temptation for certain governments or criminal syndacates to try and obtain.
    I could try and push my point further, but the number of convincing testimonies in this thread are proof enough for me.
    I like your story, and the hot coffee is a good indicator that something was amiss.
    Aaron Waters.

  45. Im glad there is a site like this one. My wife and I are so confounded. I call my mom every Sunday @ 10:00 am pst. Today I called her and they were having lunch so I said I would call back in one hour. At 11:15 or so she called me and I told her that I was in the car and I would call her back in 2 minutes whe I arrived home. When I arrived at my house I noticed the time to be 11:53 pst. WTF? I told my wife that it was 11:53 and she said no way because she took note of the time i had left and her coffee she had poured when i departed was still very hot. We checked all the clocks (even the grandfather clock) and they all read the same. We dont understand it Although, my wife is sensitive to these things and when she walked outside with her coffee,right after i went to the store, She seemed to think that something was different or missing. The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is a gigantic scientific instrument near Geneva, where it spans the border between Switzerland and France about 100m underground perhaps?

    • Craig — Thanks for submitting your experience. So this was a period of over twelve hours that was missing? Wow! That’s more than I usually hear of. To clarify, your wife was home, correct? And when you arrived and told her it was now 11:53 PM she was surprised? She didn’t notice that the whole day had passed and that it was now dark outside? And you had no recollection of where you were for those missing 12+ hours? Just want to get my facts correct. If this is right, that’s quite an interesting case. It isn’t uncommon to hear of someone undergoing the missing time incident where their partner/family member/spouse, etc., is sort of “switched off” and also has a blank spot in their memory. Interesting thought about the LHC as well.

      Aaron — Thanks for your input too. I hadn’t considered the LHC as a possible cause or catalyst for these time anomalies. They’ve been present long before the creation of the LHC, but I suppose that the idea that it could be causing an acceleration of these time phenomena. Could we be messing with the flow of time, artificially creating ripples or disturbances in the time-space continuum through some covert technology? Fascinating thought, worth pursuing.

  46. Wow, what interesting stories. I came to this site because I had an incident happen to me today and I just KNEW I would find others who had experienced this type of thing. Anyway, I was getting myself ready to leave the house today, a beautiful, bright and sunny day. Earlier I had some things in my car that I had brought into the house and I had some other things that I had put in the car to take to the thrift store. That means I did indeed have my car keys as I know I opened the hatch with the key fob. I had been wearing scruffy jeans and before leaving had changed into my nicer slacks. I was ready to go and had myself all set to leave. I scooped up my car keys and my house keys, went down to the front door landing, and bent over to put on my sandals. I had already locked the door from the inside and just had another box to take out to the car. I bent over to pick up the box, and my sunglasses slipped off my top where I had hooked them over. I leaned down, picked them up along with the box and pulled the door closed behind me and proceeded toward the car. I suddenly realized I didn’t have my car keys. I was certain I picked them up on the way out, as I never close the front door unless I have confirmed that I have all my keys. I looked in my pockets, not there. I went back into the house and checked my jeans, not there. I have another car key, so checked the car in the event I had locked my keys in there earlier without realizing it (but instinctively KNEW I hadn’t) and they were not there. I looked EVERYWHERE. I cannot stress enough though that my first and immediate thought upon realizing the keys were missing was that they had vanished. Right from my hand. I just felt it. But, not to be too cocky, I did check garbage bags, the boxes I brought in and the ones I took out, the bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and dining, my sunroom, and the entire lower level. Not there. I was and still am quite disturbed by it. It was as though the sunglasses falling off was some sort of distraction while, hell I’ll say it, some sort of being from another dimension grabbed my keys!! It may have even been me in some other dimension and they keys alone linked us. I have all kinds of thoughts on the subject…but I still don’t have my keys!

  47. I had an incident several years ago. I had come home from work around 5:00PM on a Thursday night. I feed my cat and ate some dinner. At 5:30 pm, I decided to lay down and take a nap, I was tried and didn’t have to work the next day. I woke up at 10:30 pm. My cat was freaking out. I noticed that his bowl and water dish were empty, I thought it was strange, since I had only few him a few hours ago. I filled his bowl, he was starving. I realized I was very hungry too. I got something to eat and turned the TV , I watched for a few moments, before realizing that the show I was watching comes on Friday night, not Thursday. I had gone to sleep on Thursday night at 5:30pm and woke up Friday night at 10:30pm, almost 30 hours later. It was very strange, not really sure what to make of it.

  48. Chrissy – Yes the similarity was striking, that’s why I posted. I am prone to letting my mind wander when I’m on the road alone. I often “miss” Waco but I’ve never had the clock participate in the illusion. This was a little different in that I didn’t feel sleepy per se but kind of disoriented and out of it. I blamed the overcast conditions. I have to add that I was in my mid forties at the time and consider myself a fairly pragmatic person.

  49. @Sarah

    Oh my gosh, your story really is very similar to mine! My boyfriend and I did the same thing when we got home, checked google maps. We felt like we were in the twilight zone. It was the strangest experience…..


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