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My name is John Carlson, and I’m the primary author of this blog. In fact, at the moment I’m the only author, but I hope to eventually have others contributing to the site on a regular basis.  I’ve already written a small piece about myself under the Author tab on the sidebar to the right. Feel free to read more about me there if you’d like.

I wanted to reserve this section of The Paranomalist website to talk a little more about my personal background and perspective on the unexplained, and to set forth some of my hopes and goals for this website.

I’ve had an interest in all things strange, mysterious, and unexplained for as long as I can recall. I’m far from a “true believer” that blindly accepts any and all accounts of the paranormal, although I do enjoy hearing said accounts regardless of whether or not I believe they’re genuine. Where this interest in the paranormal and unexplained stems from, I don’t entirely understand myself. One influence came from my mother, who was very intuitive and often had precognitive dreams — and even an encounter with a deceased family member. My mother’s experiences opened up my mind to the possibility that the universe is far stranger and more complex than we can possibly imagine.

Also, a series of strange encounters and occurrences during my early childhood and adolescence also contributed to this fascination. I’m somewhat reluctant to go into the details of these experiences, but I have written of one of them in my post Missing Time Experience?”. The fact is, I’ve had some incidents of high strangeness in my life that have had a lasting effect on how I view the world around me. Once again, I’d like to emphasis that I have a healthy amount of skepticism about all such subjects. Those who take extreme positions are, in my opinion, approaching the subject matter from a faulty perspective. I take as much exception to the True Believer as I do to the skeptics and “debunkers”. I feel that both mindsets are inherently flawed, and having a set agenda and viewpoint before hearing the facts is simply a waste of time. Trying to engage in a meaningful discussion with either type is an exercise in futility, both types having made up their minds before the conversation has even begun.

Having said all this, I hope, as traffic to this site increases, to encourage meaningful discussions on all topics that fall within the Strange or Unexplained — from UFO phenomena, life after death experiences, cryptozoology and mystery animals, as well as cutting edge science and quantum physics. I realize that this is quite a broad base, and  goes against what I normally tell my clients for whom I develop blogs — “Be specific!” — but my range of interests is broad, and as such I will entertain all such topics of discussion. It’s my website after all, and I can do what I want — right? I may even go a bit off-topic from time to time and discuss completely non-paranormal subjects, like the best places to go for hot dogs in New Jersey. That one might have to be an ongoing series.

Thanks for stopping by, and please feel free to subscribe to the RSS feed to have updates delivered to your inbox or any other blog subscription site that you use. I’ll be making frequent updates and hope to get some feedback from my readers.