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Missing Time Experience?

missing timeI’d like to relate a personal experience that I had when I was an adolescent in the hope that others might be willing to come forward and share any similar experiences that they may have had.

I’ve titled this article “A Missing Time Experience?” – with a question mark, you’ll notice – because it does not necessarily fit the “typical” missing time scenario of which we hear. It did not happen late at night on a darkened rural road; there was no UFO sighting involved (that I recall). It occurred in the afternoon, on a sunny day, on a relatively busy street in a bustling suburban town in northeastern New Jersey. In fact, I’m not entirely sure that there even was a period of missing time. Yet, it was strange in the extreme and something that I contemplate regularly to this day, more than thirty years later.

The time of year was late winter or early spring – around March or April, I believe, of 1978. I was in junior high school, seventh grade, and thirteen years of age. It was a weekday at about 3:00 PM and school had just let out. I left the junior high school, which is located next to a hospital in my home town of Ridgewood, NJ. Ridgewood is located about 20 miles from New York City, in Bergen County, a very populated area of the state. I walked, as I did most days, home from the junior high (now a middle school). My parent’s home was located about 1.5 miles from the school along a very direct route. Most of the walk was on the street on which the school was located, followed by a left and a quick right toward the very end of the walk. So, I’d normally just walk out the front door of the school, take a left, and proceed straight for about 1.4 miles, the last 0.10 of a mile being that left and the right, at which point I was at our house.

That was the route that I would normally take, however, I had a run-in with a group of boys that bullied me on a regular basis, so rather than taking a left out the front door of the school and proceeding due south for that 1.4 miles, I’d go left and then take another left at the very first traffic after leaving the school. I’d then walk to the next street over and take a right onto that street, again walking due south. It wasn’t much of a departure from my normal route, as the street ran parallel to the one I’d usually take to get home. I’d been doing that for at least a couple of months in an effort to avoid walking past the homes of the boys who were bullying me. Therefore, I’m confident of the the fact that there was no way I would have become lost or confused of my whereabouts.

However, one day as I began walking home, I noticed that everything seemed strangely quiet, almost muted. The normal noise and bustle associated with the after-school rush of children walking home from school was oddly absent and the quiet was rather eerie. There were still cars and some pedestrians present as I walked down this busy suburban street, but there was an odd, unreal feeling to everything, along with this disturbing muted silence.

The street that I was walking down was called North Pleasant Avenue, and the intersection that I was approaching was at the corner of North Pleasant and Ridgewood Avenue. After crossing Ridgewood Ave, North Pleasant turned to South Pleasant Avenue and I would pass the elementary school that I’d attended the years prior to entering the junior high in September of ’77. At crossing that intersection and approaching the elementary school, I was approximately 0.8 mile from my home. I mention these facts only to continue to emphasize that this was a route and neighborhood in which I was used to traveling.

As I continued south, from N. Pleasant toward S. Pleasant and toward the intersection of Pleasant and Ridgewood Avenues, I saw the traffic light, the same familiar stores at the corner, and the small parking lot in front of the stores. However, these landmarks appeared to be getting further away as I walked closer to them, and still this odd silence persisted. As I continued to walk toward the intersection, these landmarks continued to appear to recede further into the distance as I approached them. I began feeling very disoriented and anxious – and then, nothing; a complete loss of memory. I simply do not remember anything past the point of approaching this intersection and seeing it recede further into the distance as I walked ever nearer to it.

My next memory was of “awakening” – for a lack of a better description – on another street in a different part of town, a fair distance from where I had started from at the junior high school. I remember feeling very shaken and confused and somewhat frightened. What had happened? And how did I end up in this different area, nowhere near where I’d begun walking, and nowhere near where I’d “blacked out”? This is where things get a bit stranger still: within a couple of minutes of “coming to” my mother pulled up in her car, parking along the curb of the street where I was walking. I opened the door and she looked at me with great concern and said “John, are you alright?” Now, normally my mother did not come looking for me if I was a bit late arriving home from school. Remember, this was the late ’70s and parents were decidedly more relaxed about the comings and goings of their children. My mother never picked me up from school unless the weather was very severe or we had some kind of appointment after school, and as long as I was home by dinner my parents didn’t worry or wonder about my whereabouts. If I didn’t come straight home it was assumed that I was at a friend’s house or had some kind of after school activity.

The fact that my mother knew exactly where to find me was surprising, and I asked her how she knew where I was. She replied that she was home, doing chores around the house, when a voice in her head said “get John, he needs you”. She of course asked me what had happened and I told her about the receding intersection, the strange silence, the memory loss, and of waking up to find myself walking in this other part of town. I had no idea what had happened and to this day I still do not, other than a vague memory or feeling of having been told or shown something significant. Who told or showed me what, and where it happened, I cannot recall, although I feel at some point that I will recall the entire incident. I simply feel that this event was significant for a reason that I can’t explain, but it’s meaning will eventually be made clear to me.

Being that this was over thirty years ago, I cannot accurately recall the time that I “awoke” or what time my mother found me. However, I don’t think it was a great amount of time, certainly not more than hour, and probably less than that. Thirty minutes, perhaps? So the time was maybe 3:30 or 3:45 in the afternoon, I’d estimate. It may have been later than that, but not by much, if I recall correctly. I’ve always felt that the strangeness of this incident is compounded by the fact that my mother was somehow involved and “contacted”. If I had simply blacked out or became disoriented and wandered off, I could accept that as being a possibility – although I had no history of seizures or blackouts. But the fact that my mother was told to “Get John, he needs you” makes me believe that there was some outside design and involvement in this, the nature of which I do not know.

This, I should mention, was not the only strange and unexplained incidents that I had as a child. Perhaps I’ll discuss some of the others in future blog posts. Meanwhile, I’d be very interested hearing from other people who may have experience similar phenomena.

The Author: John Carlson

John Carlson has had a long-standing interests in all things strange and spiritual and has interviewed many noted writers and lecturers of the paranormal and in the field of cryptozoology. John also runs a professional web site design and consulting company, Carlson Web Design, LLC, and resides with his wife and two sons in the great state of New Jersey. When not working on web sites or being being a dad and husband, he tries to write as often as he can on this blog.

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  1. I had a strange incident about 10 years ago: I was at the seaside and taking a walk along the seafront with a friend. We knew what time we had set off because we were on a break from some chef work we were doing at the time.

    We stopped to look at some tiny silver fish which were catching the light, wondering what they were, as they just looked like silver glitter in the sea. After watching them for what could have only been maximum 5 minutes we contiued walking. Very shortly after my friend checked her watch and we were both shocked to find that it was about an hour and a half later than it should have been. We are both convinced that we lost an hour, though without any apparent reason for it. The friend in question is a devout Christian, and as we were working on a Christian camp and she was having a spiritually intense couple of weeks she attributes it to that. As an agnostic I have no idea!

  2. Hey Elizabeth – That’s a very interesting story. Thank you for sharing. Interesting also that you weren’t alone, but had someone there that shared in the experience and corroborate. I’m always particularly interested in accounts that don’t fit the typical missing time scenario. I’ll be writing more about that in the future. I have no idea what the nature of these experiences are, but it’s something that I look forward to exploring further. Thanks again!

  3. Once four friends and I were hanging around town what teens do in high school. We’d stopped by the lakefront and we’re just standing around talking. It was getting a little ‘late’ in the evening for us (the cops had been cracking down on curfew laws at the time.) We noted on the clock tower at the lake front that it was 10:15pm and made comments about how we had plenty of time to stay and talk before having to be home at 11:00 pm. I remember looking off for a second during a lull in the conversation and suddenly we all looked at each other as if coming to from a daze. Then I looked at the clock an was shocked to see that it was 10:45. All four of us were freaking out at this point because we’d lost approximately 30 minutes and we would now have to rush to get home. The whole thing was just odd. I would say that maybe I just had a moment of day dreaming or drifting off and just didn’t realize but all of us had the same feeling at the same time.

  4. Missing time experiences like that become a whole lot harder to dismiss when it happens to more than one person. Like I said in the article, I might have been more likely dismiss the whole thing as some kind of mental lapse on my part if it weren’t for the fact that my mother was somehow mentally/psychically ‘contacted’ and knew exactly where I was. Otherwise, you could more easily make the case that you just drifted off, like you said. Weird! Thanks for sharing that. I’m going to see if I can find a couple of good books about missing time experiences. I’ve read Budd Hopkins ‘Missing Time’, which was great, but it was specifically about UFO abductions.

  5. I have had a missing time episode while driving home from work,and, like you, it was bright outside and I was driving on a highway with lots of other cars around me. But, all of a sudden, I was suddenly in a place at least two hours away from where I originally had been. I know this for sure because when I called my friend who was watching my daughter to tell her that I was lost, she was really mad at me cuz she was two hours late for work and she was in the military. What I find interesting is how you said “awakening.” When this incident happened to me, it was as if I was in one place and the next second I was in a completely different town. I was not drowsy or sleepy at all, I was just suddenly somewhere else.

  6. Wow! Thanks for telling me about that, Andrea. This is great. I’m so glad people are telling me about these experiences they’ve had. Makes me feel less alone in this. This happened over thirty years ago, but I still think about it a lot, and I feel that whatever happened during that brief period of missing time holds some kind of significance. What that is, I’m not sure, but it’s nagged at me for many years. I’ve never gone for hypnotherapy, but maybe I will someday soon.

  7. I just had to say thank you for posting this.

  8. Hi,
    I’ve found this site as my boyfriend and I have just experienced a loss of time today. It has been the most bizarre experience therefore I have been searching the net for an explanation or at least to see if anyone else has experienced this.
    We arrived home today at 3PM. We made a sandwich and watched I TV programme. I checked my watch after this and noted that it was 4.30PM.
    After this my boyfriend went off to do a little work on the other side of the room whilst I watched 2 further TV programmes which both programmes including ad breaks account for around 45mins of our time.
    After this we played a video game for around 30mins (our console can tell us how long we have been playing).
    I then went to the kitchen to prepare for dinner for later whilst my boyfriend organized some of the cables etc on our sound system. We both agree this had taken approx 20-30mins maximum of our time.
    When I returned to the kitchen my clock showed it was 9.45PM. I assumed my clock must be wrong. Also when I looked at the vegetables I had just put on to boil what seemed like 20mins ago they were still firm and not as they would be if they had been boiling for the 3+ hours we had lost. I carried on with making the dinner then I returned to ask my boyfriend to check the time on the TV as I thought my clock was wrong. When he saw that it was 10PM he gasped. I was in
    complete shock so I called the talking clock to check and we checked the news channels etc for the time and it was 10PM. We sat down and checked the programmes I’d watched etc and have worked out that we have lost approx 3 and a half hours which neither of us can explain what has happened.
    We’re both very disturbed and confused about this. I originally put this down to the date as it is the 28th of February as I have always had the idea of us losing time due to us gaining too much time during leap years and time changes etc.
    Now I don’t know what to think!

  9. May I also add that I am in the UK hence why my post is showing 6.41PM instead of 11.41PM which is the time here! It did freak Me out a bit there when I saw the posting time until I realised the site would show your time not mine!

  10. Hi Jennifer,

    I have no explanation as to what the cause of these types of “missing time” phenomena might be, but I believe that they’re much more commonplace than most people realize. Of course we’ve all heard of missing time experiences within the context of alien abductions, but there seems to be quite a large percentage of these incidents that don’t fit the typical alien abduction scenario – like your story and mine, for example. Mine was in the middle of the afternoon in a very populated area. Yours and your boyfriend’s happened during what sounds like a routine Sunday afternoon at home. It’s very odd, and I’d truly like to understand the nature of it. I know my experience is something that somehow feels significant to me, but I just don’t recall what happened during that missing period of time. I wish I could, because I’ve thought about this for over 30 years and it still bothers me.

    Question for you, if you don’t mind: did you and/or your boyfriend feel at all “strange” or disoriented before the period of missing time? Or did happen almost seamlessly, with no feel of going into or coming out of “it” – the blank spot that was the 3.5 hours that you don’t recall? I definitely felt an odd, slightly disoriented feeling and a strange silence before it happened, but when I “came to” – came out of my trance or whatever it was – it was immediate. I just popped back into my normal waking reality. Prior to it happening, though, I had a weird, unreal sensation. The amount of time that I missed was a lot less than yours, although when I came out of it I was in a different area a couple of miles away from where I blanked out.

    If any details come to mind over the next few hours, day, weeks, etc., I’d love to hear about them if you don’t mind sharing that information. If you’re not comfortable with commenting on the blog, you can email me [email protected] if you’d like to. Thank you for telling me about this. One other thought: you and your boyfriend might want to check each other over for any strange marks or rashes, which are sometimes associated with these occurrences.

    Thanks again, and try not to get too freaked out over it. Have a drink and try to relax.

    Take care,


  11. I thought as much! Folks here in the states don’t use “whilst” very often, and we tend spell “programme” as p-r-o-g-r-a-m. Whereabouts in the UK do you live? I’m hoping to get to England and Ireland sometime this year.

  12. Hi
    Sorry for the delay in response. My boyfriend said he felt as tho he was awakened however I didn’t feel that. We were both very much wide awake after we realised that neither of us could work out what had happened. This is very odd for Me as I wake up very early so I’m usually very tired and almost asleep by 10 however on Sunday I was awake until 1am.
    Neither of us have any strange marks. My boyfriend felt very ill yesterday morning when he woke up.
    One thing I have noted is that neither Sunday or last night I didn’t dream. This sounds silly but I have conditioned myself over years to remember dreams through keeping a diary of them and I very rarely wake up without even a a small memory of a dream. Silly but the only difference I’ve noticed in my life.
    We live in lancashire, north west England. There’s lots of odd goings on in England so I’m sure you’ll find plenty to investigate over here :-)

  13. Hi Jennifer,

    It’s interesting how you and your boyfriend seem to have had different reactions to the experience. These types of things never seem to be consistent, so it’s hard to draw any conclusions about them and the nature of the phenomena. I wonder if it’s there are just natural “hiccups” in time that occur in specific areas? Although that’s a difficult concept to get ones head around. I mean, if it happened to you and your boyfriend, then it should have happened to other people nearby. That’s not to say it didn’t, though. I can see where people might be hesitant to to talk about something so bizarre. Also, how time itself could hiccup, I don’t know. I don’t even know if that’s possible. That would be a question for a someone like a quantum physicist – which I am most definitely not!

    Well, the whole thing is very weird, that much I can say. But I know it happened to me, and to this day I haven’t been able to come up with an explanation for it. I used to do a podcast show and one of the authors that I interviewed said she experienced something like this too. She was driving somewhere, if I recall, and she lost several hours and ended up very far from her destination. She too had no explanation for it.

    I’ve got a friend who lives in Manchester. We’ve only been in touch over the phone and by email, but I’d like to visit him when I get over there and do a bit of investigating while I’m there. I’m hoping to make that happen this year, if finances allow.

    Thanks again for sharing your experience, Jennifer. If you think of anything else or have any other strange experiences I’d love to hear about them. Or if I get up to the Lancashire area maybe you can tell me where the good places are to go for a few beers 😉


  14. Hello,
    Im not sure if this qualifies as time loss…I went to my parents house from my sister’s place(2 minute walk), I was getting my telescope from their storeroom for later use…earlier this night I saw 7 fighter jets pass over my house…(just seems significant), So…I go to open the door to my parents house and there is an eerie silence. It’s night time about midnight…So upon entering I got the feeling I wasn’t alone…I was actually a bit scared, which is odd to me since I had made similar trips to retrieve things at their house late at night when they were out of town on several occasions. Anyway, I got the storeroom key and unlocked the door, picked up my telescope, locked the door and closed it…then I realized the key was missing. I dont remember putting it down anywhere, it was in my hand the whole time(I thought). It bothered me so much I had to make a return trip at 2:30am just to double check/retrace my steps…Still no key and still a strange silence.

  15. Missing time or not, it’s certainly spooky and I think a lot of people have had strange occurrences like this that they can’t explain. When you tell someone about an experience like this it may seem inconsequential and easy to explain, but to the person to whom it happened it seems significant and tends to bother them. Just like my experience: I know a lot of people would explain it away as a kid just getting lost in his thoughts and wandering off in the wrong direction, but it felt like it was much more than that to me, and it’s something that I’ve thought about all of these years. The eerie silence that you noticed was also something that was present during my experience.

    Thanks for sharing that, Damon.

  16. I had one last night at the movie theatre. Me and my friend went to see “hot tub time machine” (i know its not a joke, weird it happened at this movie). He had already seen the movie on the internet but said it was funny enough to pay for and see the real thing. We got there right on time at 7:25. We didnt want to miss the movie so we didnt get any drinks and there were pretty long lines. Before we walk into the theater I tell him i want a drink and lets go back and get one. He tells me the movie is going to start soon and i wont want to miss the begining. So i give him some money for the drink and i go into the theater. I was the first one in the theatre and i sat down in the first row of the regular seating right behind the rail. I start texting my girlfriend. At this point it wasnt even at the previews it was showing the before preview show, the one with trivia and talks about tv shows.
    Anyway the previews start and i’m starting to wonder where my friend is. Its been about 20-25 minutes. Half way through the 2nd or 3rd preview i’m thinking he couldnt reenter the theatre or dropped the drinks or something so i leave to go find him. I walk out of the theater and down the hall to the consession stands. I didnt see him. There wasnt anyone in the hallway and at the consession stands there were like 5 or 6 people getting a drink. So no lines really. I shrug it off i figure he’s seen the movie he went to grab something to eat or had to go to the car or went to the bathroom. I walk back to the theatre and see my girlfriend texted me back. So I texted her. I was into the theatre and the movie already started.
    This isnt that big of a deal. But they make a few jokes i dont understand. I think this is weird because i coudlnt possibly have missed that much of the movie.
    I dont see my friend at all. Somebody is sitting in the front row behind the railing now so i sit in the very front row. Which me and my friend do sometimes anyway.
    After the movie he walks up to me and asks what happened. I ask him the same thing.
    Apparently he walked in about 5 minutes after the movie started and didnt see me.
    Then I walked in about 20 minutes after the movie started.
    This is what i dont understand. I walked down the hall and back looking for him before the movie started, remember i left during the previews. I did not see him. All i did was walk down the hallway and back, i didnt stop for anything else. The whole trip could only have taken 5 minutes max. And somehow down a hallway with nobody in it i had to of walked past my friend and not seen him.
    I checked my texts messages as a reference. The one i sent to her at the door and the one before that, that i sent in the theatre were 5 minutes apart. Which is about how long the walking down the hall and back took.
    So I lost about 15 minutes from the door to the seat.
    Even then it doesnt make much sense. If my friend came in to movie 5 minutes late and i walked out during a preview how did we not pass each other or see each other? He admittantly wasnt looking for me and was carrying stuff so he could have missed me. But i was looking for him and the hallway was empty so i coudlnt have missed him.
    I’ve asked him 100 times if he was just fucking with me or something. But he swears he wasnt. And i would have seen him walk in. He also said he saw me down in front when i sat down.
    The text message i sent my girlfriend was at 7:55. So 30 minutes after the printed start time. Which is about when the movie should start. But when i walked in it was 20 minutes into the movie. I know this because i didnt believe my friend and looked it up on the interenet and watched it till the point that i saw it.
    It really bothers me because i dont remember blacking out and dont know what could have happened.
    My friend chalks it up to me not really knowing when i texted my girlfriend. But i know i didnt text the whole walk until i was about to go back in the theatre and the difference in time from that one to the one before it which is when i was sitting in the theatre is 5 minutes…which is about how long it should have been to walk down the hall and back. And even if you say my times were messed up. How could we not have seen each other walk down an empty hallway to the same theatre. There’s only one path going from that door to teh consessions.

  17. That’s pretty strange. Like my experience, it was a fairly short period of missing time (I don’t think mine was more than a half hour, at most) and it’s hard to explain. Did you notice anything else, like any strange sensations or an eerie silence? When my experience happened everything seemed kind of dull and muted – strangely quiet and kind of unreal. Did experience anything like that?

    Thanks for checking in with this, Jake.

  18. That’s just it nothing was really strange. I didnt know i had missed time until me and my friend talked about when i walked into the movie theatre. He said that i walked in 20 minutes into the movie. I told him that was impossible that i walked down the hall and back and i left during a preview. I told him that it could only have been 5 minutes tops. I checked my texts it confirmed that.
    It didnt really hit me that i had missed time until we went back to his house and we watched the first part of the movie on the internet. I walked in 18:33 sec into the movie. My friend walked around 5 minutes into the movie. I left during the 2nd or 3rd preview. I figured the preview had a few minutes and maybe another preview after that. When i realized i had been outside of the theatre for at least 20 minutes i really started to feel like i was crazy or that something had happened that i had no idea of.

  19. These experiences seem like “reality shifts”, a term coined by Cynthia Sue Larson, who has collected about 400 modern first-hand accounts of odd things happening – mostly disappearing / appearing / reappearing events including all sorts of small objects but also larger things such as people, trees, buildings, landmarks, and even towns and mountain ranges. There are also stories of doppelganger sightings, short-range teleportation through obstacles, unaccountable velocity and acceleration changes (e.g. falling slowly), time shifts, lost time, gained time and various other observations of extreme discrepancies. The site lists the accounts in the order they came in, with no tags or subject index, so it will require a bit of reading to be sure you have seen all the stories similar to yours that have been published on the site.

    Cynthia Sue Larson’s site “Your Stories” section is at:
    (replace the “2″ in the above address with the page numbers listed below for the doppelganger-related stories. Each page has a few different stories, so the relevant titles are also listed below.)

  20. Interesting, EH, that I’ve been getting a LOT of stories being sent to me lately about these types of strange events, as both emails and comments on the blog. They tend to have a basic similarity that runs through them, but the particulars – time of day, setting, etc. – vary quite a bit. I don’t know what the origin or nature of these events are, or what they mean, but I think it’s too commonplace to simply dismiss. I also believe that it’s further evidence that the nature of reality is far more strange and elusive than we care to admit to ourselves. After over thirty years, I still don’t have any explanation for what happened to me, but it wasn’t nothing. It wasn’t a case of a spaced-out teenager just wandering off in the wrong direction. It was very tangible event that has had a real impact on me. I walked home this way EVERY DAY, and it was a very direct route. There is no way that I could have gotten lost. And the eerie silence, the intersection receding further away as I walked toward it, the blanking out and waking up in a different part of the town – NOT something that can be easily explained. Sorry to all the skeptics, but I’m a sane and rational person, and I didn’t do drugs as a teenager, and I didn’t (and don’t) have any mental problems. Factor in that my mother was somehow telepathically told to find me and because I needed help, and that she knew exactly where I was, it just isn’t an event that can be explained away. And if not, then it has to mean something. What that something is, I don’t know. But it was significant – to me, at least. It also coincides with a number of other very strange events that occurred in my childhood that I haven’t written about as of yet.

  21. Hi Tom,

    Well, if it makes you feel any better, there seems to be a lot of people that are experiencing the same sort of thing. I’ve been getting a lot of comments on the blog as well as emails about people who have had these type of missing time experiences. I think it’s an interesting point to bring up that many of these occur during daylight hours and in public situations. So much has been written about missing time in relation to the alien abduction phenomena – you know, “I was driving alone down a dark, deserted highway in the middle of the night…etc.” But that wasn’t my experience at all, and I’d wondered how many other people might have had similar daytime missing time episodes. Apparently it seems to be a pretty fair number of folks out there that have gone through this. I don’t know if that’s comforting to you at all, and I wish I could offer an explanation, but knowing you’re not alone sometimes helps. Thanks for sharing that with me.


  22. Fascinating, John! And PLEASE go to Britain. That’s where the high strangeness for me, at least, happens. I had a time slip experience in Scotland that I would really like to share with you, but my Outlook Mail doesn’t seem to work right. Could you E-mail me at [email protected] so that I could send you the details? Trust me, this would make a good plot for Twilight Zone!

    Keep up the good work.

  23. Hi Linda,

    Just emailed you, and I’m looking forward to hearing about your missing time experience. Hope to hear back from you soon.

    Thanks for getting in touch,


  24. hi john, i have another story.. this reminded me of this one, it’s very weird and far out. First i’d like to mentioned that Deja Vu is an experience you felt in a dream then later live. That’s a little beside the point. This is very strange. So it was three of us and we were in Ringwood Nj going to a friends house, i had to make a phone call so we stopped at this pay phone near a park rest stop. i stepped on something. It was a tablet. and when i saw it, i remembered making this thing. (i was a kid when i made it, it was a dream i had where i made this when i was a kid. I discribe how i made it. (i forget the details now, but at the time it was vivid.) It was this plaster flat tablet, and i think i made it with a peice of cloth, and four flat peices of wood that left a near rectangular void when on a flat floor.. Then i let it dry, and then i carved an encrpted code into the tablet. i then colored the letters as part of the code using felt tipped markers. I then broke the tablet into a three peices, and then i attatched a fishing line to two of the segmented peices by putting a groove in the back, and glueing it with clear super glue. The reason why i did this was so when i found it, i would make sure to pick up all the peices and not leave any. Very vivid and clear. i did this. I still remember the dream. but i stepped on this tablet that was in the grass and it broke. i went to pick it up, and i know i wasn’t going to pick up all the pieces.but then i found the fishing line, and the peices came up, so i picked up all the pieces and brought it too my friend. The thing that sucks is , this guy andrew, Whom we all felt seemed evil and strange, he took it and hey, wow, that’s cool, um my dad has a computer at home and it could break any codes. i didn’t even get a chance to really look at it. I thought i could figure out the code, by remembering the dream. I told them, how it was a dream where i made this. It was deja vu. I remember all the things about it. But this kid took the tablet and i never seen it again. I should try to get it back, but i think the kids a demon. That is a weird story. what do you think about that? i have no idea what to think about it. it’s so wierd. I think i was a prisoner or something, and that was to help me escape. It was last ditch effort, and a special favor and longshot. so i could avoid something. very strange right?

  25. again, it’s like eventually, it will come to heads and make sense. that’s why i gave up the tablet so freely, but i thought i would get it back, but he wouldn’t give it back. His reaction too was weird. it wasn’t like he paid any attention to what i said, or what it actually was, he just wanted to take it away from me. Strange right. think about it though, it’s some kind of strange life. He was an agent of some sort. He knew what it was, he knew he had prevent me from having it. what do you think about it? like we’re in some kind of dream world, being held prisoners by some things. I can still remember the incident. It is so real, so weird. you can see the cloth tecture on the plaster, and i think i used a t-shirt to make it. did i make it real life and put it there? but how would i know i would step on it? and how would i know that i would neglect to pick up all the peices? It was like i did it before, and i had to do it right. but i still failed because i forgot to keep the tablet which i would have decoded.

  26. that has left me with a weird feeling. i almost forgot entirely about the incident. anyway, thinking back, again, i think i used books and some flat wood to make the thing. the corners of the tablet were rounded. i etched into the cloth pressed face. it just weird. There’s just a host of caustic and destructive demons trying to keep you from God. How did the tablet get there? i couldn’t have really made it, who put it there? why? i’m thinking, this kid andrew, his dad worked for CIA or FBi, he didn’t even know. He just know’s his dad said he was a stock broker but he knows he isn’t. he has all weird stuff, even his house was weird, the steps were an optic illusion which makes them hard to walk up without falling, and they’re designed to make people fall if they try to run up them. maybe he drugged me. maybe i made that thing, while i was drugged, left it by the pay phone so someone could find it. there was i believe a header, etched at the top, a code key etched on the side, and then the body of the tablet. i wish i had this thing. oh boy.

  27. On thing that was clear, the fishing line, it went from one edge and crossed over to the opposite side of the other edge, both from the back. and then there was a short piece that was went straight on one side to add strength.i saw it from the front 1st, and when i noticed to attacked line, i recalled the detail in making this by grooving a furrow for the line, and filling it with super glue. so i flipped it to see if that was how it was done, and sure enough it was. the super glue is not that strong given those materials, and i think one of the lines broke, or i had the knowledge that it was fragile. the obscurity of the oddness is just so inexplicable.

  28. I had a strange experience which, for no reason at all, I’m calling “time-dilation.”

    This occurred when I was 11 or 12 years old. I was sitting on my bed during the early evening, I think I was reading a book. I was sitting upright, not laying down or anything. I straightened up, blinked (I cannot stress the “blink” enough) and suddenly it was morning the next day.

    The window was to the left of me with the curtains closed. Before I had blinked, it was rather dark out; afterward, the curtains glowed with the morning sun. I was still in the upright posture and my train of thought was never interrupted! I had been considering getting my Legos out and playing with them for a while…a thing which I was still thinking about now that it was morning.

    There was absolutely no interruption besides the blink. My mom asked me the next morning if I was feeling alright since I had gone to bed rather early. This remark was because I had gone to my room for whatever reason and simply not come out until morning.

    I also noticed that I didn’t feel as though I had slept. I was not tired, not groggy, nothing. It was just a blink and I lost around ten hours. I was also not tired later in the day (that is, I didn’t feel like I had been up all night).

    Any thoughts, anyone?

  29. There’s obviously a lot that we don’t understand about the nature of time. It seems as if we occasionally experience hiccups or ripples in time, but I’ve no clue as to how or why these things occur. Maybe it’s something completely different, although I tend to think it’s a little too easy to just dismiss them as hallucinations or mental aberrations. I’ve been getting quite a few emails and comments on this blog about these strange occurrences, and having been through something similar, I’m not inclined to think they’re all just a matter of “spacing out” for a while or going on autopilot and losing track of time.

  30. what i’ve noticed is that there seems to be moments or instances where everyone, seem to feel, ‘the week flew by’ or the day dragged on. i think that’s something you will see. I believe the follow each other too. You see a day fly by, you ask people, did the day seem short? and several people would say, yes it did, Or other times, (and it seems like they follow each other within a weeks space, did so and so day seem to be a long day? and then several people say, yes, yes it did seem to be a long day. My theory is that the conciousness is somewhat of the substance of electric pulse that is a medium that transpire the whole universe. That consciousness ripples. Imagine for a second., consider contemplating what you thought about a movie? It would take some time. Imagine if what you could think in an minutes time, or several minutes time, could occur to you in a much shorter period. Through the day, you notice much more things. There hsould be evidence of that, but pershaps its over looked or it doesn’t manifest so smiply as one might expect. People take timed test, and such, Just some thoughts on it, Next time you seem to have a full day that seems long, or one that seems to fly by, ask others what they thought.

  31. I lost time in 1985 when driving with my girlfriend down highway 299 toward Redding. I was taking her to the bus station in Redding and we were under time pressure to make the trip in a timely manner, and as such, were acutely aware of the time and how much we needed to get to the station.

    Background information: My daughter, then 6, had just undergone brain surgery for a tumor, (craniopharyngioma), and was still very unstable physically. I had to quit my job and stay in my parents country home near Burney while she convalesced. My son who was 5 was with us too. I was recently divorced so my life was a nightmare, needless to say. I also must metion, (sorry as I digress), that this remote property was haunted. We heard sounds of people around, (footsteps, bangs, doors slamming, knocks on wall), but no one was there. One night I awakened terrified of something coming down the hallway and I got up to turn on the bathroom light. The elecricity cut off and, in the pitch darkness, something sat on the bed next to me. The mattress moved, causing me to lean toward the thing that made it go down. I was quite awake when this occurred. Then the lights came back on. As soon as they did, I threw on some clothes, grabbed my kids and drove to town to find lodging but nothing was available – (also very freaky as this was a nothing town). I ended up having to go back to the house.

    Now, to get back to the missing time part: My good friend and her children came up to keep us company for a few days- (it was around the 4th of July), and she had taken the Express bus from San Jose CA to Redding. The day she had to travel home was very hot and I was concerned because I had an older car that overheated frequently. We were also on a tight time schedule and she and I both were very aware of the time we left, how long it took to get to Redding, and when we’d be there in relationship to the bus’ departure. We were happy to be making good time and she was going to be at the station early, (if the good road conditions continued). Suddenly, we had this awareness that it was MUCH LATER. The day looked different: the shadows were longer, the daylight different. I looked at the clock and my watch, and it confirmed time loss of around 2 hours, (maybe more). We were very chagrined and kept wondering how this could have happened. Worse, she missed the one express bus and now we’d have to figure something else out. We decided it made more sense to continue into Redding, go to the bus station so she could buy a ticket and get the next days’ schedule. (the bus only ran once a day). She would have to get a motel room for the night too. When we got to the station and she was buying a ticket, the agent told her the bus had had some malfunction but they had just repaired it! It was going to leave after all, albeit late. To this day she and I scratch our heads in wonder as to what happened to us and our 4 children, (her two and my two). I do have dreams of flying and going very fast. I also have dreams of being in an “elevator” that goes sideways, up and down and tremendous speed. My daughter, now 16, was born around 9 years after this experience. She has always been afraid of aliens and described one to me as a little child. She said it was looking in her window. I chalked it up to a child’s imagination at the time. She also told me about her nightmare of being around aliens and us, (humans), mutating into aliens. She was the only one who was pure human. She said one other person was human, she thought, but then she saw his hand was an alien one. Well, there’s more but my knuckles are tired. I just pray to God that they leave me alone because I like my reality of being on terra firma!! The notion of being abducted does not sit well with me at all. PS Two years ago my brother, at the same country property, (whose location shall remain secret), saw a UFO hovering in the night sky. He said he did not see a craft but saw bright lights signaling another light in the distance, near Mt. Shasta. They were doing some sort of code. Then, a powerful beam of light swept from over the land, illuminating trees, river and fields, and abruptly went dark. There was no noise. Thank you for letting me share.

  32. Hi Paige,

    I just don’t know how to respond any longer to these accounts of missing time incidents. I’ve really been getting a lot of them — emails as well as comments on the blog. I wish I knew what to the heck they were all about. Some seem to have a strong UFO connection, as yours seems to, and others defy categorization. I find it both comforting and disturbing that so many people from different areas and walks of life have gone through this. I have to say, it’s starting to sound almost commonplace.

    The two aspects of your story that I found the most intriguing were the fact that your daughter claims to have had these alien “dreams”. If you’ve read any of Budd Hopkins’s books, like Missing Time and Intruders, he talks about the abduction phenomena often occuring among families and over several generations. The other part that caught my attention was that you had a haunting experience and ghostly encounters. I know the UFO folks don’t like to mingle with the Ghost enthusiasts, but there’s been plenty of anectodal evidence that these supposedly different phenomena are often linked. This just further cements my feeling that a lot — probably all — of these different phenomena are all, at the most basic level, part of the same thing. Probably why I thought Hunt for the Skinwalkers was such an important book. The people at that ranch also experienced hauntings and poltergeist-like activity, as well as UFO sightings and encounters with bizarre creatures. Wow, ghosts, UFOs, and cryptids all in one place? But one has nothing to do with other, right? I’ve really come to believe that this is wrong thinking.

    Thanks so much for sharing that with everyone. Best of luck to you and your family.


  33. I’ve had memory lapses twice so far in my life and several very wierd and very scary dreams. The first was when I was about 6 or 7 maybe younger and we were just returning home from a long road trip. My dad put me in bed, said goodnight, switched off the light and closed the door. Not 5 seconds later I swear it, he opened the door and turned the light on and said good morning, time to wake up. I remember telling him “but you just left!” and he said “no you were just tired”. I can’t understand it to this day I’ve never experienced anything like that, I always have a sense of time, my body will even wake itself up right before my alarm goes off, I have an amazing body clock…but that just didn’t make sense. The second time was recent last year when I was in Iraq I was laying in bed thinking about something, I don’t even remember what it was anymore, but I was thinking very hard and all of a sudden I had a feeling that I had been thinking for a long time and I looked at the clock and it was 3 and a half hours later and I was completely rested…very wierd. I couldn’t sleep for the life of me. I also had a couple of alien dreams in iraq and saw what I can only describe as a supernova in the sky when I was on night shift. My friend was with me but he didn’t see it, when I saw it it was like there was someone in the sky taking a picture when the bulb flashes and then glows and dims into darkness, it scared me so much I jumped behind him and the blood went out of my face.The first scary dream I had in my life and the only time I’ve ever fallen off of my bed was of me and my teacher in the classroom, her sitting at the desk and me dancing around the room in a big circle, then a creature came out of a plant pot as I passed it and I ran from it around the room but it caught me and dragged me into the pot with it.

  34. Very interesting experiences. Thanks, Amber. What I found particularly interesting was that you saw this supernova but your friend who was with you did not. I think certain people are more in tune with these phenomena. I was camping in NY State a few years ago with some friends and we walked down to a pier by the lake near where we’d set up camp. I saw an object in the sky that moved in an erratic pattern – very quickly, then stopping suddenly and changing direction, then moving off more slowly. My friend was looking at the same strange object (we initially thought it might have been a satellite because it appeared to be quite high up) but when it began to move like that, my friend simply didn’t see its motion. To him, it was just a satellite, but I’ve never seen an aerial object move in that way before. You might be more sensitive to these experiences than most, and I think this whole missing time thing fits in with that, somehow. It appears to be common to people who see and encounter strange phenomena, but that’s just my observation from the contact that I’ve had with people through this blog.

  35. Reading these accounts makes me realize that experiencing time anomalies is far more common than supposed. I’ve had numerous experiences –day and night — when I lost time. At one point (after seeing “Sybil”) I even worried that these time losses were the result of some sort of multiple personality disorder! But, upon careful reflection, I realized that since at least some of these experiences were in the company of others, I was fairly safe in assuming I was not in the grip of schizophrenia, thank God.

    This particular experience was not a time loss but rather a time GAIN.

    I was about 19 years old at the time, in college at University of Tennessee-Knoxville campus, and had been invited by a boy I had met to visit him at Fort Knox, Ky over New Year’s. My roommate and I debated the trip and decided at the last minute to go. It was very cold, snowing and the roads (this was in ’67) over the mountains between the two places were an icy mishmash of secondary and short stretches of interstate roads under construction, far different from the smooth interstates we travel on now. It took us about 8 (hair-raising) hours to make the trip in our little Volkswagen bug. When we got there, the whole experience of seeing the boy again was a disappointment, so we simply decided to get back in the car and go home even though it was in the wee hours of the morning. I took what I thought was going to be the first leg of driving and found myself slowly creeping over more an and more treacherous icy roads. To my dismay, my roommate had immediately fallen into a deep sleep. After couple of hours I tried to wake her so she could drive for a bit, but no amount of yelling, shaking or cold air with the windows down would wake her. I didn’t think too much about it as she was an early to bed person and a very sound sleeper, so I drove on, thinking sooner or later she would wake up…but no. I continued driving, rolling down the window, playing music and trying periodically to wake no avail. There were no convenient rest stops or eating places back then. No well-lighted roads, and businesses were few and far between, and didn’t stay open all night back then either. I resigned myself to driving the rest of the way with no help, the roads getting worse and worse.
    I seemed to sense myself “fading out” going on “auto pilot” and THEN… I found myself pulling into the parking lot of our apartment complex. at about 7 am–at which time my roommate woke up and asked groggily, “Where are we now?” I told her “Home”. She looked at her watch and said, “That’s impossible.” We had apparently traveled the entire way in less than 5 hours.
    Even weirder, though we both realized how bizarre the experience was, we never discussed it again. It was almost as if it was a taboo subject.

  36. Barbara – Hopefully it’s some comfort to know that so many other people have had similar experiences. I’ve had a number of people telling me similar accounts of covering long distances in an impossibly short amount of time. And as for your roommate’s unwakeable sleep, that’s another common element in missing time reports. If this has happened to you numerous times, then you were likely the target of…whatever it is that’s behind this phenomenon. Your roommate was “switched off”, so to speak, because she wasn’t needed and (whatever it is) didn’t want her to interrupt or interfere. That’s my interpretation based on what I’ve read and the emails that I’ve received.

    Thanks for telling us about this.

  37. This is an odd experience. Particularly with the whole issue with your mother. It does seem sometimes that people who are close – like you and your mother – can sometimes share a personal energy that connects them but…I certainly don’t have an explanation but interesting story. Wonder if you’ll ever know.

  38. I don’t subscribe to the idea of aliens taking people as a reason for missing time, I just figured people forgot things, and couldn’t explain them. Then last night, I was sitting on my porch, it was around 12am-1am, I had just gotten out of the shower and was watching a movie on my iPod, when I heard a noise in the field next to my house. I was about 45 minutes into my movie, and assumed it was no later than 2am in my mind. I’ve always had a great sense of time. Being able to accurately guess the aporoxament time fairly accurately without looking at my watch. So when I heard a noise, which sounded like a garbage can getting knocked over, I paused my movie on my iPod, glanced out the screen, saw nothing, then hit play on my iPod. When you touch the screen on an iPod, the play/ff/rewind touch controls come up, and the time is displayed on the top. Glancing at the top I noticed the time said 4:06am. My hair still being damp from my shower, I figured the clock on my iPod was incorrect. I knew I hadn’t been outside for more than two hours tops. I didn’t black out, fall asleep, see any UFOs, or even move. But almost two hours of time passed, and passed as if I skipped over it, instead of going through it. My hair is short and doesn’t stay damp longer than an hour. I’ve had no history of anything that could be attributed to losing track of time.and I can recall everything I did from the time I got out of the shower, to the point I realized it was after four in the morning. So I tried to search the Internet to see if anyone else has had a similar experience, and I can’t seem to find anything that isn’t connected to aliens or angels. Medical problem? Or am I experiencing events that I cannot remember?

  39. John – I have an inbox full of similar stories. While some people are driving or walking (as I was) and find themselves elsewhere with no recall of getting there, many others tell me of experiences like yours: time seems to just “skip ahead”, e.g., one minute someone is puttering around the house in the mid-afternoon, and the next thing they know it’s midnight. They haven’t gone anywhere, it’s just that time seems to have jumped ahead or fast-forwarded.

    I can’t offer you any explanation of why this happens, but it I do know that I hear lot of stories just like yours from people that sound very sane and credible. I’m not convinced that this phenomenon is necessarily caused by “alien abduction”, but I’m hesitant to just write it off as a matter of zoning out or dozing off on your feet. I honestly don’t feel that this was what happened to me.

  40. At this moment where I live (Midwest US) it’s almost 5AM, Thursday. This past Tuesday I experienced something, which I suppose was some sort of missing time. It wasn’t a shocking or dramatic experience, but it was still quite odd. Bear with me for a moment.

    That evening I was in the kitchen making a snack. Trying out something I had seen on a cooking show, I placed store-bought flour tortillas on a cookie sheet and put them in the oven (under the broiler) to crisp up. For the third tortilla I got the idea to brush it with butter (or rather a healthier “buttery spread”) to help brown it. I put the butter in a small, flat plastic container, melted in the microwave, and brushed it on. The results were good, so I decided next to cut some tortillas into triangles and make chips for my mother. She uses a different butter, though; so I placed the container and brush in the sink, filling it with soapy water. A few minutes later I washed the brush and set it aside. Then I washed the little container, and then…

    And then what? I don’t know. I remember washing it, rinsing it, and then nothing. A few missing seconds –mere seconds!– and I couldn’t find it. I hadn’t set it in the sink, in the drainer, on the counter, or on the table. I looked in the trash can and even in places like the fridge and oven! But it was nowhere to be found. We have other containers exactly like it, but none were in the kitchen (the plastic storage containers are kept in a different room). I called my mother in to help, but we still couldn’t find it. It just vanished! I never noticed or felt anything weird before or after. I just turned the water off and noticed it wasn’t in my hands, or elsewhere. (And I know weird feelings, having had countless freaky deja vu spells throughout my childhood and adolescence that were sometimes physically debilitating.) In the end, I just got another container and went on with preparing the chips. Still don’t know what it was though.

    And I still haven’t found that damned plastic container!

  41. Amanda — I have theory that missing stuff (and sometimes even people) disappear into another dimension. I say that only half-jokingly, because I’ve had the same experience. It’s not like the object is missing, it’s more like it’s vanished before your eyes. Yeah, definitely been through that. I do wonder if this sometimes explains missing persons and children. Can we slip out of our reality and get lost in another? Hey, maybe this will be the subject of my next blog post.

  42. Hey, thanks for the reply. Yes, I also think stuff like that might happen, and that it might have happened to my container. My mother hasn’t given her theories on it (she probably doesn’t want to think too deeply about it), and only told me not to tell my father – “Because you know what HE’LL say if you tell him!” (Which means: “He’ll automatically conclude it was a ghost and then he won’t shut up about it.” )

    Anyway, it was an interesting little bit of strangeness to be sure, particularly as I’m not used to such things happening to me. Well – I mentioned the deja vu thing, and I have seen many UFOs (and by that I simply mean Unidentified Flying Object, not “alien spacecraft” or even “top-secret military aircraft”… I’ve had ideas about some of them, but I won’t make claims with any utmost certainty), and maybe a couple of other things; but never something quite like this.

    Well I don’t mind a bit of weirdness now and then. Certain things I can do without (I am very glad to never have had premonitory dreams like my grandmother did as a girl!), but I believe in a greater, weirder reality that’s full of wonderfully, frightfully strange things; and I believe that sometimes that reality (or rather “those realities”) intersect with our own. It’s nice to have little blips and ripples to back me up on that belief sometimes. (Mind you, I’m always inclined to look for a so-called “mundane” explanation first. Just because I find something possible does not mean I think it’s the likely, or even plausible, explanation.)

    Ah, sorry, I do ramble a bit once I get started. Anyway, I only just discovered this site (while looking for mande burung info), but I will keep an eye on it. And I think you should definitely write that post! Sounds like an interesting read.

    (P.S. You say “I have theory that missing stuff (and sometimes even people) disappear into another dimension. I say that only half-jokingly, […]” That makes me think of how I often ascribe minor bits of weirdness around the house to faeries. I, too, am only half-joking. If my mother knew that, I don’t know what she’d say to me!)

  43. I have 2 periods of lost time. The first was when my daughter was 2, she was spending friday night at my mothers. I went to bed at my usual time, no feeling ill or anything, I was woken by the work man who had come to fix my boilder, I thougnt it was saturday morning, but it was monday. The second instance was about 10 or 12 years later, I was going to the supermarket, was walking towards the corner of two streets, next thing I was at the corner going up the wrong street, my husband when I got home asked if I had gone to my sisters for a couple of hours, as usually it takes me 30-34 minutes and I was gone about 3 hours.

  44. Anne – Thanks for telling me about your experiences. Wow, in that first one you lost a whole weekend! The second experience sounds a bit like mine — finding your self in a different area and losing time. Can you tell me the years in which these two occurrences took place?

    Thanks again for sharing this.


  45. the first incident would have 1984, the second would have be about 96/97. i have also had the experience of waking up when it has been unusually still and quiet, but it was more like time was suspended it was a really strange feeling, that was in 94.

  46. for years i have felt like i am waiting for something, and when it happens i will know. it is a strange feeling. when i was a small child i would lie in bed at night believing that my real family would find me and take me home, but i am an adult and still waiting, i think as we grow we hide our feelings inside. then something happens as you get older that reminds you of those thoughts and feelings.

  47. Anne – Thanks for supplying me with the years. I’m attempting to see if there are some patterns here. I’ve been getting a lot of these types of similar missing time comments and emails, and I want to check to see what commonalities I can find.

    Yes, I know exactly what you mean regarding the feeling of “waiting for something”. I feel that way too, as if I was told or shown something that I’ll remember later on in my life, or will have some kind of significance. It’s a very weird feeling.

  48. I have just returned from a trip in which there were three of us friends driving to the Vaal Dam in South Africa. My friend was driving but all three of us knew the route from Johannesburg very well as we have done it many times. About an hour into the journey at midday all three of us feeling disorentated and the driver asked if we had done the turn to head to the Sunset Cove area we were going to stay ? All three of us had no recolletion of the T junction were were supposed to take and were all confussed. The last thing we had remembered was some time back in the journey when i had seen a ‘wirldwind’ and got a strange feeling in my feet.

    We all cannot work out what happened to the missing miles we had travelled and had no recollection of passing any of the familiar land markes and stop signs that all three of us should have remembered passing.
    No we had not had any alcohole ! It is most weird.

  49. John, happy to have found you here. i’ve told two about this and they think i’m a bit off. within 3 months i’ve had two missing time experiences. i was alone both times. i will go with the second of the two. we friends meet monthly or every other for reasons all mothers meet monthly or every other. to laugh, talk, enjoy adult company. From Katie’s, where we met, i have a 10 mile drive home through gorgeous PA countryside. On my way home, there is a cemetary i’ve been familiar with my whole life. i drove in, as is not unusual. stopped at a random grave. kneeled down and prayed, took in the night, wondered about the life that once was. i got back into my car at approximately 10:15 PM, drove one mile up the road, pulled into a friends drive. i was going to visit, but thought it was too late, as she has young kids. from this point, i had only 3 miles to home. i remember the entire ride home. i remember getting into bed. The next day my fiance asked why i did not get home until 1:30 am….I remember the entire ride and the times of all my stops……

  50. Eva — I’m beginning to think that more people as not have had this experience at least once. I wish I knew what it all meant. Yours is a bit different because you say you remember the entire thing, yet there was more than three hours missing anyway. That’s a new wrinkle to this phenomena. Most people have a lapse in memory. There seems to be some core similarities to this phenomenon, yet a lot of variations. So maybe nothing “happened” to you, perhaps it was just some kind jump or fast-forward in time — i.e., not a repressed memory of something that occurred, but some kind of anomaly having to do with the nature of time itself. Many of the experiences that I hear sound more like this than the “typical” alien abduction-type scenario (seeing a strange light or being, no recall afterward, a missing period of time, a feeling later of something having happened, etc.); more like a jump forward (and sometimes backward) in time. Thanks for telling us about your experience.

  51. I was thinking back to when i was a child, my dad was army, we had moved to germany and it was my first day at my new junior school. I was sat in reception waiting for my new teacher to collect me, and I had this strange feeling that what was occuring was a memory, yet i was actually living that time, but it felt like i was looking back on a memory. which i had not made. I had another strange incident a year later, when i was at boarding school an ex submarine base. myself and a friend was playing in the cellar, where we had a day room, like all youngsters we were jumping from chair to chair and throwing cushions, when the lunch bell rang, we went to the door but it would not open, like someone had locked the door and we could not get out, yet when one of the other girls came to get us the door opened without any problem, scared me for quite sometime, as all out study books were kept in lockers in the cellar, i only went down when i knew there were other students down there.

  52. Hi John,
    Again I am thankful for this site and the sharing of so many experiences others have had that are, like mine, simply unexplainable. Reading the accounts of others, I am more curious than shocked that I have had so many similar things happen to me. Back in my late 20s and early 30s I “lost” things only to have them appear where they didn’t belong like my toothbrush upstairs reappearing in in the morning in the downstairs half bath; out of style or just plain “past their prime” clothes I had culled from my closet and drawers, bagged and given to my husband to take to a landfill (no garbage service at the apt complex at that time) reappearing (okay, that one was a creepy shock. I even accused my husband of playing a joke on me, since one of the items was a kind of sexy (but truly ragged) nightgown he liked) but he swore he had tossed the bags in the landfill…besides which tey ALL reappeared in closets and drawers!
    Again this summer, odd items started popping in and out of existence, to the point I simply gave up and thought, “ah, well….so be it”,. Th experiences slowed to only occasionally, then stopped.
    [That sort of thing has occurred ~to the extent I couldn’t HELP but notice~ more than a few times over the last 30 years. ]It still occurs occasionally, but this summer I regularly started experiencing the “now you see it now you don’t” weirdness~like looking for my keys, which I distinctly remembered leaving on the kitchen table the night before but were no longer there when I was preparing to go do errands, causing a bewildering whole-house-hunt that ended back at the table where~~ I found my keys in exactly the same place on the table I remembered leaving them!
    One day, also during this period, while driving to the store (I thought), I suddenly found myself far across town not knowing how I got there, and I looked at the dashboard clock and realized not nearly enough time had passed for me to have gotten that far across town in so little time.It felt exactly like I had “blinked” out and in again.

    Physicists say that objects~ because we are vibrating at the same rate, at the same time as the things that appear solid surrounding us ~ comprise our dimensional “reality” and are tangible only because our vibratory rates are the same, and that subatomic particles are not “solid” but wink in and out of existence rapidly giving only the illusion of solidity. I guess the question is, why does our “reality” and our (previously reliable) vibratory rate, become NOTICEABLY subject to change? What is happening in our dimension –maybe outside there, somewhere– that is affecting our “reality” in this way? Einstein believed that time was not constant but malleable, physicists have actually proved it, I have read, although I am certainly not well versed enough in that scientific modality to explain exactly how. But my many experiences in gaining AND losing time as I have described in this and my previous post make me think…something SOMEWHERE is causing our dimension to be altered, affecting– the time space continuum? in some way, creating the “gaps” so many have experienced. I wonder ..what?

    Some of us take note of these oddities, while others, perhaps, simply ignore them. I wonder why THAT may be, too.

  53. Hi Barbara — Thanks for checking in again with that contribution. The more I hear about these types of various time anomalies, the more of a mystery it’s become. I still regularly receive comments on the blog and emails about these phenomena. It seems to be far more common and widespread that I ever imagined. Another observation that I’ve made is that people who experience one type of anomaly often undergo others. Sometimes they’re variations of the same phenomena and other times they’re (seemingly) different — e.g., people who have missing time incidents may also undergo poltergeist phenomena — that sort of thing.

    I’m not sure if these things are happening to select people for a reason, or, as you said, some people notice them while other simply ignore them. Certain people may be more sensitive and pick up on these events, while others don’t or can’t seem them, screening out those things that don’t mesh with their notion of reality through a subconscious filter. Yours is an interesting case, because when things happen like clothes reappearing in your drawers and objects vanishing and reappearing, that suggests to me that there’s some kind of intelligence behind these goings-on, rather than being random events.

    I have no answers, but I truly believe that we live in a bigger, stranger universe than we can possibly imagine. Of that, I feel certain.

  54. Mine was different. It just happened today. 6pm, i was at some place. I checked my wristwatch and saw it was 6.20pm, and then i checked my phone for messages, and saw that the time was the same… and then i decided to ride a bus home, my travel time would be 30-40 minutes maximum, i rode the bus at around 7pm, and when I got off the bus, i walked for around 5minutes to be in our house,. but when i checked my phone,it was 7.52, and i checked my wristwatch, it was 7.35, my wallclock reads 8.20 and my laptop clock is 8.05pm… i don’t remember me making changes on those clocks.

  55. A lot of people have told me about these smaller “blips” in time, where people are fast-forwarded or step back in time. Thanks for letting me know about your experience.

  56. My journey began in the summer of 1996, I was living with a so called friend of mine and on this particular day I was very sleepy, probably from boredom, so I slept for the most part of the day, then around 12:00am my television show, “Strange Universe”, was about to air so I went to the kitchen to get something to drink. I grabbed some ice, a cup, my drink and I was on my way back to the sofa.

    As I was sitting down I noticed a commercial was on, and then it was on for about five minutes, which was odd for a commercial to be on for such a long time, so I became upset; I thought they had canceled the airing of my favorite show.

    I then went to the kitchen because–oddly enough–my drink had gone warm and the ice had melted, this was too strange for me because; it would have taken a long time for that ice to melt, and almost instantaneously! I thought to myself; “wow, I know I did not just fall asleep because I do not remember ever doing so and the situation does not suggest it to be true”.

    In my denial, I went to the kitchen for some more ice and that’s when it all happened, I looked up at the clock and found that it was 2:00, I thought; “this just cannot be possible” so I did a reality check and called my mother and asked; “Ma, what time is it”, she answered “baby, its 2:00 in the morning, what’s wrong” I told her that “it had just been 12:00 no more than five minutes ago” and she answered, typically, “you must have fallen asleep”.

    As the days and then years went by I continually asked my inner-self what had happened, only to get little bits and pieces that finally became clear to me. The ordeal slowly started to manifest itself through my twelve years of searching and researching my dreams along with my daily observations of life.

    The truth of the matter is, “I blacked out”, or should I say traveled back into a time period many thousands of years into the past, it was like I receded back into the dark region of my subconscious mind, by a trigger unknown to me, only to be confronted by someone who I somehow knew as my father, his name was Saieman.

    Saieman was wearing a red and white garment somewhat like a dress suit fashioned with a hood, his face was strange, in a since that he looked exactly like me minus his black and red beard, I almost felt as though I was looking at myself. On his head were locks in the shape of horns which protruded out of his bald scalp. He had this concerned look on his face that expressed joy and resentment. As I looked around I could not see the sun for the area of the sky seemed blocked off for some reason, it was like the sky was hiding itself behind some weird barrier.

    Now I am starting to notice that Saieman had a few others waiting with him like they were expecting me. I became anxious because for some strange reason I knew these people like my own family, there was a woman there, she was my mother her name was Ovaiesha. Ovaiesha had to have been the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. Ovaiesha had a reddish Brown complexion, similar to Saieman. She was wearing a long white garment that looked like it was going to be a dress but it phased into pants. Around her neck was a red cloth that formed a braid that extended between her breast. The garments worn by Saieman and Ovaiesha were similar in their functional nature and structural design. You could almost tell that they were companions because their garments were complementary of each other. As I was slowly gaining my composer I felt as though I had awakened in the middle of some ritual and I was the subject.

    I really cannot say too much about my own physical appearance outside the fact that my hands were different. I was never one to wear any rings or body decoration and I was adorned with these strange rings, medallions and bracelets that seemed to glow, as a matter of fact my whole body seemed as though it was glowing but I remained calm, I guess it was because I heard Ovaiesha’s voice instructing me to do so. At her side was a priest, he had to be a priest because his garment had an unique arrangement of colored stones that formed a cube, he and Saieman was wearing the same type of outfit but the priests outfit was fully decorated. In his hand he was holding a marble tablet and writing on it using a pen that was, at the same time, a laser, his name was Bwainu and he seem to be taking notes of the event that was taking place.

    Bwainu would not say anything at first as if his job had not presented itself as of yet, suddenly Saieman turned to Ovaiesha and asked was I ready, Ovaiesha said yes, then Saieman introduced me to the priest, Bwainu. I had to play along for I had already known this person as Bwainu. It would seem as though Saieman was reintroducing me to a person I had already known but this was a part of the ceremony so my curiosity to intrude was suppressed as I was taken into a temple.

    On the outside, the temple resembled a pyramid, huge and majestic, and on the inside, a huge chamber with openings for the sun lit the four areas of the room in sequence. The floors were covered with a colorful marble type design, a series of reds, blues, greens and yellows. There were geometrical patterns designed on this tapestry floor that amazed me. There was a rail molding that flowed throughout the chamber that was smooth to the touch.

    There were no electrical devises of any kind; however, there were mechanical drawings displayed along the walls. As I proceeded, there were no instructions given to me other than to drink, I was given a green tea like concoction, by the priest Bwainu, which made me fill euphoric. The taste of this concoction was bitter yet naturally sweet, I will say that at first the drink was bitter but with a sweet aftertaste like apples, lemons and honey. After Bwainu handed me the cup to drink, he stood there watching as though the importance of me drinking this was of life and death.

    The drink was very powerful, as the taste went from bitter to sweet my mind seemed to change as well, everything that I had saw began to glow and immediately; Bwanue put on his hood as if he did not want me to see his face. Bwainu then said to me “drink this once a day until you have completed your journey and I will meet with you when you’re done”.

    As I entered the temple I noticed a chamber. I felt a sense of calm even though I was having these weird sensations. As I walked around temple I noticed this huge empty chamber, the walls were covered with thousands of pictures and diagrams of a mathematical nature. At each corner of the Chamber, there were glass cups, four in total, and one for each corner. There was a cup of some sort of seed, a cup of water, an empty cup and a cup of soil. I knew these cups had some type of meaning; however, the art work fascinated me more.

    The scenes on the walls depicted a civilization of people who lived and studied the nature of their world. The chamber only allowed sun light to shine on a particular area on a different day and every forth day the cycle was completed, I then noticed, with every cycle, my knowledge of the “art work” increased as well as my curiosity and inner-standing of the concepts displayed. Thus I began this journey, first I did what the priest Bwainu asked, I drunk the “tea”, ate what was sent to me and studied what was on the walls.

    Interestingly, I began to memorize everything in detail as if the work was implanting itself into my mind and then an idea came to me, while inside the chamber, I had nothing to write with and I felt the erg to convey my experience with the priest, so I took what was available, which was the cups in the corners and held them in the light as I studied the Sun cycles. First I took the empty cup which symbolized the “Earth” or the quest to fore fill a need, second I added soil to the empty cup which, to me, represented “the gathering of information”, and third I placed the seeds inside the soil and added a small amount of water, I mixed with the “tea”, for every other day of the Sun cycle. This went on for about ten Sun cycles, in addition to the twelve Sun cycles I had spent there before hand, which equaled 48 days, for a total of 88 days.

    I do not remember ever sleeping and there were periods where I would drift off because of the affects brought on by drinking this strange “tea”, which had some psychedelic effects especially whenever I closed my eyes, that is why I do not remember ever sleeping because when I closed my eyes; I would have these strange experiences. I can vaguely remember seeing a creature that was part goat, part man and part snake. Above its head and between its horns was a sun disk, strangely everywhere the goat would move the sun disk would follow. The goat had these metallic looking horns, its eyes were blue and fluid like, its skin was a mixture of green and yellow. It would not speak through its mouth but it would show its teeth whenever I looked into its eyes, so I reframed from doing so. This vision had no legs or feet, which made it take on the partial form of a giant snake, it had to have been about 60 feet long. Its snakelike body was metallic and to some extent seemed mechanical, in a sense; this thing was part goat and part mechanical snake. For a moment I thought it had built itself because it did not look natural at all.

    The vision of this being transmitted its name as Paronadon. I tried not to stare at it for too long but it was the only light source I could see. It was hug standing as tall as the trees, he had to have been about 30 to 40Ft tall, around its neck were gold beads that seemed to radiate as they reflected the light atop it’s head. At the center of the gold beaded necklace was a gold medallion, round in shape with a red jewel at its center. I noticed that whenever I stared at the jewel for too long, I would have these sharp pains in my head.

    The top portion of Paronadon had shoulders and arms that spread as wide as a Six foot man. His chest and arms was covered with black fur. Paronadon’s hands both had three large fingers. Paronadon had a beard that was plated and at the end of it was a white jewel. To be honest, this vision was so frightening to me that I had thoughts of not drinking any more of the concoction Bwainu brought to me, for the vision of Paronadon was too much for my mind to comprehend and accept. Even now I can see this entity flowing before me; the fear is still a little strong. The fear is not that, this entity may consume me or destroy my person but it was like; this vision was changing me in some fantastic way. I felt as though this was a being that no one alive and conscious should ever see, I thought I was being disrespectful by looking at it but I could not help myself for I had never seen such a creature before in my life.

    During the later periods of my “conscious” experience while studying the “art work” and attending an experiment, I witnessed the sprout of a flower growing within one of the cups, I was observing. This flower had, what looked like, vanes of blue material, while maintaining a green leaf like appearance. Then Suddenly, I was finished with what had to be done and felt a sense of completion. By this time, after studying the diagrams on the walls and attending to the experiment, I was ready to show the priest Bwainu what I had done.

    As I exited the chamber, for the first time in many days, I felt excited for I had grown this interesting bluish green flower to show Bwainu, who was standing outside waiting with my Father, Saieman. I presented the flower to Bwainu and he said “you are now a man my son” then my father Saieman and I went for a long walk as he told me the most interesting story I have ever heard…

    There is more to this story, unlike most, I can remember what had happened to me during my 2 hours of missing time. The experience is about 40,000 words long and expanding as more memories return to the surface.

  57. So I was just reading a list on that caught my attention, it was about bizarre things that have not been explained and #2 on the list was missing time/time leaps. Now I may only be 22 but I’m no beginner when it comes to the Paranormal or unexplained. but what happened to me and my friend was bizarre. it wasn’t so much a lost time as it was a time leap.
    Me and my friend Ben were driving around on the back roads of our tiny town in Wisconsin at around 12:30am. we drove the usual routes that we take. It started to snow hard when we were driving and we spun out on the middle of the road and the proceeded to head the opposite direction that we started off from. by this time the roads were bad enough that we decided to head back to town. there was about 4 inches of snow on the ground at this point in time and i was drive about 20miles an hour. We came to a stop sign and a car passed in front of us, it was then that the strange started to happen. Ben asked me What time it was, and I told him 1:20am, and then we turned to follow the other down the road that would take us straight back to town in about 3miles. the car went around a s curve and we lost sight of it at first. then we went around the first part of the curve and saw the car turning into the second part of the curve. Now our buddy lived on this road outside of town and we should have passed right by his house after the second part of the curve, but as we came around the second part of the curve the car was gone and we didn’t see our buddy’s house.
    after what seemed like a little bit of a drive we saw the welcome to Columbia County sign that is on the opposite side of town. we came to the next stop sign just outside of town wondering what the hell had happened and how we had ended up there. at the stop sign i checked the clock, and it was 1:23. When I saw the time I was a little freaked out, we had traveled about 15miles to the opposite side of town going about 20MPH in 2 minutes. this shouldnt of happened. the other weird thing is that my car has a tape deck that i use an adapter so i can play music from my phone as i drive, well before we went around the second curve my tape deck started trying to search for the next track, (which it can’t because the tape adapter i use only reads as having one track) but ever since that night i havent been able to get that tape adapter to work right.
    I mean I’ve had some crazy stuff happen to me before that i cant explain, but by far that was the weirdest.

  58. hi john it is richard
    i like time slip story

  59. What an interesting site and story! I actually had a missing time-like incident during an interstate move in February of 2010, where my mother and I seem to have accomplished a 17hr drive (according to Google Maps) in 13hrs. We were heading to my new home to set up my apartment in advance of the arrival of my wife and children by plane a few days later, so we were in a rush but not enough to warrant the discrepancy. Particularly considering the vehicle we traveled in was a Toyota Corolla absolutely loaded to the hilt and noticeably sluggish because of it. The drive was from Orange County, CA to Portland, OR and is approximately 1000mi – about half of which is over steep and winding road through northern CA and southern OR. The speed limit in Oregon in particular is only 55mph, and we generally stayed at or below that. We departed OC at 1:00PM and arrived in Portland at 8:00AM the next morning. However, we had stopped in northern CA for dinner for about 1hr and again in southern Oregon for 2hrs to get off the road and rest for a bit. It didn’t occur to me until quite some time later that we’d made the trip at in an unrealistic timeframe. To achive a 13hr trip we would have to have averaged 77mph, which is simply not the case given the slower speed limit in Oregon, the performance of the weighted down car and our need to make numerous smaller stops for coffee, etc to stay awake. No particular memory of anything like UFOs or being disoriented, just missing (or fast forwarded) time.

  60. JR – Thanks! I’ve had quite a few emails and at least one comment on the blog (I think) from people who had similar experiences to yours: a long trip completed in an unrealistically brief amount of time. That seems to be a fairly common subset of the whole “missing time” phenomenon. But how it happens and what it means, I don’t know.

  61. JR – Here’s an interesting story I found that seems to have some elements of both your experience and mine:

    It’s actually more similar to what you experienced, but I found it interesting that this person found herself back before the point where she began driving, but continuing in the same direction. That happened to me. I was still walking north-to-south, but I was about a quarter mile further north of my school, where I’d left from earlier. To this day I’m still unsure as to the length of time of my memory lapse and the point where I awakened behind the cemetery.

  62. Hi Jon, I just wanted to remind you of a saying. “When the student is ready the teacher will come.” Not meaning to sound criptic but it seems you, the student, are close to having a teacher. Hugs, Elaine

  63. Hi Elaine — You might be right. I know of others who have had similar experiences and they have also said they felt it was a precursor to something. What that “something” is, I don’t know, but I did come away from it with the feeling that it was a significant event in my life. Only time will tell, I suppose. Thanks for your input!

  64. I’ve had two significant events in the last year (even if only significant to me). Both were answers to life-long questions, much like yours stemming from childhood events. I know once I got the answers my life changed. Well not really but I feel differently. My ‘Teacher’ came in the weirdest way. I’m left with fewer questions and more curious than ever. :)

  65. I’m all ears if you want to share your story, Elaine — whether on the blog or by email. If it’s too personal, I’ll understand completely.

  66. I’ve been going thru your site here John and although I have no real or concrete answers to anything paranormal I have definitely come a cross a few things that run in the same direction of my own thinking.

    i’ve no idea how we will ever ‘prove’ any of these occurrences as most of us who have experiences don’t even know what it was we experienced. Creates a little problem doesn’t it? I like learning about all the research that is being done on the ‘metaphysical’ or ‘spiritual’ level. I think that is the missing piece, not all evidence is physical. Kind of like electricity, if we didn’t know how to use it we wouldn’t be able to prove it either.

  67. To JR, I also had this happen. Completed a 7 hour trip in 31/2 hours confirmed. I swear nothing happened on that trip. I had taken this trip many times, I would have had to speed the entire trip to do that and surely would have been pulled over if I had.

    A few years before that I had the complete opposite happen. A 20 minute ride home took just over 2 hours. I had called home to ask my husband if he needed anything, he didn’t so I hopped in the car and went straight home, no stops, no hindrances or anything. Husband was frantic when I got home. That still bothers me, I have no idea what took so long, it’s impossible unless I chugged along at maybe 5 mph which I know I didn’t.

  68. When I used to co-host the old Paranomalist podcast a few years ago we interviewed author Marie D. Jones and we discussed my weird missing time incident. She replied by telling me of an incident where she was driving (in California, I think it was) and had inexplicably covered a very long distance in ridiculously short amount of time. I get a lot of these types of stories emailed to me: long distances completed in impossibly short periods, or relatively short trips taking a very lengthy period of time with no recollection of what transpired during that extra time. Something is happening here. I can’t imagine that all of these types of incidents are just a matter of people being mistaken, miscalculating, or simply losing track of time.

  69. Agreed, although I don’t doubt alien abductions and such other things it’s obvious there are other things going on too. But I really don’t think all of these instances have anything to do anything paranormal. I feel it is just an anomaly. It’s something that happens so rarely and unexpectedly that we don’t have much chance to prepare ourselves for understanding it.

  70. Elaine – I’m neither a skeptic or a “believer”-type. I’m sure there’s a logical explanation for many (or most) of the strange experiences that people go through, as I’m also quite certain that some are outright lies. However, I know from firsthand experience that there are things that can’t be explained logically or proven scientifically. In my opinion, to say that these unexplained events are false (mistakes, fabrications, and the like) is a very narrow-minded view of the world around us and of the universe. My missing time incident was real. The fact that my mother knew exactly where I was and found me, saying that a voice told her to find me because I needed her — that was real. And my mom’s premonitions and precognitive dreams were too specific and accurate to be dismissed or explained away. They can’t be proven or scientifically measured in any way, but they were also very real. We really don’t understand the nature of reality, but I think some of what we’re learning from quantum physics is starting to bridge the scientific with the mystical.

  71. I don’t necessarily disbelieve the alien abduction phenomenon, although I think it’s probably more complex than some of the UFO enthusiasts make it out to be. But I agree, I think it this whole missing time thing may be related to some type of anomaly; an anomaly possibly relating to the nature of time itself.

  72. Ditto, as time goes on we’ll understand more, personally I’m looking forward to that time. In the mean time we can speculate and work at rearranging our thoughts and who knows…

    I’ll never say the experiences aren’t real (except for the liars, cheats and mocker) but I will say that they may not be at all what we suspect. You know we used to think God was pissed when it thundered, well we know better now. Life’s journey and I love this playground.

  73. As to the alien abduction thing, I will not say that I or anyone I know has ever been abducted but there is a shared experience in my family that would qualify… only not. I don’t know how to explain that in anything less than 10,000 words, LOL!

    If I told the story some would immediately think aliens but I’m not so sure. Something yes, but what, I just don’t know.

  74. Well, if you ever want to write about your family’s experiences, just let me know. I’ll set you up as an Author on my site and you can log in, type away and share your story with the world. Or at least the few thousand readers I get each month.

  75. Thanks for the offer, I’ll think about it. It’s hard putting yourself out there like that. Goodnight!

  76. Yes it is, Elaine. Some things are so odd that it’s difficult to take about them. I think that’s why I haven’t really mentioned this blog to anyone that I know or tried to recommend it any of my old classmates on Facebook. It’s one thing to talk about this stuff to strangers, but another to people that know you.

  77. John, you say your mother had premonitions and precognitive dreams. I’d like to ask what about you? I’m wondering if perhaps you had a psychical experience more so than a missing time experience. What I mean perhaps you were sharing someone else’s psychi (for lack of a better word) and in the mean time your physical self just wondered around waiting for you to return.

    I know that sounds creepy but so do a lot of things. Explore that thought for a while and I would love to know your conclusions.

  78. Elaine — Interesting idea. I’ve had a few premonitions and precognitive dreams, like my mom, but nowhere near as frequent or precise as hers. And I’ve had a lot of very intense and disturbing dreams throughout my life, especially when I was a child.

    These missing time (or whatever you want to call them) experiences share some general similarities, but they vary widely. I felt there was some physical aspect to whatever happened to me because it occurred as I was walking and when I awoke I was somewhere else. One of the puzzling things was the fact that I was still walking in a southerly direction, but I was north of where I began walking and quite a ways from where I blanked out. So in my mind, if I’d just somehow zoned out and wandered in the wrong direction I think I would have gotten turned around and would have awakened walking north. Instead, I somehow was walking in the same direction (south) but some distance north from where I’d begun, at my school.

    What any of that indicates I have no idea, but it felt as if it was more than a purely psychical state. It’s not as if I was lying on my bed and drifted into a different state of consciousness. I was walking in a very familiar place and I found myself in another area entirely when I regained my senses. Also the strange silence, the unreal feeling and the fact that the intersection that I was walking toward seemed to be getting further away as I walked toward it — these are all aspects of the incident that felt very physical and real.

    How my mother fit into it is interesting too. She told me she heard a voice in her mind that said “go get John, he needs you.” I don’t know if that was some sort of motherly instinct/premonition or if she was actually contacted by something that orchestrated…whatever it was that happened to me. She definitely described it as a “voice” that told her to get me. And, she knew precisely where I was, which was not where she would normally have looked for me if she was picking me up after school. So, my feeling is that there very well could have been a psychical aspect to this, but there seemed to be something physical about the experience as well. I don’t think that this came completely from me. It’s always felt to me that there was some kind of outside influence at work that interacted with me (and my mom) in some way.

  79. On Dec 1st 2010, between 1:00AM and 1:30AM, I blacked out while standing in my shed. When I came to/woke, I looked at my watch and it was 5:05AM and I was standing approximately four feet from where I had been, I was then standing in the shed door way facing the back of the shed. When I blacked out I was standing in front of my tool box which stands against the sheds left wall. The temperature was only a few degres above freezing and I wore only a light wind breaker yet I was very warm when I came to. I felt very calm yet very alert at the same time, I was also somewhat angry because I had to be at work in eight and a half hours and could not drink any beer. I have no history of black outs. I didnt think much about what had happened until I woke to get ready for work that day. For about a week or two after I had deep feelings of deja vu and at times something like vertigo. I plan on seeing a hypnotist after I retire from law enforcement. I will not risk that now.

  80. RW — Very interesting experience and probably rather disturbing, too. It was for me. Have any other odd or unexplained things happened to you recently or at any point in your life? I get a lot of similar comments and emails from people and almost ALWAYS they’ve had more than one strange event or episode in their lives. It’s rarely an isolated incident, even if these incidents often seem dissimilar on the surface. I’m interested in hearing about anything else you’d like to share.

  81. John, the only other similar event in my life was in Germany, 1988 or 1989. While driving from Weisbaden to Mainz I traveled 30 kilometers in the blink of an eye. I was a military policeman workong mids (graveyard shift). I exited the autobahn to a feeder road and got out of the vehicle, walked around until I calmed down. I atributed the event to being tired. I never experienced any symptoms then like I did with the event last december. I dont feel disturbed about the recent event and I really dont care to either, thats the main reason im in no hurry to see a hypnotist. I dont really want know where I was those few hours. The deja vu alone almost drove me crazy.

  82. RW — My initial impression, based on all the comments on this blog and the many emails that I receive, is that your experience in Germany is probably not unrelated to what happen to you in the shed. Really, I wasn’t surprised in the least to hear you say that there was a previous strange incident. Whenever someone tells me about a missing time or time slip experience that they’ve had I’ll usually ask them if they’ve had any other strange things happen to them, and there almost always is — if not another missing time incident, it’ll be some other weird event or occurrence(s) prior to or after the initial experience. The deja vu thing is a new one for me, however. I hadn’t heard of anyone else describe that before.

    I know what you mean about the hypnosis. I’ve never been hypnotized, partially because I’m relatively well-adjusted and I’ve gotten along fine since my experience. Also, I’ve read so many books on the subject when I was younger, especially those concerning UFOs and the alien abduction phenomenon, that I’m afraid I might have tainted my subconscious if you know what I mean — i.e., I feel as if I went under hypnosis I might have false memories just because I’ve read so much about that sort of thing. I think hypnosis is probably a useful tool, but more accurate if you don’t have preconceived ideas. Not that I think I was taken by aliens or anything, but I have studied the subject pretty extensively and I wouldn’t want that to come to any false conclusions.

  83. About 10 years ago I had a time loss experience that puzzles me to this day. I was camping in the desert with my sister and some friends, when I had one of the strangest experiences of my life. It was roughly 1:00am and we were gathered in a circle around a dead fire pit, talking with each other and having a good time. Suddenly we see lights off in the distance accompanied by dogs barking and voices. I heard a voice say something like “They’re around here somewhere.” All of us became rather scared, wondering if these crazy people were after us. But then in an instant it was all over. I don’t remember anything after the lights and noises, except waking up in the dirt surrounded by my friends who were also waking up. I checked my watch and it was around 4:30am. The lights and noises were gone, replaced by the eerie feeling that something happened to us.

  84. Very strange! Interesting that it happened to the entire group, and not just you alone. Another one for the file…

  85. John, thank you for your time and input on this blog. I had forgotten about Germany until you asked. l have been trying very hard to remember anything else I might have forgotten in my past and I will keep trying. The deja vu that took place after Dec 1st, I believe may have been places or objects that triggered a memory of that early morning, and when I would stop and try to reel it all in I would get a very strange feeling that would leave me slightly dizzy, as if I had just got off of a carnival ride. Also, I think I was returning from a co-op point midway between Frankfurt and Mainz Germany when I experienced the missing time there. Im going to start reading more websites on the subject and get some books. Thank you again.

  86. You’re very welcome, RW. I appreciate anyone who has the courage to share their experiences and I thank you for your input. I’m always interested in hearing about these things, so feel free to contact me through this blog or privately by email if you recall anything else and care to discuss it.

  87. Hi, I wanted to share my time GAINED experience.
    This happened about 3 years ago, in BC Canada, I was driving on HWY 1 from a friends house in mid afternoon, I needed to go past 3 cities to get to where I was going. It was just under an hour drive and I have driving this stretch of road many times. For some reason the fact that there was a lighting storm and lighting bolts seems significant. At one point as I drove through the storm there was a lighting bolt on each side of my car. Just a few moments after that happened the traffic got backed up, almost to a stop. At this point I called a friend, simply because traffic wasn’t moving and I was bored, after a minute or so on the phone I the traffic started moving and I told her I had to go, so I could drive. I drove for no more then 30 seconds, just enough to pass the truck and trailer that was in the ditch that was holding up traffic, then it slowed right down again. I was getting annoyed at th lack of movement on the freeway so I got into the right hand lane and planned to get off at an exit, where I could take a back road to where I was going. I took note of the next exit sign and I knew I needed the next one after that, so I was watching for the next exit sign. I saw a sign for the scale, and I was a little confused, because I didn`t think there was a scale there, but figured I just never noticed it before. The next sign I saw had numbers on it, right away I was confused because the road signs in the city I was going through had names only for all their roads. As I got closer I realized exactly where I was, I was one city PAST where I was headed, and at least 4 exits. Instantly I was so confused, I didn`t know how I could have missed such a stretch of road, especially because I was looking out for the next exit. I took that exit off and pulled over to collect myself, honestly I thought I`d died, like those movies you see where the spirit keeps going on in their life after the body died, it was just the weirdest feeling ever. I checked my cell phone and the last call I had made was 5 minute before, and thats when the call started, like I said I only talked to her for a minute or two. Now the distance I drove (In backup, slow moving, bumper to bumper traffic) was 38 KM (23miles) and should have taken me about 30 minutes with out traffic, some how I did it in less then 5 with traffic.
    I refused to try and call my friend back to tell her, because like I said, I thought I was dead and I was scared to find out otherwise. I turned around and took the freeway back to the exit I wanted in the first place, wondering the whole time how I missed all of these building and construction. I when into the store I was going to and was never so relived as when a sales man asked me if he could help me, not until then did I realize I wasn`t dead!!
    Any one I told this story to thinks I`m nuts, I know I`m not. I`ve driving the same stretch of road since and have tried to get from point A to point B in the fastest time possible and it just would never work.
    I don`t know what happened but some how I skipped over a large portion of road in minimal time.

  88. My occurance happened just yesterday. I’m still more than mildly freaked out.

    I woke up late at 6:50AM, turned on the TV and accidently dozed off. Awaking again at 7:50AM ish, I rushed to the shower and got ready for work. Once all was said and done I departed from my apartment at 8:47AM, a half hour later than I normally would. As I left Good Morning America was on and they had started into their interview segment that usually runs from 8:30AM until 8:45AM. Cursing to myself I ran to the car and left for work (which is 1 1/2 away). Stopping only to grab a cup of coffee five minutes from the apartment and not paying any additional attention to any clocks, I drove the first half hour of my trip in relative quiet. Nearing the turn-off (almost 45 minutes into my trip) to the road that leads to my work I just happened to look up at the clock and noticed it said 8:06AM. Curing that my car had reset the clock again looked at my cell phone which confirmed the 8:06 AM time. Stopping at a gas station I confirmed that somehow I had gained, by this time, almost an hour of my life back.

    Still freaked by this. Really would like some form of explanation.

  89. Wow, that’s a long commute to work! I wish I had an explanation for you Brandon, but I still haven’t been able to explain what happened to me in 1978. I’ve gotten a lot of comments in response to this blog, as well as emails sent to me privately, of equally weird occurrences. Sometimes they involve losing time, sometimes gaining. Others happen at a single location and then there are those people who find themselves very far from their original location. So there seems to be similarities and differences within this whole missing time phenomenon. I don’t know why this is, but I suspect that there might be much that we don’t understand about the nature of time itself. We tend to think of it as always being linear, but perhaps there are “wrinkles” in the fabric of time or fluctuations, and we just get caught in them occasionally. One thing that I have learned since beginning this blog and writing this article is that many more people have experienced these various types of time phenomena than I ever thought.

    A question that I now ask everyone who tells me about having gone through these experiences: Has anything else like this happened to you before? Even strange things that you can’t explain that might seem completely different from this “time gain” incident that recently happened? Think about that carefully and please let me know, if you wouldn’t mind.

  90. I’ve had many ‘weird things’ happen to me, but my house is haunted, so thats not surprise. I’ve never had any other missing time or gained time experiences. But after reading over all of the stories here I remembered something weird that happened to me a few years ago. I had lost my keys only to find them where they should be, but couldn’t possibly be.
    I had gone to the beach with my friend, and I didn’t want my purse with me, so I took my key, ID, cell and money out, put my purse in the trunk then went back into the car, grabbing my keys and locking and closing the door. We started walking and I specifically put my key under the rest of the stuff in my pocket so it wouldn’t fall out. We walked the pier, got food, then headed back to the car, I reached for my key and it was gone. We retraced our steps, searched and searched, nothing.
    Long story short, we got AAA to come out and open my car because I knew I had a spare in my glove box.
    I get home, pull my wallet out of my purse to put my spare key under it (thats where I keep my keys, coz this purse was small) and there is my original key!!!
    I knew for a fact I had my key after I put the purse in the trunk, and I knew after the car was locked that I still had the key, I even called my friend to tell her and she confirmed that I had the key as we walked away from the car.
    How it got not only back into my car, but under my wallet in my purse in the trunk I will never know!!

    Things like this though, I never get angry or frustrated about because I figure they happen for some reason, like had I had my keys and left when I wanted I would have gotten into an accident or something. Not everyone would see things that way but thats how I think to keep my self positive!!

  91. This happened to me and my husband at the end of last year, and has really stuck in my mind. For some reason I’d been thinking about it a lot in the past few days and decided to look for similar experiences on the net… Which led me here!

    We live about 5 minutes from the cinema- we live next to a highway, which you drive down for about 1km, then you turn a corner onto another main road and follow it in a straight line until you hit the shopping center. There’s absolutely no way to get lost, no reason to turn off, and we’d made this trip so many times.
    Anyway, this particular night we were heading to see a movie, it would’ve been about 7pm. My husband was driving. We’d turned off the highway onto the main road and were deep in conversation, when suddenly we found ourselves down a side road. It was strange, it was like we’d both ‘woken up’ at the same time- we’d stopped talking, couldn’t even remember the conversation we’d been having, and we were both wondering why/how we’d ended up turned off somewhere way before our destination.

    We couldn’t have lost more than a couple of minutes but it’s played on my mind over and over since it happened.

  92. Lucy — Your experience seems a lot like mine, except for the fact that you were driving and I was walking. The road I was taking was also very direct and one I’d taken many times, so no chance of getting lost or turned around. Yet, I ended up somewhere else, in an area I’d never before had any need to go.

    Have you and/or your husband had any other strange or unexplained happenings at any point in your lives? Doesn’t necessarily have to be a “missing time” experience. Just curious…

  93. I don’t even know if this is what really happened considering my now faulty memory but I will try to come as close as I can.
    One night when I was ten, I was asleep when I was jostled awake by the feeling of a presence in the room. I looked over to a shadow on the wall being cast by a night light to see an odd looking creature. It had an oblong head with an upside down semi-circular shape to top it off. I tried to scream for my parents but no sound escaped my lips. The thing looked as startled as I felt and I saw it move one of it’s hands close to my neck and I blacked out. The next morning I woke up thinking it had all been a nightmare until I looked in the bathroom mirror and saw what looked like an injection mark. This is one of the few memories that I can remember clearly from that time in my life If someone has had a similar experience please contact me I need help to try and remember.

  94. Trey — I know that feeling of wanting to scream but no sound escaping. I had that just about every time I had one of these types of dreams or experiences. What you’re describing isn’t uncommon, although the being you saw is new to me. “Upside down semicircular?” Do you mean like a crescent or U shape? Interesting, but the more I hear of these stories, the more variety of beings are described. Not all are your typical “grey” alien types.

  95. John I’ve just had an experience on Saturday 5/14/2011 that I cannot explain.I live in the western part of Pa.Every year I drive down to Boca Raton to de stress at my time share for a few weeks.It is always nice and relaxing.I always stop just below Charolette NC on the way down and back.It is a half way point.On this return trip it seemed some bad storms knocked out power and the local power company was out in force to restore power.
    As normal I stayed at my favorite roadside motel.I had gotten up at 6:00 am after a very restful sleep.Iget in my car and get on I77 to go through Charolette.As I pass the city limit sign the HOV lanes are coming up so I moved over since even on a weekend you can get a fine if your not supposed to be there.I notice the time on my cars clock and it is 6:54am.In an instant I am still on I77 and passing a beautiful area called Lake Norman.As i am driving I thought what is up I thought Lake Norman was past the city not before it.I looked at the clock in my car and it is 8:24AM.I am missing about 1 1/2 hours.I remember a queesy feeling in my stomach before and then after this missing “space in time” event happened.I didnt get any tickets .My car had no damage.It felt like being in a dentists chair and your going to have surgery so they give you and IV .Then what seems like a matter of seconds ,your awake and find out the dentist did the job.I don’t drink or do any street drugs.I do not speed.I just have no idea how I got to this point in the right amount of time but only seemed like a second or two passed.

  96. Frank — These type of stories are becoming more and more familiar to me. I’ve gotten so many comments and emails from people it’s just amazing. When I wrote my Missing Time article I’d really considered my experience to be relatively rare, but as it turns out there are a LOT of us out there. I don’t know if that makes you feel any better, and I wish I could offer you some type of explanation or at least a theory about what might have happened to you, but I really cannot.

    To paint it in very broad strokes, here are the three possibilities of what could be happening to us missing time experiencers:

    1) We can take the skeptical point of view and dismiss it as just being a matter of “zoning out” or being mistaken about the time elapsed;
    2) This is some sort of anomaly that is inherent to the very nature of time — e.g., there might be “wrinkles” and “folds” in the fabric of time, and occasionally we get caught up in them.
    3) Some kind of outside intelligence is involved and is purposely interfering/interacting with us for reasons unknown.

    While I have no doubt that some (maybe the majority) of these experiences fall into the first category, there are many that seem very difficult to explain. I think mine falls into that category and it sounds like yours does too. Now, I don’t know if the cause of this is from #2 or #3. I honestly feel that in my case their was some sort of involvement from an outside source. I’m not quite prepared to jump to “I was abducted by aliens”, but I sensed I was contacted and told or shown something, and my mother was then contacted by the same outside intelligence. I don’t understand the nature of this intelligence, but I think it has been interacting with human beings through the entire history of our species. Perhaps they’re preparing us for something. I don’t know, I can only speculate.

    Finally, can you tell me if anything at all strange or unexplained has happened to you during your lifetime? I find that people have experience these events, when they think about it, usually recall other odd occurrences that have happened to them. In other words, these experiences are usually prone to other strange events.

    Thanks for sharing your story, Frank. Good luck, and please let me know if anything comes to mind. You can contact me on the blog publicly or privately by email.


  97. Hi John,

    I do have a few strange memories of things from mostly when I was much younger, completely unrelated though.

    I used to have really bad deja vu- like all the time. And premonition-type dreams run in our family- not like future predictive things, but personal things (I think it was related to the deja vu) One thing that really stuck in my mind was from when I was 6 years old, and I went on a family holiday to another country to visit my grandparents. I’d dreamt of the house and the surrounds, it was so eerie. It was the first time I’d been there and then it didn’t feel like it.
    Also dream-related, I had an out-of-body experience for a few seconds once. I would’ve been about 12 I think, I can just remember being asleep and then started to have a really vivid dream of being in my room. Then I remember looking around and seeing myself in bed and snapped awake so fast I jarred my neck, haha!

    Another sleep-related thing- I thought this was just me having a form of night terrors I guess, but my little sister experienced the same thing several times in my room when we were having sleepovers. It wasn’t anything specific, but from when I was about 8- and right up until I was 14 (though it was very rare by then, the younger I was the more common it was) I used to get woken up in the middle of the night by someone pinching my calf or my arm, or slapping me, or pulling my hair. The creepy thing is that sometimes I could feel it still after I woke up. A couple of times I found myself unable to wake up, feeling completely paralysed and like something was sitting on my chest.
    I was completely convinced it was a ghost when I was younger after seeing a girl walk into my sisters room, and then thinking it was her I followed her in and there was no one there. But it was more of an out-of-the-corner-of-my-eye kind of thing.

    It’s all stuff that people can just explain away, but all things that stuck in my memory and affected me pretty badly later on in life. I developed really bad insomnia that came and went over the years from the anxiety I used to get from falling asleep and thinking that something was going to happen. Sounds strange, but even now, years later, I sometimes still get it.

  98. Lucy, I just wanted to comment that I get the deja-vu, dream premonitions all the time. I dream sooo much and every once in a while something will happen and I get the deja-vu feeling, but I remember the dream I had and often I can remember what is going to happen next, I know where to find people, I know how to get around somewhere I’ve never been, I know things about people I never met, I’ve even had dreams about movies I’ve never seen. It’s strange for sure, but once I realized what it is, I accepted it and it can be helpful. Heck the other night I dreamt my neighbor won the lottery and I knew how much, which lottery and all the numbers, I woke up, wrote them and gave them to him tonight… we’ll see what happens! hahah you never know what premonition dreams might bring!

  99. Leslie, Lucy — Thanks to you both for sharing your experiences. Leslie, I don’t think I responded to your time-gain experience. There’s another weird time-anomaly account for my archives! I hear of a lot of variations on the phenomenon, but the time-gain scenario, where you travel an impossibly long distance in an impossibly short time, is a fairly common one. I believe there are several similar stories from people who have written in the comments section of this site.

    Lucy, it doesn’t surprise me that you’ve had other strange experiences (you too, Leslie). It seems to come with the territory: people who have one type of unexplained event in their lives, when they think about, will almost always realize that there’s been an ongoing pattern of strangeness throughout their lives. I think these experiences could somehow be connected, or perhaps people like us are more sensitive to these types of phenomena. Like you, my experiences were more frequent and vivid when I was a kid, but I think we tend to be more sensitive to things in general when we’re younger. I also had a number of odd incidents (some singular, some ongoing, like my night terrors) that would appear to be separate and disparate. I think though, that they were not. I feel as if they are connected to each other in some way, and their meaning is significant. I just don’t know if I’ll ever comprehend their meaning in my lifetime.

    On the subject of premonitions, my mom was a great one for that. I wrote about her in My Mom, The Witch. I’ve inherited a bit of that, although my premonitions and precognitive dreams have never been as frequent, vivid, and accurate as were hers. Leslie, let me know about that lottery prediction!

  100. I fall into that category, deja-vu, dreams, premonitions, seeing ghosts and such. I have only had one out-of-body experience but often experience remote-viewing and visions. I just wish it all made sense. What good is a premonition or a vision if you can’t connect it to anything?

  101. I don’t know what any of this weird stuff that I write about means, and I don’t pretend to. I just have a persistent sense that it means something, and that many of these odd subjects that seem unrelated on the surface, are in fact connected with each other. Maybe another part of our consciousness can glimpse parallel worlds that may be all around us but invisible to our normal waking consciousness. And perhaps these other consciousnesses or intelligences communicate with us on this subconscious level. I don’t know, I’m just throwing that at there, but I think there’s something to the idea — as incomplete as it is.

  102. I was thinking about my missing time experience. I do that sometimes. I’m 52, and it happened when I was eight. I remember thinking about it some years ago, and it was familiar to me yet somehow new. It felt as if I were looking into a deep dark pool or pond, and something was slowly coming to the surface.

    I remember recoiling in fear, and almost physically pushing the memory back down to wherever it had come from. I haven’t been that close to it since.

    The beginning is somewhat unclear, but it goes something like this.

    I had left school, and thought I had gone to a friends house afterwards. He lived in the opposite direction of where I lived, which was six blocks from the school. My school and my house were on the same street.

    I don’t remember walking to my friends house. For some reason, there is a memory of a man with red hair. I think he said something to me, but I don’t remember what it was.

    The next thing I remember is standing on the curb of a very busy street in the pouring rain, waving my arms frantically, and hysterical, trying to get someone to stop and help me. The encounter with the red headed man took place about a mile from where I ended up.

    The funny thing is, is that I would not be in that place by myself as an 8 year old child.

    I don’t know how much time had passed. The next thing I remember is an old woman on a balcony of an apartment building saying something to me. She was asking me if I needed help.

    I walked up to the apartment where she was, and she let me in. I walked to the apartment as if I were in a trance. I know thats cliche, but thats the only way I can descibe it.

    She asked me my name, and looked it up in the phonebook. Then next thing I know, my father shows up and takes me home. I don’t remember the ride home, and when I asked my mother about it years later, she claimed no memory of it.

    To this day I don’t know what happened, or how I got to where I was. I don’t know if I was abducted or what. Or by who, if I was.

    I can’t seem to conjure up the memory like I did that one day many years ago. But that day when it seemed like it was coming back, I pushed it back to where it was coming from.

    Maybe it was nothing.

  103. By the way, nothing like that has ever happened since.

  104. Mike — This doesn’t sound like nothing. It sounds to me like something happened here. Whether or not you want to try to delve into this further through sessions with a psychologist or psychiatrist, or even through hypnosis, is up to you. It really depends on how much this incident bothers you, how curious you are about it, and if it seems to be affecting your daily life in a negative way. Maybe exploring it isn’t a bad idea, but sometimes it’s best to let sleeping dogs lie, particularly if it’s not really troubling you. I think about my experience fairly often, but it’s not something that bothers me that much, so I haven’t sought professional help. If it was having an negative effect on me, I would.

    Thanks for sharing your experience.

  105. John, it’s just something I think about from time to time. I’m curious about it, but then again, let sleeping dogs lie. I did talk to therapist once about it. She asked me what I thought it was, and what was the worst thing it could be. I told her what I thought. Nothing really came of it, and I haven’t gone into it any further. I figure one day it will come if I ‘m ready.

    Cool site though. I’ve bookmarked it.

  106. That’s kind of how I feel about my experience. I think it will just come to me at some point in my life when I’m ready for it. Until then I can live with the mystery.

    Thanks, glad you like the site. Got a few new articles I’ll be posting this month and I’m planning upgrade the site itself soon (I’m a web designer/developer). Always so many things to do an too little time. Thanks again for checking in with your story. — John

  107. I actually had a dream that I commented on to my husband several weeks back, only because it was so weird and vivid… I was working in a field I’ve never done before and the strangeness stuck with me. Then I started a new job several days ago which was completely different to what I was expecting, and found myself in the dream I had! SO weird when that happens!!!
    On the premonition dream thing, my grandmother (dad’s mum) was brought up in Spain- her parents were gypsy types and they all had dreams and visions. My dad and his mum had a really weird psychic type connection when he was growing up, the kind you hear about twins having. Like knowing when something has happened to the other or one is in pain.

    I think it’s worth mentioning though, I’ve had strange stuff happen to me my entire life and I just accept it… But my husband is the hugest skeptic I have ever met. He just refuses to see things and accept things, which is why it was such a “WHOA” kind of moment when I brought up our missing time experience in conversation once and I could see he was disturbed by it.

    I do have to say though, I remember when we started dating he went away for a weekend with his parents (this would’ve been about 5 years ago) They lived about 2 hours away and when he came back he’d taken a really dodgy looking photo on his phone of strange lights in the sky that he said he’d never seen anything like before. We live in Australia, and his family have a huge outdoor area that they sit outside in every night and throw back a few beers, and he said that they noticed the weird lights because they weren’t moving like a plane. He said they watched them just hang in the sky for about 10 minutes, weaving strangely, then it looked like they just dropped out of the sky. He grabbed his phone to take a photo but the camera quality is so poor, you can’t really make out what it is. Just looks like black backdrop with 4 spots of light. So I just had to take his word on the strangeness of it.

  108. If you’re still listening, I would like to share a story from my childhood. I’m only 21 now but the event occurred while in elementary school. I was riding my bike in a very familiar neighborhood and I didn’t feel strange or anything of the sort. Next thing I know, I’m lying on my back and my bike is descending from the air directly above me. I blacked out again just moments before it landed. When I came to, my bike was laying across my legs. I didn’t have any scratches and the two guys I was with said I *fell* off my bike. If so, wouldn’t my bike have shot forward, landed underneath me or simply fallen over? The fact that it was propelled into the air confused me.

  109. But your friends were there and said they saw what happened? Not so sure that fits into the missing time category, although it sounds like you were confused by the event. Thanks for telling me about it.

  110. Hello John,

    one late evening a few days back, I was sitting in the garden with some friends, and we had an interesting conversation about some strange things each of us has experienced. While talking and listening, I suddenly remembered, that I had a very odd missing time experience some 15 or 16 years back. I am from northern Germany and by the time I had this particular experience, I was around 30 years old and had just been divorced from my wife. Interestingly this wife, I was just divorced from back then, shared my experience – she was with me, when it happened.

    I don’t remember the year exactly, but it must have been in very late November or in early December of 1995 or 1996. I had a job in a factory back then in a city circa 100 miles south of Hamburg. My ex-wife and I had had an appointment on this particular day, that we would met at a subway station in a part of the city, where she was living with our two kids back then. We had to do something in town together, I also could not remember exactly, but I think it could have been, that we wanted to buy some birthday presents for our son, who turned 4 or 5 years old a few days later.

    My quitting time at work was 2:00 PM at that day, and we were appointed at 2:30 PM, and because I had to take the subway to get to the date on time, I had to put my personnel card in the attendence recorder exactly at 2:00 PM. I hurried to the subway station, which was near the front of the factory and the subway train, which was heading directly to the part of the city where my ex-wife lived, arrived just a few minutes later. At around 2:32 PM I was at the (overground) station, where we had appointed to met. Astonishingly my ex-wife was almost on schedule that day, something I could not remember, has ever happenend before as long as I know here.

    Just on the other side of the subway station was a big advertising sign with a clock, that was showing 2:35 or 2:36 PM when the subway in the opposite direction back into the town arrived. To get to the city to the (underground) subway station, we had planned to left the train, normally would have taken around 20 minutes. In the rush hour, it could have taken very few minutes more, but in any case we must have reached the station at around 3:00 PM. I must mention, that absolutely nothing unusually happended on our way. Circa 5 minutes before the subway reaches the particular station, we were heading to, it was going under the earth, and my ex-wife and I clearly recall, that when this happened, it was daylight as it is usually the case in late autumn at this time of the day.

    In town we left the subway, and the next thing I remember, I was looking at the display panel of the station, which had a clock, and the clock was showing 4:30 or 4:32 PM! We were a little confused by the fact, that if the clock had been correct, it must have been almost 2 hours, since we entered the subway, but possibly the clock was wrong. I must mention, that my ex-wife an I had no watches with us, so on the escalator upstairs out of the station, I asked a gentleman for the correct time, and he said it was a few minutes after 4:30 PM. You can imagine how confused we were, when we left the station and we saw, that it was dark outside!

    Until today, I have no idea, what could have happended in the 1 1/2 hours we both are missing, but there is absolutely no doubt, that we could not have been wrong in time. Whatever happended in our missing time is still a mystery to me, but in fact it wasn’t the only strange thing I experienced in my lifetime. As one of many odd examples, my stepson and I had an UFO-sighting on January 14 in 2007 around 6:57 PM while coming from a longer car trip on the autobahn and (don’t laugh) taking a pee beside a dark railroad track before finally getting back home.

    The sighting was only a few seconds long, but it was very impressive. While looking at the stars in the dark clear sky, we both discovered a cigar shaped thing high in the sky, we first thought was a satellite or something else. But then suddenly this thing flew strange maneuvers. Almost like the indicator of an electrocardiogram it literally jumped over the sky so fast, we both were a little frightended and had goosbumps on our skins, realizing what we had just seen. There are many other paranormal things I experienced in my life, but that is another story …

  111. Hi, Ammy — Thank you for sharing your story! That’s just fascinating, and it’s very typical of the missing time incidents that I hear of. I’m not surprised at all that you’ve had other strange experiences in your life. As I talk with more and more people who have experienced unexplained phenomena I’ve found that almost of them have had other strange things happen to them. I’d love to hear of any other experiences you’ve had. Feel free to comment on the blog or email me at [email protected]. Thanks again — John

  112. Hi John,

    thank you very much for your reply! Yes, I guess it might be a good idea to share these experiences with you and your readers. By the way: I had never posted any of these things on any blog or site (including some german language sites) until I have found your site by coincidence and wrote you – simply because I know, that very often such postings tend to lead in uncalled-for dicussions with some folks, who call themselves “realists”, but never had experienced any unexplainable things themselves.

    It might be, that some people are tending to see paranormal activities in each and every thing, which are in fact by no means unexplainable. Yes, and it might even be, that some people indeed are exaggerating beyond all measures to assume an air of importance, like these guys which swear on their mother, that their 75 hp subcompact could easily reach 130 mph topspeed, doing the quartermile in less than 14 seconds and still constantly gets 45 mpg under full throttle. I think, you know what I mean.

    Yes, I think, I will post some of these experiences from time to time in the nearer future, cause I really want to know, if you or any of your readers have made similar experiences. But I want you to know one thing: All things that I will write about – I am dead serious – are true. No kidding, no hoaxes. I think, there must be a reason for all these things and I only want to know – like most of your readers – what is the reason for all this.

    Oh, I forgot to mention, that it’s not only me, who had strange experiences in our family – and these things I will tell you about will include paranormal activities, OBEs in near death situations, ghost appearences, strange coincidences, deja vus, a few UFO sightings, near accidents that I have prevented because I have foreseen them or accidents, that normally must have lead to serious injuries, but did not for some unexplainable reasons … or even some very odd experiences for example, when my cat died at the age of nearly seventeen last autumn …

  113. My pleasure, Ammy. I’m honored to have people like yourself share their experiences on my web site. The fact that your family has also had strange experiences isn’t surprising either. It seems that these type of unexplained incidents are common to entire families, not just a particular individual. I’m not sure why this is. Maybe sensitivity to these phenomena or the ability to pick up on things that most of us can’t is simply a hereditary trait. Or, perhaps certain family groups are of interest to these outside intelligences. Something to consider and explore in the future. Maybe I’ll do an article about that.

    I’d love to hear about anything else you’d like to share. Feel free to post another comment anytime you’d like.

  114. I have been having a lot of strange realizations about my past. Some things I can’t explain. By far, one of the most disturbing was my experience with missing time. It happened 3 years ago. I lived in a small city in Vermont. I grew up in the area and know my way around very well, I was 28 at the time the incident occurred. I was alone, walking home at approximately 1am. I remember after walking for about 20 minutes I had arrived on my street but I was still about 20 minutes from home… so yea about half way through my walk home…. and then nothing happened….. It’s like I blinked and I was completely lost. I very much had no idea where I was. I knew I was walking north on my last memory but then I didn’t know if the direction I was walking was still north… was I north of my home? Had I gotten turned around and was now south? I didn’t have any idea. Terrified is to say it plainly. I saw a house with no lights on in a field at the end of a very long driveway with a car in it. I ran to the house and knocked franticly on the door for fifteen minutes at least before someone came and yelled at me… I tried to explain to them I was walking and had gotten lost and asked for directions back to town and they told me the proper direction to travel back to the small city I lived in. I ran back to the road and proceeded to travel back south for about 10 minutes before a car approached from behind me. I was still quite scared and I don’t mind to admit I was crying and I walked into the middle of the road and attempted to flag them down to gain assistance, the car changed lanes and proceeded to travel south not even slowing down… I must have looked completely insane. I walked for another fifteen minutes before a state trooper arrived; I assume called by the people whose house I knocked on about a half mile behind me. He ran my name and birthday gave me a breathalyzer (which can up clean), tried to calm me down and gave me a ride SEVEN MILES SOUTH back to my home. It was 4 am when I walked through my door. Somehow I lost 2 hours and traveled about 8 miles without any memory of how it happened and in what seemed like an instant. I don’t know why I am posting this story on the internet… but people should know this time travel/abduction/interdemenional travel experiences are very real. Idk what happened. Idk how it happened. But it did happen. Please if I can get any feedback about this I would very much appreciate it.

  115. Christopher — I wish I could tell you something that you’d find comforting, but I don’t know if I can, other than I’ve heard dozens of similar stories from people since starting this blog and writing about my own missing time experience. So at the very least, understand that you’re not alone in this. My sister has lived in a small town in Vermont (South Strafford) for many years and she’s told me that she’s heard of a lot of similar incidents involving UFO sightings and missing time experiences. Do you recall seeing anything or anyone prior to losing time? I did not, but I did experience a strange sensation before losing my memory. I have a feeling that outside intelligences are involved, but beyond that I really couldn’t say who, what, or why. Besides this particular incident, have you had any other strange or unexplained experiences before or since this happened?

  116. Strange and unexplained experiences have been on going for myself since my childhood. Things such as levitating without control, unidentified presences in my home, and the year before this experience I did see a triangular shaped craft in the sky in Brandon Vermont. This craft was absolutely not anything known to the public. Not to say that it couldn’t have been a military aircraft. It didn’t move fast enough to cause the lift required to keep a craft of this size in the air. It made no sound as it traveled, even though I was less then 500 feet of this craft at its closest point. The lighting pattern under the craft consisted of 3 large white lights located in the corners of the triangle with a red light located in the center of the craft. It flew conservatively not more than 300 feet above the tree line and slow enough for me to stop the car i was in, get out and watch it for at least 3 minutes before it disappeared out of view beyond the top of the trees that lined the road i was on.
    Although, nothing occurred nor did i see anything in the days weeks or months before this event occurred. As a matter of fact it hadn’t occurred to me that this was or could have been a missing time event until very recently. I did my best to rationalize the experience and told myself i maybe was sleep walking or i blacked out for some reason or maybe there was something wrong with me mentally. Its been years since it happened and the circumstances have not repeated themselves. Short of sleep walking for 8 miles down the side of Route 7, (which i assume you’d recognize that route having family in Vermont, as it almost runs the length of the state and is a very busy road) I really don’t know how else to explain this event.
    When i came to i was standing, the first thing i remember seeing was my feet walking forward. No one was around. I could believe i slept walked it if it wasn’t for the distance i traveled. I don’t understand how I couldn’t have fallen off the road into a field or wandered out into traffic. But to have followed the shoulder of the road for 7-8 miles with no memory of the walk. i can just say i have my doubts that this is a case of sleep walking.
    As i left my friends home (I was still within sight of his home) two men did drive by me, stop and ask me if I needed a ride. I did tell them no and they did leave me alone and drive away. But beyond that i dont remember seeing anyone else until i was outside of town. Anyway thank you for your responce and interest in my experience.

  117. I’ve had a number of odd experiences and things that I can’t explain that seem unrelated to my missing time episode. However, as I’ve thought about it over the years I think they are not unrelated. I believe there’s a connection there. Almost everyone with whom I’ve been in contact through this blog seems to follow this same pattern – i.e., one strange incident occurs, but when questioned they recall that other odd/unexplained things have happened to them at least once, and often many times throughout their lives. Are these people just more sensitive to various paranormal phenomena, able to pick up on entities that are invisible to most? Can they glimpse alternate realities that others cannot perceive? Or are these people being targeted or chosen by outside intelligences for a specific purpose? I don’t know the answer to these questions, but I have noticed this consistent pattern of ongoing and repeated experiences among people who have contacted me, and that leads me to believe that there’s something more going on here. Random, isolated encounters, sightings, incidents, etc., upon further inquiry, almost never are random or isolated one-time happenings. And that raises some questions. Wish I had answers.

  118. thanks for all the info above. I had never heard of missing time until tonight when I certain it happened to me. I left a job I was doing in someones home and was pleased with myself as Id finished right on the time Id alloted for the job. which was 8.20pm. I had planned to call in on a friend and had told her Id be there about 9 ish. I checked my watch as I left the house , also the house clock said 8.20. as did my car clock when I started the engine

    I took a back route rather than my usual motorway journey and was thinking “god I feel like Ive been on this road for ages ! I got into the next village ( Im in the HIghlands of Scotland) and saw a supermarket open and stopped to buy some groceries. It was 8 32pm as I looked at the car clock thinking will I have time ? There was a man outside the shop with a large black dog. I pulled up and got out and thought, “where did HE go ???” as in a couple of seconds the man had disappeared into thin air and wasnt anywhere on the road. I shrugged and Thought nothing of it and went into the shop, grabbed a couple of things paid and left. I was driving on along the road thinking, Im not coming this way again, its really long and I dont remember it being like this before. when I looked at the clock in the car and it said, 9.39 p,m the distance Id travelled was 7 miles !!
    I stopped the car and put the light on to check my watch as I couldnt beleive it. It also said 9. 39 pm I then checked my mobile phone clock as I still couldnt beleive it and sure enough it said the same.

    I rang the house Id been and spoke to my customer , she confirmed Id left at 8.20 pm

    I thought OH well im getting old cos ive lost an hour must have left at 9.20 and continuted to my friends house.

    never thought anymore of it. But then on arriving home it began to disturb me and I did a google search and found your site.

    cant say I remember a thing you could call unusual apart from feeling id been driving for miles instead of the usual few minutes it takes.
    the only odd thing was the man with the dog not being there a couple of seconds later when really there was no where to go apart from up or down the road.

    Its very disturbing to think you lost a whole hour. !! where was I what did I do !!!

    awful feeling

    thanks for listening as I wouldnt tell anyone I know theyd think Id gone insane.

  119. Hi Liz — Thanks very much for contributing to The Paranomlist with your experience. I know it can be difficult to talk about these types of mystifying episodes. My own incident happened over thirty years ago and I still don’t know what to make of it, other than I believe it was “real” and not something I just imagined. I have had SO many people tell me of these experiences since I first wrote this article a couple of years ago, it’s just amazing to me. You’re definitely not alone this, if that’s any comfort. It appears to be a much more commonplace phenomenon than I’d ever imagined.

    If anything else comes to mind concerning your missing time incident, please feel free to contact me. I can’t say that I have anything to tell you about the nature of these occurrences, but the more I hear of them the better able I can see certain patterns emerge which may lead me to a better grasp of their cause.

    Thanks again for telling me about this. — John

  120. Hi,
    I had an interesting situation occur when I was 11th grade. My boyfriend, now my husband, flew in from out of state (we dated long distance) and were upstairs in my bedroom eating some candy around 8:30 PM. Well my parents were very big about not ever closing the door to my room if we were both in there. My husband and I are true believers in Jesus Christ and we made a commitment to each other that we would wait for marriage to do certain things. Reason I say this is because the next thing I knew was I woke up in my underwear and bra under the covers with my boyfriend at the time and he was just in his boxers! The lights were out and the door to my room was completely closed and it was now like 1 AM. I woke up my boyfriend and we were totally freaked out about what had just happened. To this day we still talk about what happened that night and how we don’t remember any thing from roughly 8:30 PM to 1 AM.

  121. Interesting story, Megan. Were your parents home at the time? If they were, I think it would be unusual for them not to have opened your door to see what was going on, especially if that was a strict rule of theirs. The door being closed until 1 AM would probably not have gone unnoticed. This sounds like a minor aspect of the story, but I bring it up because in many of these accounts there are these out strange little incongruities. People who are not directly involved in the phenomenon seemed to zone out or are “switched off” until it’s over.

  122. Hi John, i’m glad i have somewhere to share my experience. I used to call it “missing one hour”. i only cant remember now was it from 3 pm to 4 pm or from 4pm to 5 pm.
    This happend to me 10 years ago in 2001. i was 17 and on 3rd grade in highschool. ( i’m from europe so its different educational system) it was late september or begining of october i cant recall. so we on 3rd year in high school start with philosophy subject ( actually its logics but as part of philosophy) its was sunday sunny afternoon, i was home alone and i was laying on my bed in my room and reading notes from my notebook from philosphy introduction i had written . These were some questions we had discussed on class like “define time” or “imagine world in 64 dimensions” so after reading these two or three lines i got up from bed and stood infront of my open window ( the window is very close to bed ) so in front of my window i asked myself this question ‘what is time, actually” so this was for like less then10 seconds and then i returned to my bed. minewhile the radio was on and it began playlist chart so it was sharp 3 pm ( or 4pm i cant remember )i looked on clock on my shelf and yes it was 3 pm then i looked down on my notebook and next thing ( like someone said in comments earlier ) blink, like one second after, my eyes still on notebook but i heard the first place on music chart ( so the radio show was over) it was dj krush danger of love i looked on my clock it was one minute past 4 pm (or 5pm ). i freaked out started to cheking time on my computer and all the clocks in the flat. so it was excatly one hour missing. i didnt remember anything in meanwhile like there was no meanwhile that was just second later.
    i ofcourse thought that maybe i was daydreaming but usually you have feeling of time passing when you do that and you know what you thought about.and yet if i was really daydreaming it will be like for 15 minutues or for about half an hour not Exactly one hour.and maybe if the radio was off and if there wasnt this chart on just some random music maybe i wouldnt notice it. but this (begining of the show and next thing first song on the chart and nothing in between) streessed all the ” missing hour” expierence.
    i told few friends about this but they think i had imagined that or just daydreaming or they ofcourse couldnt explaint it. i myself couldnt explaint it

  123. also want to add that i’m very rational person, agnostic and dont believe in this alien stuff but i do believe in some kind of paranormal in terms of like your mother “had recieved this message” to pick you up. but this mine missing time experience has nothing to do with this person to person “connection” like yours in the end. so i cant explaint at all, sometimes i reffer to it like there was some twich in the universe and sometimes that its some strange phychological contition.

  124. Hi Anđela. Yours does sound very much like the other missing time account that I received and you referenced. It’s there somewhere in the Comments section of the Missing Time? article. I’ve gotten several of those types of stories emailed to me as well. These people, like yourself, seem to experience a “jump” in time. They don’t travel anywhere or notice anything unusual, it’s just like they skipped over a period of time with no explanation. I think it’s a little too easy to dismiss all of these as being imagined or as daydreaming. I wish I knew what the cause of this was, but it’s interesting to hear so many different people telling me of these experiences and of the variations on the missing time phenomen. If I get any answers about the nature of these episodes I’ll let you know. Thanks again. — John

  125. thank you for the reply in such a short notice. i also like yourself thought about hypnosis but i have felling that it will show nothing.

  126. I don’t have an expierence thats close to any of yours,but I still find it odd. One day when i was about 10 or 11 years old, I was walking to my friends house. I was walking along a main road(Hickman road in Windsor Heights, IA) and while I was walking. All of a sudden everything became quiet, and everything seemed to stop. But there were still cars driving by, and everything seem to go by really slow and it was strangely quiet;it seemed as if i were in a daze. Then everything I snapped back, but you see i did not have a watch on me and it was too long ago for to remeber what time I had left. So there could have been “some time missing” that I didn’t notice. But anyways just thought that I should throw that out there-Elmar

  127. That sounds similar to what I experienced, Elmar. There was a strange quiet as I was walking. The quiet preceded my missing time episode.

  128. I’ve never had such an experience and I came across this site accidentally. But I’ve read much about Einstein’s theory of relativity and I think relativity is where we could find an answer to this phenomenon. Einstein said time was like a river. Well, there is famous quote about time which tells us that the flow of water that has passed will never pass again. But Einstein believed that the river of time may have whirlpools and it even may fork into 2 rivers (Scientist Michio Kaku talks about this in his articles). Also time can be distorted by the strong gravity field. It is believed that UFOs (if they exist) use particles of anti-gravity as a fuel which distorts space-time by it’s large amount of energy. This would explain missing time in UFO cases. Regarding reports of many people in this blog, we should perhaps consider the possibility that some kind of miniature vortexes are being created in our world which can pull us through time. If so, they are being supplied by huge energy. Just think of how much is needed to create a wormhole? It’s equal to the energy of a star. So it would be very difficult to prove this theory since there would be a lot of energy coming out of nowhere, wouldn’t it?

    Best wishes, Damir

  129. Hi John, I too am glad I found your site. I had a strange experience this week. I am into the spiritual enlightment and have had some unexplained things happen, but, I have to admit this one has me stumped. I was at my computer Monday morning after dropping my kids off at school. The time was around 8am. I was looking at my facebook wall and laughed that a young man’s account had been compromised by a high heel ad claiming he had just bought a pair of leopard style shoes. I commented on the post and said they were indeed a great buy for him. The next post I saw was my sister’s and so I decided to reply to it as well. I clicked the post and made my remarks and noticed the time was 10:25 am??? I thought that it was a error because the previous young man was in Alabama and my sister was in AZ and perhaps my computer “stumbled”…I rebooted the computer and got up for to get some breakfast…I always eat around 8:00am. I walked into the kitchen and the clock on the wall also said 10:25?? I was still not convinced and so I checked the bathroom clock as well….I dismissed it as time flies. Later that evening I told my best friend and she told me to pull the history in the computer and see if since I was sitting there before and after the missing 2 1/2 hours that perhaps I viewed WebPages. So I went into the history and there is nothing between those two hours and when I reviewed the post one said 12 hours previous and the other said 10? I am completely spooked> Did I sit here in a trace? I don’t believe I slept for two hours in a sitting position without falling over, and my body didn’t ache from being in the same position. I have been under hypnosis many times and meditate frequently. And this was nothing like either. I am thinking MRI. I looked into seizures and they don’t last his long, and it seems if one lost consciousness they would fall over? I did try the doppelganger meditation the night before and even though I had some insights into what may be, I can’t help but think that the parallel universe thing may have had something to do with this. I am too freaked out to undergo hypnosis to find out what did happen. I wish I had been running a webcam so I could view those two hours. The thought is…was my body even present??

  130. Hi Laura — To paraphrase what you’re saying, you’re wondering if you were physically present, but just sitting there in a “zoned out” state, or if you somehow went elsewhere, as into a parallel dimension or something, correct? Very good question if so. This seems to be one of a few different variations of the so-called “missing time” experience, and a fairly common one, too. You didn’t change locations, you seemed to have simple skipped forward in time with no sensation of losing those 2 1/2 hours, right? No sense of of feeling disoriented before it happened, or groggy afterward? I’ve been contacted by many people who have had this experience, and I’m starting to think that perhaps we do slip into an…alternate reality(?)…parallel dimension(?). I don’t know. If you were simply sitting there, frozen at your computer, I’d think you’d have some sensation of going into and coming out of that inert state of being. So the question is, did you slip out of your normal reality and into a different one, physically disappearing into it, or did time just “hiccup” and jump forward? The cause has to either have something to do with the individual, or with the nature of time itself. But if you experienced this fast-forwarding of time, wouldn’t everyone? We think of time as being universal — 24 hours in a day for me is the same 24 hours for you, even if we’re in different time zones. But can time be personal, varying from individual to individual? That sounds far out, but this is a very weird subject so I feel the need to throw that out there. I know I’m asking more questions than giving answer (largely because I really don’t have any answers) but it’s fascinating for me to hear of these different types of missing time experiences. The more I hear of them and can compare these stories, the better I can see patterns emerge and begin to draw conclusions. Can you tell me if you’ve had any other odd and/or unexplained incidents occur in your life? Anything at all, even if it seems unrelated to this particular experience.

    Thanks for letting me know about this, and please feel free to contact me if you have anything else you’d like to tell me of. –John

  131. When it comes to my life, I tell people I am a female Forrest Gump but I am not “special” LOL It started when i was born, I Actually remember the event. My mother was dying and I was trapped in the birth canal. The Dr asked my father who to save? and my father said, save my wife. I was dead for what the Dr claimed about 7 mins. My whole childhood I would talk about the nurse that picked me and ran out of the room and into an elevator, down to the lobby, across a hall passing A old coke bottle vending machines and into the big room. My mother would tell me that she was unconscious and not sure how I was revived. On my 16th Birthday, I was with a friend and I happened to meet his mother, when she heard my name, she started to cry,,, She was the nurse! She was 9 months pregnant with my friend and she felt she had to save me…not my mother, so she fled with me, and revived me in the downstairs ER. So I recall an out of body experience at birth. I hear star children “walk in”. As bizarre as that seems to me, I think I may be one. When I was 8, I was a latch key kid and was all alone when a man appeared and sat beside me while I played Barbies. He explained some things to me and told me I had to join the Mormon church that what they would teach me would start my epic journey, When my mom returned home I told her, I wanted to join the Mormon church. She was like….WHY? I said the man that was just here told me too. She asked if I opened the door to the Mormon missionaries, I said no, He just appeared. She asked me what he looked like and I described someone like Ceaser. She contacted the Missionaries and at 8 and all by myself I was baptized and started going to church. The Mormons taught me about the preexistence and that I chose to come here to be perfected to become a God. I started questioning the dreams I was having and had theories unlike theirs. Like, most of my dreams were of helping other people, so I asked If I could be a guardian Angel in my sleep? They laughed. I was also having dreams I swore were previous lives, they said it was my ancestors wanting me to do their genealogy, and so I got into that. And when I started seeing my ancestors and conversing with them. They found that exciting. When I started seeing events before they happened, or just knew things, I was told that I could have personal revelation but I was not allowed to know things about other people, that was probably the Devil. When I started seeing ghosts and could talk with the dead, angels, guides, God, Christ, and even encountered demons and other dark things…I left the church. I try to live as normal of a life as possible but I am not by any means normal. LOL I have learned to astral travel, I can go anywhere I chose, In this reality and in any other. I frequent the realms with my guide “Julia”. She has helped me heal from my pass lives and this one. (one of which I have a actual photo of me on V-day..I look exactly like I do in this life.) My relationship with Christ is even unbelievable to me. I have had all my questions answered; I have even had my own miracle. I had full blown cancer and told I was probably going to die and after a night of sincere conversation with Christ I was granted a miracle. I was scheduled for my first day of Chemo and I showed up demanding that they retest me before they hooked me up to the IV. I told them I was healed, they told me I had cancer in my breast and in my brain. I needed Chemo. I said I had the right to another opinion. So after 5 hours of fighting they gave me my test. The Dr came in with the test and sat down and said he was referring me to a friend of his, who was doing a study on prayer. Because I was indeed Cancer free! I know we are all connected and that we are living in a world of matter to experience what we created. My missing time, has a development. I have realized I must have filled my truck up with gas during my missing time. How I paid for it? I have no idea. I never took out any cash and no gas is on any of my cards?? I am single mom and nobody else would have the keys to gas it up for me. I was hoping I had a receipt of something..I wanted to see the video at the pumps. So I must have been with someone? Like I said, I am really stumped on this one. I need to go to my guides and ask…but, I am not sure I want to know…LOL

  132. Hello – I also had a strange experience. I worked in an office at Prudhoe Bay at (Alaska’s ‘North Slope’) in the 1990’s. I remember setting at my desk and would see a flash of light that was so bright, it would overtake everything in the room. Then, the next thing I knew, I’d still be sitting at my desk, only a couple of hours had passed and I had no idea how or what had happened. I had a co-worker who’s desk was right next to mine in this small office. I never told her about my experience. One day she asked me “do you ever experience a flash of light, almost like a camera flash, then look at the clock and realize you don’t know what had happened over the last 2 hours?”

  133. Jen — It’s understandable that we often try to explain away strange events that don’t fit our perception of reality, but it’s so much more difficult when there’s another person that’s had the same experience and can corroborate what you’ve gone through. Couple of questions for you, if I may: 1) Have you heard of other strange phenomena happening in this area of Alaska?; 2) Have you experienced any other unexplained or strange incidents before or after this has happened? Just curious, but if you’d rather not answer, I’ll understand. Or if you’d prefer to reply privately, my email is [email protected].

    Thanks for sharing this with me. — John

  134. Hello. My name is Devin i’m 15, i live in a small town in PA. Last night my father and i were taking my friend home who had spent the night and lifted with us, it was about 2 minutes to get to his house, then we drove directly to the grocery store and bought 4 gallons of water. the store was like 5 minutes away, then we went directly home. we only spent maybe 10 minutes in the store. so all together it was like a 20 minute trip. we got home, got out of our car and noticed three huge bright orange-yellow lights in the sky. they were huge, and very close to each other, they stood still and made absolutely no sound. i asked my dad what it was. and he said he had no idea. we stood there watching for about a minute and then it began to move towards us and over my house and it looked like a huge fast moving jet. my dad dismissed it as only that, but i was skeptical. it was strangely dark last night. you couldn’t tell the sky from the horizon, and there was an eerie feeling in the air even before any of this happened. my dad said it was cloudy and so you couldn’t see the moonlight, but if it was so cloudy how did we see the anomaly? it felt as if it were two different moments, one in which the “jet” had flown over our house, and the one where we were seeing the bright lights. we had left around 7:20 to drop my friend off, and when we walked in the house after seeing the lights it was after 9. i was extremely paranoid of something taking me when i was trying to fall asleep and when i finally had i had nightmares of bright white lights, and hearing my fathers voice talking to someone. when my dad gets home from work i’m going to see if he experienced anything similar. but this entire situation was extremely strange, and frightening. i’ve found myself staring at the sky where we saw the lights all day long, and i began google searching “missing time” and i came across this page, and felt obligated to post something, and tell someone who knows this situation and won’t tell me i’ve got an overactive imagination.

  135. Hey Devin,
    There’s certainly a lot that you described here that is difficult to explain, so I wouldn’t go beating myself up about having an “overactive imagination” if I were you. First of all, “jets” aren’t huge and glow orange-yellow, and they don’t hover. It sounds as if you’ve had a fairly typical UFO sighting — and by UFO, I mean “Unidentified Flying Object”, which is not to necessarily say that we’re talking about space aliens here, just that this particular aerial phenomenon could not easily be identified as any known type of aircraft.

    As for the missing time component of your story, that is particularly strange because it coincided with your UFO sighting, which could indicate that the two incidents were connected. You seem quite clear about the sequence of events that evening, and I agree that it seems as if you have an hour to an hour-and-half that is unaccounted for.

    The first time I’d read about missing time in connection with UFOs was in the book Missing Time, and later in Intruders, both written by the late Budd Hopkins. Personally, I have no recollection of seeing any kind of object in the sky I had my experience, and the majority of the people who contact me about such incidents don’t mention UFOs. Interesting though that yours does. Have you experienced any odd or unexplained happenings prior to this incident? Often, when people think about it, they recall other strange events in their lives. I don’t know if this will help much, but you might want to consider taking the following survey: Maybe it will reveal a pattern. I wish I could give you an answer, but I’m trying to figure all this out myself. Please feel free to keep in touch if you’d like to talk about this further. You can email me at [email protected] if you’d rather not talk publicly in the comments area of the blog.

    Best of luck.


  136. About 15 years ago I had a “strange” experience; unlike anything else I remember. As I traveled to work at about 10:00AM on a weekday, I felt strangely euphoric/elated over the possibility of buying a tractor! The road I traveled is the one I always used; and as you mentioned in your account; I noticed the amber light in the distance did not seem to be getting closer; and it was raining just beyond that intersection. The next thing I knew I was on an unknown road; and I felt I was coming out of a drug induced stupor as I gradually held my head up to look around. I was still driving; albeit slowly. I felt panic. I kept looking for the amber light and the rain! Nothing looked familiar; and about 20 minutes had lasped according to my watch. I kept driving, and finally realized I had somehow taken a right turn at the caution light; which made no sense; since this only took me away from my destination. I finally got turned around and made it to Milton. I called my supervisor & tried to explain what had happened. Being a recovered alcoholic, she understood how I felt; since she had often had such experiences due to “blackouts”. But since I neither drink nor use drugs; it made no sense. I did tell my physician; and he did not seem alarmed and felt I had experienced a “fugue” which he had seen with other patients. I still wonder about this experience.

  137. Another one for the files! Thanks for sharing that, Mary. Have you had any other strange or unexplained experiences before or after this happened?

  138. It happened twenty years ago….still so vivid in my mind, like it happened yesterday! Working as an LPN at a convalescent center in Bennington, VT, I had just finished my 8 hr. shift working 3-11 pm. After giving an oral report to the night staff nurse which took approx. 25 min. , I left en route for home, traveling the 12 miles on route 7 to Babcock Lake. My normal route took the usual 20-30 min. depending on the weather. It was the same route I’d taken for 5 years. I crossed the NY/ Vermont border and had gone about 6 miles when I looked to the left and saw the strangest green lights! There were 2 green beams of lights moving in tandem with each other in a corn field about 500 ft from the road. I thought, ” since when do tractors have green lights and what would they be doing at this time of night”? Since no cars were coming from either direction , I stopped the car, leaving my foot on the brake, and periodically checked in my rear view mirror for cars approaching from behind. I looked into the sky above the lights, but it was so dark I couldn’t tell what the lights were shining from! My sunroof was closed, but I searched the sky above. It was pitch black, no moon, no stars, just pitch blackness. The green lights just kept beaming down like they were searching the corn field. The corn was full grown and green, what on earth? The next thing I knew I was pulling into my driveway at my home! Following my usual routine , I flicked on the kitchen lights and went to the refrigerator for a drink. Sitting down on the couch, I turned the T.V. on, and flipped to my favorite channel. A different show was on….hhmm, I flipped to a different channel I watched, and that’s when I looked at the clock, 1:30AM. I lost 1 1/2 hours! I was shaking uncontrollably. In my mind I retraced my steps, where did the time go? How did I drive home when all I can remember was stopping to look at the lights! I couldn’t have sat on a busy road for 1 1/2 hrs with my foot on the brake! I didn’t drive or I would have remembered it. How did I get home? Normally, I turn left into my driveway. I just remember driving straight in, almost like I had landed gently and drove in. The strange thing is I would have had to drive over a lake and a house to drive in straight! I never told anyone about my experience until 10 years later. Strangely, noone knows what to say, so they say nothing. Thank-you for letting me share my experience with you, and know that you’re not alone. I came out of the experience feeling like I have a mission when the time is right? Will we ever find out the truth and the answers we seek? Perhaps in time we’ll find out there is a higher intelligence who can scientifically mastermind and manipulate all these things effortlessly, and I can honestly say I don’t feel threatened. Is it divine intervention?

  139. Hi Cindy — Thank you for sharing your story. Your experience seems to fit what most people think of as a “typical” pattern within the missing time phenomenon — e.g., at night, dark & deserted country road, lights in the sky; whereas mine was in broad daylight on a busy suburban street. My point being is that there seems to be a spectrum of different ways in which these experiences manifest themselves. However, my belief is that the underlying cause of these incidents probably come from the same source. There is, I believe, an outside intelligence that’s been interacting with us (or at least some of us) for as long as humankind has existed. To what end and purpose they’re interacting with us, I don’t know. I didn’t have any sense later on of having felt threatened either, and I did come away with the same feeling of having been told something or having been instructed in some way, and that I’m meant to remember this experience when the time is right. I’ve had several other people who have had this experience tell me that they’ve felt the same way afterward. It’s been weighing on my mind more heavily these days, so maybe that time is soon approaching. Don’t know, but sure wish I had the answers.

    Please keep in touch if you recall any other strange events or anything occurs in the future. Always interested and glad to listen.

    — John

  140. Hi, I just had a case of “missing time” earlier today. I decided to go to a local casino for a dinner buffet, and had to take two buses to get there. The trip should have taken about 45 minutes. As I neared the casino, I suddenly had this odd feeling, like I was suddenly “waking up” from a period of unconsciousness. I looked at my cell phone, and it showed that I had been traveling for 1 hour and 45 minutes. The thing that strikes me, is that I was in public the entire time, surrounded by people, and yet I somehow “lost” one hour of my life. I guess I would be completely freaked out by this, except that I’ve had “UFO” type experiences before, just none that I can recall for the past few years.

  141. Hi Michael – Once again, I’m struck by the variety of different situations and circumstances in which people have described these periods of missing time. The last commenter had what we think of as a more “typical” missing time episode — alone on a dark country road and first having witnessed unusual lights in the sky. Yours was more like mine, having occurred while traveling in a busy, populated place during the day. The only difference is that I was walking alone and you were on a bus, presumably with other people traveling with you. I think that ups the strangeness factor even more, actually. Not surprised either to hear that you’ve had UFO type experiences in the past. Sometimes people don’t even remember that they’ve had these or other odd or unexplained experiences in their past until I ask them if they have. Then they’ll often say, “Well, know that you mention it, I’ve had this or that weird thing thing happen (sometimes one thing several times, or an isolated incident, and sometimes a series of strange events throughout their lives). I think some people are either “experiencers” — people who are more sensitive to picking up on paranormal phenomena, or that they’ve been chosen by whomever these entities are, and they’re being communicated with for a purpose. I tend to agree with Cindy, the previous commenter, when she said that she thinks we’re meant to remember everything when the time is right. I’m not sure why I feel that way, but I always have.

  142. Hi Michael – Once again, I’m struck by the variety of different situations and circumstances in which people have described these periods of missing time. The last commenter had what we think of as a more “typical” missing time episode — alone on a dark country road and first having witnessed unusual lights in the sky. Yours was more like mine, having occurred while traveling in a busy, populated place during the day. The only difference is that I was walking alone and you were on a bus, presumably with other people traveling with you. I think that ups the strangeness factor even more, actually. Not surprised either to hear that you’ve had UFO type experiences in the past. Sometimes people don’t even remember that they’ve had these or other odd or unexplained experiences in their past until I ask them if they have. Then they’ll often say, “Well, know that you mention it, I’ve had this or that weird thing thing happen (sometimes one thing several times, or an isolated incident, and sometimes a series of strange events throughout their lives). I think some people are either “experiencers” — people who are more sensitive to picking up on paranormal phenomena, or that they’ve been chosen by whomever these entities are, and they’re being communicated with for a purpose. I tend to agree with Cindy, the previous commenter, when she said that she thinks we’re meant to remember everything when the time is right. I’m not sure why I feel that way, but I always have.

  143. Hi John. Thank you for creating this site and posting your story. After I got home I couldn’t stop thinking about it, trying to rationalize it actually. So like others have mentioned, I did a Google search and that brought me here. Reading everyone else’s stories helped me stop trying to explain it away.

    It’s almost dawn now and I still haven’t slept, so I thought I’d share a few more things with you. I was a strange kid, curious about everything under the sun, but one thing I always avoided was any shows or books that talked about UFOs. Then, when I was out of college and living on my own, I accidentally stumbled across Intruders I think, and just devoured it. Afterwards I freaked out, because I couldn’t get this thought out of my head that I shouldn’t have read that book. I did not want to go to sleep that night. I don’t know what I was expecting, but when I woke up the next morning I was looking at myself in the bathroom mirror feeling relieved, when suddenly I sneezed, and then my nose began to bleed. That hadn’t happened in years.

    I took that abduction survey and got 20 yes answers. At first it was 17 but then I started to remember a few things. The last time I had a really strange event happen, I was waking from a dream, except that it didn’t seem like a dream at all. I don’t normally remember my dreams, and this one seemed more like a real memory. But oddly enough, I “dreamed” that I was out and about during the day, when I was suddenly abducted, and I found myself talking to this being. That was a few years ago.

    One thing I’ve noticed, is that these events tend to happen before major life changes. I think we all know by now that our cell phones track us every moment of the day. I’d sure like to know where my cell phone records say I was during that missing hour.

  144. Hi Michael — Sorry for the delay in replying. Sounds like we have some things in common. I’d describe myself as having been a strange, curious kid (now I’m a strange, curious adult) and I read both Budd Hopkins’s Intruders as well as his Missing Time book. I was very fascinated by both of them, particularly since I’d experienced my own missing time incident just a few years earlier. I’ve also had some other weird experiences, such as my strange “dreams” that I discuss in Aliens, Gnomes, Boogeymen, Night Terrors?. There are a few other strange, half-remembered incidents that occurred when I was younger. I’ll write about those sometime.

  145. John, I experienced two events. The first occurred in the summer of 1978 around 10 AM on a weekend in Hays, Pennsylvania. I believe it was it was a Sunday in June. It was warm and Sunny. Not extremely hot as July and August are known for. I was twelve years old at that time and living with my relatives. My cousin and friends had gathered together to ride our bikes. We were carefree and a little wreckless in our style of riding, testing our ability. We left around 9:30 AM on a residental street that ran parralel to a main thoroughfare. We may have been rambuntious but not careless. The street is a dead end with an entrance to a gated drive through for a raw materials company that did not utilize it that much. There was always room to fit through the gate. It also parraleled the main thoroughfare. We raced through the drive and performed a few jumps over piled quarry stones. We quickly became bored and had a discussion as to what to do next. We all agreed to meet in a field relatively close to my relatives home. My cousin and friends decided that they wanted to set up and jump the piles of rocks a few more times. I decided to leave and wait for them at the gate where we entered. While I waited I decided to suprise them and positioned myself just behind one of the first rock piles nearest the gate so when I saw them pass or I was discovered I could give chase. I was essentially in the open and as soon as they passed the pile I would have been seen. Chips and Smokey and the Bandit were popular then and we simulated these during our bike chasing endeavors. I waited with anticipation. This is where my experience occured. In my mind its around 10 AM however I am now disorientated. The shadows on the ground are noticably incorrect. I feel as though my position has changed but I dont think so. I wait for about 10 minutes. The shadows and sky seem incorrect. I think the sun is in the wrong place. Now I’m a little disturbed and decide to check on their progress. I head back down and no one is there. I then think they must of took another route, but that would have been stupid. I headed home to my relatives home. All the time thinking the lighting and shadows were wrong. When I arrived I entered and my relative asked where have I been and that I had missed dnner. I couldn’t explain. She let me know that I had missed the fried chicken dinner and made me a sandwich to suffice. She was upset so I kept quiet. It was now a little after 5 PM. That would explain the light and shadows that perplexed me. Later that night I asked my cousin about route they took back. He confirmed that they passed through the gate and thought I decided to venture elsewhere. I should have seen them pass me and heard them pass. We were quite loud when we chased one another with bikes. I’ve visited the location on a number occasions in the past 23 years witout intrepidation. I lost 6 hours of my existence. I was a healthy skinney 12 year old who loved my relative’s cooking and was one not to miss it. Especially her fried chicken. It’s a void that I think about on occasion.

    The secound event occurred in the fall of 1983 around 7:30 at night walking down a street to go to a store to buy junk food for a party. It wasn’t far from my friends home that hosted the party in Port View, Pennsylvania. I do recall thinking that the road did seem longer than normal, but blamed it on the twilight lighting. I also recall not really paying attention to the houses I passed only on the paved sidewalk which is odd. I never made it to the store. My cousin and a few friends pulled up in his car and asked where have you been. It’s been more than 2 hours. I told them that I just left a few minutes ago. They joked and said he got lost. They thought I had gotten lost and decided to search for me in my cousins car. The store was 5 minutes away on foot from where they picked me up. I never got there. We headed back. They had purchased the junk food over and hour prior to picking me up. Not one of them recalls seeing me on the sidewalk. I was not disorientated. When i saw and heard the car horn and their joking yelling for me I raised my head slowly torward them … it was like a cold frosty night when you close your eyes and inhale and exhale and then open your eyes slowly. It takes a little time for your eyes to acclimate. I haven’ t had another event since then.

  146. AJ — Thank you for letting me know about your experiences. Wow, I’ve got to tell you, there has to be something to all this. I’ve been getting more and more blog comments and emails lately from very sane and rational-sounding folk like yourself about these missing time episodes. I know mine was strange in the extreme and still perplexes me, so I’m the last person to scoff at these tales. It’s astounding to me that so many people seem to have had similar experiences as mine. I only wish I knew what they meant. I’m trying to see if there’s a common thread here, but so far I’ve been frustrated in my attempt to understand the phenomenon’s meaning and origin. Have you had any other strange or unexplained events happen to you at any point in your life? One thing that I have noticed is that these are rarely isolated incidents, and often other (sometimes seemingly unrelated) unexplained occurrences have taken place — e.g., premonitions, incidents of clairvoyance, poltergeist activity, ghostly encounters, UFO sightings, extremely strange, disturbing, vivid dreams, etc. Any recollection of anything along those lines? Just curious.

    Thanks again for sharing your story. — John

  147. John … I used to have reoccuring dreams where I was in an unfamiliar place such as an estate with an industrial feel to the esthetics. I belived I was being chased … I hid most of the time. Each dream started the same, however I was presented with slight variations. I could recall what I did in previous dreams and opted to take a different course of action. The different rooms and its effects realitively stayed the same. After a period of time I my fear deminised regarding the dreams and I began to seek out what I was hiding from. On the lines of the hunted becoming the hunter. I set traps and fabricated devices that in reality could never work. A few were too fantastic and dimensional engineered that they could exist in thought but not in reality. Each dream gave me an opportunity to expand on the last. Some outcomes were dismal where I died and woke up scarred. Others were successful in which I had the entity at bay or where I wanted it to be and then woke up never clearly recalling what it was. The dreams were at night and the rooms were poorly lit.
    The last time I had the dream had to be approximately 1998. During that dream I isolted the entity in a corridor. A door shut and I was bathed in white light. I dream in color. The dream changed from visual to audible. I could hear a voice. It was neither male or female. Now that I think about it … it was weird. I communicate with the voice. It stated you have done well. I asked why have I experienced the same dream over the years and how come I recall what I did in previous dreams. The simple reply I got was because we like you. The white light faded to black and I woke up. I have never had the dream since.

    I have had premonitions which are few and far between. Just wish I could get those Lotttery numbers.

    I must say that I am a scientist by nature and very analytical. I have my own thoughts as to what I experienced. The multiverse is a wonderous place where anything and everything is possible. I can not prove or disprove theories I have of my experiences. Thought in itself is a wonderous concept considering where does it come from. An organ down to tissues down to molecules to atoms to sub-atomic particles and even smaller particles to be discovered. We must remember that we see only a small portion of the light band spectrum. There has to be a number of items and objects that we cannot see with the human eye.

    I must apologize for going so deep and that I’m using my Nook Color to communicate this. No spell checker and the electronic pad keys are a little too small for my fingers.

  148. John, I just thought of two lfe saving events I experienced when I was young. The first occurred when I was in fouth grade. Pennsylvania is geographically full of hills. I was riding my bike approaching a four way street intersection with stop signs for each. I was travelling downhill. There were row houses and clear sight of the street running perpedicular was nil until you reached the intersection. As I approached I started to apply the foot. My chain disengaged and I had no break. I had a toy gun in my hand. Forr an unknown reason, my front wheel stopped as though I struck something. Needless to say with the sudden stop, the bike and I tumbled and stopped at the crosswalks and my toy gun proceeded at the velocity at which it left my hand. A speeding car travelling perpendicular to the street I was on and also heading down hill did not stop and struck my toy gun shattering it to pieces. If I hadn’t had my bike accident, I would have ended up at the same point as my toy gun when it was struck by the car.

    The second event occurred when I was was living with my relatives as mentioned prior in another thread. My sibling, cousin and his pet used to go hill climbing to explore. The construct of the hills is limestone in the form of sedimentary rock. We climbed the highest peak noting the abundant amount of wildlife at that height in the woods. We weren’ sure where we were and decided to move to the rim to look down. There were too many trees to exactly see clearly so we decided to climb higher to an area that the trees were sparce. Needless to say, since there wasn’t a number of trees around there was nothing securing the rock which gave way and I fell over head first twenty feet, blacking out as my body changed positions. I came to and I heard a voice in my head say “move you right foot out” and I complied. My right foot caught a tree root stopping my momentum just two feet before the rim. The

  149. This has been very interesting reading for me. I found this sight because I too had an incident just last night. I was wide awake watching tv about 12:15am. I accidentally changed the channel while trying to change the volume on the tv and when I turned the tv back to the original channel there was a completely different show on! I thought well that is weird and then I looked at the clock on the cable box and over an hour was GONE! It now showed it was after 1:20am. I was very disturbed, to say the least! I was not sleepy at all and actually was sitting up so it wasn’t like I somehow fell asleep for a while. I am still bewildered about what happened.

  150. I’m not sure how to classify this. There is so much that I can’t comprehend about it and that is missing from the equation that I almost feel that it didn’t happen! Early 1980: My family moved again, to Gaithersburg, MD. My father was in the Navy and had completed his enlistment. He found a good job working for a development company not far from where we lived. I went to Brown Station Elementary and I always walked home by myself. After several months I learned going out the back door of the school was the fastest route. Cutting across the edge of a farmers field directly to where our apartment was, I could avoid confrontations with older children as well as saving time.
    On the day in question, I went home early because I had hurt my finger that morning. As I explained before I took the short cut. As I opened the large glass door in the front of the building to step in out of the cold, I heard a door open down the stairs. I poked my head around the corner to see who it was and saw a boy about my age. I said, Hello! He smiled and asked me if I wanted to come down and play? I said that I could come down for a minute but I had to get home. I walked down the stairs and into the apartment.
    He said, Come in my parents aren’t home. and closed the door behind me. I followed him around the sectional couch and sat down facing a large coffee table with a very large piece of graph paper on it and continued to draw a maze from where he had left off. I asked him what he was working on? He told me that he liked to draw mazes. I thought it a little peculiar but dismissed it because I liked to draw. I sat and watched him draw for several minutes and then told him I had to go home! He stopped drawing and asked me if I wanted to play later in the day? I told him that I would have to ask my mother and that I would likely be back later. As I left I noticed that the apartment was beautifully decorated, more nicely than any place I had ever been. Everything was blue and glass it seemed. The apartment was the exact layout as my families directly above it on the next floor. I told him bye and he told me bye, I shut the door and ran up the stairs to tell my mom about my new friend.
    My mother answered the door and said that I had gotten home quick! I interrupted her and frantically told her that I had a new friend. I told her that he wanted me to come play with him later. She fed me lunch (she had apparently forgotten that I was home early) and she sent me back out the door to my new friend’s house.
    I knocked on the door and waited a moment he answered the door and quickly went back to drawing. He explained that his parents wouldn’t be home til late and that he wanted me to spend the night. Again I explained that I would have to ask my mother and that I didn’t know if she would allow it because his parents weren’t there. He got up and walked down the hall to the bathroom. He called me in and then sprayed me with a Teledyne Waterpik. I asked him what it was? He explained that it was for cleaning your teeth but it was fun to play with and we did for awhile making a watery mess of the bathroom.
    Next he showed me his bedroom he had a bunk bed and little more than a toy box with a large collection of h.o. trains and track maybe some army men and matchbox, hot-wheels cars. As we played with them he explained that there was something that he had to tell me before I spent the night. It was at that point that things got weird!
    We stopped playing and walked into the kitchen. I assumed to get something to eat? We sat down at the table. I noticed that it was getting dark, it had been a bright sunny day even though it was winter. So it must have been around 5:00. He explained that his family had a traveling ghost and that it had manifested a green explosion of light outside their house once. I was intrigued as most children are by it and asked him to tell me more.
    He went on to tell me that it opened and closed doors and turned things on and off like a poltergeist. As he told me the TV turned on! We were sitting close to a small black and white that was on the kitchen table. So I thought he did it and then it shut off! I asked him how he did that? He told me that it was the ghost. I told him I had to go ask my mother if I could spend the night and that I would be back!
    I rushed up the stairs and asked if I could spend the night? I also explained that his parents wouldn’t be home until late. It must have been a Friday because she told me I could and she didn’t seem to have a problem with his parents not being home but wanted to talk to them. I gathered a blanket and pillow and raced down the stairs. Noticing the orange dome lights illuminating the outside of our glass fronted building in the darkness.
    I knocked and he again and he opened the door only quickly this time. He told me that he felt better having me there! I asked when his parents would be home and told him my mother wanted to talk to them as soon as they got in. He told me it would be late! I told him that was okay but she wanted to talk to them! We went into his bedroom. To be continued..

  151. we constructed a large section of semicircular track and placed the engine and cars on the track setting up cars at the railroad crossing to be hit by the train. Fun!
    After a while strange things began to happen doors opened and shut in other rooms we would chase the sounds but nothing was there! I admit I was scared! But I liked my new friend and I was still intrigued by the whole situation. We sat in the kitchen and talked about everything that had happened and even at that time things happened! The microwave turned on and off more noises from other rooms.
    It was time to turn in: He explained that his parents would be home soon and that he we had to be in bed before they came home. I shrugged my shoulders and said, okay! Grabbing my pillow and blanket I followed him to his room. I said that I wanted the top bunk. He told me that he didn’t care, he switched all the time between the two. I climbed up he shut the light off leaving the hall light on just in case someone needed to use the bathroom. I heard him climb into bed, I looked down and said, good night! He did likewise and laid down to sleep.
    I laid there with my eyes closed hoping that his parents would come home or I would fall asleep because I was scared! Then I heard the noise that changed my mind! It sounded as if someone had thrown every single piece of the train set against the walls. I quickly looked down to see what it was? The train set was everywhere and my friend looked up at me and smiled! I told him that I wasn’t staying! I don’t remember him trying to stop me? I gathered my pillow and blanket and walked down the hall as quickly as my feet would carry me. I don’t remember saying goodbye or him opening the door? All I remember is walking back up the stairs crying and shaking! I knocked on the door and my mother let me in promptly. She asked me what happened and said that it must have been my imagination. I explained that it wasn’t through the crying and shaking. Some movie about a killer VW Beetle was on the TV. My mother hugged me and assured me that everything was okay. That’s all I remember for a few days..
    I walked down the stairs to the haunted apartment feeling as if it would be okay to go in. I missed my friend and was curious to see how he was after all of the things that had happened? I knocked on the door! No answer! I knock again! No answer! I let several minutes pass. ..knocking again! I was startled by someone fumbling with the lock on the door next to me in the hall! The door opened and an old woman stuck her head out. She asked me what I was doing messing around in the hall? I explained that I was waiting for my friend to answer the door. She looked at me square in the eye and told me, Nobody has lived there for months! ..and quickly shut the door!
    As a kid I didn’t think to much of it. I went on with my life! It was years later that I told this story to friends and they explained the truly unique nature of this story. I swear to God that it’s true! No matter how far out it sounds it happened! It still sends chills down my spine. ..and I don’t know how to define it? Was it a ghost? Did I step into another dimension? Was I abducted? I don’t know? ..and years later I have researched the location and found that I can find very little info on it. I have seen an aerial picture of the location and there are some things that are missing that I know where there!
    There is a picture of Gaithersburgh, MD that shows Harold Rabbitts farm circa 1972. The apartment building that I lived in is along his property. I lived there for a year or so around 1980. The apartment building is close to the middle of a large pyramid of farm land. I remember climbing a large tree that was higher than one of those buildings. Some of the neighborhood boys thought it would be fun to use be for target practice throwing rocks at me. Subsequently I took one in the nose. ..and had to climb down as I bled. I examined this picture: There is no tree(s) in front of the building I lived in, in this photo taken in 1972, yet in 1980 there is a tree higher than the front of one of these apartments. I looked at Google Earth pictures there is no tree there now either! Yet, I can show you where anything I remember in Gaithersburg is? I’m open to ideas? I don’t know?

  152. This is a picture of the location. The farm land in front of the apartments is Herman Rabbitt’s farm. The apartment building where I lived is the first building facing toward the farm on the left side of the triangle of land. There was a tree in the left side yard of that building that was taller than the building when I lived there in 1980 yet there isn’t even a sapling in this picture:

  153. Also: the more I think about it, the more I am starting to realize there are large spaces of time that are missing, mixed with short events that conceal the time inconsistencies. Such as the fact that I left school around 10 am walked a quarter mile from the elementary school (in the upper corner of the photo) to where I lived (in the middle of the left side of the triangle) stopped to talk to the boy for what seemed like a long time. Arrived home, to have my mother tell me that was quick? The sun was in the same place when I left school as it was when I arrived home!
    The events don’t match the time they took! The more I think about it the more I see. I will keep you posted!

  154. wow, I was talking to sombody else about my experience when decided to look it up and found this site, and was amazed at how similar the story was to mine.
    I was walking from my stepgrandmothers house to my fathers to catch him before he went to bed at midnight so i knew what time I was going to arrive when I left my grandmothers a walk that usually takes abut an hour and a half down a remote highway through a dirt road into my hometown(wich I had done several times throughout my life and seemed like no big deal) It was about 10:00 because, I only needed a ride to my sisters, and knew he wouldn’t pick me up. While I was walking, shortly after I left the house I heard a strange noise but didtn’t think anything of it .(it was kinda like screaching metal or nails on a chalkboard).I kept walking and it started to feel quiet,and really strangely ambient. I had the same feeling that you did like things where not getting closer like they should, but like i was on a treadmill but it felt like I was making good time. As I continued to walk I made it to the dirt road that led into town. Above the farm house to the right I saw lights like luminecent flies way off into the distance, flying around each other in circles, and then they all disapated out all the same direction, in straight lines no longer visible. This like the noise I figured was a harmless anomolee.When I finally made it into town (after what seemed to be an hour and a half maby less) I came up to my fathers house. I knocked on the door and noticed that it took him a little longer to awnser, and I figured he had gone to bed early. When he awnsered the door he seemed somewhat irritated and told me I shold not bother him so late, so i asked him what time it was. He replied that it was 2:30 at night.i thought no way i know i made good time it was like the time just dissapeared. Ever since that night ive always wanted to know what happened. please email me if u can.

  155. and for anybody else that reads this please email me at [email protected] if u might have had somthing similar

  156. Ian — Just emailed you a little while ago.

    Eric — Strange story! I have a few memories myself of weird events in my childhood that I’m not quite sure were real or not. Yours seems to have a very bizarre and unreal quality to it. Perhaps it was a screen memory to mask some other kind of upsetting event? Or a ghost? Hard to say. The fact that you had these time inconsistencies is interesting too.

    It’s been a long time since I’ve read Whitley Strieber’s Commnunion but I recalled that he talked about large periods of missing time when he was younger that he’d forgotten. Something about being on a train and meeting these people and running from someone or something.

    My point being is Strieber describes a significant portion of time out of his life involving some elaborate scenarios and other characters, and he didn’t recall or had repressed these events for years. It reminds me of what you’ve described, although the details are different. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a lot more to this than just the little boy and the weird events in his apartment. Not sure how I feel about hypnosis, but in your case it might be something to consider.

    Good luck – and please let me know if anything new comes to mind.

    — John

  157. John,
    It definitely happened! I’ve told the story to other people over the years and I never thought that the boy was a ghost, dimensional shift or alien. I just thought it was a strange story that really happened, to me. ..other people suggested that this might be the case? I hadn’t seriously thought about it for 30 years and it occurred to me that it might hold some kind of meaning? So I decided to post it and see what others think and to find out if anyone has ever had anything like it happen to them?
    It also never occurred to me that there might be time missing until I re-evaluated the story in my head as I was posting it. The thing you have to understand is that I remember things I did when I was 3 years old! But this incident was sketchy.?. .almost like some of the things the boy said where meant to fill in the time inconsistencies.
    The other thing that blows my mind is the fact that the apartment was fully furnished and at that time the ’70’s decore hadn’t quite fizzled out and this apartment matched and looked modern! ..and none of it was there!
    I have a friend who is a licensed hypnotist and has been doing it for over 20 years. He said he would regress me at some point. When he does I will be sure to post the findings..
    Thanks, Eric

  158. Eric — I don’t doubt you! Funny, my memory goes way back too. I remember things from when I’m three, maybe even two years old.

    I’d love to hear about your hypnotic regression if you don’t mind sharing that, if/when you decide to do it. There’s obviously a lot more to this story than what you’re recalling, in my opinion. Good luck,


  159. After reading so many accounts I felt it was a good idea to share mine but first —

    John Carlson — thanks for adding your story and sharing it with others, you should probably start a new blog page lol.

    Eric Hockenberry — I have read of other incidents like this on the web they are more frequent in Europe it seems, people believe it to be the Fair Folk who abducted them in an attempt to keep them as slaves or something. Right down to the ‘spend the night’ and not all of them attempt to freak out their ‘guests’. Look up Modern Fae Abductions.

    and way back to Leslie — If you read this anytime…just…scary/wow now if only we could use Gained Time every time lol.


    I have a few accounts of my own, and I felt like sharing them to everyone not just your email John, so pardon me on that, my first was when I lost time as a child. I grew up in lower Ohio with my parents (before they divorced when I turned 18) and grew up in a rural area. The closest neighbors were across the dirt and gravel road the but the second closest was a mile or so away. In all directions there were woodlands, fields, and a few country roads. When I was growing up most of the roads were unpaved and I use to ride my bike all over during the summer (there wasn’t much else to do) and would go walking up and down them in winter (again…country area, nothing much to do) I had no close friends and everyone my age lived either in the farthest town or even the nearest city. Either way the first occurrence of my lost time was during one late summer afternoon and according to my digital watch it was roughly after 2:18pm or so. I can recall this clearly, its because I had to be home by 5:00pm or my mother would have punished me or at the very least gotten angry at me. This was when I was 13 years old so I still had reason to fear a mother’s wrath and all :p
    I was riding down a dirt road that stretched out into a deep set hill which dipped into a valley and up another hill, which I always had to walk up because I just wasn’t able to even one first gear to get up it due to steepness. This road was about 7 to 8 miles long and I would take it to another road which then I would always turn left at the road’s end (where a stop sign and a main backroad was) to head back towards another well known road which I would then turn left onto another small dirt road and eventually make another left onto another paved road which would eventually come back to the road I was on at a cross road where I would then turn right and head back home which often took me between 1hr and 1hr 35min. Now I was already 10min into this ride and I had assumed at a good pace I would make it home by 3:30~ish. ((As a side note here are the GPS cords from Google for perspective where the ‘start’ from pavement was 38.929603,-83.712137 and 38.921356,-83.681942 where the pavement was back and my ride would often ‘end’)) I continued down the road, following it’s odd curves and movements and came to my first turn, I waited for any cars, checked the time and it was 2:49pm and when I was sure I had no cars to worry about I made my turn left, followed this to the very next road, and turned left again. As I rode down the last road about less then a minute or two I got an odd sensation, I couldn’t really tell how it felt, at the time I was disoriented suddenly, became confused, and the next thing I know I am blinking and things have shifted greatly. Now at first I was startled and I had to pull my bike over and catch up to my surroundings as they looked very off kilter and I was very very confused. I felt very thirsty with out warning and noticed my throat was dry, I found my water bottle and my watch in a backpack I often carried and noticed the time it was 4:30pm!! Now I knew this was beyond impossible because it had just been 2:50 a no more then 2 to 3 minutes ago and I knew if I didn’t high tail it home I’d be in trouble. So on the way home I tried to figure out how it had taken me so long to go

    The next incident was gained time; when I was 17 I started taking a lot of car trips because as we all know being a teenager when you gain freedom you take it more often then you should and with my new mobile phone contacting people was easier. One of my trips was a round trip to visit a friend in Dayton, Ohio. This was often a 2 hour trip by back roads and a 1 hour 30 – 50min trip by highway, I often took back roads for the view. The way there was uneventful and very nice, it was mid-October and the sun way shining and the day was cool but not unpleasant; I had went to visit for a few hours after dawn and began my trip home sometime after 4:05pm, that was my starting time anyway, I recall this because I have a slight obsession about time and when strange things occur I tend to recall exacts about it if your curious. Anyway I had taken off that evening headed home, knowing the sun would set soon I wanted to be home before it did. I drove a white Oldsmobile 88 Delta which got about 20mpg and had enough V-8 power to mosey over the small Ohio farmland at a decent safe speed but I was still new to driving so I often drove 5 miles under limits to be safer when heading down some back roads or even some towns. The trip would often take a full 2hrs due to that and I rarely went over limit. This particular day the drive home felt awkward as I came to my mid-point, a small town called Wilmington which had a large nearby Airport called Airborne Express, I knew this was the mid point and when I looked down the clock was roughly about 5pm (according to my phone and car clocks, I know this because I had called my dad to let him know I was on my way home from Wilmington)
    From here I had two more towns to go through and I would arrive around 6 to 6:15pm, however as I drove past town and down the road that led to the second town called Hillsboro I had a sudden sour feeling in my stomach, I grew dizzy, and squinted my eyes. It didn’t seem relevant at the time I just continued driving and the feeling passed, it was then I noticed in the twilight that things looked odd, different, and not where they should be. Trees turned cold toned from brilliant orange and red to dull sepia browns, the grass and nearby water bodies felt lifeless, the sky was less blue then gray, and the sun was no longer brilliant orange more of an off yellow color. I drove onwards and noticed I passed no other cars, trucks, or tractors. And for Midwestern who knows this time is often the last harvest week of the year so I should have seen a lot of people but I didn’t. Sound muffled out for a brief moment, my CD player had stopped, the air blower in my car was sill on but it felt neither warm nor cool, and I had become aware of the issue. And then as I went down a hill and back up the next it was like someone had lifted a filter and all of the color came back in a flooded instant but felt somehow off. I knew then something had just happened but didn’t know what; my car clock still showed the same time as before but it was not until I checked my mobile phone and noticed it had reset it’s time…it now read 4:40pm. I knew this couldn’t be correct as it had been that time more then an hour ago, my car clock read 5:40pm and I just put that all out of my mind until I reached home. My car clock said it was 6:00pm on the dot but my phone still read the wrong time around 5:10pm. I shrugged it off, walked in, and my dad said that was quick for me to get home and that he thought I had said I was in Wilmington, I said I had been and noticed the microwave, stove, and even our computer clocks all read 5:12pm. I checked my phone history really fast, it showed I had made a call not but 20min ago, which was impossible for me to have made that call and been where I was accordingly. I told him my phone must have been messed up or my clock. He asked me what I was talking about, I explained that I had called him a while ago and I had been in Wilmington, of course my dad denied this to be a fact he showed me the house phone record – 4:55:06pm — basically 30min or so ago I had supposedly called while I was more then an hour away! While spooky nothing major, wish I could invoke it more often tho :p

    I will post more later, thanks for reading!

  160. Danny — Feel free to share your experiences publicly here in the Comments section if you’d prefer. I just like to let people know that if they’d rather email me privately they’re welcome to. Sometimes it’s difficult to talk about these things and not everyone wants to share them with the world.

    Awesome stories, and thanks for letting me know about them. The first one sounds very similar to mine, although yours took place on a quiet country road while mine was on a busy suburban street. But the strange sensation that preceded the incident appears to be very much like what I felt.

    Regarding your second account involving the “time gain” incident, that is not as uncommon as you might imagine. If you haven’t looked through all the other comments on this post, scroll up near the top and look at one that was submitted by Barbara Fann. It’s quite a bit like yours. I’ve been told of these time gain episodes a number of times from people who appeared at to be at a genuine loss to explain what had happened. As I’ve said before, these time anomalies seems to come in a variety of different flavors — e.g., missing time, time gain, time slips, even possible journeys into the past or future or parallel dimensions (if you haven’t read Train Ride to a Parallel Dimension, you might find that one interesting).

    Thanks again. Feel free to post any time. — John

  161. :) Well John I meant to say that I wanted to share with everyone, i hope I didn’t come off as rude tho, I really didn’t mean it that way :(

    Once I had an odd occurance with my pet dog which my mother insists happened in a different way however I would like to think of it as more of a probable reality shift than a time slip. When I was younger I had a golden cockerspaniel with long hair we kept trimmed. She use to run all over with our neighbor’s dog; one day she vanished from the woods and our neighbor found her body on the highway squashed by a truck. The dog they found matched mine 100% down to the blue collar and heart-shaped name tag however — as I sat crying on the porch all of a sudden I felt warm licks all over my face, I looked up and my dog was back! She wiggled and acted concerned, still had her bright blue collar and heart shaped tag on but weirder still the body of the other dog was brought back and buried and several days later….it vanished and a pit was left where the body was but the ground and grass that began to grow were undisturbed. Keep up the good work John!

  162. Hi Danny — No, that didn’t sound rude at all. Just want to let people know that they’re free to post what they like (as long it isn’t spam of course) but they can also email me if they prefer. Great story about your dog. I’ve heard a few good ones involving pets. A recent one was about an old man who was dying and he was visited by his dog who had died a number of years earlier before he himself passed on. I’ll have to try to find that one again if I can. I can’t recall all the details, but it was kind of touching. I believe that animals have souls and pass on to the afterlife.

    Check in on the site again any time!

    — John

  163. Well my mother can attest that our dog had not returned as a spirit as she lived until the ripe old age of 17 before passing away of cancer :( But my mother keeps insisting she saw our dog come out from under the porch and had wondered who’s dog they had buried. fact I called her last night and had a talk about it, she swore it was someone else’s dog but I saw the dead body…it had my dog’s name tag even…”Lassie Lady” how much of a coincidence would it need to be to be a similar looking, named, and shaped dog???

  164. Well, what has brought me to this site John is that I typed in about my missing time while driving from Ashland, Oregon to Redding, California in July of 1994. It took me 5 and a half hours to drive it.(it is a distance of 137 miles) and I did not stop the car I was driving. I really don’t know how to explain it all but I did see an object high above the trees with 4 clear lights all in a row on it on Mt. Shasta and this would have been close to 11pm at night, and I didn’t see any other vehicles on the road moving but I do recall seeing a semi-trailer parked on the shoulder up at the top. I got to Redding later than I was suppose to arrive. My husband called the troopers to look for me and my law enforcement brother got involved. They said it should not have been over 3 hours for the trip. I am stumped at the loss of time. I do remember going around a bend and feeling like my car was floating on air. Like slow motion and like I wasn’t driving it. I never felt any presence but was frightened at the sight of the lights I saw above the trees and felt very alone, deserted, and asking myself “Where are all the other vehicles?”. I never even saw a patrol vehicle on the road. Well that will always remain a mystery to me. It was light out when I left Ashland, Oregon too. Later, I looked up info. on military bases nearby and I think there is one near Redding. Could explain the lights in the sky. But the lights did seem to be stationery over the trees. ??

  165. I had a missing time experience in 1996 in March. I was driving with the cruise control on (I always did) at 80 MPH and my girlfriend was with me. We left a party in Greenport L.I. NY to go to Setauket, L.I. NY and left at about 1130. While on the the road near Brookhaven Natl. Labs we had the experience.

    I remember only sensing that someone was right on my bumper. Next thing it was 2.5 hours later and I was pulling away from the side of the road very slowly. My girlfriend was hysterical and beating my arm screaming ” we were abducted by aliens” she was frantic and sobbing.

    I am crying while typing this because when I try to recall that night I get overly emotional and a feeling of nausea takes me quickly. This really happened. I believe I was taken from my car with her because she was pregnant and we were together. It was an easy opportunity if “they” are real to take our baby and our DNA in separate to use in their genetic projects.

    Something strange happened that night. When I went home my Father was asking why I was so late (I was 20) and I told him what happened. He told me something very amazing happened and that I would understand it someday. I am still trying to understand…

  166. Mr. John Carlson I am the only thread that did not get a response from your blog…Was my entry the one that was supposed to be a lie so or just too much information. Yes, though strange, I can remember the time I was missing but it took me a few years to recover it…I did not have a run in with UFO or Aliens; however I did meet so intellegent folks who told me the nature of their world and the circumstance that led them to their destruction. I think my experience was a genetic reawakening thats all…..

  167. Sorry, Darnell. I miss one sometimes. I don’t think you’re the first or only though, so don’t take it personally. Let me take some time to read through your first comment — it’s a pretty long one — then I’ll respond to it.


  168. Back in 2004 a good friend of mine and I lost approximately an hour while driving. We were on our way to a friends house about 2 hours away. We were discussing the paranormal, things like higher beings and higher dimensions, etc. Aliens or ET’s were not discussed at all. I remember approacing the bridge, and remember driving on the other side, but do not remember the drive across the bridge itself. We both noticed the time loss and a strange feeling that something happened, but have never figured it out. When we actually arrived at our friends house, everyone there was worried about us because we took so long getting there. There were around 10 people at our friends house. The road we took was a highway, we did not have to make turns or stop at toll booths. To this day I remember it exactly as it happened and still have no clue where that hour went or how it went at all. I’d love to have a viable explanation for this experience. I have not had any such experiences since.

  169. Hi Debbie — Very interesting, and I’d love to be able to give you an explanation. I simply don’t know what to make of these incidents, but it’s becoming increasingly apparent to me that a lot more people have had them than I’ve ever before considered. Your story is all the more interesting because both you and your friend had the same experience together, at the same time. Did you have any strange dreams afterward or notice any scars or rashes anywhere on your body? Have you had any other strange or unexplainable experiences before or since, similar to this incident or not? How about your friend? Just curious.

    Thank you for sharing your story with us. Always glad to listen if you have anything else to discuss. — John

  170. hi there, just reading your stories and thought i would post something odd that happened to my daughter and her fiance the 16th of march, they had been sitting on their couch about 3am they were eating and had just changed the channel on the t.v , and then the next thing you know her and her fiance look at the clock its 6;30 am the 1st words out of my daughters mouth is she thinks they may have been abducted, because they have 2 huskies which were out and normally they would have eaten the food ,, the food was untouched the dogs were just sitting there, she came over and told me they had lost time at the exact same time and awoke , she had a rash all over her body, and her fiance awoke with a pounding headache and a huge lump on the back of his neck,, i know this all sounds crazy but the fact that the first things out of her mouth were lost time and and thinking they had been abducted was odd,

  171. Hi Tina — That certainly fits the “typical” abduction scenario. If there are pets present — particularly dogs — and any others that are not the target of the abduction, they essentially switched off or temporarily put to sleep until the procedure has been completed. Also the presence of lumps, bumps, scars, and rashes are often described by the victims after the abduction has taken place. Have either or both of them ever experienced anything like this before? Has anyone else in the family gone through anything similar? Often these things happen over generations in the same family. — John

  172. I’ve got to say that I have always been skeptical about people who have seen ufo’s or been abducted, but after reading just a few lines of some of the stories especially yours. It brings back memories of a time that me and a friend of mine were driving home from my house to his. He was driving and we were just leaving my house about a quarter mile from my home.
    The next thing we both remember was looking at each other and being about 10 miles further than where we remembered leaving. Now I would say that I just brain faded if it happened to me alone, but both of us kind of came to at the same time, and we both looked at each other, and said wow that was weird. Now I don’t know if we were abducted or anything because neither of us have any recollection of what happened, but we do know we lost time and distance/space. This was in the summer of 1979. Also a few months later I witnessed three double blade helicopters(the ones the army uses for heavy lifting) tethered
    together flying at low altitude carrying a large disc shaped object between them with a large drape covering the object which was about the size of a football field. That was being done at about 4:00 am as I believe to avoid or have minimal detection

  173. Heiko — I get a lot of stories like that. Can I ask: what time of day did your missing time experience occur? I agree that it’s much harder to discount when two people are involved and report identical experiences and sensations. I might be tempted to dismiss my missing time incident as “brain fade” if it weren’t for the fact that my mother showed up in the exact spot where I came around and claimed that she heard voice telling her to come find me. It’s a little hard to disregard when there are others to corroborate that something strange has occurred.

    Where did you see this disc being carried by the helicopters? Here in the US, or were you in Europe…? Just wondering. Curious how one event happens and then the other. Those are the sorts of threads that I’m trying to tie together in my (thus far futile) attempt to make sense of this phenomenon. One thing I’m sure of is, this is happening to a lot of people all over the world. — John

  174. Hi John,
    The time of day on the lost time/distance was in the afternoon around five o’clock on a summer day.
    As far as the tethered disk it was in southwest Houston Texas. The same area that we had
    experienced the first incident, only a few miles away. What struck me as strange was the
    shear size of the object, and to have it covered, and transported by these huge helicopters
    tells me that there was definitely some sort of government involvement. Now whether the disc was a ufo or not I can’t say, at first sight it had all the tell tale signs. I was just floored by the enormous size of the object, and to have three of these type of helicopters towing it
    undercover at low altitude only raised my suspicions more.

  175. Hi Heiko — Yes, the fact that only three helicopters were carrying something as big as a football field struck me as odd when I read that. Either it was made from an extraordinarily light material or it was using some kind of propulsion to keep it above the earth. Perhaps some kind of antigravity system. Very interesting! Thanks for letting me know about your experiences.

    – John

  176. Hi John,
    I just wanted to clarify on the tethered disk. The three helicopters were the double bladed ones used by Army/Air Force or Russians I believe Hueys or Sikorskies the one used for heavy lifting.
    The cables attached to the object were taut thinking me to believe the object was not powered on it’s own, but being towed by the helicopters.
    I appreciate the return communique, and look forward to seeing if anyone else may have seen this happening above the skies in southwest Houston in the late 70’s.
    Best of Luck to you on research.

  177. Hi John.
    Found this site, and had a compelling feeling to relate my experience to you.
    The exact year is forgotten,it was either 1967 or 68, late summer(august) broad daylight on a saturday or sunday. I was 11-12 years old, when jogging along a main road up to my house.I loved to run, and had exceptional stamina for cross-country running.As i neared my home, i seemed to have suddenly gone into slow-motion, all noise disappeared, and the sky turned a yellowish haze.I felt like i stumbled, which was uncharacteristic of me, was continuing to run in mid-air, and i suddenly stopped myself in my tracks. There was no sounds at all, the yellowish tinge to sky was fading back to a normal blue day, but I did noticed shadows were different in that split-second.Based on the shadows of trees and a small church nearby, it seemed like about 30 minutes had passed in the blink of an eye.Slowly all distant sounds,birds etc. came back into play, as well as the blue sky.
    I looked around to see what i could possibly have stumbled over, and there was nothing, but pure flat surface.I was extremely puzzled at what i had experienced, and walked to my home, where my father was sitting in his usual chair, reading a book.
    I asked him, if he just experienced anything unusual, like reading the same chapter over, and he said he hadn’t. He must have read my face, and being a very intelligent man, he asked me what was up. I explained it all to him, and he simply replied something about” time displacement”. Now, you must understand a point here.i was only eleven years old, and my father was pure genius, and worked at a National Research Facility in Ottawa Ontario, Canada.His scientific mind was beyond my comprehension, but he still marked the date and time on a calender and wrote down my estimated amount of missing time,which i had rounded off to 25-30 minutes.. The strange event of my missing time eventually was forgotten until a few months later right around new years day.
    A t.v station news channel was on late at night, and the announcers were relating a story about approximately 25 minutes was missing from the atomic time clocks around the world.This was 5 months later. Apparently scientists had no clue as to why the atomic clocks were missing the 22-25 minutes.(said the news announcer). My father looked straight at me, and said, “that’s probably what you had experienced in August”. I answered him saying, “why was it only me that seemed to have experienced it?
    because i asked everyone i knew, and no-one noticed it..
    He looked straight onto my eyes, and simply said “who we are, what we do, is subject to influences from beyond our understanding.”he paused trying to find the correct words for an eleveny year old boy,”there is much more out there, that we may never understand,,but there is absolutely no question that it exists.” exist i asked? like Ufos and the like? “We have been visited forever,,time and space is meaningless,in the sense that we actually experience it,but we ourselves cannot control it.”
    “Sooo i asked, “then, you are saying we are not alone ,and time does an odd ripple over effect kinda thing at random times?”, His final answer was a simple “yes”,

    In my mind he was suggesting the very fact that we were not alone was the result of time-ripples.
    So my feeble eleven year old mind,gathered the facts that i was briefly visited, and experienced a 25-30 missing time experience. For what reason?
    That is still an unknown.

    Id like to see that old calender again, wherever it is..

  178. Just a footnote for you and an interesting set of facts,
    A canadian related UFO activity surge in 1967.

  179. One day I was driving my car in northern MI when I decided to check the time it read 2:30. I was amazed because I was only just at the train station, but now 2 hours away at my detonation! how could that happened? I do recall a funny sensation or (nosie) like a low hum before this gap. The nosie was as if something else was in control. But I never blacked out. Or have a history of blacking out. I had to pull my car over because I felt somewhat drosey after this occurred. It took another 30minutes to feel normal again. That isolated incident never happened again to me. But about a week later I noticed that I had unusual mark on my body near my left shoulder. It was about 2 to 3cm long and in a zig zag form. I went to the local doctor and had it examined. The doctor seemed puzzled and told me that something had been put in my skin. I was dumbfounded by this nearly 5 years later I can only wonder what happened to me. This may seem,or be far fetched but this really happened to me. And I’m not saying that I believe in aliens or anything, but this has brought me new thoughts on it. Any thoughts???

  180. This might sound funny john but do you believe the truth is out there?

  181. Hi Lee,

    Did this occur at 2:30 in the afternoon, or at night? Mine was a daylight incident, which is a bit less common, so just curious. The buzzing sound preceding missing time and other paranormal episodes is frequently described, as is the drowsy/groggy feeling afterward. Scars, rashes, and skin irritations are also common, so you’ve got a lot of the traditional earmarks of a classic missing time experience.

    I agree with you in that I’m reluctant to jump straight to the “I was abducted by space aliens” conclusion. There are two ways to view this phenomenon, I think: 1) It’s caused by some kind of natural disturbance in the flow of time itself; or 2) It’s governed by an outside, non-human intelligence. Whether you want to believe that these intelligences are extraterrestrials or angels or demons is up to the individual. Personally, I believe that humankind has been interacting and perhaps has been guided by these beings since the inception of our species. In my own case, I feel as if there was something or someone behind the episode. As I’ve said before, maybe we’re meant to remember these experiences at some later time. Or perhaps these beings communicate with us on a purely subconscious level. Those are just a some thoughts on the subject, but I have no real answers for you, unfortunately. I wish I did. Take some comfort in the fact that many, many people seem to be having very similar experiences all over the world.

    Thanks for sharing your story.

  182. Thanks so much for replying to my account. I find your case interesting to. And it took place in the afternoon but I was in the middle of no where. Well thank you. Sincerely Lee.

  183. My pleasure, Lee. Thanks again for sharing your story. Comment again anytime. — John

  184. I think it is important to see the difference between the occurences that had been experienced by more than one person and verified, from the ones that clearly focuses on a distorted sense of time perception (which can be very dramatic). This is an interesting book to read:

  185. Absolutely. I agree, Carmela. I’ll check out that book first chance I get.

  186. My missing time experience was during the daytime, and the weather was perfect. My friend and I were on our way to another womans’ house to discuss the paranormal. We also had planned lessons on palmistry. We both remembered starting a serious conversation before the lost time, but, could not remember anything of it later. Losing time does not bother me so much as losing the conversation. We both believe in and practice Reiki, communicating in distance with someone else, and of course all things spiritual connected with religions.Where is everyone going and yet no one remembers?

  187. Okay, so another broad daylight missing time episode to add to the files. Also that much more interesting & convincing because the two of you experienced the same thing together. I wish I did know where we go when these things happen. One thought that does come to mind is that perhaps your practice of Reiki somehow made you receptive or more susceptible to this sort of phenomena. There appears to be a connection to these experiences to having a higher level of spiritual connectedness and/or a background of having other strange events. These strange events can vary, but often times people will tell me that they’re very intuitive and have premonitions or precognitive dreams; sometimes I’m told that they’ve seen spirits or glowing orbs, or have had UFO or unidentified creature sightings — that kind of thing. In other words, there are usually other odd or unexplained experiences having happened before and after the missing time occurrence. I think people such as yourself and your friend (and maybe me too, I guess) are perhaps a little more sensitive or receptive to these phenomena.

  188. Hi John, I’d also like to share a few stories of my own, but before that, I just wanna say, I’m relieved but at the same time so intrigued on how it’s possible that so many people experience such strange events and the public stance seems so ignorant of this… It’s real, but we keep dismissing everything as if it’s nothing…I don’t know..maybe we’re just not ready yet to take it all in..
    Regarding the missing time…I’ve also had some ‘incidents’ with the passing of time I just can’t understand. Something I haven’t seen so far in the stories happened to me twice with the mobile phone …that I post something and I get an impossibly instant reply. I remember when I was in college a few year ago, I was was texting one of my friends….I pressed Send…and I swear, in that instant I got a message back from her. I just remember staring at my phone and just wondering…how is it possible?? I mean even texting back a short phrase (it wasn’t a very long message, true) would still take some good seconds right…. It’s like she knew or saw my message before and just pressed send on her message immediately after i sent mine. It maybe doesn’t seem like much, I mean I just seem to have lost a few seconds :), but still……I think BECAUSE it all took place so rapidly…I clearly could not have dozed off or get lost in conversation or anything like that.. I was standing in the street outside, it was sunny, I was extremely lucid…
    What comes to mind as some sort of explanation in my case could be related to how our conscience works and something going wrong there. In short, we react a split of a second faster than what our conscience registers. It’s been proven. For example, before we take the decision to move an arm, there is already a reaction registered in our brain, it’s like something else (the author calls the ego is i remember correctly) decides to do something and only a split second later we are consciously believing that we have decided to do that..Anyway..There may thus be a glitch in how my conscience registered the event…like I actually pressed send before and became aware of it a bit later..but i registered receiving the answer ‘correctly’…This can’t explain longer ‘black-outs’ though…
    It also happened to me to be walking on the street, talking on the phone with my mom and just suddenly finding myself on a street much farther than where I was actually going..but I can get lost in a conversation for a long time :) and I could have just wandered off track because of it, so I wouldn’t necessarily call it unusual. What was unusual was when I was recently on the bus going to work and I was following the time screen and the minutes just seemed to go by like seconds. Again, maybe I was in a hurry and I perceived time a bit differently, but still…I kept comparing the watch in the bus with the one at my wrist and I just couldn’t believe it…One second it was 8.25…the writing would show the next bus stop and then 8.26…then again the bus stop and then 8.27…It really only takes a few seconds for the writing to switch from the name of the stop to the time…And there are many more instances like this…I seem to always lose time, like it literally accelerates sometimes. Wish I could gain time for a change :)

  189. AP – that is kind of scary to have instant acceleration with no control, it’s like your missing gaps of time.

    John – I had another incident to relate and share with people here, I can not say much for the UFOs or the Spiritual stuff after all what has happened to me in the past has occurred with no odd phenomena aside from the obvious ones of color washing out, sounds going down, the physical sensation, etc. no odd lights and no strange marks on my body. but I feel it was similar to what Bob related with his ‘lost and skipped’ time in the late 60’s.

    This incident I want to relate is actually one that happened recently, like last month (March, 2012) while I was vacation in San Francisco. Actually it happened while I was in the northern mountain area of California near a little town called Ukiah. I was visiting a friend on his ranch on March 16 – 18; the incident happened on the 17th.

    I had awoke early in the morning to find a surprise winter snow on the ground dusting everything. The reason I noticed this was because I was expected to be at the breakfast table by 8:00am I took my phone with me, it was roughly 7:15am PDT. Now to explain this so you get a better idea there were seemingly large gaps of land between buildings — the one I was coming out of was the ‘guest cabin’ and the building I had to get to was down and up another hill which basically took only 20min to reach on foot via a trail that I took through a small grove of trees.

    I started out the door in the blistering cold wind and snow, it was fairly thick on the ground, and as I slowly made my way down the first hill which had heavy snow cover, I slipped and slid down the hill. I caught myself and felt dizzy for a split second, I continued on my way and reached the other building at a good pace but it was then I noticed the grass was showing a lot more and the snow was barely on the ground. I looked behind me, the trail I had walked on was not as snow covered and it shocked me that the sun seemed to have popped out from the clouds so suddenly. I looked at my phone, it told me the time was just past 8:30-ish; I was shocked because it I had not left that long ago, I immediately thought of this page and realized that dizziness was something like what happened before.

    When I arrived at the building breakfast was almost over, I got teased for being sleepy headed but I told them I swore I left at 7:15am on the dot. Of course no one believed me but I went over and over the situation so firmly later that day and had walked that trail so many times the previous day and the rest of that day and the following day that I actually could tell it only took 20 – 22 min to go between the guest cabin and the place my friend actually lived. I also took note that when I slipped I had not hit my head on any near by trees and I had not fallen on my back, I had merely slid down on my bum a few inches, got dizzy, and stood up. I didn’t notice the snow was melting or the sun was out until I got near the end of the trail which came out of the woods and onto a small bluff before reaching my destination. So to recount – I woke up it was stormy with snow, I took a walk on a trail, slipped and righted myself, reach the end of the trail, and lost an hour or so. Strange world we live in…

  190. Hi John,
    4 months have passed since I last shared my experience with you….strange things continue to happen to me, but I thought I’d shed some light on these “missing time ” experiences with you….Out of curiosity , it would be interesting to note if these individuals have RH negative blood? I’ve been researching RH neg. blood for about 5 yrs. now and many individuals” losing time” also share very rare blood types( RH neg).There’s so many theories, and facts linked to RH neg blood, that many websites have sprung up that might interest you….RH neg blood… you or your mother have Rh neg. blood? and if so, you may find some answers to the questions you seek…….and yes,if you’re wondering, I have A- blood……..

  191. Cindy,
    I’ve never heard of RH negative blood type being associated with missing time experiences. Going forward I’ll ask that of people. I’m A positive, and I don’t think my mom was RH negative, but I’m not sure and can’t ask here because she died in February 2009. Don’t know if I could find that somewhere in her medical records or if my brother or sister or dad would know. Let you know if I find out.
    — John

  192. My boyfriend and I had a missing time experience just last night, and we are still very confused about what happened and looking for answers, which is why l found this website…
    It had been a normal day. We left my moms house after visiting with her at about 11:50 at night. My mom lives in TX, we had a 3 hour and 30 minute drive ahead of us going to our apartment in Louisiana. It takes approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes to get there, this drive has been made many times. Well, l was texting a friend back and forth. My boyfriend sees a sign “san augustine, 9 miles.” That was the last sign he sees. He makes the comment that it is abnormally dark, it is very dark but at that moment l did not think that it was anything abnormal. l noticed that it was so dark that you cannot see the tops of the trees against the sky. lt is blackness. But l just think it is a very dark night. Then, l cannot text my friend back because my phone is out of service. All of the sudden, we are in center texas. We are in the town we wanted to be in, but we had skipped over san augustine completely! That town should have been lit up, but we never saw it. My boyfriend was not speeding, either. We did not know what to think of this, l then noticed that l had service again and l was able to text my friend back. l saw that about 35 minutes or more had passed that l had no service. My boyfriend was still very confused and said that we could not have passed up San Augustine… we ended up making it to louisiana in two hours. It should have taken over 3 hours to get there. It was extremely odd. We don’t know what to make of it. lt’s like we went through a time warp or something!
    To make things even odder. The next day l called my mom to tell her about what happened. My Dad was in the room. She put him on the phone. He is a truck driver and he had a similar experience that same night. He was driving about 30 minutes away from where we were, and he was heading towards a town and he said that he suddenly ended up in the town at least 5 minutes earlier than he should have been there. We were shocked and relieved that some one else had a similar experience……. we are still baffled.

  193. So I just wanted to share this because I have experienced a few ‘time slips’ before, but I’ve always chalked them up to spacing out or what-have-you. Today at work I went outside for a smoke break, checking my phone as I did because they shouldn’t last more than 10 min. It was 7:05pm. I lit my smoke and played a friend of mine back in Words with Friends. When I exited the app, my phone said it was 8:32pm. I checked my watch and it confirmed the time as well. My cigarette was still lit (only burned about half down) and I had only taken one outside with me so I couldn’t have lit another one. I lost an hour and a half but the physical evidence of time passing (my cigarette burning) we completely absent. Never experienced anything like it.

  194. Chrissy – Especially interesting that your Dad experienced the same thing at the same time but in a different location. That’s a new one for my files. Makes me wonder if this is a physical phenomena that might be geographically located, like a weather event.

    Patrick Huyghe, owner of Anomalist Books and recently recommended a book to me about these phenomena called Time Storms, authored by Jenny Randles. I plan to pick that up soon and read it. From what I’ve read about it, it sounds like some of her theories about time anomalies are much like the conclusions that I’m beginning to make. There’s a review on that you might be interested in reading called Time Storms in the Matrix.

    Also, if you read some of the previous comments on this page you’ll find a couple from people who have described very similar experiences where they are traveling a long distance and arrived in an impossibly short period of time — kind of the opposite of the “typical” missing time experience that involves a substantial amount of time that has passed but can’t be accounted for. Yours is more of a skipping over of a period of time. That’s a little less common in my experience, but again, not unheard of. If you recall anything else, please let me know.


  195. Hi Taylor — Thanks for letting me know about your experience. I wish I had an explanation for you, but I can tell you that your experience is a lot more common than many people know. I just replied to to a comment from “Chrissy”, and hers sounded almost like it was a random event, as if she had passed through some kind of disturbance in the flow of time itself. A lot of them sound like that in fact. Others — and yours might fall into this category — sound more like the phenomenon is attached to a specific person. In other words, it’s one thing to happen to pass through one of these time anomalies, whatever their nature maybe be; it’s another thing when an individual has experienced this off and on their entire life, in different locations and under varied circumstances. The latter kind do not sound a random events to me. They sound like the person is being targeted, or that they have some kind of special ability.

    The variety of different forms that these time anomalies take is what makes it difficult to figure out what they’re about. Have you had any other strange experiences besides these time slips? Just curious…
    — John

  196. Thank you so much for responding to me John.

    I am just so baffled by this.

    As l recall, me and my boyfriend did have strange feelings before the “time skip”
    We are not sure about the right word to describe the feelings. We just felt off before it happened, it was not anything big enough that gave me a red flag signal, l just thought it was late at night, maybe we were tired?

    After it happened though, we both felt very strange. Maybe anxious? That might be pretty close to how it felt. Like when you walk in a room, know something bad happened in there, but are just in the dark about it. l also recall the feeling of feeling like l was squeezed in a tight space, kind of a claustrophobic feeling! For both of us! It was so weird, l even felt alittle bit scared. My boyfriend did not feel scared though because l told him that l felt that way and he responded “why?!” in a surprised voice… but that was maybe because of what had just happened to us. l do not know…

    Now l am looking for answers, l have been talking alot about this to my boyfriend.

    Also, when l was a child something else strange happened to me. This is very true. l am just a normal 23 year old, not making this stuff up, l wonder why these things happened to me lol…

    Well here is the second story.
    I was in about fourth grade. Was attending this small private school with an upstairs and a downstairs. Our classroom was upstairs, but when we had our P.E. classes, we went downstairs. So on this day, me and a group of my friends were in the back of our P.E. classroom, watching an exersize video on the t.v. and we were goofing off and being silly and having fun together. Our P.E. teacher was at a desk in the front of the classroom doing paperwork or something like that.
    I look over at my best friend and she is diagnal from us, standing in front of this fish tank that me and her usually do our exersizes at/ play in that spot.
    She is being a good girl and just silently is doing her exercises along with the video. Some one says “Leah, come back here with us!” Even though there was not much space anymore, as l remember.
    I remember she “silently” just shook her head, back and forth, like she was saying no. I remember she looked *exactly* like my friend, not one single difference, accept for the look in her eyes. The expression in her eyes was just vacant. No other differences.
    She turned away and kept doing her excersizes. The next thing that l remember is that the video was over, we were on the floor getting toys out to play. Leah walked to us and was just staring, some one asked “Do you want to play with us??” and l remember that she just walked away from us, we were just watching her because she was acting different, she walked over to the back door that was being held open with a little garbage can in the door, she stepped over the garbage can and we watched her, l watched her, walk down the alley…… we were confused because Leah was a good girl, and none of us were allowed to go out the back door. At that instant that we were watching her walk down the alley and dissapear, l guess, Leah opened the front door and we.were.all.shocked.
    I am still friends with her to this day, and she still remembers us freaking out when she walked in. She had been upstairs the whole time with a teacher practicing an instrument.

    I know what l saw, l may have been young but it really happened, l have always wondered about that, l know it was real. It’s a very, very odd thing.

    I was wondering if this could have anything to do with the missing time, l don’t know. It is just another very strange incidence that happened to me.

  197. Also, l just have one more thing to add, about my Dad….. l just wonder, if Dad experienced it too along with me and my boyfriend, then l wonder if any one else in the area also had an experience? I guess we’ll never know.

  198. i’m sorry to blow up your website but l just remembered another detail about the time slip. During the “missing time” l remember things that happened! I remember l tried to text my friend back at least several times and they all failed. l remember me and my boyfriend talking, the radio was on… l remember this. Then suddenly we were driving into center TX! My boyfriend said “wait a minute, l feel like i’m in the twilight zone…” l don’t know how it happened that we just ended up driving into the city like that suddenly… it’s like we just ended up there. ldk if l do or do not remember the whole time that we were “missing” …

  199. Chrissy — Comment as often as you like, no problem. Things might come to you as the days pass and I’m always interested in hearing them.

    Your story involving the elementary school incident with your friend is strange, no doubt. But even though I can’t really offer any explanation for it, I’ll tell you that much more often than not, people who have had these missing time episodes have also experienced other bizarre and unexplainable events in their lives. So it seems that the missing time might be just a piece of a larger puzzle, or a symptom of a bigger issue.

    There’s two ways of looking at what happened to you: 1) this time anomaly, whatever it’s nature, was a naturally occurring, localized event (kind of like a storm) that you, your boyfriend, and your Dad just happened to pass through; or, 2) you were singled out by someone or something for this experience. Your Dad might have been coincidentally passing through the same naturally occurring phenomenon at the same time, or he could have also been chosen to go through the same thing that you and your boyfriend experienced. One of the things that turns up consistently in the “alien abduction” literature (and I hate to even go there) is that this phenomenon frequently happens within the same family and often over several generations. I’m wondering if your Dad has had other missing time or strange experiences himself. Perhaps even grandparents(?) Might be worth asking about.

    My feeling is that these happenings are intelligently directed. That’s the impression that I had from my own missing time episode, and if that’s the case, then they probably have some kind of purpose. What that purpose is, I’m not too sure, because why do this and then erase our memory of it? Or, as I’ve speculated before, maybe we’re supposed to remember at a given time, or we’re being prepared for…something — whatever that may be — on a subconscious level. Just some ideas I’ve kicked around, but I’ve got no way of proving any of them.

    Please feel free to keep in touch and let me know if anything new comes to light.

    — John

  200. Chrissy – The double aka doppleganger effect is actually fairly common; I have heard/read several things like this especially with people who had time shifts or reality shifts; apparently there are cases where people see a freind or family member moments before they appear at a place, they see ghostly duplicates of people, or like in your case seeing an alien-or-strangely behaving person either when that person is really far away (as in traveling) at a location they shouldn’t be or about to come to that place while their double vanishes. (You can find a few accounts of this if you read through if you would like to see other similar ones.

    Cindy Waldron – I wonder about that blood connectivity, except I would not fit such a mold as I am O – Rh + blood type.

    John – At this rate you should make a new blog dedicated to Time Shifting alone ;p

  201. Thank you both for your quick responses. :)

    l will let you guys know if l experience anything else or remember something. I’m glad that l am not alone in all of this, haha. Reading these stories made me feel alot better, and more curious, too. I had the thought that, with all of these stories on here, there should be a movie or a t.v. show made about this featuring true stories! Why don’t we hear more about “skipping time” … obviously, it’s a real thing… l know l did not imagine this. And it’s the same for these other people on this site too…

  202. Chrissy – I think the reason is because it goes right up there with UFO’s and Ghosts to most people (except they got TVs and funding) but they do not care. I do not know why they haven’t done a show yet for this….maybe we should do a funding for it lol

    I have had strange stuff happen to me, I can not say I have had the creepy doubles of people or my ‘twin’ appear. but I can say for sure i had some weird stuff happen to me…mostly in places I visit. Its not something I discuss with people freely.

  203. Danny, Chrissy — Nice to see the readers communicating with each other and sharing ideas! I’m very close to releasing version 2.0 of this website, and the new version is going to include a forum. I hope that will further encourage people to exchange their thoughts with one another. Also been reading a lot of books and will have several new article discussing them. Thanks for checking in and contributing to the site. — John

  204. Hey John thanks for telling us about Time Storms btw, I plan on picking it up from Amazon ASAP.

  205. Hi John,
    I would like to tell you what happened to me in 1991. Normal night out with friends and at 1AM I was driving home alone from San Jose, CA to Sunnyvale, about 12 miles and I had the radio on and was then “awakened” at 4:30AM in total darkness with the radio on and the gas light showing red. I don’t believe in coincidences, but here’s what happened. I have no idea where I am but in my car, headlights on, yellow road markings passing by and the gasoline fuel light is red; total blackness out there; no signs, no vehicles, no lights and I immediately started praying to Jesus to help me. I was scared; the most scared ever in my life at this point. It was an earnest and most fervent prayer to God to help me. Within 15 seconds a bright light is noticed right behind me out of nowhere and a huge pickup truck pulls up beside me on my left with bright headlights on and the cab area lights up pure white clear light and i make out an older white hair gentleman wearing a red checkered flannel shirt on and he is driving beside me like he was going to pass but didn’t.
    He pointed his right arm straight out and to the right indicating for me to get off at next right. This light was not from a little upper lamp light. It was real bright and fully lit the cab and outside the truck. Then his truck slowed, still bright headlights, he was now behind me and I thought my car was being pushed but there was no truck behiind me doing it, It was gone. There was no bump to the bumper either.The headlights gone, the truck was gone and I took the next right about a mile further and found a gas station a couple miles ahead and was now in Pacifica, CA., about 40 miles from home, not knowing how I got there. This would take time and concentration to drive through the winding rural roads off of 280 through the mountains to the ocean and I know I had absolutely no plans on going to Pacifica that morning. I got gas and drove back home and have never been up in that region since. I Googled maps to see where I might have possibly ended up along the coast (I saw small rocky islands at 5 AM when I got gased up) and I still have no notion as to what occurred. But I did learn something. There is a God. There are Guardian angels sent to help us in time of need and I have one (at least one). There was an answer within seconds to my prayer request. Whether or not aliens or UFO were involved I don’t know but I was not alone. There was a reason for this to have happened and I don’t know what it is but I did get my request answered. Is there a God-UFO connection? There seems to be a Bible-UFO connection. I have never seen anything recorded like this where time is missing and an angel shows up to relieve your angst but it happened to me and that was not a coincident. Why was I selected to have missing time? Who drove me there? Was my car sucked up and deposited? I was not in control during these 3.5 hours but somehting controlled me to make me drive to this spot. Who and why I will never know.
    I had no rashes, scars or cuts when I got home. The car was fine. I am confounded as to what happened those 3.5 hours. Had to share this as I know what happened to me and friends mock me when I bring this incident up but I did learn a truth that morning. I believe we each are watched over and for whatever reason this event happened I have no idea other than it made my faith in the highest Being stronger Thanks for reading and letting me share this. I enjoy your blog and it comforts me that I know I am not alone. Thanks again. Someday the truth will become known to me.

  206. Hi Doug — Fascinating story, thanks for sharing it. I know what you mean about people mocking you when relating your experience to them. If this website of mine serves any purpose, I hope it’s provide a forum for people to talk about these phenomena without feeling as if they’re being judged (although I make it a policy to include comments from the skeptics and debunkers as well — all opinions are welcome). Also, I hope it does provide some small comfort in knowing that these incidents are far more commonplace than many people realize. When I first wrote this article I had no idea that so many people would comment and email me about having gone through similar types of experiences.

    As I’ve mentioned in reply to the past few comments, I believe that the nature of these “missing time” and “time-slip” phenomena are either naturally-occurring, like storms, and people experiencing them might just be passing through them at random; that, or they’re being orchestrated by an unknown intelligence. Whether this intelligence is benevolent or evil, I don’t know. I recently interviewed Christian minister CK Quarterman who authored Fallen Angels: Giants, UFO Encounters & The New World Order (very interesting book, btw). Mr. Quarterman is one of a growing body of Christian and other religious scholars who do believe that these missing time and abduction events are being perpetrated by evil entities. Personally, I’ve avoided the temptation to attach religious implications to paranormal phenomena, but my views might be changing on that. Also, I’ve read many times that invoking the name of the God or Jesus Christ when experiencing these sort of phenomena will produce an almost instantaneous end to them. If so, that could be further evidence that whomever/whatever is causing them are indeed evil/Satanic in nature.

    A few good websites on the subject: CK Quarterman’s Fallen Angels site (I’ll have a review of that book and my conversation with author on the site soon); Douglas Hamp’s website; Dr. David Jacobs Center for Abduction Research. Dr. Jacob’s views are particularly interesting in that he conducted research into the phenomena for many years before ultimately concluding that these entities were malevolent. I don’t say this to be alarming, but I do find it interesting that when you prayed you were immediately answered, which would indicate that perhaps your experience was not wholesome or simply innocuous.

    Have you had any other strange experiences before or since this happened? Oftentimes, what appears to be an isolated event is just one of an ongoing series of paranormal occurrences which may or may not seem related to one another. And if you have already done so, you may also want to ask your family members if they’ve had any similar experiences.

    Good luck, and thanks again. Feel free to keep in touch.
    — John

  207. Thanks for sharing and being opened-minded, John. I appreciate your responses and time.
    My family members have not had similar missing time experiences. And this is an isolated incident for me; never happened before nor after but it still feels like it happened a few days ago.
    As much as I could ever think about it, I knew I could not come up with an explanation so I can only accept it and move on. My prayers are listened to and there was a Guardian angel pointing the way, relieving my worries. So I have confirmation of a Supreme Being.
    Even if a UFO was not involved, something took me over and forced me to drive out to nowhere without going off the road or having an accident at night in the hills and curved roads. Very strange because I have no idea how I got out to Pacifica. There are no direct roads, only coming from San Francisco downward. Was I dumoed there? I don’t know.

    In 1951, my parents and my dad’s parents were in dad’s car with my oldest brother and sister and were fishing at a creek at dusk in Chili, New York 12 miles west of Rochester and they witnessed a strange event. As they were leaving the farmer’s field driving with headlights on going alongside the creek in the ruts in the dirt road with headlights bouncing
    up and down an object appeared over their car with a low hum noise. My dad turned off the headlights and he and his father got out from the front seat and discussed what they were viewing across the top of the car’s roof. My dad was in WWll and his dad was in WWl so they knew current technology, blimps, aircraft, etc and they couldn’t figure it out.
    Both said this circular shaped craft was no higher than a telephone pole. There were lights on the sides but they couldn’t see the whole craft in the dark. Then suddenly a second craft moved under the first craft and was stationary setting beside the first one. Still talking about it my mom and grandmother were holding onto my siblings who were 4 and 5 years old. My mother thought ‘they’ were going to zap a beam down and take them away and was holding the kids tightly while looking up through the rear window. After a half of minute the first craft speed off at a high rate of speed at a 45 degree angle and stopped and the second one did the same and followed the first one, then both zapped out fo site within seconds. There were confirmed newspaper articles about siteings along the Great Lakes that evening. My parents never reported it but continued to describe it the same way for many years after that. That’s why I know it so well and I also asked them questions about it many times. There was no missing time though. I don’t think they were being monitored either. They just happened to be out, headlights bouncing in a field and it may have caught the UFO’s attention.
    I just had to share that incident with you as you asked about other incidents.
    Keep up the great work John. I enjoy your composure and non-judgementalness in all your responses. Thanks.

  208. Hi John,

    I hope you don’t mind me adding to this mammoth thread but I wanted to share my story ‘out here’ rather than email in the dim hope that it might help someone else with a similar experience again make contact.

    All I can say is wow! I had an eerily similar experience to you in about 1995, I was 20.
    I live in Victoria, Australia and at the time this happened I was living in Daylesford. I lived about a five minute drive to the edge of the bush (forest). I used to take my dog out there for big walks in the weekends. It’s dotted with abandoned old cars that are totally pilfered and rusted out and there’s a lot of old energy in the bush out there. (I need to add here that Daylesford is or was full of witchcraft at that stage because of the energies in the area). The waters are also famous for healing but I’m not mentioning that to influence the story, it’s just a fact..

    I digress. I got in the habit of taking my dog out there in the weekends and wandering. It was very peaceful, I would never notice a soul except for the sound of bikes somewhere in the distance. I used to follow the fence line and not stray too far at first. I gradually taught myself my way around a fair section of bush where I knew how to get myself back out again or at least I could follow my dog out.

    This one weekend I took a couple of friends out into the bush with us, we started on the normal walk. I parked my car in the normal spot but we decided to explore a slightly larger area than I had alone as the boys were better with compasses than me and their company alone made me feel bolder. We came across a house witch was round in structure, completely round with a timber frame and every panel on the house had been made of glass. Somewhere miles out in the bush someone had constructed this glass house! Everyone of those glass panels had been smashed to pieces. Inside was the evidence someone had lived there, there were local newspapers from only a few months back, a bed, cans of food, a fireplace. Even a broom. I remember feeling compelled to clean up and picking up the broom to sweep and then feeling that was wrong and stepping back outside. I walked down the side and there was a dam with a broken old jetty, it was the saddest, gloomiest place I had ever seen and the emotion that came from it was overpoweringly sad.

    I walked away from it from behind the house and I seemed to be in shade, I remember the boys walking away around to the front of the house and the sunlight shining on them. As I rounded the house I remember become annoyed at how long it seemed to be taking to get to them, I knew something felt wrong but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I finally got around (this should have been a half a minute walk) and they were miles in front. I wasn’t too worried when I saw them so far away because I had my dog but in a panic I realised I didn’t have my dog. I called him and my voice seemed so far away, I saw him turn and run back towards my direction but it was like he couldn’t see me. I was screaming at him and running towards him but I was getting nowhere, almost like a dream. I could see him straining to find me and listening for my voice but eventually he gave up looking for me and turned and ran the other way, he was very excited about something. I remember noticing the ground was darker there now and the grass was being whipped up like there was a wind but I couldn’t hear anything or it seemed muted, almost like something else was drowning it all out but not something I could hear. Then that’s it, I don’t know what happened after that but when I awakened as you so succinctly put it, I’ve described it as coming to which I guess is the same kind of thing, I was by the fenceline about 100 metres maybe a little more, from where I had been and I was alone. I had sound back and I felt bewildered, absolutely bewildered. I freaked out because I had no dog, my dog and I were rather co-dependent, and I was alone in the bush. I remember having to make myself get it together and then tell myself I knew to follow the fenceline. Eventually I found the right path out and as I was almost back to the car my dog ran up and greeted me.
    My friends were both waiting at my car and initially I was furious because I thought they had ran off on me, I really didn’t know what was going on but neither did they. They told me they kind of found themselves alone and completely lost – each separated from one another – and started wandering, trying to find a way out and calling our names. My dog ran up to one of them and led them toward the path and then he ran off and ran to the other one. He did that, running back and forth from one to the other until he lead them back to the car, they had only been there five minutes or so before I got there. We went in to the bush at about 1/1.30 and got back to the car about 4pm. We probably walked for at least 40 minutes before we found the house and probably spent half an hour there.I don’t know what happened and I didn’t think about it for a long time until it started to really bug me that I didn’t know and I started to look around on the internet for similar stories. I lost contact with the two friends but became friends with the one I was closest to again a couple of years ago. I emailed him one day and asked him what he remembered from that day. He denied remembering it but two weeks later messaged me and said he remembered going out there, he refuses to discuss it further via email and we live far apart now so catchups are rare.

    I also want to mention that I have a lot of ‘weird things’ happen and pretty much always have, extremely weird coincidences and I can remember before I was born, the day I came home from hospital, my first birthday cake. I know my Nan although she died before I was born, I was recently told she is my guide which actually makes sense.

    I’m so glad I stumbled across your page. Like you I think it meant something and I will find out what at some stage, some time. Hope this makes sense and isn’t too garbled, it’s a hard story to shorten.


  209. Nicole — Getting ready to run out to take my dad to a doctor appointment, so I’ll reply when I get back. Very fascinating story though. Lately I’ve been getting so many people telling me about missing time incidents. I wonder what it all means? Chat further when I get back. — John

    Doug — You too. Sorry for not replying, been a crazy week. I do like to respond to everyone if I can. Thanks for the follow up comment.

  210. Thanks John, I wrote this out late last night after debating with myself for a day over whether I should or not. I just wanted to add that (apart from a couple of grammatical errors) I failed to mention that when I was screaming to my dog I couldn’t actually hear myself screaming. I knew I was, I felt hoarse from it but there wasn’t a big sound.
    I’ve scoured the internet using the same and different searches and never found your page before, when I read your story I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at the similarities! Thanks for responding.
    Hope your dad is ok.

  211. Nicole.. ty for that, as you made me remember a bit more with my post earlier.
    When the sky had turned yellow, and i seem to crawl to slow-speed, and suddenly snapped out of it, i also did indeed have extreme trouble with talking to myself
    about the incident to myself. My voice seemed like it was a long ways off in the distant.
    needless to say i was spooked and confused,but not scared. I had totally forgotten about the effort it took to say something out loud..,and the raspey voice for the remainder of the day, When the yellowish haze to sky,beagn to dissapate it seemed relevant to proper sounding voice, and other normal sounds of life.
    Thee were a couple other stories, similar with missing time while travelling, which i have experienced a number of times,but nothing more than 10-20 minute espisode,
    Those sorts of events seem to pop with me every few months,but nothing major-league significant.. John’s story is very intiguing, because of the family member being involved.
    Mine are always when im’ totally alone. I wiss we could figure this all out somehow,
    and really like the idea of forums in the planning John, if we could keep the nonsense trouble kids out. It seems we have well aged people here with interesting stories.
    I often stopping back to read more here. Thanx again Nicole for stimulating a long ago
    forgotten memory

  212. P.S. -Time Storms in the Matrix.,,look very very interesting read.

  213. Nic — Sorry for the delay in replying. Great (if spooky) story. As I usually say, I wish I could offer an explanation, but I can’t. I’ve thrown out a few ideas which you can read in my previous replies. Unfortunately, these are only theories and are unproven. The trouble with paranormal-type phenomena is that they generally can’t be measured scientifically so they’re often dismissed by many people. However, there seems to be a so many normal and credible people who have undergone these types of unexplained events that it would be ridiculously narrow-minded to just laugh them off and discount all of their experiences.

    Having gone through it, I’m particularly interested by these time anomaly stories. I’ve a tremendous number of emails and blog comments from people who have experienced them in different variations, and I can only conclude that there is something to them. Yours is particularly interesting in that you had two others with you who shared the same (or similar) strangeness. Sounds like you had a fairly significant period of time missing as well. A lot of your story is much like mine, which I find reassuring in a strange way. These missing time/time anomalies are definitely real; I have no doubt of that. I only wish I understood how/why they occur and their meaning.

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Always interested in hearing more, so please keep in touch.

    — John

  214. Thanks, Bob. Yeah, things are settling down a bit now in my personal life as far as family responsibilities, and I’m looking forward to implementing the new version of the site with the forums. Also looking forward to getting back to a regular schedule of writing, too. It’s been way too long since I posted a new article on the site.

  215. You know it seems like there are several things going on with missing time / unexplained time slips —

    Unidentified Flying Objects, Mysterious Unexplained Anomalies, Guardian Forces or Entities, and possible Temporal-Disturbances.

    I would classify most as MUAs and TDs but I noticed a trend with GFs also especially with Doug’s account. The UFO connection is also a little interesting but that feels like a separate non-directly related issue with most time slips, it seems most people have just had sudden time jumps or repeats which I’d classify with T-D / MUA such as yours John. Anyway glad to see all these posts :)

  216. John

    i have never told this to anybody except the wife but, on 9/9/1991 i drove with my Boss for an evening conference out near Salamanca NY

    about 4:00 it started to rain just after we’d gone under an overpass so hard that we pulled the car over so as not to get in an accident

    i’ve never ever seen it rain that hard in NY ever, and we both fell asleep

    the next thing i know, we both woke up about the same instant and just kind of looked at each other for a minute, it’s a little over an hour, maybe an hour and a half later, the rain had stopped and we are back on the OTHER side of the overpass heading back the way we came

    when i started to say something about what just happened, he snapped at me, said he didn’t know and he never wanted to talk about it again

    the conference was at 6:00 and we didn’t even have time for dinner, we got there about 5:50

    i didn’t get much out of the conference nor did i sleep much that night

    the next morning on the way back i must have had an odd look on my face when i started to broach the subject because he scowled at me and i never brought it up again till a couple years later when all he said was, “Fuck you… i told you i never want to talk about it again!”

    now this is from a man that was an Army Sniper in Nam with 11 confirmed kills… i never brought it up again, he died last june

    you don’t have to believe it and i don’t understand it, but there it is.


  217. Charlie — Jeez, I’m running out of things to say in response to all of these missing time stories that I’ve been receiving lately. If you read some of my previous response to earlier comments you’ll get an idea of where I stand on the subject. I really do feel that something is going on here, and it’s no “delurium” as one numbskull recently suggested (btw, I’m all for publishing opposing opinions, but they have to be intelligent ones and not just negative, stupid rants). There have been too many sane and rational-sounding people who have come forward with these experiences to dismiss them all. I know that firsthand that this is a very real phenomenon that can seemingly happen anywhere at anytime, alone or in the presence of others.

    Also, your boss’s reaction was very typical of people who have gone through a missing time episode. I’m often told that when the subject comes up they react very strongly and refuse to speak about it. That suggests to me that there is some sort of repression of the memory of the incident that’s happening here — almost like post traumatic stress disorder.

    Thanks for sharing your experience. If anything else comes to mind about it (or anything else), please feel free to comment again or email me.

    — John

  218. John;

    repression is possible, but i think it was more a reaction that for somebody who has killed for his country and has a real sense of his own reality, that he could not come to grips with something wholly outside of his known reality and something he simply couldn’t deal with so it was easier to just not think about it lest he have a real problem on his hands with something he couldn’t understand nor be able to cope with not understanding it

    i have absolutely no memories of what happened whatsoever, it is simply a blank spot in my life that might of been easier, for me anyway, to deal with if we’d been able to at least talk about it and maybe between the two of us remember something, anything about it rather than nothing


  219. Hi John, my name is Aaron and I used to live in Sydney before moving to Perth about 4 years ago.
    Before I left Sydney I was experiencing the “3 knocks” occurance. Despite people calling it the “Death Knocks” none of my family or friends died whenever I heard the knocks. The first time I ever heard them I was about 18 (1988) and I was alone in my parents house in Campbelltown, Sydney, wide awake watching TV when I heard the knocks. First on the wall to my right 3 times, then on the wall in front of me (behind the TV) 3 times, and finally 3 times on the wall to my left.
    Needless to say it freaked me out, and I got up and searched the house for intruders, but found none.
    About 10 ten years later the knocks returned, but they would only occur in my sleep just before I woke up. I wasn’t aware of this until about 2 years ago.
    When I moved from Sydney to Middle Swan in Perth (about 3000km) to work in the mining industry. I would do 2 weeks on site, then work would fly me back to Perth for 1 week R+R. My flate mate worked on the same site as me, but we were on alternate rosters, so when I was at home, he was on site and vice versa.
    One day I bought myself a gold ring with a cubit zirconia set into the top of it. That night when I went to bed I took my gold ring off and went to place it on the dresser beside me, but it rolled off onto the floor. I looked down on the floor to see where it landed, and said to myself, I’ll pick it up in the morning.
    At about 4.30am the next morning I heard 3 big bangs on my bedroom wall and it woke the heck outta me. I thought that my flate mate had come home early and was in the laundry next to my room doing some washing. So I got out of bed looked in the laundry, nobody. Searched the rest of the house and looked out the front door and nobody there either. I didn’t think much of it until I went to go back to bed again, and just as I was getting into bed I noticed that my gold ring wasn’t on the floor. So I looked under the bed, behind the dresser, I shook the sheets out and for next 4 hours I turned that room upside down looking for that ring but couldn’t find it. By about midday I gave up searching and accepted the fact that it will just turn up some where unexpected oneday.
    That night I went to the Casino, the place to go in Perth on a Saturday night, got drunk out of my skull, got home at about 2am and crashed out.
    At 4.30am again I heard 3 big bangs on my bedroom wall, de-ja-vu I thought, and just as I was getting out of bed to search the house again, I saw my gold ring on the floor, resting in the exact same spot where it had fallen 2 nights before. It was at this point that I had a sudden recall of every other time I had been woken up by 3 knocks on my wall. Nobody said I was a fast learner, but after 10 years of hearing the 3 knocks, the penny finally dropped. The frequency of the knocks would be about once every 2 or 3 months. But because this time it happened one day after the other, it made me realise that this has been happening for a long time. During that period I would also have vivid dreams about people being in my house and looking at me while I slept. I would always wake up with an eerie feeling of knowing that someone had been in my house and room while I slept. I used to live by myself in Sydney, which is why it freaked me out a little. But each time I would search the house but never had any kind of proof until the missing ring.
    I know this doesn’t really fit into your “Missing Time” thread, but I hope you can post it anyway.
    Cheers mate
    P.S Oh yeah your doing a top job with this thread, I think you should compile the stories and publish a book. I would buy it for sure.

  220. Hi Aaron,
    No problem that it doesn’t fit into the Missing Time thread. I don’t have a category for this at all, but maybe I should make one! I’ve heard of people hearing loud bangs and knocks without knowing where they come from, although I can’t recall any as consistent and ongoing as yours. It certainly sounds like something is trying to get your attention, but for what purpose I can’t guess. Have you experienced any other strange phenomena at any point during your life? Even if it seems minor and/or unrelated to this knocking business? Not that the knocking isn’t strange enough as it is, but I usually ask this because people very often say, “Now that you mention it… this happened, or I’ve had these other incidents on occasion…” My theory that I’ve begun to develop from all of these blog comments and emails that I receive is that some people are “experiencers” — meaning that they’re either more receptive to psychic or supernatural phenomena than other people, or that they’ve been chosen or targeted for some reason or purpose. That second one is kind of a disturbing thought, but I can’t help wondering if there’s an underlying reason that some folks have these odd experiences and that they frequently continue on and off through their entire lives, while others never experience anything outside of the ordinary at all.

    Thanks for the positive feedback. I’m working on version 2.0 of this blog and I’ll be integrating a forum in the updated site. I’d really like this to be a place where people can discuss these ideas and the things that have happened to them without feeling uncomfortable. Regarding the book, yeah, I have been thinking pretty seriously about that and discussed the possibility with a friend who owns a publishing company, so it could happen.

    Thanks for checking in. — John

  221. Here’s an event that happened to my brother and I almost 30 years ago. We were in high school at the time, 1984. We went to school as usual and were given absentee slips to be fille dout by our parents. We were both marked absent the day before.??? My brother and I shared homeroom( we’re twins) and we wondered why we were marked absent. We looked at each other and tried to think if we had gone somewhere that day with the family but we both drew a blank. We thought it was a mistake. Later we shared a lunch period and sat at a table with a close friend. He also asked us where we were. Okay, now that was weird. If we weren’t in school, where were we? I tried to think about the day previous but drew a blank. I couldn’t remember going anywhere but I also couldn’t remember any specifics about the school day either. We shared a gym class and asked the insturctor if we were in class the day before. He said No. Another friend said he didn’t see us that day, either. We were completely confused. The thing is, we had our dad drop us off at school in the morning and then we’d walk home. It was only about a mile. We asked our dad if he dropped us off at school and he said he did. Our mother called the school and wanted to know why we were marked absent. She talked to the principal and he said not to worry about it and to just forget it. I still kind of wonder about that phone conversation.
    Two years earlier I had cut a first class to avoid not turning in an english composition which I hadn’t done. My brother went along and our story was that I had walked to school and was almost there when I remembered I had forgotten my composition paper so I went home to get it. Just to lose enough time to miss one class, not the whole day. We got home and the school had already called asking where we were. So had we not shown up for school I think the school would have called the house and somebody would have answered that we were in school. Maybe they called and maybe they didn’t. But then I wonder if my family was also somehow influenced.
    So either we thought we went to school but didn’t, and our dad thought he drove us to school, or we went to school, got dropped off by our dad but just never went in and spent the day doing something we couldn’t remember. Or we did go to school but nobody could remember seeing us and we couldn’t remember doing anything in school either.
    One last thing. Around this time, our friends and my brother and I noticed that a strange car would follow us around when we’d go to each others houses. We’d see the car pull up at the end on the street and then it would drive off after we got out. We would joke that it was the CIA. Why would they kepe tabs on us? Who knows. But we were dungeons and dragons players at the time( nerds) and there was some hysteria then over it being involved with devil worship. It was the Reagan years. Maybe the feds were caught up with the craziness?
    Just a very strange thing to have happen. Its never happened again and I have no nightmares about abductions.

  222. Hi Tom — Very odd story. It fits the “typical” missing time accounts for the most part, but I don’t often hear of people losing an entire day. I wonder too about the significance (if any) of the strange car following you and your brother and friends.

    A thought that I’ve been kicking around recently is that perhaps the missing time incidents that we recall are only the tip of the iceberg. Could there be whole parts of our lives that are unremembered? If so, what happens to us during those unremembered periods? The reason that I’ve been thinking this is that just the other day I had a flash of some part of my life that I hadn’t recalled previously, but when I had that flash it seemed much more like a memory of real events than simply recollecting a dream — and it appeared to be a fairly significant and lengthy part of my life. It was also very disturbing, which could be why I might have repressed the memory and buried it in my subconscious.

    In Whitley Steiber’s Communion, he recounts a period of time as a young man that he recalled under hypnosis. He was traveling through Europe I believe (been a while since I’ve read the book) and spent a substantial amount of time there, running from someone or something. The point is, this wasn’t just a minor thing like a weekend vacation. It would be understandable that one could forget something like that after twenty-five or thirty years. This was a significant period of time, living and traveling in foreign countries — not something a person would soon forget. But Mr. Strieber apparently had blocked out this entire portion of his life’s history. That particular part of his book really struck me when I read it.

    Not that I’m suggesting that your experience is necessarily as dramatic as all that; it’s just that the more emails and blog comments that I receive from people in response to my Missing Time Experience? article, the stronger I feel that these episodes seem to hold a meaning that we haven’t grasped, and they may really be just the tip of something much greater and more portentous. I know the tendency is to look at them as isolated incidents, but I think that may be wrong way to pursue the truth behind these time anomaly phenomena.

    By the way, I was D & D playing high school nerd in the early ’80s too.

    Thanks for relating your experience. — John

  223. wow! good read,,,
    One of my best friends ,once experienced a very very similar story in 9th grade.(1969?)
    I thought he was joking.(he was not a twin)
    Last thing he said he remembered was walking to school, and was within sight of the school. He remembers nothing after that, except walking home,
    as school was done for the day.
    He was one of the brightest and a popular student in the whole school
    with an “A” average,very smart guy.He rarely ever missed a day,
    so it kind of stood out when he wasn’t there.
    This was the only time i ever heard of this type of incident, until i read your post.

  224. Seems to be way more prevalent than I ever realized, Bob. I never expected to have so many people email and me and post comments about having similar experiences. If you haven’t done it, read through the comments section and see. It’s really amazing. I only wish I understood the meaning of these phenomena.

  225. Hi John, if i could clarify on my comment.
    Quote*This was the only time i ever heard of this type of incident, until i read your post.”
    this was in reference to a specific missing school-day type of incident,where the poster
    never arrived at school,and had no re-call about it. An important destination to
    go missing from.Certainly in my day, we had truant officers, and a bevy of other school admins who would jump on any student trying to skip school.
    And as you stated “It’s really amazing. I only wish I understood the meaning of these phenomena.”,i concur,you and I both sir.
    Also a very important statement by yourself “I’d really like this to be a place where people can discuss these ideas and the things that have happened to them without feeling uncomfortable.”
    I don’t think we will ever get over the “uncomfortable” part,,Relating one’s events, i found to be a rather odd experience, as in a feeling like -i shouldn’t be telling this- and it’s a struggle to completely reveal the event in any forum.
    I don’t know about anyone else, but I felt like deleting my post three times,
    before i completed it.The “submit” button is a scary button,lol.

  226. I like that this type of forum exists. I have no apprehension in finding out the truth. It may be a challenge but sharing information enlightens us all. Thanks for all who share and don’t be uncomfortable. I know John must have many more personal emails which are not shared; too bad. It would be a good read.
    John you said “As I continued to walk toward the intersection, these landmarks continued to appear to recede further into the distance as I approached them.” I am wondering if you felt as if things were slowing down, just slowing down like time was coming to a halt? I saw Linda Multon Howe on Ancient Aliens and she described this slowing down process as being related to alien abduction. I wonder about your thoughts on this.

  227. it makes me wonder how many read every post here,like we did,
    started to type their experience, and deleted everything in the end,
    and not post. I debated for almost 30 minutes,whether i should click the
    “submit” button or not.

  228. Question: Did John Carlson, hesitate on his original thread?

  229. Bob — I’m sure that a lot of people are hesitant to speak of their experiences. It’s difficult to come to grips with something you don’t understand yourself, and at the same time feel as if you can’t talk about it openly for fear of ridicule or being thought of as flake or a wacko. This is why I’ve come to believe that many more people probably have undergone these bizarre time anomalies and other paranormal-type incidents, but simply keep them to themselves and never open up to anyone. If this site has any purpose I hope it’s to allow people to feel like they can discuss their experience openly and with some amount of anonymity. And yes, I’ve received some very interesting emails from people. I may talk about some of the stories I’ve heard, but I won’t ever publish anyone’s name without their consent.

    Regarding your other question, yes, I guess I might describe a sense of things “slowing down”. It was a very weird sensation and difficult to describe. Things were abnormally quiet, although the streets were not devoid of people and cars. It just seemed as if there was a strange, muted hush, as if I was walking parallel to the real world(?) Does that make any kind of sense at all? Like I said, it was very weird and it’s hard to put into words. The further on that I walked, the more pronounced it became and that’s when I noticed that the intersection began to recede into the distance as I walked closer and closer toward it. Then I remember nothing until I awoke (still walking) sometime later in a different area of town. Still walking in the same direction, north-to-south, but further back from where I began and considerably further north than where I had lost my memory. The fact that my mom was “told” to come get me and that she knew exactly where I was adds to the strangeness. So yes, I think it was some kind of contact and holds some sort of meaning. That’s only my impression. I’ve never had any memory of what happened during that period of missing time.

    As to the last question: Did I hesitate on my original thread? Meaning did I hesitate to write about this thing that happened to me? If so, then YES! I most certainly did. This article and the one about the creepy little guys that used to visit me at night were extremely difficult for me to write of, largely because these incidents sound crazy to me when I talk about them out loud, so I know that plenty of people who read this probably thinking I’m a little cracked. That’s why I generally don’t tell my friends or family about this website of mine. I’m more comfortable in speaking and writing about this to strangers than to people I know. I’ve got a few other too that I’m still holding back. Making I’ll work up the courage to write about them eventually. Not ready yet, though.

  230. ty John for that great reply.
    and wish you the best for now, and in the future.

  231. Hi John and everyone else commenting.
    Firstly I want to say thank you John for letting this thread run on, and on, and on.. I haven’t had a chance to sit down and read all the comments thoroughly yet, well actually I was reading them last night and then I closed my laptop to do something else and when I opened it again this page wasn’t open any longer. I do have it bookmarked so I just had to go down the list and click on it but for some reason I felt that was too much bother. Now Im running out of time before school pickup so I won’t write much now, but I think Danny mentioned above that he felt really strange about posting his experience and hesitated over the post button? So did I!!! When I wrote it all and went to press post I felt like something was telling me not too. Then something ran over the roof, it was probably a possum, i live in a borderline rural area in Melbourne, Australia and possums run rife, but it was the biggest and heaviest noise I have ever heard a possum make (if it was one). I’ve not heard it since and my dog whimpered! Normally he would bark at a possum.
    You mention having memories that go far back. So do i, and this will make me sound like an absolute nutcase but I have memories of coming home from hospital!! But not as me at that stage. I was with someone looking at my family and looking at the baby I was about to be and whoever was with me was telling me about them all. Years later I experienced the same voice telling me something about one of my sisters in the same way. That was sixteen years ago and the things I was told are just happening to her now. I’ve never told anyone what was said to me, it came to me when I was meditating.
    Which leads me to a question for everyone. Does anyone experience third eye experiences or pressure where their third eye chakra is? It’s said that when the third eye is opened we have the ability to view other dimensions. I’ve been experiencing a lot of pressure and activity with this in the last couple of years. I’m just at the tip of the iceberg with all this stuff and by no means an expert but I just wonder if that could be something we all have in common?
    You mentioned a forum for us to discuss it. I’m following your page on facebook now, we can create a closed group on facebook that you have to request to join, that can be moderated. Just an idea, but of course not everyone is sold on facebook.
    I shall return.. I know I read a couple of other things I related to. Will attempt to sit down and read through all this tonight when my bambinos are asleep!!

  232. Grrrr, I didn’t self edit. Meant to say that when I heard the possum run on the roof was the same time I was getting the feeling not to hit submit. The feeling was really strong and quite scary, I felt like something bad was going to happen and I really had to fight through the feeling to submit it.

  233. Hi Nic — Mine was more of a feeling of embarrassment and concern for being viewed as a nut, not so much of a feeling that I shouldn’t talk about my story 😉 But, I have heard of that very often in abduction literature — the strong sensation not to speak of these experiences and a feeling as if something “bad” will happen if you do. This is further reason why I tend to think that these are intelligently-directed events, rather than something that is random and stemming from a physical phenomenon such as electromagnetic fields and such. Mine seemed as if I was manipulated and controlled. That’s my general impression and feeling that I’ve been left with anyway. Also, my mother having described a “voice” in her head saying that I need her and telling her to go find me. That also leads me to believe that this was more than something random or mundane.

  234. I have experienced a “time skip” similar to what Chrissy experienced. About five years ago, I was driving I-35 between Austin and Dallas. This is a trip I have made hundreds of times since childhood. I know the route like the back of my hand. It is about 200 miles and takes 3 1/2 to 4 hours depending on traffic and the frequency and length of stops.

    I left home at 9am. It was overcast but a clear day with little traffic. I remember driving through Georgetown heading north. After a bit I looked down at the clock and noted it was approaching 10:30 and thought that I should be coming up on Salado soon. As I approached the next town, I found myself in Hillsboro where I-35 splits to go through Dallas and Fort Worth. Normally I should have hit Waco about two hours into the trip. I had no memory of travelling through Salado, Belton, Temple, Waco or West.

    I went over the sequence of events in my head. I know I left at 9am. I remembered what I had watched on television that morning. I had checked the time on the clock in the kitchen before I left. I had checked the clock in the car as I entered the freeway (only about six blocks from the house). It was winter so we were not on daylight savings time. I remember driving through North Austin, Round Rock and Georgetown.

    I had been daydreaming and thought that I just wasn’t paying attention but I was wide awake now. My main concern was that something was wrong with the car and it was not in fact 10:30am. I have twice experienced weird electrical problems in a car I was driving. Both times it was due to a failing alternator.

    My next stop was a truck stop in Italy where I often stop for gas. I topped off my tank, looked the car over, went inside to the restroom, splashed some water on my face to wake me up and purchased some caffeine. At the cash register I asked the cashier if she had the time. She responded something like 11:14 or 11:24. I said that was weird because I left Austin right at 9am. She grinned and commented on what good time I was making. When I got back to the car, the time on the clock was exactly what she said it was.

    Here is where I have to say that I was driving a fifteen year old Taurus on its last legs. It died about a year later when the transmission finally quit. That evening I checked the map and tried to figure out how fast I would have had to be going to make it that far in that amount of time and there was just no way. What do you call this phenomenon? It kind of freaked me out and I will never forget it.

  235. Today, I lost time and can’t explain how for the life of me. I was driving on a highway in NC, and usually when I have a long drive I tend to daydream a bit. I was still alert, however, and continued to check my GPS to make sure I was on track. I was fully aware that I had already passed through the city of Sanford. Then I noticed my little blue indicator on my GPS getting off track. So I turn around to get back on track. I do this sometimes and it is usually fairly easy to get back on track. However, the odd thing is I was back in Sanford. I distinctly remember passing through this city already, and I was back. So get back on the highway as I had before, and I remember some landmarks that I had passed previously. As I stayed on the highway, which I was supposed to have done originally, I started to see landmarks that I never passed, and exits that I never took to even possibly backtrack. I’m going crazy in trying to figure out how I ended up back in Sanford. Also, I remember the first time I was on the highway after I just passed through the city, it was 5:15 pm. I remember this because there was a severe thunderstorm warning that was suppose to last until 5:15pm. By the time I got in that very same place on the highway, the second time, it was after 7 pm. Sanford was only about 15 minutes away at that point.

    Also, a couple days ago, I awaken from sleep because I heard some pulsating, electronic noise. It was a fleeting thought, but I instantly thought of aliens. Then, I figured that I was just dreaming of the sound.

    Another time, earlier this year, my husband and I were on a 3 hour road trip. We’ve driven this route multiple times before, but one time, we couldn’t understand why we were so behind our time schedule if we never hit traffic or made any stops. My husband, the skeptic, even jokingly said that we were abducted by aliens.

    My first alien experience was when I was younger…about 12 or so. I was washing dished and looking out at the clear night sky. I saw an oval shape light in the sky. It was stationary at first, then it zig zagged in the sky then the light dimmed out. I knew that no plane could do that. I shared what I saw with my parents, but they didn’t believe me. So I just kept it to myself.

    I really wish I can figure out how I ended up back in Sanford. I rarely drink alcohol. The only beverage I was drinking at the time was water. I was feeling just fine…so no illness or medication induced hallucinations. For the life of me, I can’t figure out what happened. I get lost from time to time when I’m traveling in unfamiliar areas. However, never to this degree when I totally end up back in an area I just passed like 15 to 30 mins prior. And if I do get so sidetracked and end up needing to backtrack, I can recall how I go there, you know? This is so weird and it’s really bothering me.

  236. *Correction: the thunderstorm was suppose to last until 5:45pm.

  237. Hi John,

    I took that survey about abduction. I got a 12, which means: Your score indicates a suspicious number of events in your background commonly experienced by other abductees. You may want to explore the abduction possibility further.

    I’m a little scared to explore further, but I want answers! My supervisor is a hypnotherapist, but since she is my supervisor, I am a lil scared about her thinking I’m crazy. Plus, I’m a Ph.D student of Clinical Psychology. A part of me says to leave it alone ’cause my career is, I guess, more important to me. But I also don’t like being subjected to possible events that I cannot control. I don’t know what to do!

    Something inside of me, however, is telling me to talk to my mom. I told her about seeing a UFO when I was younger, but she gaffed it off. But I wonder if she knows more than I do. She’s not the type to confront issues that bothers her. She deals with a lot of anxiety and fear, and she has insomnia. She worries about me more than she did with my other siblings, not because she loved them any less, but I think because I was almost kidnapped when I was a toddler. I don’t know what to think, but I’m gonna talk to her today about what happened yesterday and see what I get.

    As I’m thinking about all this, I feel my heart beating more rapidly…like on a fast-paced walk… and I’m feeling a bit breathless even though I’m sitting down. I don’t understand why. I’m obviously experiencing some anxiety about this. Or am I creating it?

  238. @Sarah

    Oh my gosh, your story really is very similar to mine! My boyfriend and I did the same thing when we got home, checked google maps. We felt like we were in the twilight zone. It was the strangest experience…..

  239. Chrissy – Yes the similarity was striking, that’s why I posted. I am prone to letting my mind wander when I’m on the road alone. I often “miss” Waco but I’ve never had the clock participate in the illusion. This was a little different in that I didn’t feel sleepy per se but kind of disoriented and out of it. I blamed the overcast conditions. I have to add that I was in my mid forties at the time and consider myself a fairly pragmatic person.

  240. Chrissy, et. al. – Came across this website, a professional intuitive/energyworker it seems, that mentions this phenomenon. She calls it a reality shift.

  241. I had an incident several years ago. I had come home from work around 5:00PM on a Thursday night. I feed my cat and ate some dinner. At 5:30 pm, I decided to lay down and take a nap, I was tried and didn’t have to work the next day. I woke up at 10:30 pm. My cat was freaking out. I noticed that his bowl and water dish were empty, I thought it was strange, since I had only few him a few hours ago. I filled his bowl, he was starving. I realized I was very hungry too. I got something to eat and turned the TV , I watched for a few moments, before realizing that the show I was watching comes on Friday night, not Thursday. I had gone to sleep on Thursday night at 5:30pm and woke up Friday night at 10:30pm, almost 30 hours later. It was very strange, not really sure what to make of it.

  242. Sam — That is strange, I agree. Can you recall any other odd incidents before or since then?

  243. Wow, what interesting stories. I came to this site because I had an incident happen to me today and I just KNEW I would find others who had experienced this type of thing. Anyway, I was getting myself ready to leave the house today, a beautiful, bright and sunny day. Earlier I had some things in my car that I had brought into the house and I had some other things that I had put in the car to take to the thrift store. That means I did indeed have my car keys as I know I opened the hatch with the key fob. I had been wearing scruffy jeans and before leaving had changed into my nicer slacks. I was ready to go and had myself all set to leave. I scooped up my car keys and my house keys, went down to the front door landing, and bent over to put on my sandals. I had already locked the door from the inside and just had another box to take out to the car. I bent over to pick up the box, and my sunglasses slipped off my top where I had hooked them over. I leaned down, picked them up along with the box and pulled the door closed behind me and proceeded toward the car. I suddenly realized I didn’t have my car keys. I was certain I picked them up on the way out, as I never close the front door unless I have confirmed that I have all my keys. I looked in my pockets, not there. I went back into the house and checked my jeans, not there. I have another car key, so checked the car in the event I had locked my keys in there earlier without realizing it (but instinctively KNEW I hadn’t) and they were not there. I looked EVERYWHERE. I cannot stress enough though that my first and immediate thought upon realizing the keys were missing was that they had vanished. Right from my hand. I just felt it. But, not to be too cocky, I did check garbage bags, the boxes I brought in and the ones I took out, the bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and dining, my sunroom, and the entire lower level. Not there. I was and still am quite disturbed by it. It was as though the sunglasses falling off was some sort of distraction while, hell I’ll say it, some sort of being from another dimension grabbed my keys!! It may have even been me in some other dimension and they keys alone linked us. I have all kinds of thoughts on the subject…but I still don’t have my keys!

  244. Im glad there is a site like this one. My wife and I are so confounded. I call my mom every Sunday @ 10:00 am pst. Today I called her and they were having lunch so I said I would call back in one hour. At 11:15 or so she called me and I told her that I was in the car and I would call her back in 2 minutes whe I arrived home. When I arrived at my house I noticed the time to be 11:53 pst. WTF? I told my wife that it was 11:53 and she said no way because she took note of the time i had left and her coffee she had poured when i departed was still very hot. We checked all the clocks (even the grandfather clock) and they all read the same. We dont understand it Although, my wife is sensitive to these things and when she walked outside with her coffee,right after i went to the store, She seemed to think that something was different or missing. The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is a gigantic scientific instrument near Geneva, where it spans the border between Switzerland and France about 100m underground perhaps?

  245. Hi Craig, Thankyou for mentioning the LHC. I think about some of the strange oocurances that have happened to most of the people in this thread, and I always come back to CERN. Appart from trying to explain the big bang theory, time-travel is another project high on CERN’s agenda.
    When I read the amount of testimonies that are on this thread alone, it makes me believe that time travel has already been discovered. But lets face facts, if or when time-travel is ever discovered, it won’t be broadcast to the public, ever. Such a powerful tool would be too much of a temptation for certain governments or criminal syndacates to try and obtain.
    I could try and push my point further, but the number of convincing testimonies in this thread are proof enough for me.
    I like your story, and the hot coffee is a good indicator that something was amiss.
    Aaron Waters.

  246. Craig — Thanks for submitting your experience. So this was a period of over twelve hours that was missing? Wow! That’s more than I usually hear of. To clarify, your wife was home, correct? And when you arrived and told her it was now 11:53 PM she was surprised? She didn’t notice that the whole day had passed and that it was now dark outside? And you had no recollection of where you were for those missing 12+ hours? Just want to get my facts correct. If this is right, that’s quite an interesting case. It isn’t uncommon to hear of someone undergoing the missing time incident where their partner/family member/spouse, etc., is sort of “switched off” and also has a blank spot in their memory. Interesting thought about the LHC as well.

    Aaron — Thanks for your input too. I hadn’t considered the LHC as a possible cause or catalyst for these time anomalies. They’ve been present long before the creation of the LHC, but I suppose that the idea that it could be causing an acceleration of these time phenomena. Could we be messing with the flow of time, artificially creating ripples or disturbances in the time-space continuum through some covert technology? Fascinating thought, worth pursuing.

  247. well here is one that will creep u out as it did me, i was doing a patrol last nite and finishing up paperwork, i then lost all memory of what happened for the next hour, as if my soul had , had enough of earth life packed its bags and was headed the great beyong, i was told this morn that two girls i work with helped me get home, but was told i had lost all my identity and was just a blank slate / zombie like / deer in headlites, etc.. missing time is SCARY i have no recollect of riding in their car or anything, i suppose this falls under the term of amnesiatic fugue , but ive never had a ” white out ” episode, feel so alone about this so detached almost as if there is nothing hopeful for the conscious brain to focus on so it starts to shut down of sorts, when it cant deal with such utter hopelessness, it trips a circuit breaker in some way, reminds me of these stories of people so depressed ( ive battled depression for over 25 years now, seeing a doctor one scant hour a week does little good , drop in a bucket way too little , never used meds because of the those warning labels that all say take this pill and it may cause suicide !! no thanks……maybe we are all getting near the day of enlightenment coming this december 21st in the mayan prophecies ?

  248. Hey Todd — Thanks for sharing your experience. This is probably the first time I’ve had someone tell me that they had witnesses during their missing time episode and that the person was physically — if not mentally — present. So this was more of a missing time of the mind then, huh? Honestly, I think if I was there I would have called 911. I believe your description of this episode is an apt one. I’m not a psychologist or psychiatrist, but that does sound like you entered some sort of fugue state. Has this happened before, and does it come on suddenly? I’d hate to hear that this happened while you were driving or doing something that would put you at risk. I can understand your concerns about medication, but this seems to me like a situation that you should get checked out. Whether it’s physical or psychological, it could be potentially dangerous to your health and safety. Maybe you should consider seeing a physician about this.

    Regarding your suggestion that it could have something to do with a period of enlightenment that’s supposedly coming at the end of this year, that’s an interesting thought. I know others have suggested that at least some people are being prepared to enter into a new age and that our brains are going to go through a major upgrade or rewiring (for lack of a better way to describe it). Lord knows we could use it! I suppose we’ll have to wait and see.

  249. Ok so i had the scariest time loss experience today while driving i was due in at work at 10am it takes about 35 mins average. I had been 5 mins late the previous 2 days and my boss had been hassling me bad so today i left 20 mins earlier than my usual time. My boss called me at 940am asking where i was checking maake sure im gonna be on time. I was very glad to be able to honesstly tell him i was just down the road 7 mins away according to a time when i used gps to find the quickest route when i first took the job aprox 3 months earlier. So its 940am im on busy road i just talked to my boss who was glad i was gonna b there at or 10 mins before 10 am. Next thing im leaning against the hood of my car i look at my phone and its 1012 i look around quick and i have no idea wheee i am or how i got there its a long driveway and a really nice car i get back to the road call my boss he is pissed i am not there! I have never been in this area before i gps my work address and says arrivaltime

  250. .Was 1039 so i drove 25 mins past my job when it was so important for me to b there on time. I have 2 chikdren 4 and 12 i need to know what caused this as i need to b certain it doesnt happen when i have my chikdren with me. Anyone willing to talk to me about this please email me at [email protected]

  251. George – It’s even worse when these weird time anomalies interfere with your day-to-day activities and jeopardize your job. Has anything like this happened to you before, or any other strange experiences occur in your life? My incident was during daylight hours too, although I was walking. I wish I could offer you an explanation, but I’m still at a loss to figure it out after all these years. Good luck, and please let me know if it happens again.

  252. John – I hope you get that forum up soon man! These events people describe get more and more interesting as people share. By the way, I think it runs in families alot more then some people realize.

    My mother and most of my family on that side of my family have all reported similar or strange incidents with time or place or object anomalies.

    My 2nd cousin Jeff, who is 18, recently told his mother and by proxy the rest of my family that he was leaving work last Thursday and driving home around 8pm when he suddenly found himself at home at 11pm; which is both unusual and strange as he only works an hour away from home and therefore should have been there at 9pm. He didn’t remember what happened during that time or how the drive took so long and he swears he has no memory of what happened for the three hours he missed.

    Prior to this my aunt Helen has mentioned objects will vanish and reappear near her with out reason or pattern.

    And the one that sticks out most in my mind is a story my mother once told me about when she was 12 years old during July of 1968; she and her sister (my aunt Helen mentioned above) were out riding bicycles around the area they lived in when they stopped off at a local ice cream parlor for a snack somewhere around noon time, she mentioned she was only 30 maybe 45min away from home by this point. Shortly after finishing off this snack they began riding back home which she was sure was only about an hour away from where they had been on the outskirts of town.

    Suddenly they were home with no memory as to why or how they got there, both of them just suddenly ‘awoke’ realizing they were not riding their bikes anymore and they had been a few seconds before. Stranger still my mother found her self walking into the house when she realized she had no idea how they got home so fast and had no recollection of the bike ride home. Her sister confirmed this also as she just remembered leaving the ice cream shop and suddenly they were home. She said it was weird like a large gap in her memory, she recalls the wall clock ready that it was the proper time they expected somewhere around 2pm-ish but they could not recall the ride home since they always talk alot on their bike rides.

    She then stated from then on until maybe I was born she would see a strange black car everywhere she went and it felt malevolent and like it was watching her even after she moved away the car would appear out of no where and drive around her area – at first the town she grew up in, then around a mobile home/ trailer she lived in for two years, and finally around a house she moved to not to long after. . It was black and curvy like cars from the late 1940’s early 1950’s. It was unmarked and gave off a bad vibe as mentioned previously. Her sister (my aunt confirmed this) also reported seeing this weird unrecognized car drive around well after she moved out and got her first husband.

    And speaking of odd black cars driving around like they are observing something; I too saw a black car drive up our private lane after my own incidents ((see above for new comers)) but the one I saw was more like a Cadillac but had no markings, black tinted windows, and seemed to drive up our lane and back down it, occasionally it felt like they followed me to/from school, work, and even when I moved twice. I haven’t seen any such weird black cars lately but It is an odd occurrence.

  253. Danny — All fascinating stories! The only books that I ever read about this missing time phenomenon was the late Budd Hopkins’ Missing Time and Intruders. Both these books focused on cases involving people who had more “typical” (if I can use that word) alien abduction experiences. I kind of tend to shy away from jumping to the E.T. abduction hypothesis, although I don’t rule it out. It’s just a very big leap for me to make, even though I do feel that there is some kind of intelligence involved and controlling these incidents.

    I bring up the Hopkins books because one of his observations was these abduction or missing time patterns appear to be concentrated among families and often span more than a few generations. Why this is, couldn’t tell you, unless perhaps a specific family group was being studied for genetic research or manipulation. Or, maybe the capacity to make contact with these entities is an inherited trait that not everyone possesses. Maybe the experiencer’s memory is erased somehow after these encounters take place, or it could be that these happenings are so “out there” that our consciousness can’t accept them and therefore we repress them and bury them in our subconscious. I don’t know of course, just throwing out ideas here.

    Working on the new site (I know I’ve been say this for a long time now) and I’ll have the forum up and running too. Coming very soon, I promise. Meanwhile, keep in touch!

  254. Hi John, I just stumbled upon your site and after reading all of the stories here I finally feel comfortable with putting my experience out there. It remains as vivid today as it was all those years ago when it was a fresh experience, as it is the most odd thing I’ve ever had happen to me in my life.
    My missing time experience happened while I was quite young, probably around 10 or 11, which would put this around 1965 or ’65. I was vacationing with my parents near Hayward Wisconsin and had gotten up early with my father to go to this little lake called Indian Lake, which sits in the LCO Indian territory and has but one winding sand/gravel road leading to what was then an unimproved sand boat landing in shallow water. We had barely arrived at around 7 a.m. and baited our hooks with night crawlers and thrown in our lines(fishing from shore, we had no boat) when we heard a sound coming from behind us like an aircraft coming over at a high rate of speed, so we both looked up expecting to see a fighter jet on a training flight. We saw absolutely nothing, as the sound passed directly over our heads and sounded like it passed over the entire small lake and flew off into the distance. Again, we saw absolutely nothing at all. We must have turned to look at each other and at that time we realized that the fishing poles we held had been reeled in, with the now dried up bait dangling at our feet! We had a very uneasy feeling and were frankly spooked, deciding to leave and go to one of the nearby resorts that had coin operated games instead as we both were somewhat rattled about whatever had just happened and wanted to just go somewhere, anywhere, to be away from that spot we had been fishing at. The resort, I think it was called “Little Bit of Sweden” on highway E just barely 2 miles away, was out in the open away from the canopy of forest trees and once we arrived we were again rattled to realize it was much wamer and the sun was much higher in the sky. Dad looked at his watch and it was now just a bit after noon! We never went into the resort, knowing that my mother would be making lunch back at the cottage. My mother noticed right away that dad and I were both rather silent and a bit pale, and we had come back with no fish as well, which was also unusual for that lake. Somehow, we had lost almost 5 hours of time, and neither my dad or myself had any recollection of what had occured. I related the tale to my mother, but my father was quite shaken by the whole thing and would not talk about it further; I asked him about it many times before he passed in 1980 but he always changed the subject. To this day, this remains one of those “WTF?” moments.

  255. i debated whether i should include my experience-it still bothers me not knowing or understanding how we lost time. i was a senior in 93′ and lived in a small city-Alvin TX, outside Houston TX. like most teenage girls we went into the city to go to concerts.- it’s about 35-45 minute drive between the cities. like most bars, they close at 2am. we did not go straight home because-we always needed money for gas to get back home and realized that the water fountains in our museum district could have about $15 in change if we got into the water to retrieve. that was about 5 minutes from the bar-so about 2:30am by the time we left. we stopped at a store to get gas and i remembered the clerk joking about us juvenilles being out at 3:00 am-there is a road that stretches from that store straight into alvin without stop signs or traffic lights-it’s an old dirt road we can do 60mph on to get into the city faster and avoid cops. it’s about a 20 minute drive into the country-only cows with ya along the road. i was sitting passanger side and saw a light outside my window above us that seemed to be traveling along with us-the light looked like the beams the police helicopters use for searches. i told my friend to stop because she and the girl in the back did not see what i was talking about we got out and the 3 of us were puzzled-there was no sound and ut was not moving anymore when we stopped the car. i’m bad at math so the distance i would guess would be about 20 -30 story building. the girl in the back got dizzy and said she had to sit down. My friend was scared and just wanted to leave. so we left-we were outside the car about 1 minute if not less. we we started going again the light in the sky was gone. i went to drink my coke and realized it was warm-not even the sweat outside the can-it was cold and wet when i bought it at the store, and also the clock on my friends wall said 5:52 am. the 3 of us never looked at the clock in the car when we drove off after the lights but we missed almost 2 hours of time between the store and her house. i dont think i misjudged the time because of the clerk reminding us of curfew and my soda being cold with condesation. no but butt did not hurt and none of us had pokes or holes or strange dreams after-just missing 2 hours of our lives

  256. If your mind is open to fantastic stuff : go to the living or pilots for truth .com and read what John Lear has to say about all of us having been to the moon three times in our lives-once at three years old,once at six or was it nine years old and the last time at thirteen years old. For re-tooling for lack of a better word by The Greys, cybornetic organisms(glorified robots)Their job is to monitor us and make corrections from time to time-Earth is a farm for the development of soul-They refer to us as “containers”. In an interview I listened to with John Lear,he was asked-“well,would not the mothers notice their children were missing for an hour?” Your Mom was contacted-for some error must have taken place upon returning you. It explains a lot! Unbelievable!

  257. Marc,
    I feel bad that your dad would not talk about what you had experienced. I have also lost time and was wondering if you remember if it was coudy that day that you did not se an aircraft.
    Did you have any other experiences like this in your life since then? Also, do you feel like ever going bak to that site? Beacuse I will never bring myself to be able to go back to where I found myself ‘waking up’ like has been said here. Thanks for any response. I appreciate this thread and hope John keep this up.

  258. I have just had one of these experiences. My adult daughter and I were chatting in our lounge room and she was saying that she was feeling hungry and would I like some fish and chips, I remember clearly that I looked at the time cause it was getting a bit late and the clock said 10pm so I said ok it’s not too late then my daughter walked out into the kitchen to cook I followed her then I looked at the clock in the kitchen and it said 11pm, this worried me and I said to my daughter it’s 11pm what happened to that hour my daughter said no it read 10pm she then looked at the clock and said it can’t be 11pm I then went into the other rooms to check all the clocks in the house and they where all the same and some of the clocks are battery powered and some run by electricity. Earlier during the night the lights did dim twice and when I was doing the dishes I had the radio on and it was making a high pitched noise so I turned it of.

    I have experienced this a few times during my life time but just thought I have lost track of time but for my adult daughter to experience this with me is really worrying me.

  259. Marc, Brandy, Corinne — Thank you all for relating your experiences. I know that’s sometimes a difficult thing to do, but it might be some comfort to know that so many other people have had these unsettling experiences (just read through all the above comments). In addition to the many comments in response to this post, I get dozens of emails every month from very sincere and rational-sounding people who appear to have undergone these time anomaly incidents.

    These phenomena are definitely real — of that I have no doubt, and they seem to be much more widespread than I ever would have imagined. I have no answers for you, unfortunately; only a few thoughts and ideas. In the interest of not wanting to repeat myself ad nauseum, I won’t bother going into that now, but again, I’d encourage you to read through the other comments and my responses. I wish I did have some solid answers and I wish I could offer more encouragement, but I’m still baffled by my own experience that took place almost 35 years ago.

    If any (or all) of you would like to keep in touch or let me know of any other strange occurrences, please feel free to do so, whether through the comments section or by email at [email protected]. I’m always interested in hearing about this sort of thing and more than happy to lend an ear.

    — John

  260. To answer Doug’s question, I do believe that there were either no clouds or some thin high wispy ones because it was a sunny warm day and still stands out vividly in my mind. I don’t know if dad remembered things he did not want to recall or what, but I still have no recollection as to what may or may not have transpired during the missing time; it was just like an instantaneous blip. We all did return the next day (all three of us) and absolutely nothing out of the ordinary happened although dad was a bit antsy at first, until we caught fish and that seemed to relieve his anxiety. Subsequent trips there were also boringly normal. And, to correct the date range of occurance, it was 1964 or ’65 (my typo). This is the only inexplicable event I have experienced in my life, there have been no others that I can recall. Well, that one was enough!

  261. Hi John – I’ve just found your blog today because I decided to search the ‘missing time’ phenomena because I had experiences 20 years ago that shocked me, have affected my life and I still don’t understand them.

    Around 1989 I began having strange ‘flashbacks’ during the day. I would ‘feel’ myself to be elsewhere in another time. They’d come and go very quickly and I didn’t really take much notice of them at first. Then I saw the ghost of a monk whilst driving home from work, he was as solid as I was from the head down to the knees, but from the knees there was nothing he sort of faded.

    Then about a year or so after that I was waiting for a train in an underground station and I saw the trains headlight coming through the tunnel . I was under a lot of stress at the time and had a major decision to make which I was worrying over. This was on my mind as I waited for the train. Suddenly, I was transfixed and immobile. I felt a beam of light come through the ground above me, down to the platform and straight through the top of my head. I felt the top of my head open up, the palms of my hands, and the soles of my feet. I felt the energy drain out of me and I was totally filled with this light from above. I could see right through the ceiling of the subway, right out to the cosmos and the feeling was an overwhelming sense of love. I have no other word for it but pure love and bliss. As well as the beam of light coming down through my head, I also felt a sort of outer tube of light which descended and surrounded me and held me totally immobile. If I was religious, which I’m definitely NOT, I would describe how I looked as ‘rapt’. I was gazing upwards in total communion with this beam of light. Gradually, I became aware that I was standing there gazing upwards and I began to wonder what the other passengers would think and do about me. I expected someone to have called an ambulance and the fire brigade to free me so that I could move because I felt that I’d been there for HOURS. But as the light drew back, the train which I’d seen in the tunnel drew up in front of me and I realised I’d stood there for only a couple of SECONDS.

    After that experience I became telepathic. I could actually HEAR people’s thoughts. They weren’t the kind of ‘voices’ telling me to do things or that I was bad etc, not like schizophrenia. I just could hear clearly what people were thinking about each other as they sat on the train, as clear as if they were speaking them. Later I could tell when I had conversations with people, whether they were thinking one thing but saying another.

    I became clairvoyant and clairsentient and to be honest it all became a bit unbearable and at times my head felt like a telephone exchange, I was literally a ‘medium’ through which thoughts were transmitted. I found life difficult during that period.

    A couple of years after that I was coming out of that same railway station into a side street, I stepped off the pavement and instantly the whole street became full of people from the Victorian age. Women in big long dresses, men wearing dark long coats and tall hats strolled up and down the road, a Hansom Cab pulled by horses passed me, there were cobbles on the road. A woman walked past me without seeming to notice me and I immediately said “Sorry!” and looked for the camera man believing I’d stepped into a TV or a Film set without realising it. I stepped back onto the pavement and everything instantly went back to present day! I just stood there staring up and down the road in total disbelief and believing I was having a breakdown I told no-one about it until about 7 years later. The person I told then told me that the particular road near the station where this took place was well known as a ‘Time Slip’ area and many people had had similar experiences in exactly the same spot and they had seen the Victorian version and some had seen a 1940’s 1950’s version of the street. It’s called Bold Street, Liverpool. I was absolutely shocked, because somehow it was easier to believe I was a bit crazy than to believe in time slips and other dimensions. But the most amazing experience was the beam of light, because I’m not a religious person, I’ve not been waiting for the rapture, I couldn’t tell you one single verse from the Bible or any other holy book and my belief in God is more a belief in the fact that we all stem from a Cosmic Source and we just ‘happen’ to be here on this planet as a result of a ‘happening’ out in space. But that beam of light was pure love. It was protective, it was benevolent when I experienced it I knew EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING and at the same time I knew NOTHING. I was both EMPTIED and FILLED. And when it happened the only three words that came into my mind were “Oh My God!”.

    I haven’t become ‘holy’ or ‘religious’, I don’t have the answers to everything, but the one thing I DO know and can say with all honesty is that those experiences were REAL and showed me that light contains knowledge, it’s not just an illuminating thing, it actually holds and transmits knowledge to us and through us. We are all connected with and by this light. What to call it? I don’t know. Can it be named?

  262. Hi Grace — Thanks for posting this. I’m getting ready to head out the door to leave for vacation, but I’ll read through your comments carefully and reply back at length as soon as possible. I’ll have my laptop with me so I can keep up with what’s happening and can respond to comments and questions. I’ll try to get back to you this evening if I can. These experiences are apparently very common, and I know that they can be extremely disturbing and upsetting. Hang in there.

    Look forward to talking with you soon.

    — John

  263. I would like to make a small correction to my own post; I only saw the black car drive up our lane and follow me after the weird reverse time hop where I seemed to move backwards in time an hour.

  264. Hi John and everyone, I am so happy to find this blog. Because (of course) I too have lost time and gained time. When I lost time I blamed it on the subject matter of a meeting I was attending which was about the Matraya. A very creepy meeting at a restaurant meeting room. As soon as the meeting was over I went directly to the ladies room. I was only in there the normal time of maybe 3-4 minutes and when I came out everyone was gone and the restaurent was dark and locked up. I was locked in. My panic quickly turned to common sense and I knew I could use the phone to call 911. I walked over to the entry door and one of the waitresses was still sitting in her car making a call before she started home and saw me through the glass door and was able to let me out. I scared her too. I estimate I lost about 30 minutes. I had no strange sensations or feelings but it has been about 2 1/2 years and I remember it like it was yesterday. I think it scares me more now than it did then probably because of adrenaline. I would be curious to know how many bloggers are from Colorado? I have also gained time but that is another story. Thanks

  265. Merlene – thats very telling the fact that you were only ‘gone’ from your perspective for 3 to 5min but when you came out you lost half an hour! I use to work for a restaurant and as I know very well we would check the restroom before closing up; its as if you were not there while they were looking and they closed up and then you came back and startled the waitress. I am surprised you didn’t feel anything but maybe not all time slips are like that?

    Tell us about your gained time please? I wonder how much it matches a few of ours above?

  266. Merlene — What Danny said! Thanks for moderating for me, Danny – LOL!! Those are the exact same points and questions I had after reading it, but I was on vacation this past week so I’ve been a bit slow on following up. I have nothing further to add or ask, so good job, Dan. Merlene: That’s definitely a strange one, and I agree that it seems odd that no one seemed to notice that you were gone and didn’t see you in the restroom. I often wonder if we physically disappear and reappear during some (or all) of these missing time episodes, or if we mentally “go elsewhere” but or physical bodies are in the same place. Interested too in hearing of your gained-time story. — John

  267. Yes, with that missing time I went to the restroom as soon as the meeting broke up and the room was full of people milling around. The speaker had a projector and screen from his power point presentation. So all of that would have taken time to gather up as well as the misc. beverage glasses that were still sitting around. When I came out all the tables were clean and the chairs placed neatly up to the tables ready for the next business day. And my friends never missed me, even though my car was still in the parking lot. Gained time: I will try to summerize. My friend was in a very abusive marriage. She planned her divorce and moving day for months in advance. So when the day arrived and her husband was at work we arrived at her house to get her out of there. There were 4 women and two teenage boys and 3 pickups. We started at 6:30am, and yes she was very organized, She had a two story house full of all the normal things. We had her all moved 15 miles away by 12:00 noon that day. And that included wrapping all the glass ware in paper and taking all the necessary precautions to not break anything. We were eating pizza at 12:30 and talking about how time stood still for us so none of us would get caught and possibly shot. All her clocks were packed and that was before everyone had cell phones so none of us checked the clock until we arrived at the new house.

  268. John I hope your site gets up soon :) still glad to have this here to share this stuff and read other’s stories.

    Merlene that’s very interesting, with the amount of vehicles used plus my personal knowledge of how long even a fast move can take from a one-story house even with 6 people to take what should have been a day-long move down to literally six and a half hours is incredible!

    I’m curious; did anyone of you notice a change in the air or while driving did it seem like you moved far faster then you should have with each trip? Anyone involved mention how odd it was that a two-story house with only three pick-up trucks got moved over in less then 8 hours?

  269. Hi Danny, The move was a long time ago. Before I knew about any metaphysical phenomenon. So I don’t recall feeling anything unsual. We were preoccupied with the possible danger we could be in. I think sometimes when things like this happen, it is the universe taking care of us and if we had been focused on the time then we would have been left to our own devices so to speak. If I were to experience lost time or gained time again I would reflect more on the feelings I had while going through it. Thanks for being there.

  270. I am 44 and live in the south of England. Your blog has reminded me of a few experiences I had probably up to a bout the age of 10 as far as I can remember. These would have happened during the 1970s. I only have a vague recollection of them and I can only remember it happening when I was at school. Typically we would break for lunch, go and eat and then go out to the playground. The lunch break was an hour long so eating would take between 15 and 20 minutes I guess. We would be playing and then I would experience the muted sound and feel distanced from my surrounding as if my body was still there but I was viewing everything remotely or through glass. Also I would be frozen, unable to move but I would observe everyone carrying on normally. Then after what seemed like about 30 seconds I would be back in reality able to move freely. But the thing is my friends would say to me “Andy, where did you go, we were looking for you?” Then very soon after the bell would sound signalling the end of the hour long lunch-break which to me had lasted no more than half an hour. As I said my recollection is vague but I would say this happened probably 4 or 5 times over a 5 year period. I’ve never told anyone about this until now and not thought much of it but now you’ve got me thinking.

  271. Andy — I’m currently reading a pretty interesting book by Jenny Randles called “Time Storms”. You might want to check that one out. I’m only a couple of chapters into it so far, but I’ll let you know if there are some plausible explanations. There are many people who have these experiences and I’m doing my best to try to discern any patterns from the blog comments and emails that I receive from people who have undergone these strange time anomalies. I have no doubt that this a real phenomenon, but I’ve no idea yet about their nature or origin. Could be that it’s a naturally occurring anomaly, or it could have something to do with the individual. For the record, I have yet to receive one email or comment that describes any kind of alien presence — not that I necessarily would dismiss that this could involve some kind of otherworldly intelligence, but I haven’t heard anything yet that definitely would lead me to that conclusion. For now, it’s a mystery, but I do hope that the scientific community will take a serious look at this at some point because I think these incidents are real and much more widespread that most people understand.

    Thanks for telling us about your experiences.

    — John

  272. John,

    Thanks for you your reply I’ll check that out. I have read many books about the “alien encounter” phenomenon by the likes of Timothy Good, Budd Hopkins, Nick Pope and others. I always keep an open mind and try to look for scientific explanations. However, nothing leads me to believe that what I experienced has anything to do with advanced intelligence of extraterrestrial origin, as I like to call it, although I wouldn’t dismiss the possibility completely.

    Regards, Andy

  273. I just had an experience which caused me to look up “Missing Time” on the internet and your site is the first one I found and clicked to view!
    I was up stairs eating a late snack and after I finished up, I looked at the clock and took note that it was 10:34 PM! I took extra notice to the time because I was waiting for someone to come home and figured they would be back within the hour. I took no more than 2 minutes to clean up my dishes, put them in the sink, pour some more lemonade, then sat back down at the table to finish watching my TV show that was on until 11 PM.
    About two more minutes later, there was a commercial break in my program and decided to quickly run downstairs (where I can smoke without the mrs. smelling it and getting angry. LoL!), smoke a cigarette, and check my FaceBook account! I huried up and inhaled the cig as fast as possible so I wouldn’t miss the exciting end of my show. I wrote a quick new status on my FB page, put out my cigarrette, and ran back upstairs before the commercials ended and my show came back on! BUT TO MY SURPRISE, when I sat back down at the table, the show that came back on was the new show that comes on after my program. I was puzzled as hell! I then glanced at the clock and it was now 11:15 PM!!! What happened?!?!?!?
    I was only downstairs for no more than 2-4 minutes while smoking and checking my FB page! And NO, I didn’t lose track of time on the net, drift off, nod off, or anything like that, BECAUSE once I noticed the time being later than it should, I ran back downstairs and checked when I wrote my new status and quickly messaged back a friend. It said that I wrote those messages 28 minutes ago!!! WTF?!?!?!? I wrote them and immediately came back upstairs to the table (and TV) and sat back down! From my computer to the table could not have taken anymore than 1 minute tops and that would be if I walked super slow!
    So somewhere in between hitting enter on my keyboard, walking upstairs, and sitting back down at my kitchen table, I lost about 25 minutes! What happened? Where did it go? Or where did I go??? I am baffled now by this occurrance!
    And the only thing that seems different about me now is that I feel extremely sleepy which I was not before. Oh and NO, I did NOT fall asleep!
    That is my similar missing time story and I am now super confused on why this occurs and/or how it does! Thanks!

  274. Brad — I don’t have any answers for you, though I wish I did. Sometimes these missing time incidents are brief and sometimes they’re an entire day or longer. They can occur right in a person’s home, and other people find themselves quite a distance away from where they lost their memory. These episodes vary a lot in other words, but I think they all probably have the same root cause and origin. I just don’t know what that is yet. Let you know if I come up with any answers.

    Thanks for reporting your experience!

  275. My story isn’t very dramatic, but I’m sure I lost time once a few years back.
    I was chatting with friend on msn on the computer in my bedroom. I don’t recall any weird feelings leading up to it, just that I suddenly “came to” (i wasn’t drinking, high.. nothing like that. I was about 17) and the clock on my computer read 3am. I checked my msn message window, and it said that the last message I had sent was around 10:30. I got up to check other clocks and found everyone in my house asleep and it pitch dark outside.
    I was very weirded out, of course, but didn’t really know what to think of it at the time.
    I’ve since heard of other stories, like a guy I knew who was swimming in his family pool and suddenly it was very late out. He “woke up” in the pool hours later. -Apparently he had been in the pool for hours, yet he didn’t remember any of it, nor was he pruney…
    Reading these other stories here, they describe them so similarly to my own… eerie.

  276. Well,i continue to read here as often as i can.
    I still don’t know what to make of these missing time experiences from everyone and hopefully John will piece together a couple theories.
    Something is definitely happening,most likely since the beginning of time itself.
    Imagine a caveman reporting to his tribe that he threw his spear at some game meat
    during the afternoon and found himself standing there in the moonlight ,minus
    his supper and his spear. He most likely would have been scorned by his tribe if he had said anything.
    There has to be a logical answer,but what is it?
    Good luck John, i’m sure it’ll make your hair turn grey if it hasn’t already!

  277. I am still bothered by a missing time experience that occurred in mid-December 2001. I was then in my early forties, married with three teenaged children, and living in south Florida. The evening in question, I stepped outside around 7 PM to smoke a cigarette. We lived in a gated community, with a park across the street from our house. I walked over and sat at a picnic table.

    When I went back to my front door, I had to knock because my keys had inexplicably disappeared. My husband and oldest daughter greeted me with a barrage of questions about where I had been. I WAS GONE FOR FOUR DAYS AND MY DISAPPEARANCE HAD BEEN REPORTED TO THE POLICE!!! My cigarette pack and lighter, and my house keys were found sitting on a picnic table across the street from my home. I had no other belongings with me; my purse with all my ID, credit cards, etc., was in my bedroom.

    I have no memory of anything of that four days. For me, it seemed as if I had stepped out the door and then returned fifteen minutes later. I would really like to know where I was!

  278. Debra — My first reaction is: Wow! Most of the missing time stories that people relate to me involve a few minutes or a few hours, not days. That’s really something. Can you recall seeing or feeling anything prior to your memory loss and disappearance? Has anything like this ever happened before or since, or have you experienced any other unexplained events in your life? Just curious… Thank you for sharing your story. — John

  279. First I would like to thank you for this forum, John.

    I worked in a school and this incident happened during the break, in the week before Christmas. I never smoked in the house, so after dinner I would go outside. There really wasn’t anything unusual about that. I know I didn’t have plans to meet anyone or leave the house for more than a few minutes.

    My husband was understandably upset; I don’t think he ever believed my version of what happened.

    I went online after that and read about missing time, which led to wondering if I was abducted. My husband went to Daytona Bike Week the following March. While he was gone I had a horrifying inexplicable experience. At work the next day, I became aware of a stinging pain down my back. I remembered waking up the night before and someone came into my bathroom and told me they were going to perform an “adjustment” on me. I asked if it would hurt and was told it would hurt more if I struggled. I hadn’t turned on the lights, and I couldn’t see the person talking to me. But I remember thinking that “this isn’t a human, this can’t be happening.”

    My online reading gave me the idea of using a blacklight to look at my body when I got home from work. There were yellow fluorescent marks across both my wrists that looked like fingers, as if someone had held me down. And a rectangle in the center of my back was glowing too. I had one of my daughters photograph the marks; they were only fluorescent for about a day. The photos were later stolen.

    I remembered feeling a sharp pain down my spine, so I looked at my bedsheets. There was quite a bit of blood, much of it looked like a fine spray on both top and bottom sheet, and a pool of dried blood about 6 inches diameter at approximately waist level.

    I don’t know who did this but I believed it had something to do with my earlier disappearance. I felt that some sort of drug was used during the “adjustment.” I still have a scar down my spine about nine inches long with a puncture wound at the end.

    I was divorced within a year of this experience. My ex started complaining that I was talking in my sleep. There were other issues but definitely his disbelief of what had happened to me contributed to our decision to split up. I am still afraid that whoever it was could make me disappear again, or do whatever they want. I am remarried and my new husband once commented that he feels like a “marked man” because he is with me. Our relationship to these people (beings?) is life-changing and malign. And I don’t need to be in possession of photographs to be reminded often that they are real.

  280. Debra — It’s interesting to me that whenever ask a person who has undergone these missing time experiences if they’ve had other strange events happen prior to or after the incident under discussion, they almost always do. Yours appears to be much more like the “typical” abduction case than many that I receive. Sometimes the unusual occurrences might seem dissimilar to the so-called “alien abduction” scenario, but there usually is some kind of other strange phenomena that these people experience, and often they’re ongoing through their whole lives and may involve others in their family.

    I don’t blame you for believing that these beings are malevolent after what you’ve gone through. I’m sure you must feel violated in a sense, and powerless to do anything about it. That’s got to be stressful and frightening. I wish I had answers for you, but I’m not sure of the origin of these time-related phenomena. They vary quite a bit too, with some people claiming to have experienced a presence and others recalling nothing. I don’t know if they all come from the same source or if there are multiple explanations and origins for them. However, as I receive more and more of these stories from people I can see some patterns beginning to emerge, and I’m more of the mind that there is some purpose or intelligence behind this, rather than it being just a naturally-occurring phenomenon.

    Thanks again for telling your story. Please feel free to keep in touch via this forum or by email. I’d be interested in hearing of any further developments.

  281. Hey John & Fellow readers – try listening to some of these podcasts they have talked about time slips / missing time often!

    The Gralien Report w/ Micha Hanks
    Jim Harold’s Campfire & Paranormal Podcast
    Alex Wahl’s Anything Ghost

  282. I forgot one ->

    Mysterious Universe

    — Some Blogs I Have Read Too —

    Phantom & Monsters
    Mysterious Universe
    Haley’s Ghost

  283. My experience happened in my youth, the year was 1974, or 1975, 14 or 15 years old. Abduction? I have no Idea.

    Let me start with why I’m sharing this: this evening I was flipping through channels and I landed on a channel called “Destination America”, the first thing I heard was a man taking about bright lights and time loss. I looked at the lower right of the screen and saw the show’s name “Abduction by UFO’s”. Instantly I felt anxiety. I turned the channel as fast as I could. Was this some trigger to resurface what I’ve tucked away for so long? I don t know but it freaked me out like never before.

    Here it goes, and note the is the first time I have ever documented my unexplained event. Only a handful of close friends and family have ever heard me tell of it, but tonight I couldn’t shake the urge to write it down. I was down stairs in the family room watching Hawaii Five-O, It was the beginning of the show, the theme song was playing and I remember the Hawaiians padding the outriggers, suddenly a bright light shot past the picture window just right of the TV. It was visible for a mere instant, it went so fast.

    I recall the excitement and jumping from the chair running hiding for the screen door to get outside. My thoughts while heading outside were crashing airplane, or meteor. I can still feel the slight coolness in the air, and see the darkness of the night. I got outside and ran along the back of the of the house to the top of the hill on the east side of our house. There I immediately saw a stationary bright light that appeared to be between me and the trees just down the hill by the stream. I instantly felt freighted, and unable to move or speak.

    Now the next thing I remember was hearing in my head “you will not remember this” Again I feel unable to move or speak, still scared, and having a feeling of emptiness. Next I’m back in the house and in the same chair I jumped out of to investigate the light. To this day I have no memory of ever walking back into the house. So here I am back in the house watching the theme of Hawaii Five-O. This is when I really felt awful, I just realized the show was over, I looked at the clock, I had missed the entire show. I remember running up and closing and locking the back door, and trying to forget ever since.

    I don’t know what happened those many years ago, and honestly, I don’t want to know, especially what happened in the hour I seem to have missed. I’m hoping that’s the part I’m not suppose to remember. Well tonight after I turned to channel, and settled down I fired up the computer and began searching for answers. I haven’t found any, but I did come across this site, and the other accounts compelled me to share. Thanks.

  284. I’m writing this because I’m a little confused and a little unsure of what has transpired. Today’s date is September 1, 2012. My location is near the west coast states of the USA. I had just woken up to notice my wristwatch is exactly one hour behind the current time. I wear a quality time piece, the odds of this wristwatch failing exactly one hour to the minute and then continuing are astronomical. I have other clocks in the house, one in particular is a Sky Scan atomic clock. Everything is current time except my wristwatch on this day. I do not know what to make of this at all, this is by far the most bizarre thing that has happened to me. Quite frankly, this is a very disturbing, awkward experience.

  285. John, Fascinating blog! Thank you for having it. Just curious…Have you, or do you know of anyone, who has experienced not “missing time”, but having traveled a long distance in an impossible amount of time? Or had a belonging shift from one place to another in an impossible time frame?

  286. Anna — Yes, I’ve had quite a few people contact with me stories of having gained time and of covering long distances in an impossibly short amount of time while driving. One example of this is a story from a woman named Barbara Fann in the comment section of my Missing Time post. Here’s the direct link:

    As for your second question regarding shifting from one time to another, check out Train Ride to a Parallel Dimension.

  287. John, this is the second time I have read this blog. I cannot begin really to explain your experieince or what may have been the root cause. However, I can say that when I went throught the altitude chamber training while in the USAF, one of the symptoms of hypoxia was that feeling that things were getting grey and farther away until you blackout. Before we would blackout though they would place an oxygen mask over our face and we would come right back. Things got normal really fast with oxygen, (hypoxia is brought on by the lack of oxygen). As for your mother heeding that voice that told her that you needed her, that is pretty good evidence that what ever brought this episode on; was done so deliberately by the conscious effort of the purpetrator. I would seek out someone with experience in hypnotisim and see if any usable memory could be drawn out! Or maybe you will just spontaneousely remember what happened and why. Think back to those incidents in your early life and see if anything seems to be related if so you could possibly jar your memory with that? Any way stay safe my friend.

  288. Hello. In approximately 1991 or 1992, I worked at Prudhoe Bay, Alaska (Alaska’s north slope, located in the arctic region and actually far north above the North Pole). Another co-worker and I worked in an office, doing accounting. I was processing invoices and sitting at my desk, as was she. All of the sudden I experienced this super white bright light (like a camera flash only it was so bright, it made everything not visible anymore. The next thing I know, I ‘woke up’ (my head was laying on the desk). I felt like I had been drugged and there was that silence, like you were writing about. I looked at the clock, and 3 hours had pased and I was still working on the same invoice! A couple of weeks later, my co-worker asked me “have you ever been sitting at your desk, then you feel like a bright flash went off, then the next thing you know, a few hours have gone by and you can’t recall what happened?” I have also experienced other unsual phenomenon in Alaska (UFO related). Do you think the missing time episode was caused by government workers or aliens? I stll think about this often as well. Thanks for letting me share. Take care.

  289. Hi John. I first posted on June 6 2011 at about 10:00pm. I posted just using my first name and no last initial. I was trying to recall some additional details to that day. The point at which the memory begins is as I stated, that I was on the curb on a very busy street. I remember that it was raining very hard. So it was spring or summer.

    I used Google Earth to ‘go back’ to that place I remember being, and the apartment I remember where the old lady was who asked me if I needed help was actually a bit further to the east of where I remember being. Like I mentioned before, I don’t remember the ride home, but I remember walking in the front door of our house, and my mothers shock.

    I also don’t recall any discussion of what happened, or where I had been. No questions at all.

    I thought about the whole thing again because I just saw a movie called ‘The Forgotton’. It bothers that I can’t remember what happened, and it also bothers me that the one day several years ago when I remembered it and thought the memory was coming back, but I pushed it away.

    Although it is not common, I have dreams in which I am a captive, and I am trying to escape. I have had dreams in which someone is trying to hurt me and I have a gun, but it won’t fire.

    I remember when I talked to a mental health professional, she asked me what I thought happened, and I said, ‘I don’t know’. She then asked me, ‘whats the worst thing you can imagine that happened’, and I began to cry. The session went downhill from there.

    I suppose I thought the worst thing would be a child predator had grabbed me. I have had experiences with people like that in my younger life, but nothing happened.

    God I hate people that hurt kids.

  290. This happen last night and it bothered me alot. i thought i was going crazy too, however last night i went to bed before midnight and the last time i check it was 1147. I fell sleep then i felt something crawling up from cheek into my nose. i awoke to rub it off and thought it was a bug but it was nothing. i turned around and thought that was a good sleep. i might as well have abit more sleep before getting out of bed assuming it was about 6 or 7 am. so i tossed and turned for awhile. finally i thought i should go use the washroom. then i look at my time on my cellphone and it read 1257am. i said omg! so i got up to use the washroom then came back to bed. i layed in bed trying to eyes still open. then i finally gave in and decided to update my facebook status stating that i couldnt sleep and thinking it was already 6 or 7am. after logging out of my facebook and it took probably a minute to update my status then logged out. before placing my cellphone on the table i check the time again and it read 215am. this is when i thought i was crazy, the whole time i was awake. how could i miss an hour? i keep thinking about it and how did that happen?
    last week i took my girls down a pumpkin farm and we had left about abit after 3 pm. i had pass the the farm and got lost for awhile and it was raining at the time. so we backtrack and found the farm. so we had 40 minutes to explore the farm. the farm closed at 5pm. the girl told us we had about 40 mins and when we got there we it was about 415pm. we went to barn, mazes etc. as i was waiting and watching my girl going into the maze i looked at my time and it said 326. i was like it cant be. so i called my daughter in the city and ask her what time it was. she said it was 426 and i told her mine is can that be? was there a time change? so that didnt bother me much so i thought it was a glich. when we left my time was back to its normal hour. Glad to hear all your stories so i dont feel too crazy now. have a good day!

  291. Mike — Sorry for the delay in replying. This does sound as if there was some kind of traumatic incident in your childhood that you’re repressing. I wouldn’t assume that it was necessarily anything mystical or paranormal. Other than the fact that this is obviously bothering you because it’s an unresolved memory, is it having affecting your life in a negative way? If it is, I’d say that further counseling might be a good idea. If it is not, then maybe you’re better off trying to let it go, if that’s possible. It bugs me that to this day I can’t recall what happened during my missing time episode, but it really hasn’t had a negative affect on my day-to-day life, so I’m not that terribly concerned with it. I’ve always felt that at some point I may remember what happened anyway. Could be that that may happen to you: when you’re ready to remember, you will.

    Good luck and take care.

    — John

  292. John,
    I have had more than one experience very similar to your missing time story. One was driving home one night in a classic Vermont winter storm. I remember coming up on a state trooper and a the woman police officer coming up to my truck and directing me to go around the cars . I recall her saying, be careful tonight and drive safe. I thought it was odd that there were so many cars all stopped, like frozen in time. I saw a man standing outside of his new BMW looking under the hood and there were two semi trucks just sitting in the middle of the freeway . It was all very confusing, then the really strange part happened. It was just like you said, I came to almost 17 miles and three exits later. I really had no idea where I was for a minute. I immediately called my close friend and told him, naturally he didnt really believe the story and told me near the same thing the Trooper said. Very odd. And the other story is way to complex for this blog. Yet I shared a missing time event with a friend and we both are convinced something happened to us. I have a strange mark on my hand that I never had before that night, a rectangular mole in the middle of my hand at the base of my middle finger. I know this sounds crazy, but i swear its all true.

  293. Justin — I believe you! I’ve had so many people tell me of similar experiences that it’s become very difficult to deny that something strange is happening. Feel free to email me at [email protected] if you’d like to talk about any of your other experiences.

  294. John, it’s hard to say if it has had a negative effect on my life. I haven’t lived a ‘normal’ life, whatever that is. There is only so much I can post here.

  295. Same here, Mike. At least I’ve never felt very “normal”. My only point was that if you think that this repressed memory is affecting you negatively, and if you believe that the quality of your life will be improved by uncovering it (or attempting to do so), then maybe you should pursue that. If not, then you might be better of putting it behind you if you can, unless it’s really eating at you and you have a strong desire to find the root cause. Qualified psychiatric help might be the way to go if you decide to go down the road toward discovering what happened to you. I’m just throwing this out there, of course. It’s a personal decision that you’ll need to make.

  296. I had a wierd missing time moment this morning. Maybe one could dismiss it as a glitch. But basically I set my clock for 5 am this morning. The alarm went off as usual and when it did I literally stood up and when I looked at my computer clock and turned on my tv it said 6:30am. How could I lose and hour and a half within 1 minute of time. My clock on my phone said my alarm went off at 5am and it recognized the time as 5am but immediately it was 6:30.

    Lately I’ve had strange dreams as well about the Bible and Im not really a Bible banger like that but some of the dreams i have had have literally lead me to bible scriptures when I would google the meanings of those dreams. I wish I could say I knew what was happening. I think I’m far too sane to crazy as I am very clear about whats been happening and theres been no reason for it.

  297. Couple things to add to this – the woman above mentioned a container just disappearing as she was using it. This has happened to my husband and I with 3 pairs of scissors at different times, and we still haven’t found them. No idea. Alternate scissor dimension?

    But the thing that brought me here, and it’s sort of a joke among my family now, is that I swear, I SWEAR, I distinctly remember actor Wilford Brimley dying back in the 90s. It’s not just a ‘Oh, is he dead of alive?’ thing that happens a lot with celebrities. I remember the television broadcasts announcing it, little human interest pieces they did on his work, mentions of things about his life. Then last year, someone mentioned Wilford Brimley, and I said ‘So sad that he died, he was great’, and my cousin said…um, he’s not dead. I was frantically checking his IMDB and the net, and sure enough, he’s alive. Such a weird thing to remember, so random, but I REMEMBER him dying, or at least his death being announced and discussed in the media. So now it’s like…did the timeline shift? lol Have I been moved from some previous dimension where Wilford Brimley was dead?

  298. Dari — I have considered the idea of crossing over into different timelines, so maybe! If you’ve watched any of the shows or read anything about quantum physics, there has been a lot of talk about every possible outcome splitting off into another reality. Like if the Germans were victorious in WWII or if JFK wasn’t assassinated — or if Wilford Brimley died. These time anomalies could have something to do with different planes of reality or universes occasionally intersecting. I’m not expert in quantum physics and to most people this sounds pretty far out, but I think this new, quantum view of the nature of the universe and what we perceive as reality might explain a lot of these bizarre “paranormal” events that so many people claim to have experienced.

  299. I just found this site today and find all the letters/experiences very interesting. A friend of mine and I had a similar experience. It was long time ago so I can’t really put a date on it. I know it was late 60s, I think 1968 or 1969 and late spring/early summer. Dean and I left my house and we were headed to my cousin’s house about 5 miles in the country. I have not told but a few family members about this then and since because of fear of ridicule. We were about half way to our destination ( a trip of 10-15 minutes) and we were in his pickup truck listening to radio on the way. While going down this isolated country road the radio went nuts, full of static and so Dean just turned it off. Right then we came to the end of this road, a “T” road and a stop sign and there directly in front of us just on the other side of the road hanging about 30-40 feet above road was the classic saucer shape craft. No we were not drinking! It was about 20-25 feet long and SILENT (our truck windows were down), it had one amber glowing light in the middle on bottom. We commented to each other WTF is that! What seemed like just only a few seconds looking at it went by and then the light on bottom got real bright white and without a sound the thing went like it was shot out of a cannon into the night sky and gone, still no sound! We were stunned and not sure what we had just saw. We went on to my cousin’s house and when we walked in through his back door the first thing I noticed was his kitchen clock (we went in his back door through his garage right into kitchen) was wrong. I commented to my cousin that he needed to set his clock, he commented back it is right, why? It was over an hour later then it should have been! I know the others didn’t mention UFOs but we had this lost time and I think about it a lot and do not know what happened and maybe I don’t want to know, just weird! Thank you.

  300. Hi Bud — Thanks for sharing your experience. Actually, this was one of the few incidents described to me that involve an actual UFO sighting. Most are like mine, memory loss, a period of missing time and no recollection of seeing or hearing anything. Very interesting. Thanks again for letting me know about it. If anything else comes to mind, I’d love to hear about it.

    — John

  301. Hi John, I grew up in the U.K as a child. I knew things before they happen and had strange experiences. As I got older it happened less often but never went away. For me I felt the the dying, knew of plane crashes, and drownings. It was never good. I believe the souls called loudest when in fear. I like you run my own business but in Australia. I have grown kids that are doing well. I have had lost time after being chased by hovering lights (UFO) no recollection of it. (I don’t believe in hypnosis) Since then have been told I have a Genetic disorder which non of my family have. I also have tumor’s in the bone, (23/10/12) told we don’t know what they are. Strange thing is having the biopsy it felt familiar.
    People are too scared to face what we will face soon.
    John you and your family should leave the United States but don’t go to Europe.
    Ghosts, aliens, time, dimensions are all one. religion is false. God is real. We are part of God, but like all things there is a balance good-bad, up-down, inside-outside, black -white, you get the point.
    Aliens fear us we are unpredictable. We would sell our soul for a dollar. Kill for less. Look around there is little to no common good, just mostly self interest.
    Take it or leave it, there it is. No need for a reply I will not revisit this site.

  302. Hey John, would you believe that this might have happened to me today, just half an hour ago, in fact?

    I was looking down at my computer’s clock waiting for dinner and I last remember seeing the time of 7:53 on my clock. Just a blink of an eye later, it seems, the clock then showed not 7:54, but 8:24. A whole half hour had passed without me knowing it. I checked every clock in my room to see if maybe some glitches had happened. And every one showed the same general time.

    IDK, maybe it can be rationally explained, but maybe not……still, though, really freaky, man. =O

  303. Steve — I get a lot of people telling me about these strange little hiccups in time. I suppose that skeptics can dismiss these as just being mental lapses, but I doubt that explains them all. Has that happened to you before?

  304. Your experience is somewhat like mine, but I had an experience with a group of people. I was 13 years old in 1973 rehearsing in a church youth choir. We were singing the last note of a song when everything stopped. When I came to, I was sitting, and my best friend was crying, “We’re going to die. We’re going to die.” I assured her that we were okay. We all asked each other–“what happened?” We were confused. We noticed that our youth minister who had been playing the piano and leading us was gone. When we asked him later if he had experienced what we had, he said that he had inner ear trouble and had gotten dizzy. I believe he had the same experience but just wouldn’t admit it. The room was checked for any kind of gas leaks, etc. The adults we told could not explain what had happened.

  305. Hey everyone, looks like I’ll join in on this since my experience was just a couple weeks ago…

    I let my mind slip on this fact due to being busy so I can’t remember the exact timing but nevertheless it happened and I was shocked

    It happened to me when I woke up one regular September morning, I got myself ready to head out for work this was around 9am – Just before I preceded to have breakfast, I went over to say good morning to my mother, she told me “Hey you’re up a lil’ early” and to my surprise I replied “Nope, it’s already 9” she goes “Um, it’s 8”

    I glanced over to the clocks in the room, they were all 8am. Her laptop on the desk showed 8am. I glanced at my watch and my cellphone all showing 9am.

    I of course I laughed it off and figured she set all the clocks back an hour so I preceded to have breakfast.

    My appointment was at 11am I would have to leave the house at 10:30am to get to my appointment in time. I did my daily routine of sending out emails to my clients and dully noted that my PC time was an hr behind too….

    I went over to my father’s home office 2 rooms over next to mine and asked, what time the appointment was to double check, he noted 11am and we had some time to kill. I asked him what time it was and he glanced over to his PC and told me the time, it was an hour behind mine…

    Confused, it ended up doing a couple things to ensure I wasn’t the one behind time, I did a clock sync on my phone – “no change” clock sync to my PC “no change” I manually turned them all back 1 full hour.

    10:30 struck and I was out the door, I checked the time again in the car, now it’s the same time I had manually set to my watch and phone. As we were approaching my appointment I was shocked beyond belief.

    The time in my car WENT BACK A FULL HOUR.

    My father who was with me said we’ll be there a little early to the office to get some work done. (The appointment was at his office) I replied, “once we get to the office I’ll prep some coffee for the client” he replied, “yeah once he comes in” and then I go “but we will get there when the client is there”

    My watch and my phone time were now ONE HOUR AHEAD.

    From that point to now, I couldn’t explain what the hell happened.

    Now this is before Daylight Savings kicked in, I’m still a little iffy on that day to now…


  306. One update on my misisng time experience. I posted this story on a public site, either this one or another one. You know that night I woke up and my watch had stopped at 2:30 AM about the time I went to bed. It was about 6 Am when i woke up and I thought it was much earlier. That spooked me. The battery checked out fine.
    And i remember one other experience that happened maybe a year or two before that missing time event. Its kind of embarassing. I woke up early one morning and found that I was naked. I had taken off( I thought) my pajamas in my sleep. They were on the floor. I had never done that before or since. I did think that maybe somebody took them off me while I was alseep but I was a light sleeper and would have woken up. If a stranger had entered the house our dog would have barked and woken the whole house. I did think that maybe I had been teleported, just physically. No nightmres about aliens, and Ive never seen a UFO.

  307. Today is Thanksgiving and it is one that my sister and I will not forget. We where on an hour and a half road trip down the interstate to pick up family for thanksgiving dinner. This trip is made by us both several times a month for years so we know the trip and the times of the trip very well. At one point I looked at a milage sign that said we had 24 miles until we reached a land mark town on our trip. I pointed it out to my sister and she looked back down at her tablet. I looked at the time on the car clock and then looked at the gas gauge to see how we where doing on time.we where making decent time and had enough gas to get us to our destination before having to refeul.I then looked up from the gas gauge and we where 24 miles down the interstate. Just…like… that. I told my sister to look up and out the window. She had the same experience and could not figure out how we got there in a split second. Here is the kicker…I understand highway hypnosis and dissassociating. I can understand mass haulucination. I understand being so involved in something that you lose time. I do NOT understand how both my sister and I felt like we where missing 20 min of time when the gas gauge did not move and the time stayed the same! We where even 20 min early to our final destination.

  308. It was approximately a year ago when I experienced this. I want to say it was somewhere between January or March of 2012 ? It occurred while I was at my place of employment. I am a machine operator for a global company. I work midnight shift and on this particular night I had felt a little off before I left for work. I felt that way for most of the day. I arrived at work, changed into my work boots and headed out to the machining floor area. I checked the assignment sheet only to realize that I would be doing the same job that I had been doing for several months now. I didn’t mind cause It’s a good job assignment to have. I got my job up and running as usual and settled in for the rest of my shift by putting on my ipod and enjoying music while I ran my machines. On night shift, we have breaks every two hours. First break at 12am, lunch at 2am and third at 4am. Two ten minute breaks and one twenty minute lunch break. I usually have produced a certain total numbers of product by 12 o’clock break and that night was no exception. I was right on track, within one or two pieces of where I needed to be. I’d noticed it was near 12am and headed to first break like any other night. I returned from break at around 2:15 or so and went back to work making product. I started my machines running again, turned on my ipod and decided to take out a crossword puzzle that I’d been doing a little of it here and there for a few days. I don’t remember much from that point in time on until what seemed to be only a few minutes of time had passed when I felt as if I had just snapped out of a daydream sort of state ? I glanced at my watch to notice that it was reading 1:55am. Five minutes until lunch break. I began shutting down my operation and prepared to head to lunch. I didn’t look at my production counters before I had left so I had no idea how much I had done since returning to work from first break ? I headed off to lunch, which is about a 5 minute walk to the lunchroom. I noticed on my way over that it seemed a bit quieter than normal ? not the usual loud machining sounds that I usually hear while walking to break. I got near the lunchroom and stopped at the restroom to wash up before going in to eat lunch. A routine I do most every night. I was the only person in the restroom at the time. I removed my watch by unfastening the velcro strap. Easy to put on and remove for work use. I placed it in my pocket as usual and washed and dried my hands. I was now walking out of the restroom attempting to strap my watch back onto my wrist. I looked at the time which read 2:03am as I gave it that usual flip around my wrist to strap it on when this time, it flew up into the air, as if in slow motion, spun around in flight and landed smack dab onto it’s face ! I figured, great, now I either broke it, knocked the time out of whack or generally just messed it up. I walked over and picked it up. I looked at the time and it read 4:05am. I said to myself that I had gotten lucky and that I just have to reset the time back to 2:05 and it would be just fine. I figured I would wait til after break to fix it. I strapped it on and left it at that. I proceeded to the lunchroom which was just around the corner from the restroom. I looked in and didn’t see any of my workmates or any other workers from my shift in the break room. I thought it very odd and at the same time, I’d noticed much more machine activity i.e. machining noise than usual during break time ? Thinking nothing more about it, I entered the lunchroom, grabbed my lunch box and decided to go have lunch with the guys in the quality lab since nobody was in the lunchroom. I walk into the lab and there was no one in there. They usually eat lunch in the backroom of the lab but for some reason or another, nobody was in there at the time. I sat down anyway to eat and wait for someone to come in. Finally, my friend Cirt walks in and asks ” Why are you taking break so late “? I answer him,” What do you mean, so late “? He then says,” It’s almost 4:30 ” ! I replied, “Nice try, real funny “? He then instructs me to look at the clock on the lab wall so I did and sure enough, it read 4:29am. I thought it was a joke and got up to look at the clock in the other room of the lab and it also read 4:29am. At first I thought someone was playing a joke on me so I went back to the lunchroom and looked at that clock which read 4:30. Now freaking out, I look at my watch again and it is reading 4:31. I continued walking around the shop to different locations to see other clocks and again they were all the same ! These clocks are all set by the maintenance department and you would need a pretty tall ladder to get to them.The final test was the time clock where everyone punches in and out. It cannot be tampered with and sure as heck it was the same ! I lost it at this point. I can’t even explain how I felt. Sort of in a state of shock and confusion. I grabbed my stuff and headed back to my work area. Still in shock and disbelief, I walked back to my machines to pull up my production counters only to find that the numbers were the same as when I went to first break at 12am ! I can’t explain any of this. I’ve spoken to many people about it and most say I either am making it up or say something completely idiotic and make a joke out of it ? I looked up similar experiences here on the net which led me to your site. I know I’m not crazy, especially now that it seems that so many have had similar experiences.

  309. i meant to say I returned at 12:15am from first break, not 2:15am ! Sorry !

  310. Cool stuff

  311. Hello, I have enjoyed reading all the posts and have a short and puzzling story to share that I really don’t understand how this happened. Around 10 years ago I was sitting in the living room of my house in the afternoon when I glanced up and noticed something odd in the kitchen, it’s hard to describe but it looked like a semi transparent face. I sat there looking at it for what could only have been a very few seconds trying to figure out what I was looking at, and as I was looking my husband walked into view and into the kitchen to exactly the spot where the shape was and turned to me and smiled, as he did so I realized the face I had been looking at was his face, exactly is face !! It was as though someone had recorded him being there and smiling at me and I had seen an image of him there before he was there. I know it makes no sense but it was real, these experiences help open our minds.

  312. I have had many strange experiences since I was very little. I have always tried to block these memories out. I am haunted by one memory the most. My boyfriend and I just bought a sail boat, well you see a memory I had blocked came back in the most terrifying way. My mother and her boyfriend had a 38 foot sail boat. My sister and I were 8 and 10 years old. We had one crew member so all together there was 5 of us on this sail boat. We were about 700 miles out it sea it was calm and warm. We had no idea that we were being pulled into Hurricane Aurthor. That night i woke up It was so quiet and I could hear myself screaming for my mom. It was like I was watching my self scream. I stopped and there was this silence that was defening. I felt alone and was so scared. I was unable to move and I could feel water around me as if I was laying in it. I was trying to breath and felt I couldnt. It seemed like forever and I was so tired I blacked out. The next morning I woke up to 60 ft seas and winds that were blowing 140 knots. I heard my mother say that she didnt want the guys mentioning the strange experience. My sister and I still to this day wonder what happened to us and what continues to haunt me even now. I am so afraid to be alone. I left out a bunch of details only because we were in that storm for two week it dragged us from New Zealand to Papa New Guinie our destination was Fiji. We were in the middle of the ocean and that night something happen to us. No one would talk about it. The strange thing that I never told anyone, that I spent the morning pulling wires out of my back shoulder. Long skinny wire threads. I fell asleep on our boat now all grown up. I scared my boyfriend I woke up screaming I remembered pulling wire from my back as a child. I never told him what happened. Missing time is something I have learned to live with. I am never sure where I have been. What should I do? How do I explain with out sounding crazy. Am I crazy?

  313. Well i can completely understand the loss of time and disorientation, I have a little different story to tell. So me and my wife have been having some weird things happen around the appartment. As little as things being moved and things misplaced, just normal junk. Well we set out to do a set of Recordings (EVP) if some of you are not clear on what that is. Well on one night we set up the recorder at 12:15am the recording went for 5 hrs and 8 mins when i stopped it in the AM. Now we did not realize this till days later about the time jump ill call it. We stared the recording for the night and we set downstairs till a little after 1:30 am i did time stamps ever hour till i stopped the recording… Now i have 5 hrs and 8 mins of recording for the night and an hour of that is us downstairs. so that leaves like little under 4 hrs of time i spent upstairs watching netflix and a movie.

    Here is the kicker.. that night when i went to bed i finished the last 7 episodes of Terranova 38 min ea and watched a 93 min film and watched 2 episodes of Game of thromes at 42 mins each

    Terranova = 266 mins with out the breaks i took to time stamp audio recording
    Movie = 93 mins
    Game of thrones = 84 mins

    Total = 443 mins or 7hrs 23 mins

    when we noticed this we were confused to say the least because some how i finished all this before the recording was over and had laid back down to try to get some sleep before i cut the recording off at a little after 5:15 am. so threw the coarse of the night i some how watched almost double the time of shows that i should have been able to. Also in the Am when my wife got up I recalled the complete half of the series to my wife and it was the first time i had ever seen it. We have boggled our minds over it many times in the last few weeks and still have no ” ” logical reason for the discrepancy in time. It was as if i had watched everything in a compressed time slice. I have talked to a few people online and friends that i know that get all deep into the “paranormal” and they have told me similar stories of time loss or just skewed time.

    If any one wants to know any more details Contact me at [email protected]

  314. Hi John,
    This is a very interesting phenomenon that as I have noticed is a common experience. My experience was last Halloween night. I was staying at my uncles in a caravan in the backyard. Not just that it was halloween, but it was a very eerie night indeed nonetheless. The wind was howling, there were the usual crazy noises you would expect to here in the distance. I was not sleeping at all over the few nights I was in Taree as it was so I know I didn’t just fall asleep( I was actually detoxing from painkillers and so was having huge trouble sleeping as it was) I was completely drug free at the time as well.
    The radio announcer first said it was 3.30 am, then changed his mind some 2 and half hours later. He then said it was 12.30am . I had no clock or watch so was reliant on the radio. It seemed as though I was only lying there for about 4 hours or so then all of a sudden the sun arose.
    I wasn’t a happy man as I really wanted my sleep. I had no experience of blankness, blackness or the like. I completely remember every song played and every moment continuum. So I simply cannot explain that particular night.
    It is interesting to note that in biblical history there is a record about the prophet Elijah who requested that God hold back the sun for a third of a day in order to defeat an army he was fighting. Astronomers have actually been able to pinpoint the exact particular time and report that we are in fact missing a third of a day!! Food for thought.

    Thank you for your forum…


  315. Thank you, Matt. Interesting story, and not an uncommon one. It’s become more and more obvious that this phenomenon is very widespread. I was not familiar with that passage in the bible, but I’d like to look into it further. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. — John

  316. I thought I was having seizure activity I would lost the same amount of time and prolly like 1-3 times a month. strangely it was almost always the same amount of time 2hours 10 minutes.
    or 1 hour 15 minutes. Thing is I’d be out workin or pilfering around in the woods (i own 5 acres) and I’d just be standing there . I still cant figure it out. I cant stand that long or sit or lay down (have spinal stenosis/multiple surgeries) . so for me to do anything over 30 minutes at a time its unusual. When my wife moved to America seems they stopped but then I woke up on morning (i sleep sitting up on the floor with my head back on the couch) I have these red triangles on my right side (3) left side (2) I got pics some place if yer interested. they were like pink triangle welps. The missing time stuff had went on for like 3 years but after that ordeal it stopped. I still cant account for what happened though.

  317. Hi Doc. You might want to get checked out by a medical doctor. I always look to the most ordinary explanations before making any assumptions about paranormal activity. I think you’d first want to rule out any possible medical conditions that could account for these occurrences. However, you could be dealing with something that’s out of the ordinary. Feel free to keep in touch and let me know how you’re making out.

  318. Hi John, I have posted a few comments on this link before, and I think I may have a VERY THIN explanation on why some people are targeted. 

    Let’s get one thing out of the way first, and that is, I BELIEVE IN UFO’s. 

    Weather UFO’s are extra terrestrial in nature or secret military aircraft is another question, however regardless of their origin I believe their motive is one of a scientific nature. 
    Just as human scientist tag and release certain animal species for research so too are these UFO’s. And despite the fact that many of your subscribers have never seen a UFO, it doesn’t mean that they haven’t been in contact with one.

    Most of the subscribers in this thread have had missing time experiences and some have woken up in a totally different location. 

    Think about the Polar Bear. We shoot them with tranq guns, and when they are asleep, we study them, tag them and then nick-off before they wake up. they never have a chance to see us, but when they wake up all they remember is something stinging them in the ass before everything went black, then when they come-to, they have a splitting head ache and some bastard clipped a red tag to their ear, and it hurts! If they were tagged near a populated area, the polar bear will be transported back to not-so-populated area before being released. 

    I believe this kind of “tag and release” process is what happens to us.

    As for the time difference, either lost or gained, all I can say is that MAYBE TIME TRAVEL IS A POSSIBILITY. 

    If I was Captain Kirk on a survey mission to another planet where the government of the host planet wasn’t keen for me to study their natives but I had the means to quickly snatch a subject away, study them for an hour and deliver them back to the exact place, without the subjects knowledge, then I guess I would. 

    Now imagine if our future ancestors have an osteoporosis epidemic. Time travel has been conquered, and space travel has been conquered but for all their  technological advancements the bone structures of our future kin has begun to deteriorate in plague proportions, but now the purest and densest samples lay in the past. Yes this sounds like bone harvesting, but what if there was a second dimension to it.

    Imagine if you wanted to study somebody with a spinal injury but you couldn’t wait around for twenty years for the results. If time travel was an option, a scientist could go back in time to where a person had sustained a serious injury, provide some kind of assistance, (experimental) and then leap frog into various points of the future to where they could observe the results.

    The knowledge gained from this kind of research would be “PRICELESS” to a space dwelling population who is desperate to cure their osteoporosis crisis. 

    However, these studies may not be confined to bone structure, there could be other medical related illnesses that are also being observed which require the luxury of time to study such as Cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease etc.

    I cannot honestly say I believe everything I just wrote, but it’s just a theory that some of your readers could probably “add to”, or “dump on” if they choose.

  319. Aaron – It’s not a bad theory, really. Certainly as good and as plausible as any I’ve heard or postulated myself. At this point I feel quite certain that something is definitely going on, and I don’t think it’s some kind of natural phenomenon or that the people who report these missing time experiences are all delusional or are lying. It’s real, and it appears to me that something or someone is intervening and manipulating these people for some purpose that we do not understand. Yours is not an unreasonable idea at all. It does bear a strong resemblance to a “tag-and-release” type of animal study.

    Thanks for the input.

  320. Thanks for the comment John, it’s good to know that somebody is on the same page as myself.

    One other very important point that I forgot to mention is DNA studies. If mankinds future has a small and confined population, then after a few generations the gene-pool might start to dwindle. New DNA may have to be introduced into the population to minimize accidental in-breeding.

  321. Hi Dennis — Hey, I’m the last guy to think you’re a nutjob. Have you read through all of the comments that people have left on this blog? There are a lot of strange stories on here, and I had an unexplained experience myself, so don’t worry about feeling uncomfortable in sharing your story. I like to think of this website as a place where people can do that without fear of ridicule or judgement.

    The incident that you described is definitely more in line with the typical abduction scenario: late at night, deserted road, light in the sky, subsequent nightmares, etc. The fact that two other people were involved and are having similar nightmares and identical marks on their bodies is further evidence that something happened to you and your friends.

    Many of the stories shared on this blog and that are emailed to me do not involve any sightings of objects in the sky or physical evidence, but there are some that do and follow the more traditional view of UFO abductions. Yours definitely fits that profile, but I’m always a little hesitant to make that conclusion. I think that whatever is at the root cause of these time phenomena (and there could be more than one cause) is very complex. Some seem to be very random while others indicate that they’ve been orchestrated. And if some (or perhaps all) of them are orchestrated, then we have to ask “by whom”? If these are not all simply cases of mistaken perception by those people claiming to have these experiences, and we don’t dismiss them all as lies, then we have to admit that something is going on. I personally do not think that these are all mistakes or fabrications, and I don’t think people who have had these experiences are all “nutjobs” (being one of them myself — and I don’t think I’m nuts). That means that we’re dealing with something unexplained.

    As I’ve said in the last few responses to peoples’ comments, I think that whatever/whomever is causing these missing time anomalies have been interacting with humankind since our beginnings. There are stories going back centuries over all different cultures about strange beings (angels, demons, fairies, ETs are some of the names given to them), mysterious lights and flying objects. I think these are all part of the same thing we’re dealing with today. We just put the UFO/ET label on it because that fits in with our mindset in this day and age.

    Please keep in touch and let me know if anything else happens or you recall anything else. If you’d prefer to email me, it’s [email protected]. Thanks again for sharing your experience. — John

  322. i had an experience as a teen,i was driveing my car down a road i used alot and there is a curve in the road,i came to the stop signe at the end of the road,and sat there trying to figure out where the heck the cruve went i never passed through was 1980’s and the car was old then no clock so i dont know how much time passed.but just a few weeks ago i was watching a recorded show that was an hour long,i started watching it at 8:30 when it ended i felt hungry so i got up and noticed it was 11:30,i quickly checked several other clocks thinking that the first was wrong it wasent.I did not fall asleep as the show was recorded and would have went to regular tv but i fasforwerded to the very end so the delete prompt would come up,very weird…

  323. My sister and I were traveling to Virginia from Pennsylvania. We passed the Maryland House, which is a rest stop that I have often visited as a child. My sister was driving and as we passed the Maryland House, I was filled with nostalgia as I remembered spending time there as a child everytime we would travel to the Maryland and D.C. area. After, we went through the Washington Tunnel. We never turned or veered because where we were going was basically a straight roaded route. However, before I knew it, we were passing the Maryland House again and proceeded to go through the tunnel, yet again. It was the strangest thing and now both my sister and I feel that we missed time. I am still puzzled…this happened about 5 years ago.

  324. I haven’t been able to get this incident out of my head since it happened last week. I dropped my daughter off at the Providence airport and was driving back home, which is 40 minutes from the airport. I’ve done this drive a LOT. I exited the highway (I-295) and got onto Route 146 north. I saw on my car clock that it was 11:25 am. At that point, I was 20 minutes from home. I don’t remember feeling strange at the time, and it was a nice sunny day. That’s where everything changes.

    The next thing I noticed was that it was 11:45 AM. Instead of pulling into my driveway like I expected, I was merging onto Route 146 from a side street in Providence, heading SOUTH. Now remember, I’d been heading NORTH on this road 15 minutes earlier. So maybe I’d just made a stupid mistake back at 11:25, and got onto 146 in the wrong direction(?) I was willing to accept that, except I’d just merged ONTO 146 South from a side street. I knew right away that something was really wrong as I was merging — if I was heading south on 146 by mistake 15 minutes earlier, I wouldn’t be MERGING onto 146 south, I’d still be ON 146 south. So I paid attention to the first exit sign that I saw on the road after I merged, so I could look at a map later. I recognized right away where I was, and how to get home from there but it made absolutely NO SENSE what had happened. If I’d had some kind of seizure or blacked out, I should have had an accident. It gives me the creeps. I’ve never had anything like that happen to me before or since.

    And when I looked at a Providence map to see the roads around where I merged onto 146? I don’t think I’d ever been on those roads before in my life. How did I even get there?? I haven’t told anyone else about this because I’m sure they’ll think I’m nuts.

  325. Hello – I would like to tell you about a missing time experience that I and co-worker had. We were working at Prudhoe Bay Alaska (the “north slope”) in 1991 or 1992. We worked in a small office room – just the 2 of us. One day, she asked me if I had ever experienced like a sort of ‘flash’ (like a camera flash?) of light so bright that it visually blocked every thing else out, then looked at the clock and realized that a few hours had passed by. I was completely amazed as this had been happening to me! When it happend to me, I sort of ‘woke up’ (my head was laying down on the desk), looked at the time and realized that 3 hours had passed and I was still working on the same invoice!! There were other strange phenomenon that occured while I was working there. Has anyone else experienced something like this before? Thanks.

  326. Hi JAZ — I don’t think you’re nuts, if that’s any consolation! But I know the feeling. That sounds a whole lot like my time anomaly incident, except that you were driving and I was walking. I traveling due south when I lost “blanked out”, so to speak, and when I came to I was still walking directly south, but NORTH of where I had started from and almost a couple of miles from where I lost my memory.

    These incidents seem to be much more commonplace than I’d ever imagined, as evidenced by the frequent emails that I receive and the comments on this article. What it all means, I’m not sure. One book that I read recently is Time Storms by Jenny Randles, and she seems to think this is some kind of naturally-occurring phenomenon. Many of the cases that she cites seem to support that, but many of the ones that I receive seem to indicate that there’s some kind of manipulation involved, which of course would indicate interference by some kind of intelligence. If you read my previous responses, I tend to shy away from the alien abduction idea — although I can’t discount it. However, I do feel that the people who have experienced this (myself included) have been on the receiving end of something that is unexplainable and appears to be intelligently controlled. For what purposes, I can only speculate.

    Thanks for sharing your experience. If anything else comes to mind please let me know if you’d care to do so. — John

  327. Hi Jen — Balls of light, bright flashes of light, and humming/buzzing/vibrating noises preceding missing time and time anomalies are all frequently reported. Very interesting that your co-worker experienced the same thing. Did it happen to her in the office as well or in the same general area? Love to hear about the other strange phenomena that you mentioned. This is something that has me curious: are these time anomaly phenomena related to the individual or to a particular area or geographic region? That’s something I’m trying to get a handle on, so the more folks I hear from and the greater the detail, the better. There seems to be a wide variety of these incidents that we might term as “time anomalies”. Thanks for submitting your story. Please feel free to share any other experience that you’ve had or have heard of. I’m more than glad to listen. — John

  328. Hello I have experienced three incidents of missing time, most recently this past Sunday January 20th, 2013. Two of the incidents occurred while I was alone but the first experience I had I was accompanied by a friend. The first incident occurred sometime between mid November-early January 1998/1999. My friend and I, both juniors in high school were out enjoying a weekend night. I was sixteen years old at the time but my friend was a few months older and had already turned seventeen; he had a real nice car for the time and we were probably driving around showing off. I don’t remember looking at clocks so I have no reference to a clock (which actually happens in each of my time loss experiences, I mention this because everyone seems to have a reference of time) but my friend and I were driving (in our hometown) and in a deep conversation. The next thing I remember is both of us, at the same time, seem to “snap out of it” and we both ask “how did we get all the way over here” and I remember him saying “bro, I wasn’t even paying attention I was on autopilot or something”. Now where we ended, was just the next town over..only about ten minutes from my last memory of us in deep conversation driving in our hometown. It was definitely significant because we bring it up in conversation at times. In fact I emailed him and just brought up that night when we were teenagers and asked him to describe to me what he remembered. I thought I was going to get an email back stating this odd experience but instead he said he didn’t recall. (This sort of freaked me out..i immediatley thought “oh crap i must be going insane”) So I decided to give more details and asked if he remembered it now? This is what he emailed me back verbatim, copy and pasted: “Yes hahahaha yea I drove all the by Belleville high school. I said the car took us there It felt like the stick was controlling the car it was def a stoner night hahahahaha. Good times bud! ” So he chalks this experience up to us smoking pot and just being stoned. Honestly I don’t remember smoking pot that night but maybe we did it was almost 15 years ago..either way, even if we were stoned, I don’t feel it was a reaction to the marijuana.

    The second missing time event occurred sometime between 2008-2010. I was in my mid to late 20’s and single. I was in my bedroom playing a video game online, I was interacting with friends with via the video consoles headgear. We were on a team together in this particular game and I believe we were playing for a good hour; I was playing a good hour before they signed on to play. This is what I remember, I’m on a particular stage in the game lets say the 4th level for arguments thing I realize, I “snap out of it” and I’m still playing the game but I’m back on an earlier stage, a matter of fact it’s the very first stage. I hear my friends (and the other team we were playing) talking back and forth through the speakers but I’m so confused I just continue to play. I didn’t have a clock reference, I’m only going on my feelings, what i experienced and the video game evidence. It’s a very odd feeling and I would often think about it..I would think am I crazy? Did I get abducted or something? Or just the normal, what the F was that? Something quite similar to this happened to me a few days ago on January 20. In all honesty, I was feeling a bit down and out. I just got back from taking one my dogs for a long walk and decided to take a shower. After the shower, I still felt a bit “down” so I went into my bedroom (same room I had the other missing time experience) and drew the shades which engulfed the sun lit room into complete darkness. I decided to watch the movie “Thor” and really fell into the film..but halfway through I got a bit drowsy. I pressed stop on the DVD remote and I powered the player off. I put pointless tv on for background noise and cuddled with one of two dogs on my bed. However, for reasons not knowing, I just couldn’t get comfy and it agitated me a bit..enough to not make me not so tired anymore.. I figured I would not force myself to take nap because that would alter my sleep patterns later. I put Thor back on and it resumed play from where I stopped it. I remember the scene starting and my mind began to wander(which I often do, during movies, maybe I have add lol) I don’t remember what I was thinking of..then all of a sudden I “snap out of it” dog that is laying right next to me is staring at me, eyes wide open. He looked perplexed and concerned. I didn’t pay much mind to it. My attention redirects to the tv screen and I’m watching a part of the movie I had already first thought was it was a flashback..but as it kept playing I directed my eyes to the time counter on the DVD player and it read a little over thirteen minutes. I sat there confused. 13 minutes? I watched over 45 minutes when I first stopped it for my non-existent nap. My next thought was, did the DVD skip somehow and somehow the film rewind a bunch of I put the movie back to a little over the 45 minute mark and watched the rest of the film. It didn’t rewind on its own that time. When the movie was finished I just felt odd. I felt very similar to how I felt the night I was playing the video game. The fact my dog had his attention on me, his eyes wide open the way they were make me feel like something happened. Did I leave my body? Did my body leave this dimension? Am I going out of my mind? Like mostly everyone I would love to hear an answer to what this phenomena is. I googled “time loss” and eventually found this site…glad I did..glad I’m not alone. So many interesting experiences and also many interesting possibilities to why this happens; my favorite being we are time travelers! Thanks for hosting and starting the topic. If anyone can shed any light into my accounts or have any opinions please share, thanks!

  329. Hey Steven — Jeez, I wish I could give you an answer to all this, but I really don’t know what (or who!) causes these time slips and missing time incidents. Yours seems to be a case of skipping forward and rewinding in the sequence of time. This could be either something mentally or physically wrong with you (no offense — same could be said of me), some kind of naturally-occurring phenomenon that we don’t yet understand, or intervention by some intelligence that we’re unaware of, whether you want to call them angels, demons, or E.T.s — or maybe time traveling future versions of ourselves, as one reader recently suggested.

    As I usually tell people, take some comfort that many people seem to be having similar experiences as yourself. Actually, I don’t know if that is very comforting, but at least you’re not alone. This seems to be much more widespread than I ever could have imagined. In addition to these comments on my blog, I get at least a few emails each week from people who have experienced these anomalous events. They’re definitely not all exactly alike, but they’re similar enough to make me think that they’re all part of the same phenomenon.

    If I figure it all out I’ll let you know! Meanwhile, feel free to keep in touch. I’m always interested in hearing from people about these strange events, so let me know if anything else out of the ordinary happens to you if you feel like sharing it. Thanks — John

  330. I deliver newspapers in a backwoods part of Maine. I’m very familiar with the route, know all the stops. This morning I stopped at one house and delivered the newspaper at roughly 4:50 a.m. This is the last thing I recall before “coming to” about five miles down the road past four more stops I needed to make. Normally I would attribute this to maybe just a momentary loss of memory or something to that effect, but the time read 4:52. I keep a close eye on time to keep on schedule, and that is not only unlikely, but impossible. I stopped the car and had to collect myself, feeling very dazed and confused. My mind has been racing all morning trying to figure out what could have happened, but there I have no explanation.

  331. Hi Mike — The number of reports like yours that I’ve been receiving is increasing every week. I don’t believe you simply suffered a sort of mental lapse any more than I did. That conclusion is too easy and it’s dismissive. This is a real problem and a genuine phenomenon that seemingly many are encountering. I’ve replied to many people who have contacted me looking for answers, and I always feel bad when I have to tell them that I don’t have any. But I do believe you, and you’re definitely not alone. At this point all I can say is that I honestly believe this is real, it is not caused (in most cases) by some sort of mental or physical defect in the individual, and I don’t think it’s a natural phenomenon, like the weather. There seems to me to be a purposeful intelligence behind these events, but what or who this intelligence is I do not know. It could be we’re being prepared for something, or as one reader recently suggested, maybe this is a tag-and-release type of thing, just as we do to animals. Maybe we’re being monitored or parts of our makeup are being harvested. That’s kind of a dark and disturbing thought though, but it doesn’t seem implausible. Whatever is going on, I don’t think we can ignore it much longer because I’m starting to think that more people are experiencing these missing time occurrences than are not.

    Sometimes things come to mind afterward, so feel free to contact me either through the comment section of this blog article or by email if you’d like to tell me anything else. I’d also be interested in knowing if any other strange events have happened to you prior to this.

    Thanks for sharing your experience, Mike. Good luck and keep in touch. — John

  332. Hi John, I just stumbled on to your blog and I’m impressed it has been continuing for as long as it has. I have been thinking more and more about a “Lost Time” event i had when i was 8 years old. I am now 46 and it has bothered me ever since. I’ve recently been searching more and more to try and understand what happened.

    4 of us were playing in the woods where we lived in Salem Oregon. There was a large open field and some undeveloped wooded area where, like normal kids, we had a little fort and just one of those Secret Boy areas. Back in those days, like you mentioned, parents weren’t as on edge as we are now. Our rule was be home before dark. We played in the woods, in the field, in our fort multiple times.

    This one day i remember like it was yesterday because of how shocking it was for me. We were in our fort and we realized the sun was setting and all of us had to get home before it was dark. So we headed down our normal trail. At one point one trail breaks out into the field and two of my friends take that way to their house. That left one friend and myself. Mind you we could see the field clearly and i remember watching them running across it to their house. We were approaching the point where our trail came out of the woods and into the field. Again, we were running together, both of us recall the sun shining through the trees and we clearly had enough time to get home.

    This is where i have no explanation of what happened. The field was still light and you could see the sun setting but still shining on the field. Just as we were crossing by the last bushes (i might add that it was fall because the leaves had already fallen and you could see very clearly in all directions), as we crossed into the field, it was Pitch Black! And i mean dark with no light Pitch Black! House lights were on everywhere! We both stopped in utter shock and dismay. We couldn’t speak! Even looking at each other it was hard to see but i know we stood there in dismay for several minutes before the fear of being in trouble for being late hit us. Assume in fall maybe the sun sets 6ish or 7ish? When we ran home our parents had the police out looking for us for hours. it was about 11:30 to 11:45PM when i went in the house! His house was directly behind mine over the fence and my parents told him to get home immediately! All i can figure is that we lost at least 4 hours! And unlike some of the other accounts, there was no recognizable foggy feeling, dullness, silence, or anything that i recall, But i do know the woods were still and quiet and i don’t recall any bird sounds or anything. But it was sudden and instant! And of course undescribable. I have run this through my mind for 38 years now. Rewind, replay, back and forth, and i have no doubt that in an instant of crossing into the field, it went from light to pitch black! Obviously my parents were upset, scared, and then mad. I was grounded for two weeks and of course they would not believe what had happened. I did find out that my other 2 friends were home before dark!

    I should add that i “think” I’m a normal person LOL. I have 3 kids and have been married for over 25 years. I own my own businesses. But no matter how many times I run this through my mind, it is like flipping a switch in a room. Light…..Dark. Just before sunset then suddenly 11:30 to 11:45. Like some of the other accounts it wasn’t just me. When my friend and i were able to talk again, we both were dumbfounded by this.

    Time passed as it does, and some several years later i ran into my friend again. I think I was around 19 or so. We both talked about that night like it was yesterday and how much it freaked us out. After his parents didn’t believe him, he never told anyone else. It was interesting to have been so young, and both of us remembered it like yesterday.

    I have been hoping to find some sort of answers, which I obviously haven’t, but at the same time found it very interesting to read so many experiences on your blog! Like you said, to know you aren’t alone is somewhat of a comfort in itself. I still hope to understand what happened some day. For now i look forward to you reply.

    I had another time loss experience on my own in my early 20’s but it was much less dramatic and for much shorter time frame. Thanks for keeping this Blog going! It was very motivating to put this in writing to a group or blog that is also seeking answers.

  333. Hi Dana — As I’ve noted before, there are variations within these time anomaly incidents. Mine was preceded by an odd sensation, but there are many reports like yours, where it happens instantaneously with no feeling of interruption or discontinuity. I’m not surprised that you had a recurrence because that’s something else that I hear of frequently. I think I had another incident prior to the one I wrote of in my blog post, which took place when I was younger. That people report so often report these incidents as having happened more than once in their lives is another reason I’ve come to believe that they are not just bizarre, random episodes, like stumbling into some sort of freak storm or other rare natural phenomena. It seems unlikely to happen more than once to the same person if that were the case. Oftentimes other strange phenomena have been reported by those who have had these missing time experiences, which is one more reason that I’ve come to believe that this has more to do with the individual than with outside circumstances that occur at random. But as for an answers, I still don’t have any — unfortunately!

    I hope to begin writing again very soon and I’ve been thinking about a follow-up article to this one, as it’s been a few years and I’ve collected quite a few interesting stories from men and women who have undergone these anomalous time experiences. Thanks for sharing your experience! — John

  334. I think writing about the data you have collected would be extremely valuable! Although the mystery remains, the value of the incidents could spark some in the scientific community to dig deeper. Thinking back, I can recall that our run through the woods seems, and as I recall it, to happen at normal speed. I was young and don’t remember the specific feelings, although each time I replay the crossing from the woods to the field, my mind runs it back to me in slow motion, with a definitive breeak between light and dark. I actually can’t play it back at normal speed from passing the bush to the spot in the field where we were stopped realizing it was dark. This was no more than 3 feet into the field. So i can’t say if i felt like things slowed down to me or if my mind is playing the moment back slowly. Although the loss of time still seems instantaneous, the feelings just before the moment are hard for me to pinpoint. I should add that I could see my house before exiting the woods. it was within eyesight of where I was at, maybe 200 yards at most. And i have a definite memory of seeing the house in daylight through the brush, then seeing the house lights on when it was dark at the edge of the woods where we stopped.

    For what it is worth, the second instance was while driving to my girlfriends house, now my wife. She lived in the country In Vancouver Washington. I was driving on a country road which do have some houses on it. I drove the road multiple times before this. I remember coming up to her road which is the last turn before getting to her house. I recall the turn coming up, turning on my blinker, then sort of “waking” at the stop sign two miles down the road. I never made the turn. I was a little freaked out that I missed her turn and have no memory of the drive. I turned around and headed back. Again, just before her road I turned my blinker on, and again “came too” a couple miles the other direction at another stop. Again not making the turn. I have no idea how long I was at either stop before i “came to”. This instance I can recall an odd sensation each of those times almost like a “mind fog” but don’t remember either drive. I remember the 3rd time I made it no problem and my girlfriend was upset that I was an hour later than when I should have been there. I have no idea what happened and why I could not make that turn both times, or how I made the drive to both stop signs. What is odd as well is there was no traffic on the road. Usually there are always a few cars going either direction, but this night there were no cars, on the road or at either intersection. I have often wondered if I was being prevented from turning on that road at that period of time, but who’s to say.

  335. Hey Dana — Very interesting. Not surprising to me that you’ve had more than one of these missing time episodes. Usually, upon further questioning people tell me that the incident that they described was not their first, or that there were subsequent anomalous time events. To me, this rules out the theory that these are random, freak occurrences. It seems as if certain people are singled out — by what or whom, I can’t say. But their appears to be a manipulation by some sort of intelligence at work here.

    Have you had any other unexplained experiences or brushes with the unknown? Sometimes (quite often, in fact) people will mention having experienced other weird happenings that appear unrelated to the missing time phenomenon. It could be that certain people are more in-tune or sensitive to these unseen forces and thus may attract them. Just a thought… wish I had some real answers though!

    Thanks again for sharing your experiences. — John

  336. Until last night, I hadn’t had any missing time since the mid-1990s when I was experiencing a lot of ET contact. My husband and I were watching David Letterman, and I was tired but wanted to see the first few minutes of Dave’s interview with his first guest, Kevin Spacey. It was about 11, partway through Spacey’s interview, when I decided to go to bed and read for a few minutes before turning out the light. I simply brushed my teeth, straightened the bedsheets and comforter, and then crawled into bed to read one short chapter, which should have taken about 5 to 10 minutes (tops). But when I was putting my book down I noticed the clock read 11.41, and Craig Ferguson was on in the other room. So there was about a half hour missing. I called my husband into the room to ask him if he had stayed up to watch all of Dave (there was to be a comedian and a musical guest after Spacey) but he had switched the channel during that time, and he thought perhaps he had nodded off a bit, “dreaming while awake.” Anyway, very strange! Just two weeks ago we also had a daytime UFO sighting; maybe there is a connection….

  337. Hi Stace — If you read through the comments that people left in response to this blog post you’ll notice a lot of people who have more than one missing time (or time anomaly) incident. That leads me to believe that these folks are being targeted for some reason that we don’t understand. It would also be helpful to know who it is that is subjecting us to these disturbing episodes. Unfortunately, we have too many questions and no real answers. I’d say that less than 20% of the people I’ve spoken with have told me that they recall seeing a UFO at any point in time, either before, after or during the event in question. It certainly is interesting to hear that you have had a sighting, and I would tend to think that this is significant and probably is connected to your missing time experiences. As I’ve said before, my belief is that humankind has been monitored and perhaps guided by some kind of non-human intelligence since the beginnings of our origin. I’m always reluctant to jump to the “abduction by space aliens” conclusion because I think what we’re dealing with here is probably more complex than that, and I’m not convinced that these are extraterrestrials that are interacting with us. Still, my mind is open to all possibilities.

    I’m always interested in hearing as much about this as folks are willing to share, so feel free to keep in touch if anything else comes to mind that you care to discuss. Thanks for sharing you experience. — John

  338. Hi John, sorry for the delay to your question. I have had some other experiences, or as you put it “brushes with the unknown”. In thought, I would consider them to be minor compared to the two I mentioned, but still unknown or strange experiences. Enough so that the memory of them stands out after years. Once I woke in the middle of the night with a frightened feeling and my room lit up from bright lights on the outside. I jumped up and threw the drapes open. Understand I am not claiming contact with an ET like the movies or anything. Just that the source of the light was in the air at least 3 miles away. For a second they were shining on me, then within an instant, lights off and the objects took off with speed. Doubters can call it what they may, I only know what I saw and experienced. Another was while hunting in the Washington State woods near Mt St. Helens. While walking down a ridge, a fog literally appeared to “Drop” down on me. I’ve hunted the area for years and I’ve had fog banks roll in. Never like this and never so thick that I could not see past myself. They always roll in sideways, not from above. The very odd thing was the woods were absolutely dead quiet and the air seemed stale. Again, I’ve been on this ridge dozens of times and you can’t get the squirels and birds to be quiet to save your life. This time it was dead, no wind, no sound, nothing. After several minutes I could make very faint sounds of foot steps coming from behind, very soft and faint. 2 or 4 feet I could not tell, but very faint. No sticks cracking (and there are tons of wind fall on this ridge). Whatever it was, stopped behind me, slowly circled below and around the other side, back around and then away the same direction it came. I was turning with whatever it was as I could hear, but not see it. Within minutes the fog lifted up, and at the same time normal noises, breezes and other sounds returned. During the event, my hair was raised and I was very uneasy. I was very incomfortable the entire time and I am normally very comfortable in the woods.

    I could only reason maybe a mountain lion sniffing me out since the area is known to have a good population of them. But the fog dropping and the absolute dead silence I can not explain nor did I ever experience it again. Odd again as I walked down the ridge further, I came across Deer that until I encountered them they seemed completely calm. Had their been a lion on the ridge, the Deer would not have been, or would have at least been very alert. But they seemed as if everything was normal for them.

    There are a couple that come to mind.

  339. Hi John,
    I have a story about lost time. It’s interesting that your situation took place in 78. I was around the same age when my time loss happened. It was in the same year as yours. I’m not sure about the time of year though. I spent the night at my best friend Dave’s house because my parents were fighting again. I went over before it was dark and had dinner with Dave’s family. After we sat in the living room watching TV. It became late and his family went to bed. We decided to have a staring contest and during that time I noticed his face was changing into all sorts of different faces and even some animals. It was pretty cool. That led us to talking about nightmares we had and Dave mentioned one involving an angry man that would chase after him. So I decided to try and see if he could project that image where a cereal bowl sat on a coffee table between us I sat in an easy chair and he sat on a couch. The TV was to my right and directly across from him. As I stared at the bowl he looked over at me and suddenly started yelling your eyes your eyes! I looked at him startled by this and he told me that my eyes turned solid black. The hair stood up on my neck and he stood up suddenly, appeared to be gasping for air and fell in a heap on the floor. I jumped out of my chair and as I did so I turned to my right to see the clock on top of the TV which was a black digital clock with red numbers. It was 12:00 on the dot. I then turned back towards my friend never slowing down. I took the last five steps reaching the spot where my friend lay on the floor. I reached down to shake him to see if he was okay and the moment I touched him he flew to his feet and screaming “what happened?” I quickly explained what I saw and as I did I turned to the clock and it was 6:00am. I was stunned. I couldn’t believe it! I looked outside to see the sky was getting light. It really happened. I was shocked but for some reason I was calm. We went outside and noticed birds flying over the house in a frenzy. Dave took a white rock and starting drawing patterns on the street. I was a bit freaked out and decided to walk home. I can’t remember anything after that moment or for the rest of the day for that matter. I have before and since had many incredible experiences and I also cannot remember my childhood in any kind of chronological order. After thirty six years I finally gathered the courage to seek help in discovering the truth. I’m now beginning to find out who I am for the first time. That’s another story though. It’s important to realize that the things we do by nature are not always bestowed upon us by our parents as have been taught. Sometimes it was what we were great at in the life we had before.

  340. Hi Erik,

    Thanks for sharing that. I have to say that yours is one of the stranger stories I’ve received. If you ever want to share any of your other experiences I’d gladly listen. Sounds to me like this particular incident is only part of a larger whole. Good luck in your journey of self-discovery.

    — John

  341. I want to respond to commenter Dari. I thought Wilford Brimley had passed away, too! Like you said, not in the “whatever happened to that guy?” way, but I remember hearing it on TV, seeing little clips, and feeling sad, because I remembered liking him a lot when I was younger because he was in Quaker Oats commercials and played the grandfather in “Our House.” As I read your story, I got so confused, and had to go to IMDB myself because I really did not think he was alive. I am still confused! I do think there are close parallel timelines that must sometimes intersect. I really could swear that it was reported that he died.

  342. Helka — No, I think Wilford B is still hanging in there. He’s just one of those guys that has always looked old, and coupled with the fact that his acting career seems to have slowed down and therefore he’s not as visible in film or television these days, people assume that he’s passed on. Can’t say I’d chalk this up to the paranormal, but anything is worth considering I suppose.

  343. Hi John,

    Not sure if I wanna share my experience with the world. But, I felt compelled after reading all these similar stories. Mine happened during my enlistment in the Navy over in the Middle East. It was only maybe an hour or so, but it was so surreal that I thought I was dreaming. I still to this day wonder if maybe I was, but I have dreams that are lucid of the account. Strange to me, but I almost felt as though I were watching an episode of twilight zone through someone elses eyes. Dont know how to explain, but I am embarressed of the details. This happened back in 1999, and only one other time have I experienced something I couldn’t explain. Ten years later I saw something hovering in the air above the beach where I was fishing. I’ve seen most US aircraft at nightime, but this was different. It seemed to hover above a friend, and almost instantly disapear into the night after nearly half a minute of observation. All strange, and I’m not claiming it to be aliens, but I certainly couldnt identify it. Therefore, to me it is an UFO.

  344. the incident itself was innocent enough. I was a typical sailor looking to enjoy the evening with female companionship. I rode a taxi to a building in the middle of nowhere. the taxi let me out explaining the establishment would open soon and he had to leave. there was nobody else around for miles, and I was scared that I was bait in some weird anti-American ploy. however, I could see for miles in all directions and soothed my nerves by going inside the empty “gentleman’s bar”. I had a fake piece of money meant to be a VIP note from the night before. I walked in and there was a man here, he glanced at my bill and pointed my way to the bar. I walked across the empty dance floor to an empty bar where I showed my VIP note for a free drink. As I stood there with my focus against the wall the bartender filled the order. What seemed like a couple seconds turned into the twilight zone. I turned after the drink was given to me, and the entire bar, dance floor and all, was filled with people. I know people may be skeptical and blame it on booze, but I had nto had a drink yet! I don’t know how much time I lost, but I still get nightmares from the fact that I have never felt so helpless in my life. Strange, freaky, but true.

  345. PS, this was between an hour before and an hour after sunset. Dont know if this has any meaning, but thought I’d put it out there

  346. one other thing, I have continued to have this happen to me. always small and meaningless, but still there. I wonder if it is my psychological well being, but I’m a psyche major so I’m always skeptical. If anyone feels similar let me know. At least I will know I’m not the only one. Strange small incidents happen around me, but coincidence says it will right? I dont know but I answered this page because I wanted to know if it happens to others as well.

  347. Joshua — Thanks for sharing your story. Yeah, that’s a pretty strange one alright, but if you take the time to read through the many others that people have left here in the comments section (countless others have emailed me privately about things like this as well) you’ll probably notice that oftentimes these missing time incidents that folks have described seem to be just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. Frequently, they’ll tell me — and I usually make a point to ask this, as it comes up so often — that they’ve had other weird experiences or missing time episodes before and/or after the one that they’d described. This suggests that there is a pattern here and leads me to be that these men and women are being singled out. Singled out by whom or what, I can’t tell you at this time because I don’t know. Even concerning my own missing time experience, I don’t feel it was my first and I have other hazy recollections of similar incidents before the one of which I wrote. There may have been subsequent ones too, I’m not sure. I’ve certainly been plagued by some bizarre and frightening dreams for much of my life. Again, this seems typical among the people I’ve heard from and with whom I’ve corresponded.

    As I so often say, you might be able to take some comfort in knowing that you’re not alone in this and that it seems pretty darn widespread. I don’t think it’s a psychological issue or something wrong with your brain’s physiology; I believe that there’s something going on and that we’re being manipulated by some kind of outside intelligence that has probably been interacting with us human beings for a very long time. That’s sounds very Twilight Zone-ish, and as much as I enjoy writing about the paranormal, I’m really quite a level-headed guy and this sort of thing honestly doesn’t sit well with me. But if you’ve heard as many accounts of these strange incidents as I have, it becomes pretty difficult to deny that there is something very weird going. I only hope that the purpose of all this is positive, not evil or nefarious. Maybe we’re being given some kind of subliminal education to further or mental or spiritual development. I hope it’s not some kind of cosmic tag-and-release genetic harvesting program that one reader recently suggested. Whatever it is though, I do believe that it’s real and I don’t think that anyone who is experiencing this phenomenon should begin to worry about his or her sanity. You’re sane, and this is something that IS occurring. We just don’t know what it is yet.

    Thanks again, Joshus. I’m always glad to listen, so please keep in touch if you’d like. — John

  348. I wasn’t going to share my experience until I saw you were still replying. So here it goes:
    Two years ago I was travelling to the mountain region of southeastern Brazil. It was a bus trip that should take 5-6 hours from where I was. I remember sleeping and suddenly waking up with the bus shaking, it was still dark and I was really afraid of an accident so I prayed (that’s something I never do because I don’t believe in the mystic as most people do) so I remember of kind of seeing a strong light. I say “kind of” because it was like a dream, like foggy… like waking up and trying to remember a fade dream, that’s how I feel when I try to remember this trip.
    Ok, so after the light I felt like awakening and people were leaving the bus. Apparently it was the final bus stop before actually getting to our destination. So I started to talk out loud “This trip was really fast, it is what? 4 AM?” and an acquaintance of mine said “No, it is 6:15 AM”. So I didn’t want to believe it, we were to get on our destination in 30 minutes and I just didn’t believe it so I took my ipod off my pocket to check the hour and displayed 4 AM!!! I showed my ipod to everyone I knew and told them what happened to prove it to myself.
    I didn’t give too much attention to it until I saw the “missing time” definition on the internet and thought “oh my god, this happened to me”. Many strange things have happened ever since and I really feel like sharing because now it’s happening to people who are close to me.
    Thank you for your attention.

  349. I’m sorry for all the mistakes in my spelling, I am in a rush

  350. I am reading some stories about this and for now there hasn’t been any physical evidence, I’m so glad I had my ipod -which was turned on during the whole trip- because it makes me feel sane. I don’t know why my ipod’s clock was displaying 4 AM because my cellphone’s clock was displaying 6:15. Anyway, 4 AM is the time I thought I was in and the time my ipod displayed. The ipod wasn’t defective and I even remember picking it up 7 minutes later to tell the story again and it displayed 4:07.

  351. I would also like to note that nobody on that bus experienced the same thing and I also asked if they woke up during the night with the bus shaking and people talking a lot (so I could only assume they were awake). Oh my god, I’m sorry for the comments-in-a-row but as I think of it I remember more details. I think the bus actually stopped, I remember it stopping, something was going on and I think it was defective somehow. It got moving again and just before the flashlight I remember feeling like there was another bus side-by-side with the one I was in. I’m saying this because later on that day when I asked people about the bus shaking, the bus stoping, about the dangerous road and stuff, everyone said that nothing of that happened and they even called me a liar! ARGH! I have lots of theories about this and I don’t know if I can see it’s UFO-related… I never thought it was but now I wrote it down it looks obvious.

  352. Lucas — I’m a little confused. Do you feel it actually was 6:15 AM, or do you believe that your iPod’s clock was correct? I’m sure it would have been much lighter outside at 6:15 (depending on the time of year) than at 4 AM. Did you arrive later than expected? The fact that only you seemed to have had this experience among a crowd of people is not unusual. How or why this happens I don’t know, but it appears that certain individuals are singled out and it doesn’t much matter where you are, what time of day it is, or if others are around you. This is contrary to the “classic” alien abduction scenario where the person is taken from their bed in the middle of the night, or they’re traveling down a dark, deserted country road somewhere and the last thing they recall is seeing a glowing object above them — a la the Betty & Barney Hill case.

    Thanks for letting me know about your experience. — John

  353. I felt like it was 4 AM, I couldn’t believe it was 6 AM already… I felt like loosing 2 hours of my life. What I meant was: I was feeling like it was 4 AM and my ipod’s clock was displaying 4 AM but it was, indeed, 6 AM. The fact that my ipod was displaying the time I thought it was made me believe something strange happen (a lot of strange things happen around me and that made me, oddly, really skeptical about everything).

    Yes, it was brighter, but not a lot brighter (it was winter) and even with the brighter sky I couldn’t believe it was 6 AM. It just didn’t made any sense. I have a really great time notion and I’m used to guessing the time without looking at the clock so I’m sure about this. Anyway, I let it go until I, randomly, met the term “missing time” and everything clicked.

  354. I only shared other non-important details because maybe they can be important, maybe you can find a pattern. I also had a terrible feeling about this trip weeks before it, my close friends also got that feeling which made them cancel their trip. It was an odd occasion because we don’t tend to believe in those things and I can’t remember a single time any of us said “I got a bad feeling about this, let’s not do this” but it happened with this trip.

  355. Hi Lucas.
    I just read your entries about your trip to Brazil and I am still amazed at how missing time experiences can occur in the midst of crowded rooms, crowded buses and while 2 people are travelling in a car.

    I have a theory about the difference of time readings between your Phone and iPod.
    Smart phones these days will automatically adjust their times. If you turn your phone off, and then fly across a time zone, then turn your phone back on when you land, the GPS signal will automatically adjust the clock in your phone in accordance with the time zone.

    However your iPod wont do this. It will still read the same time as the previous time zone, and you will have to manually adjust the time yourself.
    Tablets and iPads can do this if they are connected to a Wifi or have cellular capabilities.

    I hope that offers some explanation about the Phone VS iPod, as for the Missing Time, all I can say is Good Luck. I hope you find an answer one day.

  356. Hello. I live in Brazil so there were no time zones differences

  357. Thanks for the clarification, Lucas. Very interesting encounter. I’m glad to listen if you’d like to discuss this further.

    Aaron — Thank you for the input. I hadn’t thought of that. It might not be applicable to Lucas’s situation, but that’s a good observation that I hadn’t considered.

  358. Found this very interesting and wll read all the stories when I get the time. I experienced two seperate losses of time. I found these to be of a paranormal nature. The first time was when I was at St. Augustine Florida. We did a ghost tour and I was listening to the guide. He was about 3 feet or more away from me. The next second he was only about a foot and half from me and the speech he was giving was over. How long the speech was I do not know but there was definately a lost of time and space as he was so much closer. I felt light headed and a strange feeling came over me. I was shocked and knew that it was real.
    The second time I was at a funeral. I was with my son and some of his friends as we walked up to the graveside. My son and his friends were right in front of me as we approached. The next second I was standing there looking for my son and his friends and they were completely on the other side of a large group of people. They had to go around all of the people and the vehicles that were there to arrive at that place where they were. I was again shocked that they had gotten there in a seconds time. I felt light headed again and that same strange feeling came over me. I moved to a different place and I felt water dripping on me and realized it was a stream of tears coming from me although I was not crying. That has never happened to me. I moved again and felt the presense of someone to the left of me, but no one was there when I looked to the left then, I felt the presence to the right of me and again no one was there. I looked up on the hill behind me and there were a line of people, mostly men standing on the top of the hill. I again had that strange feeling come over me. After the funeral I asked some other people including my son if he saw the people on the hill and they said no. I have come to believe that this is happening to me when someone who has passed on is using my body in some way. Possibly to view what is happening on earth or something like that. I have had other paranormal experiences and have found over the years that the experiences are more frequent as time goes by. Maybe this could explain some loss of time for others as well. I do not feel fear of spirits as other people do, only the realization that there are people that have passed that still visit us, here on earth.

  359. Hi Patti — Very interesting accounts, thanks for relating them here. I think the idea that your body is being temporarily used by these disembodied entities sounds like a plausible theory, particularly considering the locations in which your experiences occurred and the fact that there were others present. This could possibly explain at least some of the missing time accounts that I’ve received. Did your son or anyone else notice anything unusual about your behavior during this time? Did anyone mention that you seemed “spaced out” or uncommunicative? Just curious about that.

  360. John, I WOULD like to discuss this further actually. I want to hear your theories because I’m seeking an answer, or maybe something that links it to everything that has been happening to me.

  361. Hi Lucas — I wish I had some answers for you, but all I’ve got are some thoughts on what all this could be about. If you have the time, I suggest that you read through the comments section of this article (there are a lot of them, so it will take a while). Reading about others experiences might help you to draw some conclusions. If you do read through them you’ll probably notice that there’s a pretty fair amount of variety among these time anomaly reports. Feel free to email me at [email protected] if you’d like to chat about all this off of the blog forum.

    — John

  362. I was sitting in a chair at my house today. It was almost time to let my dogs out. I looked at my cell phone. The time was 1:59pm. I stood up and walked to the door to let out the dogs. The distance from the chair to the door is about 25 feet. When I approached the door to let out the dogs, my cell phone showed that it was 2:08pm. It didn’t take me 9 minutes to walk 25 feet. What happened? Thanks.

  363. My two friends and I were driving back from a snowboarding competion in March 1996 on interstate 90 from buffalo to rochester ny. My friend Brent was driving. It was a day that the moon was suppose to be very big or something celestial was happening. We were driving and all noticed the moon on the side of the road was huge and orange. It looked like it was getting bigger and bigger. Right before we blacked out we saw the sign for Rochester that said 40 miles. All I can remember is saying “whoa that moon is so big”. Then blacked out totally. Again like other stories we all suddenly awakened. Just like a blink back into consciousness. And we were still driving maintaining a speed of about 70 mph. As we suddenly awoke we say a sign for the outlet mall in syracuse. A good 40 miles past rochester. Making for 80 miles of missing time. The strangest thing was that we all experienced it together. No one could remember anything from that missing 80 miles. All we could recall was a bright orange moon getting bigger and bigger, than blackout. It was disturbing. Thinking back on it now I wonder if that was really the moon. At the time it didn’t look like a ufo and none of us have any alien abduction style memories. Just 80 miles of missing time and all while traveling at 70 mph. I’ve considered doing hypnosis. But frankly worried about what would come up. Some things are better left un-explained.

  364. Donato — I wish I could give you an answer, but I don’t know. Some of the reports I’ve heard from people involve periods of missing time lasting for hours and even days, and many others are like yours in that their just a few minutes that are unaccounted for. It doesn’t make it less disturbing though, I’m sure. Did you notice anything unusual before or after this was happening? Did it feel as if something strange had just happen, or was it just that the phone read that it was nine minutes ahead? Sometimes these are explainable, normal happenings and are not necessarily of a paranormal nature. Also, have things like this happened to you before? There is often a history of this missing time or time anomaly episodes, some more dramatic and pronounced than others. Give that some thought because you might notice a pattern of these types of occurrences over your lifetime. If I figure all of this out I’ll let you know! Thanks for sharing your experience.

  365. Hey Jim — Your story is disturbingly common. It’s amazing how many people seem to have had these kinds of experiences. The driving scenario is one I often hear of, and like yours, it frequently involves more than one person being in the vehicle — making it that much more difficult to explain away as “road hypnosis” or a case of just losing track of time. The object you and your friends took to be the moon might have been something else. These kinds of things (I think they refer to them as “screen memories”) where you think you’re looking at something but it’s actually something else, is another common element in these missing time incidents. I myself had no UFO/alien abduction memories after my experience, but something strange definitely did happen and I too have never undertaken hypnotherapy — largely out of fear, partially because I think I’ve read too much about this stuff and I think my subconscious may be tainted (i.e.. I fear my subconscious might dredge up some old stories from a Budd Hopkins book); I’m way too steeped in this stuff at this point to be completely impartial.

    And the question that I always ask: Has anything like this, or any type of unexplained occurrences at all, happened to you prior to or since this incident in 1996? Very often these stories that people relate to me are part of a pattern of ongoing strangeness in their lives. I don’t know if certain people are singled out for these interactions or if some of us are just more naturally sensitive to this sort of thing. If I come up with any answers I’ll post them on the site.

  366. I also had this happen and it bothers me to this day, I was 18 me and my GF where at my place, we got into a argument so i decided to get out away from here and go for a walk I decided togo in the near by woods where their was a path connecting our small town with another the path was about 1/12 miles long I’ve walked it many times and new it well, I decided to on this path cause i knew their were blue berry patches along its way, I was picking them for my gf to make up for the fight and she loved them, as i walk this path i was maybe almost half ways threw it, I noticed some good size berries off the side of the path ‘ my hair is standing up just typing at this point’ so I went over to pick them, but as i got closer, I noticed a clearing just in the tree line, that i`ve never noticed before, so i made a few steps inside in the tree line to the clearing, when i was in the clearing I noticed houses, i was shocked to see them as i couldn’t understand why they were here, as i walk a bit closer looking at the houses, it came apparent to me that the houses were the same houses that are at the beginning of the path, my hair stood up on my neck and a rush came over me and i ran out of the path straight home, my GF was concerned and asked where i have been for the pass 4 hours, i told her i was only gone an hour if that, she said ‘you been for 4 hours’, so i told her where i was and what i experienced, she told me she had walked that path to look for me and i wasn’t up there.

  367. I should add that I went back to this area with a friend the next day, around where i thought was the same spot the berries had drawn me to, and i was unable to find a clearing, i then went looking off the tree line back and forth unable to find it again.

  368. And this happened in late summer of 96 or 97

  369. DJ — Your account is what I’d consider a very typical, classic Missing Time experience. Anything like this ever happen before or since then? Do any other odd or unexplained occurrences in your life at all come to mind? I ask this because these experiences are often a part of a pattern are not always singular, stand-alone incidents. Thanks for taking the time to share your story. — John

  370. Nothing similar, but I did have a vivid dream a few weeks later that I still remember to this day like it was yesterday, I was frozen laying down unable to move with a scene of a being near me, it was kinda dark and as soon i sensed a presence getting very close, I went unconscious in shear fear. I know that sounds crazy like i`m a alien nut job, I don’t tell people about this dream cause i know it makes me sounds like a nut, and it was probably just that anyways a ‘dream’ but it still makes me nervous thinking about it to this day…. The only other weird thing that happen to me was way before this I was 13, and standing in line long at a coffee shop waiting to buy a donut i had 80 and figure it was more then enough, when I got to the cash she asked for 85 cents, i reached into my pocket screaming in my head ‘Damn Im short 5 cents’ as i was pulling the change out a stranger i never noticed before was almost beside me with his hand out and said here, I looked at his hand it was 5 cents, not thinking much of the situation took the 5 cents said thanks and bought the donut, went to set down to eat it, and i was thinking how did this stranger know i needed 5 cents, i was stunned, as i looked around the mall i was unable to see this stranger anywhere.

  371. That dream was a few months later sorry, not weeks now that i think about it more.

  372. DJ — Your dream about the being sounds familiar. I’ve had many dreams of being immobilized and having some sort of entity (or entities) stand near me, along with a lot of other bizarre dreams that were very vivid and realistic. I’ve had them throughout my life, starting at the age of four. I get them less frequently as I’ve gotten older, but I still have them occasionally. I think there could be a connection to these missing time incidents. Your story of the person with the change is interesting too. Are certain people being monitored, I wonder?

  373. I wrote just a few comments before and you ask me if my son noticed me acting any differently when I had these loss of time episodes and no I just was not saying anything. I wonder when it will happen again and if it does I will be writing to you. It is comforting to know that I am not the only one this has happened to. Your friend, Patti

  374. Thanks for getting back to me, Patti. You’re definitely not alone in this. It’s much more widespread than I ever knew. I have a childhood friend who is now a psychologist and I got in touch with him the other day to ask if he’d ever heard of these missing time and out-of-body experiences, and he said he had. I plan to talk with him about over the weekend to get his perspective on what he believes could be the cause. I’m sure it will be something clinical rather than supernatural, but I’d like to hear the view of professional who has some experience with this sort of thing. Wondering too if hypnosis is a worthwhile pursuit. I’m guessing that he’s going to say it’s some kind of repressed trauma that people like us are dealing with, but I’m not sure if that can explain all of the cases I’ve heard. Not so sure that yours would fit that mold.

    Keep in touch. — John

  375. Hello kinda strange but my wife reminded me of this incident and i thought i would google it and do some research. Found this story so i thought i would share. Two years ago my wife my friend and i were going out to dinner. we had to be there at 9:30 so we left our house at 9. The drive is a 23 mile drive, at some point we realized that we have passed our destination exit. the problem was that we were 63 miles away and only 20 min had slipped by and we don’t remember the drive from five miles from our house. So three people driving in a car travel 63 miles in 20 min and don’t remember the drive. so we turned around and made it to our destination late but what happened that we couldn’t remember our drive ?

  376. Will, Jessica, Arthur —

    Hey, thanks for relating your experience. Sorry for the delay, but this got past me. I try to reply to everyone as soon as they leave a comment or email. There’s been a huge increase of them lately and it’s become hard to keep up. Someone just contacted me through my Facebook page and asked if anyone had reported a time GAIN episode, and here is yours. Actually, I’ve gotten a pretty fair amount of similar stories of people gaining time rather than losing it. Oftentimes it’s when they’re driving too, like your experience. A long distance is covered in an impossibly short amount of time. There appears to be a lot of different flavors to these occurrences, which is why I’ve come to lump them all under the more general term of Time Anomaly Phenomena (T.A.P. — I like that. I think I’ll trademark that term!). Often, these incidents involve missing time, but sometimes it’s time gain or time “slips”, in which the individual(s) is/are transported into another period of time, be it in the past or future or some other alternate reality. Whatever is at the root cause of these things, I can’t tell you — though I have some theories. It may very well be a number of different explanations, rather than a singular one.

    As I always ask, has anything like this happened before or since to any of you, or have you experienced any other strange phenomena? If so, I’d be curious to hear about it if you don’t mind. Thanks for relating your experience. — John

  377. Hi John,
    I’ve never talked to anyone about this incedent but cannot get it out of my mind either. And everytime it comes back to me I end up feeling scared and angry. I got my first job in 2006 and moved into a 1 bedroom apartment. A few months later, in the afternoon around 2ish I decided to go out and buy some much-needed household items and groceries. I got dressed, sat on the edge of the bed to put on my shoes and the next thing I remember is waking up late into the evening (it was pretty dark outside). My legs were still dangling off the edge of the bed, but somehow my clothes had changed. Stranger still, my laptop was playing a songlist that I only play if I have people over…the kind of songs that make good background music and aid in covering a lull in the conversation. I NEVER listen to them when alone as I prefer rock/metal. Also, im very introverted so i very rarely have guests. At first I thought I might suffer from a multiple or split personality disorder but there was no other incedent in the months that followed (or since). It’s left me terribly confused not knowing what happened and why I woke up in different clothes with pop music in the background. Every once in a while I get paranoid about it. I was so disturbed when I woke up that I never checked the time..but im definitely missing a few hours of my life. I’m not a quick sleeper, I toss and turn for hours before finally sleeping; I never sleep in the afternoon…so it bothers me that I acted so out of character. Do I have a personality disorder? Did I have a visitor for whom I played the songlist in sleepwalk mode? And why was I in different clothes…thats the freakiest part. I just hope I changed them myself…any other scenario is too disturbing.

  378. I am young still but I have had many of these of ‘ time loss’ episodes. The most freaky one was actually not less than 1 week ago and I remember sitting in my living alone at around 2-3 am, I was fully awake then I got this massive migraine and stared off into space,the next thing I remember is that I was in MY room around 8 am and I wasn’t asleep either, I was sitting in my computer chair. Ever since then I have felt strange,like hitched breathing, headaches, and I barely want to be around people,although i am an active and hyper teen,but it’s weird and strange. I don’t know how to explain it,but it feels like someone or something is still with you or i will just zone out and lose interest in conversations with people while staring off into space.

  379. @ HereAndThere and Nicole — Those are both very strange stories, but I receive a lot of very similar accounts as yours. These time anomaly and missing time phenomena are very widespread it seems. I understand that we shouldn’t always jump to the supernatural as an explanation, and in some cases there could be a physical or psychological cause for these occurrences. However, as I’ve said many times, I don’t think we should always dismiss the possibility of unknown forces being at work simply because that notion doesn’t fit within our accepted view of reality. We want to believe that we have a full understanding of the world and universe that surrounds us; that’s human nature. We want to put everything into neat little boxes, and it irks us if there are things that don’t fit into those boxes. My belief is that we’re being contacted by some kind of non-human intelligences who are preparing us for something. That’s very broad and admittedly, kind of “out there”, I know. Trust me, I’m a very level-headed and conservative guy, and I don’t feel all that comfortable saying things like that, but I do believe that we human beings have been interacting on a subconscious or subliminal level with these entities since the beginnings of mankind. Freaky and weird stuff when looking at things from a traditional, “hard science” perspective, but not so strange when we consider the idea that what we know of reality is probably fairly minuscule. I believe that we term as “supernatural” or “paranormal” is no more than science that we don’t yet understand — and perhaps are completely beyond our ability to fathom at this stage of our spiritual and mental evolution.

    I’m sure none of this is particularly comforting either of you, and I wish I could give you some answers, but I’m still searching myself. If I gain any new insights I’ll be sure to share them. Thank you both for sharing your respective experiences. — John

  380. Around 5 years ago, my boyfriend and I had a small experience… we were sitting in my bed discussing ideas for an upcoming project – this went on for a short while and then we put our books down and decided to call it a night (I should note that neither of us were overly tired or anything). He and I always had a tradition of giving each other a good-night kiss, saying, “I love you”, and then cuddling for a couple of minutes before going off to sleep. However, my last memory of that night was the action of going to turn off the bedside lamp. When we woke up in the morning, the first thing that came to my mind was that I didn’t remember how we got to sleep – I ran through the memories of the night and it just stops at where I’m about to shut off the lights. Funny enough, as I was thinking this, my boyfriend’s first words to me after waking up were, “I don’t remember how we fell asleep last night?”. This shocked me of course being that I was just wondering the same thing. We walked through everything we remember, and both of us are unable to remember anything past the part of me going to shut off the lights.

  381. It always lends an added sense of validity to these experiences when someone else is involved and expresses the same impression of the events. If not for my mom’s presence, the fact that she knew exactly where to find me and had a strong sense that I was in need, I might have chalked up my missing time episode as some kind of brain-blip — “just one of those things” type of thing. Any other weirdness happen before or after to either or both of you? Any strange marks on your bodies? Unexplained lights, premonitions, apparitions…? (I think I need to make up a questionnaire!). My point is, as I’ve said many times to people on this blog and who have emailed me, that these often are not the first or last of these strange occurrences.

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Please feel free to stay in touch and let me know if anything else comes to mind. — John

  382. I know, I know. I’m actually typing about this. My son’s well one of them urged me to go online and find out more information about this. Here goes…back in 2002 I was a systems admin person or I.T. guy for a law enforcement agency in the mid west, what I’m going to do is shorten this up a little so I don’t sound like a nut job. In short the law enforcement agency was having a parade the next day and the police chief let me and my two friends use his ford expedition police vehicle ( unmarked ) to go to a neighboring town to pick up some flags and keys to some ATV’s it was around 6:30 pm and the neighboring town was about an hour away. Well on the way there since it is in the middle of now where we threw on the flashing red,blue,white strobes for fun which apparently activated the on board cam’s, we then picked up the items, and headed back to our town turned in the vehicle and went home. I got a scolding from the person I lived in because it was so late. I realized it was close to 3 am in the morning, sat had a tea and went to bed and thought no more about it.

    a few month later me and the two friends that went with me found we were all having the same dreams about a white-ish light above the ford expedition and how deathly afraid we were in the dream, from what? I don’t know. We all do know that hours were missing from our lives that night and we had the same exact dream from our own perspectives. example: in my dream my buddy luke was trying to hide on the floor in the back seat and was saying “oh oh my god no” while he kept pressing the power lock button, and in his dream he was trying to hide on the floor in the back seat saying ” oh my god no, my god” and was trying to keep the doors locked. where as my third buddy was dreaming exactly what we were dreaming we were doing. Shortly after that I resigned from that agency and moved back to seattle washington.

    I bring this up again because I am back in the same town due to my parents death’s and live here now but i work 80 miles away at a restaurant because of the lack of jobs in this town. The highway I travel is desolate especially at night when I return home. Well the other day I left work late around 11:30pm because some of the kitchen help didnt show up that night and i had to go back and help clean up. ( it takes me about 1 hour and 45 minutes one way). I got home at 4:30 ish am that day. I came over the last hill about 29 miles from my town where one can see the city lights and got a feeling like i wanted to faint i noticed my “check engine” light was not on anymore and the clock on the radio say 4 38 am or something. The first incident in 2002 left me and my three buddies with red triangles on our sternum about less then a 16th of an inch, also a weird quirk to this is my check engine light was no longer on, my radio presets were all erased and the H.I.D.s (high intensity discharge) high beam headlights ballasts were melted. That is why at first I thought the reading on the clock was incorrect and it was, but not by much. After that I quit my job there and trying to make sense of this.

    I know your probably saying wow another nut job. I have told this to my aunt and my buddies who I mentioned earlier. nobody else but felt i needed to see if there is anyone else out there who have had something similiar.

    P.S. I am currently having nightmares about me and a sheriffs deputy for this county on that highway and him telling me something about “around that corner” I look down the highway and a light scares the s**t out of me and the deputy and I try and hide under my car. I know as I started out I sound like a mad nutjob but I know something has happened and as a god fearing person I cant make sense of it. I also think there is a local sheriffs deputy, if Im correct that may be having a similiar dream if i think what happened again on that highway was true from my dreams. I don’t know. but thanks for reading this friends. Dennis. B.

  383. Sheesh, I just wrote a long reply to your comment, Dennis, and now I can’t find it! Anyhow, I do not think you’re a “nutjob”. Look at all the comments on this blog and my replies. Your story is just one of many that are very, very difficult to explain. Many of them involve missing and unaccounted-for periods of time, and they come from very sane and rational-sounding people. I had an experience like this myself, and I don’t think I’m a nutjob.

    Your incidents sound more like the typical abduction scenario: driving on a highway late at night, a bright object seen overhead, subsequent nightmares, etc. The fact that two other people seem to have experienced the same thing and that there was physical evidence in the form of the marks on your body and those of your friends’, and that your vehicle was affected just lends more credibility to your story and points to the conclusion that something definitely did happen to you.

    Thanks for sharing your experience. If anything else comes to mind, please feel free to get in touch through this blog or by email at [email protected].

  384. Hi John, It’s been awhile. I see a lot of activity since my last visit. I just want to update a bit. I under went Hypnotic regression and a great deal of info. came up I wasn’t expecting. It appears that there was an abduction in which I saw an orange three to four foot wide beam of light enter through the ceiling of my friend’s parent’s house. In it I saw slow falling large gold snowflake like stuff. I don’t remember walking toward it but the next thing I knew I was laying on my back on an elevated table made of grey metal with a lit top shaped like a “T”.
    I saw all sorts of details of the inside of a round space craft. I saw two of the occupants that were on either side of me. They wore plain one color clothes with long sleeves. I thought it looked like metal cloth. Like mesh. I saw instruments come out of the ceiling. They put something up my left nostril that hurt quite a lot. They put a telescopic devise up to my left ear. I was taken into zero gravity. I was presented to some tower shaped machine of the most incredible design. The contents of my stomach was removed. And I was returned to where I started 6 hrs. later. I wasn’t expecting such a maddening story to emerge. But once it did I stopped feeling this anxious feeling in my hands and feet that I’ve been experiencing ever since. It went away at once and never came back. I’ve learned more about our wold and this life in the last six months than I have in the last forty-six years. It’s been extremely relieving to my nerves. I finally feel free to some degree. There dangers out there for anyone going through this process. So be careful on your journey and remember this. There are people and organizations setup to stop you or change your mind about things. Be strong and be careful. Oh by the way the interior of the moon is one hell of a cool place! The design is the inner surface is completely covered every inch by cylindric and dome shaped buildings and there is a structure shaped like a giant rose thorn pointing toward the center of the moon. It’s a giant building whit two huge arm like structures holding a glass geodesic sphere with machines inside it that glow bright blue, green and red. It was a remote view. I seem to have picked up the talent recently. Anyone can do it. It’s been kept a secret from us for a long time but it appears to be coming out again. Thank goodness. We need to wake up. Have a good one more cool and scary stuff later. Take care and if you remote view be careful of the northern Alaska high security area. It attracts hazardous attention to you!!!!

  385. Hi Erik — Wow! I don’t know where to begin. Can you describe what the occupants looked like? Do you feel this was the first and only time this has happened to you, or do you think this is one of a series of similar events?

    I’m glad you feel a sense of relief after the regression. That’s the outcome one hopes for, but I’m sure that in some cases these memories can be very upsetting. I’ve got to return to my work in a moment, but I’d like to correspond further by email if that’s okay.

    Thanks for relating your experience! — John

  386. Hi, I have had an experience when I was 4 years old, being only 4 I had no recognition of time so I do not know if there was indeed a period of missing time.

    My mother had bought me 2 packets of rainbowdrops (candy/sweets), I took a plastic bowl out of the cupboard in the kitchen and went outside to our open shed (it had no door on it, with a tin roof) I proceeded pouring the sweets into the bowl and decided that I wanted a spoon to eat them with.

    I quickly looked all around to see if anyone was about before darting back into the kitchen, coast was clear, no one was looking out any windows (we lived in a terraced house in the middle of the row of about 8 houses, there was a driveway at the back of the house for all the houses, more of a narrow lane, the gardens were further back from the lane, with our open shed being next to the lane.).

    Not one single human being was about, so I ran into the house as quickly as I could, I got the spoon and forgot was I was doing for a moment, my mother was in the kitchen with my brother.

    When I went into the little bit of our concrete garden, I was stopped dead in my tracks, I remember how you said it was eerily quiet, well it was the same for me, no noise was coming from the kitchen even though my mother and brother was there.

    It actually felt like I was starting to walk from the little garden instead of the kitchen and I had my first intuitive feeling when I was 4, that my sweets were all gone, indeed they were, with no trace of them anywhere.

    I happened to mention this to my then neighbour recently, he said, don’t think about it, think of the good? This really perplexed me.

    I know that ufo’s are nothing more than manifested demonic entities, so maybe this is what he meant?

    I’ve also been researching monarch programming and subliminal messages and symbolism in films/movies particularly Disney movies and how Alice in wonderland is showing alot of occult symbols.

    This type of stuff they don’t teach you in school, you are spoon fed education from a workbook in school and asked to regurgitate that ‘knowledge’ back onto a test paper, hence revising, so in all essence you are ‘programmed’ to ‘their’ way of thinking, which may or may not be the truth.
    Fair enough that mathematics is needed in everyday life, but history is a different matter completely, we are made to ‘believe’ what the history books say.

    As for what happened when I was 4, I’m left clueless.

  387. Hi Mary — You sent this just as I was listening to author and researcher Dave Paulides talking to George Knapp on Coast to Coast AM about children mysteriously disappearing and (sometimes) reappearing, which was leading me to wonder if this phenomenon is related to these time anomalies. Here’s the link to the interview if you’d like to listen: An interesting segment is at around the 1:20 mark.

    Perhaps your neighbor who told you to you to not think about it and “think of the good” had a similar experience. I’m beginning to think that a very large percentage of our species’ population have undergone these…manipulations(?). I’m no longer even sure what to call them or how to label these incidents, but I’ve come to believe that we are being manipulated by something(s) for reasons that are being kept from us or may even be beyond our comprehension. I hope they are not demonic, and I resist making that assumption, but it is certainly a possibility. As much as possible, I try not to associate these phenomena with my religious beliefs — though that’s often challenging. Whatever this is, however, seems to be very pervasive.

  388. Email is okay. It’s the most pronounced situation but there is so much more. I’m so amazed at how much is going on and how little the main stream population is tuned into it. It’s a little depressing and stressful, but I believe many are coming around and many more will follow. I’m doing what I can to help with this process. I’ve come up with theories in science about sixteen years ago that recently where proven. I’m really excited about that. I also developed a break through in understanding the structure of light that has been a fantastic spring board into understanding space time and inter-dimensional navigation of physical form. I’ll explain further by email. Take care.

  389. Oh, In answer to describing the occupants, I can tell you in perfect detail, as well as their attire which I made a connection with on the 22nd of this month.

  390. Thanks, Erik. Looking forward to hearing your views and learning more of your experiences.

  391. Great! Thanks again.

  392. I sent you an email but I’m not sure if you got it. If you could let me know that would be great. Thanks, Erik

  393. Hello John,
    Hope you are well and glad you keep this site going.
    Wrote to you exactly one year ago April 21, 2012 and you mentioned you were going to post a review and your conversations with CK Quarterman and his book ‘Fallen Angels’. I have not seen it on his site so was wondering if you posted anything elsewhere as I am interested. Thanks for your response in advance.

  394. Hi Doug,

    No, I’m sorry, I have not reviewed it. In fact, there are several books to which I owe a review. Other than responding to comments, the site has been largely inactive for the past 18 months. I was taking care of my ailing old father who’s since passed away, along with attempting to run my business and a spend a little time with my family. I’m finally beginning to see daylight after a long, tiring stretch and I plan to completely revamp my site within the next 6-7 weeks and begin contributing new articles (including overdue reviews) on a regular basis. I’m also having a studio built in my basement over this summer and as soon as that’s complete I’m going to set up my audio equipment and start a weekly podcast. So there’s a lot of good things ahead for version 2.0 of the site. It’s just taking me longer than anticipated to get there.

    Thanks for checking in. I’ve got your email here and I can let you know when I post the review of you’d like. I thought it was a very interesting book — interesting also because I’ve been hearing quite a few other authors & researchers expressing the same or very similar ideas as C.K. Quarterman’s. Personally, I try not to attach religious precepts to the unexplained, but that’s not to say these ideas are not valid. It does seem to fit some of these more obscure passages in the Old Testament. — John

  395. i have a new email. the other one stopped working.

  396. I was in Las Vegas (2013) catching the bus to the airport and asked the bus driver as soon as I stepped on to announce when we were close approaching. I was watching a short clip from the concert I attended during my stay on my iPhone when I looked up and felt out of place. I went to the front and asked the bus driver if we were close. He sayed I missed it twice. He asked if I fell asleep or something. I know I did not. 2.5 hrs unaccounted.

  397. Thanks, Eric. I’ll make a note of it.

  398. I had a VERY similar experience, also as a child, that I too am trying to decipher still about 20 years later. I grew up in Hazard, KY in the Bonnyman hills of the appalachain mountains… my home was literally about 10 feet from the woods, that I wasn’t allowed to venture into alone. No one would ever take me though, and I was young and became curious, so regardless of my mother’s advice, I began to walk up the mountain into the woods. I remember telling myself to just keep going, there has to be something to see. I walked for what seemed like forever and then everything fell silent as I came into this strange clearing… the birds stopped chirping, the bugs stopped buzzing, the wind stopped blowing… the silence made me realize that I was lost. I stood in the clearing and began to panic because I didn’t know how I was going to get home. Then it goes blank and the next thing I remember is being back in the woods, staring at my home from behind a tree maybe only 50 feet away. I was out of breath as if I’d just ran a marathon and I was extremely confused. I didn’t know how I’d gotten back there. I had no clue what so ever what had happened and the more I tried to decipher the possibilities in my child mind, the more scared and confused I became. I tried to talk to others, no one believed me, saying that I tell ‘good’ stories. I too feel like I was told or shown something significant that I will recall later in time, however, I’m an impatient person and have been practicing meditation to try to recall my memories. Bits and pieces have been coming back to me, but I still have yet to figure it out. Lately the desire to remember has became a lot more intense… almost as if I’m anticipating remembering it because it’s just around the corner, I know it’s about to happen. I notice that you wrote this in 2009, so I was curious if you’re will to figure it out has intensified any either?

  399. Hi Janel — Do you believe that there were any reason that you weren’t allowed in those woods and that no one would take you? Any stories or legends associated with the area? Or was it more a matter of the adults wanting to keep you out of there out of concern for your safety (wild animals, getting lost, etc.)? How old were you when this happened?

    Yes, I’d say that my curiosity about my missing time incident has grown over time instead of diminishing. Part of that is probably because I receive so many blog comments and emails about peoples’ experiences as a result of this article. I’m pretty well immersed in it and I’m more fascinated with the subject as time goes on. But I’m no closer to figuring it all out.

  400. One time we were driving around 5 pm, all of a sudden I blinked and it was dark I looked at the vehicle’s clock and it was 8:30 pm! We had skipped over 3 hours. My wife was in shock, I was in shock. We never found out what happened. If you are thinking we were using drugs you are wrong, the kids also knew there was something wrong with the time. A regular trip took 3.5 hours more than usual, we never could figure out what happened between 5 pm and 8:30 pm that day…

  401. about 2 yrs ago at 7pm iwas siting watching outside a very strange feeling came over me and I realized the sun was rising I looked a the clock it was 7:30 in the morning I had lost almost a half day

  402. Oto — That’s a pretty significant amount of time. Paul — Yours even more so! Many of the missing time episodes that people tell me of are shorter periods of time, but of course it’s much more difficult to account for a several hours or an entire half day. I had one woman tell me that she was missing for several days with no recollection of her whereabouts or what transpired over this time.

  403. Hi John, what I have to tell is somewhat strange. I live in Rio de Jnaeiro and the year was 1987 and I was 21. I don’t remember what period of the year it was at that time. One saturday night I went with friends to a night club for a good hang out. We had a lot of fun and I remember i’ve drinked a lot that night. So I was too high and felt bad and the only thing I wanted was to go home but my friends didn’t allowed me to drive back alone (our traffic laws at that time weren’t so hard as the current laws). When they were not aware I managed to get out unseen. I got to my car put the keys on the ignition, turned on the car and the lights AND….. surprisingly I was in front of my home. I don’t remembver even to have changed to the first gear (my car was manual). The most surprising is that only 15 minutes had passed since I left the club as I checked the time when I was geting out; It was 2:45 AM and the time at my arrival was 3:00 AM. It would be ok if the club was arround my neighborhood, but it was 25 kilometers away with a heavy traffic and lots of traffic lights from there. I don’t remember anything between what I said above and my arrival at home. What may have happened? I told my friends and they didn’t believed me, but my mom told them that I got home 3 AM and that made them confused as they left shortly after me and it took about an hour to get to our place.

  404. Hi John,
    I’ve been reading your blog off and on since my original post in July of last year and the episodes of “high strangeness” that folks have reported here . Certainly, there are things going on that defy explanation and are far more widespread than I think any of us were prepared to expect/believe. After reading two of the books that you mentioned (authors Jenny Randles, David Paulides) I am just amazed that this has not seen any mainstream media coverage, especially Paulides’ revelations that *lots* of people are disappearing and the media essentially ignores it after an “appropriate” amount of time has elapsed.
    Interesting too are the stories that emerge from hypnotic regression. Since I have no memory whatsoever of my singular event of time loss, I wonder if it would be worthwhile after all this time to try a regression session to see what if anything emerges of possibly repressed memories. This makes one wonder how many other people are either unaware that they had an event or wrote it off as feeling a bit oddly and that was it. I have had no related dreams or nightmares or snippets of recall of my event so long ago, other than that the actual loss of time itself occurred, and I feel no apparent angst about the possibility of recovering a repressed memory other than plain curiosity; can’t afford it right now anyway with the economy in its present doldrums.
    I am looking forward to your upcoming changes to the site. Something is indeed happening and I am wondering if it happens to *everyone* at some point in our lives and to some multiple times. For something of this magnitude to be occurring without any sort of media coverage makes one wonder if such news is being filtered or censored in some fashion to suit the agenda of ??? Keep putting the word out, there has to be some sort of answer and hopefully we can recognize it if we run across it in our life travels. Thanks, John, for posting your blog.

  405. Thank you, Marc. I also wonder exactly how widespread these time anomaly / missing time phenomena are, and suspect that perhaps a majority (or at least a very large percentage) of the human population have had them. It would not surprise me if the government knew something about this too and the subject is censored in the media.

    What I find interesting is that the majority of the stories that I receive from men and women claiming to have these experiences do not the typical “alien abduction” scenario. No little gray men with black eyes or glowing objects in the sky, just a blank spot in their memories and a period of missing time — or sometimes gained time or time slips. I do occasionally receive reports that fit into the kind described in the research of Budd Hopkins and Dr. John Mack or in the works of Whitley Strieber, but those are the small minority. The fact that most of these are less sensational is, in a way, all the more disturbing because it seems that if “they” (whoever they are) want you, they can take you at an time of the day or night and in any location. That is to say, if we’re dealing with some kind of outside intelligence that is causing these phenomena, and they are not due to some kind of natural disturbance or mental aberration.

    I might consider doing a hypnotic regression. My own incident has been on my mind quite a bit lately and I think I’d like to see if I can recall anything and get to the root cause of the problem. I’m just wary of hypnosis only because I’ve read so much about alien abduction that I fear my mind could be tainted and I may produce some false memories. Still, it might be worth a try. Maybe I can go under hypnosis live on the air when I get my podcast going. Could be an interesting show!

    Thanks for reading, Marc. I’m looking forward to finally updating the site and in the next few months getting the podcast going again too. I’m probably about a month away from finishing and relaunching and re-branding the site, at which point I’ll begin posting new content on a regular basis.

    Keep in touch.

  406. In August 1969, I was a senior at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC. It was my habit to go to what was then called the computer lab, where I would study at a quiet desk space. On this particular evening, I had a difficult time studying because I felt excited about something, but it was only a routine Friday evening on campus and there was nothing to be excited about. I just felt I should skip the lab and go home early.

    The computer lab closed at midnight, and I glanced at the clock before I left. It was 11:45. As I walked outside to return to my dorm just a half block away, I looked up at a wonderful star-studded sky and marveled at its beauty. I paused momentarilly to take it all in and noticed some movement to my left in the sky. It looked like a star was moving slowly across the sky from East to West, just South of me.

    I watched it and wondered what it was as it began to slow and lose altitude. At that point, I thought it must be a small plane in trouble and kept an eye on it as I slowly walked South toward it. It slowed and lowered even further as it turned North toward me. It dropped down behind one of the midrise (12 stories) dorms and I momentarilly lost sight of it. At that point I began to wonder why I could not hear an engine.

    When it emerged from behind the dorm, it was just barely drifting and then just hung motionless before me, now about a block away. I reasoned that only a helicopter could move like that but there still was no noise whatsoever. It then drifted towards me from a westerly direction as it had passed ahead of me when it descended behing the dorm.

    I was awe- stricken and could not believe my eyes and I remember thinking to myself; That’s no plane or helicopter, that’s a UFO! I wondered it “they” knew I was there and could see them. As I stared at the light, I heard in my head the words, “Not only do we know you see us,but we see you”

    Still in absolute silence, the light came closer to me until it was about 50 feet away from me and 25 feet off the ground. It’s important to note that there were many buildings in this area of the campus as well as high tension power lines and a railroad overpass that the light easily maneuvered around with ease. The overpass was to my left , south of me, I had to walk beneath it to get to my dorm. As I walked slowly towards the overpass. the light drifted to a point directly over the overpass very close to me and stopped noiselessly in mid air. I stopped to watch it descend towards the overpass in a very peculiar motion. It was as if it were hinged to someting alternately on the left and then right side as seem to came to rest on the over pass. The light was about as big as an full-sized 1960’s automobile.

    I just continued to look at the light as it rested there for what seemed to be a few seconds. The next thing I knew it began to drift away from me so that it was out of view behind the over pass. I ran beneath the overpass and look for it on the other side, expecting to find it on the ground, but it was gone.

    I looked to see if anyone else was around to see this amazing light, but there wasn’t, nor was there any car traffic. I was now just in front of my dorm and kept looking around for the light and wondering what was going on. I was hoping for confirmation that I had, in fact, seen what I had just seen. I looked towards the sky again. and it was not the starry sky I noticed just a few minutes before. There were fast-moving low level cumulus clouds moving West to East now there was a moon I did not see before.

    I was confused! Did this really happen? What had I seen? How could that light disappear so quickly and why was the sky so different on this side of the overpass?
    I looked up again and saw another star- like light (or perhaps the same one) now coming from the part of the sky where I first spotted the first one. It moved quickly to a spot high overhead well above the fast-moving clouds. I looked directly up at it and it seemed to drop down quickly, gowing brighter as it did so. It slowed at one point and I could discern for the first time an actual shape rather than just light as before. It seemed to be a flattened sphere.

    It was either rotating slowly or it had an incandescence with dark spots that traveled across its surface from right to left. I could not tell which. Inexplicably, I began to feel uncomfortable that I had just seen this. Still noiseless, it grew into a brilliant light form and dropped down to just maybe 30 feet directly overhead. I stared for a few seconds and it again began to drift away from me, but I now I was determined to follow it.

    This is when it really got weird! I could not move off the curb towards the light to follow it!
    I tried with all my will and strength, but could not do so. In my head I now heard repeated over and over again, like a mantra, “Go home and go to bed.” With my own thoughts I said, “But I wan to follow!” It was futile, I found myself involuntarilly turning away and walking back to the dorm! I felt like a child whose parents were sending him to bed against his will. I rember thinking, I can’t believe this is happening! My body was not doing what I wanted it to do!

    I trudged along to my room and saw the time was now 1:20AM! This whole ordeal could not have taken more than ten minutes, so I reasoned that the clocked had stopped at 1:20PM, as it was a manual, wind-up clock. The next morning the clock was at the correct time of 7:00 AM, so it had not stopped. I left the lab at 11:45 and got to my room at
    1:20, one hour and 35 minutes later! Even if it took as long as 15 minutes to experience all that I have related, there is no way I to account for this much time.

    More strane things happened the next day. For one thing, I have never slept so well and felt so refreshed as I did after that night’s sleep. I was excited the next day and wanted to tell anyone who would listen that I had had a very strange experience, but every time I would begin to say something about what had happened, I heard in my head, “It is not yet time!”, and I would forget what it was that I wanted to say.

    This is the strangest experience I have ever had and for some reason, I have always felt that it’s the mosts important thing I’ve ever experienced. I think that it’s strange how I could easily communicate mentally with the light, and not get freaked out when I could hear them tell me it’s not yet time. For many years, I even forgot about it.

    Well this is the first time I have told my story, and nothing is stopping me!

    In case you are wondering: no, I did not do drugs back then or ever. I am sane, well educated and stable. I do not suffer from any psycological problems or hallucinations.
    I do feel uncomfortable admiting that I could “hear them in my head..” telling me something, but that’s the truth and I am not given to “hearing voices”

    It’s important to note that I saw only a light,not a solid object. I never heard any mechanical noise or propulsion system. One could argue that it’s been over 40 years since the experience and I may be embellishing or confusing the facts. Such an argument is understandble, but unfounded. One does not forget facts and details about such life-changing experiences and I have no reason to embellish a story 4 decades after the fact.

    That’s my story and I would like to know what happened! Thanks for listening.

  407. Ben — Thanks so much for sharing this amazing experience. I get at least a dozen comments in response to my Missing Time article or emails sent to me from people who have had similar occurrences. However, only a small percentage of them fit this “classic” UFO abduction scenario (if that is indeed what happened to you). Many of the missing time episodes that people describe to me are more like mine: often during the daytime hours, in a busy, populated area. Fewer are at night, in a secluded area, or involve a UFO sighting. There’s quite a wide range of variance among these missing time experiences. In fact, I’m hesitant use that term because Missing Time seems to be a subset of what I’ve come to call Time Anomaly Phenomena (TAP). TAP often involves periods of missing time, but it may involve time gain or time “slips”, in which the individual finds themselves in a different time period or even, perhaps, an alternate dimension.

    The real question though, is what is the cause of these phenomena? I suppose it would be easiest to attribute them all to some kind of mental aberration or outright fabrication, but having undergone such an experience myself I cannot bring myself to be so dismissive of those who share their experiences with me. Many seem to be like yourself — sane, educated, articulate and with no reason to manufacture such an outlandish story.

    I’ve entertained the idea that these episodes could be due to some kind of naturally-occurring phenomena having to do with electromagnetism, but I have a hard time with some aspects of that theory. As much as the rationalist in me resists the idea (and I am pretty conservative in my thinking for a guy who blogs about weird stuff) I believe that these Time Anomalies are being caused by a direct intervention with some sort of outside, non-human intelligence. I’m not quite prepared to say “space aliens” because my thinking is more along the lines that we’re dealing with interdimensional entities. Furthermore, I believe these entities have been interacting with our species since the beginning of our origin — and indeed may be responsible for existence, or at least in our development.

    I share your feeling about this incident being the most important lifetime event. And, I also feel that at some point I’m meant to remember what happened to me and what I was told and shown.

    Thanks again for telling your story. I really wish I could tell you what happened, but I honestly don’t know! But those are my thoughts on the subject… This seems to be a very widespread phenomenon and I feel quite certain that it’s not simply random or purposeless. There’s a reason that they’re happening, and I can only hope that it’s a positive one.

    — John

  408. Thanks, John.
    Just after I hit the “submit” button to send in my story, I began to feel really foolish. I worried that I would not be taken seriously or that others would think of me as very strange.
    Your response makes me feel more comfortable that perhaps I did not do a foolish thing.
    I like your rational approach and conservative thinking as I am much the same.
    I have always wondered if this experience was brought about by an agents of good or evil.
    There is nothing outwardly good or evil about the experience itself, and I wonder what, if anything I am supposed to do with it our about it.

    Strangely, I have had experiences during the intervening years that were more like the TAP you and others relate, so I wonder what the connection may be, if any.

  409. My pleasure, Ben. If this blog of mine has any real purpose outside of just entertainment value, I like to think it provides a forum where people can feel comfortable in discussing strange experiences. I believe that there are quite a lot of people — many more than I’d ever realized before starting this website — that have had some truly bizarre experiences that in no way fit what we perceive as normal reality. For example, I recently interviewed three brothers who all claimed to have received frequent, terrifying visits as children from a small, gnome- or leprechaun-like being. They came across as being very sincere and genuinely uncomfortable when discussing it with me. After speaking with them I didn’t doubt their veracity or their sanity in the least. These men all corroborated each others stories and had nothing to gain by sharing them with me, other than perhaps to unburden themselves (they did seem relieved after telling me).

    Honestly though: Gnomes? Aliens? UFOs? Bigfoot? How does a rational person take such tales seriously? Well, I think we need to accept the fact that we do NOT have all the answers and that our understanding of the universe is very flawed and limited. I’ve spoken to and corresponded to far too many people who sound grounded, intelligent and sane who claim to have had all manner of disturbing and inexplicable occurrences. Are they all simply mistaken or liars? I honestly don’t believe so. So where does that leave us if even a small percentage of these stories are true? I believe we live in a multi-dimensional universe and that at times intelligences from these parallel realities interact with us — for what purpose, I don’t know. Or, we simply get a glimpse into these worlds or see these beings as they pass through into our reality. An interesting story about such an encounter is that of the Irish author Herbie Brennan and his sighting of “fairy horses“.

    If you have some time, please read through some of the comments above yours in my Missing Time article. There are many, many strange stories that are in the same vein as yours, so you’re not alone at all. I’ve received many more emails from people telling of similar incidents as well. The only conclusions I can make with confident are: 1) The phenomenon is real; 2) It must mean something and have some purpose; and 3) There’s nothing inherently wrong with those individuals who have had these experience. Keep in mind too that tales of faerie folk, little people, giants, individuals being lost in “faerie circles”, glowing objects in the sky, and more are prevalent in the folklore of pretty much every culture in the world for centuries. I think these “folk tales” have a strong basis in reality and that we are simply couching them in our modern terms and perceiving them through our present-day culture lens. These things have been present since our beginnings, and probably before them, and I think they serve some kind of purpose. Perhaps it’s to further our spiritual development. I certainly hope it’s something positive like that anyway.

    Like you, I didn’t get a sense of my experience being either negative or positive. And I am unsurprised that you’ve had other TAP experiences since the one you described. These are rarely one-time, standalone episodes. That’s another conclusion that I’ve drawn from the many interactions I’ve had with other experiencers.

    I’m all ears if you want to talk about anything else, whether on the blog or privately by email.

  410. My mother has told me about something strange that happening to her as a teen. She would go to Indiana during the summer to visit her older sister and her husband. Every day they would leave to go to work and every day they would wake her to let her know they were leaving and they would always leave ice cream money on the tv. One morning they told her they were leaving and told her that her money was on the tv. My mother says the next thing she remembers is hearing voices and she felt scared. Her next memory was her sister and brother-in-law coming home. She said she was downstairs in the floor and they were asking her why she was in the floor. She had no idea. She said her money was still on the tv and they said the doors were still locked and nothing was out of place. My mother said it had felt like minutes and it had actually been all day.

  411. Hi Amy — These kinds of stories are very familiar to me. I receive at least a dozen of them every month, so you can let your mother know that she isn’t alone. Did she ever mention anything like this happening to her before or after this incident? These are rarely one-time, standalone events.

  412. No, she has only told me about this one. I did ask years later after she told me about it, but she said she did not like talking about it. She said it really freaked her out!!

  413. A lot of people don’t like to speak about these experiences, so I don’t blame her for being reluctant to talk about it. Thanks for sharing your mother’s story.

  414. Hi John,
    I see that the responses keep coming in. That’s good, It’s important that the awareness of
    a more in depth reality is brought to light. It seems that their’s a lot people in a hypnotic state in which parts of reality appear to be blocked out. The moon may hold a lot of answers to the reasons why that is. I believe that It’s interior is a most amazing place, containing the most incredible artificial structures ever seen. Any remote viewers out there working on it knows this. My personal experience was fantastic. I could never have imagined the spectacular design of it’s interior.
    Anyhow, it’s good to see that the info. keeps pouring in. keep up the interest in this subject, you would be amazed how many people this topic has helped.
    Take care, I’ll write again when I get a chance.
    Erik Warner

  415. I had a similar experience as an adolescent, about 11. It was summer, I was lounging around in my PJ’s until about 11:30am, EST, when I decided to go get dressed and clean my room. I was home with my brother, who seemed to be absent. My parents were both at work. My brother was home, but it was extremely quiet, whereas normally, he would have been trying his very best to annoy me, boss me, or pick a fight, which was the daily routine for my older brother.
    I remember looking at the time on our kitchen stove before walking down the short hall to my room. I remember walking into my room (which was quiet a mess). The next thing I realize is that I was sitting in the Kitchen at our table. It was still very quiet. There were some very odd things that occurred at this point. The first was the sense of “awakening” though I was not asleep. Second, was I had food in my mouth, I realized I was holding a Banana. I remember spitting out the food because I did not like Banana’s. I sat it down on the kitchen table and looked around, and caught my eye on the stove clock that read 2:34pm. I realized that 2 hours had past and I felt disoriented. I walked through the house and checked if my brother was even home. He was sitting quietly in his room. I walked to my room which was a mess before, but now was completely clean. I noticed that the entire house was actually clean. I asked my brother if he had “heard” anything. Hoping that maybe it was some sort of black out where maybe I cleaned the house “subconsciously”. However, he told me the house was quiet, and he had come out only once to get something to drink from our kitchen. He stated he never saw me, and thought I had gone outside or to a friend’s house.
    2 hours had lapsed. I was still in my pajamas, eating a food I knew I didn’t like, and I felt as though I had woken up, but in an odd manner, as though the light was turned off and with it my consciousness, and then like a light-switch I was “on” again, but time went by without me.

  416. Thanks, Erik. Yup, these reports just keep coming in. It’s amazing to me how many people have had these experiences. Looking forward to hearing from you again.

  417. Hi Mary. Thanks for sharing your experience with me. I don’t have any answers about these incidents, but yours is pretty typical of many that I receive. Like mine, they’re not particularly dramatic, just odd and puzzling. Once in a while someone tells me about an experience that fits the more stereotypical “alien abduction” scenario, where there is a sighting of an unidentified craft or even of humanoid beings. But most of the stories I receive are more like yours — they take place in the day time, at home or in a familiar place, and then lights out: no memory of what happened next and the confusing realization that a period of time is unremembered and unaccounted-for. It’s easy I suppose to explain away these episodes as some kind of blackout that results from a mental or physical issue, but I find that too simplistic and kind of dismissive. Since I wrote this article three and half years ago I’ve received hundreds of these reports, which leads me to believe these time anomaly phenomena are very widespread. Much more widespread than I ever would have imagined. And while I’m reluctant to make any conclusions that are far out and extreme, it’s become difficult for me to think that we’re being manipulated somehow. By whom and for what purpose is the unanswered question.

    Thanks again for telling your story. — John

  418. Hey John,

    just cruising past this page as I do every few months and had to say how stoked I am to see people are still commenting and even more impressed that you’re still replying! Supercool. Reading all these stories tonight jogged my memory on another incident, or maybe the fact I experienced almost the same again recently brought it forth and I subconsciously searched this page out again. I’ve had two driving experiences, not mammoth ones where hours are lost but definitely experiences.

    The first one was was about 20 years ago and I was driving from Melbourne (Australia) to Daylesford on a Friday evening. It was before mobile phones and my parents knew to expect me around a certain time, give or take 30 mins or so. Anyway, I was driving up the highway, it’s about 11/2-2 hour trip and one I’ve been doing since I was tiny, I saw my turnoff sign and then the next thing I knew I was driving into the outskirts of Ballarat, the next big town that was about another half an hour on. I remember having no clue as to how I could have missed so much road and feeling really tired. I called my Dad and it was half an hour later than it should have been even if I had deliberately driven straight ahead, he thought I was just covering my tracks with something until he saw me and then he just made me a cuppa and let it go. Was a wise man my Daddy 😉

    More recently, about six months ago, I was driving down a highway in Melbourne (AU) and going to a certain place that is about 25 mins drive away. I know the trip well, do it regularly but this time it seemed to be endless. I was looking out for my turnoff and the next minute I was two suburbs on and again, feeling exhaused and disorientated. It was about 40 minutes longer than I expected it to be. I rang my partner, because I was in his car, and he confirmed that I was as late as I thought and that was before I turned around to go where I actually meant to be!

    My last thing (for this visit) was also a recent event, in April, was seeing something in the sky when I was taking my dog for a wee at about 2am. The sky lit up completely green with a blue circle three times for a few seconds each time. This was followed by a crackling microphone kind of noise that seemed to emanate from the sky. I actually thought it was a fire truck megaphone to begin with, the sound, because that was what it was like and then I realised it was above the trees, not down on the road. I have googled and googled and googled and the only thing that comes remotely close to fitting my description is a transformer blowing out but with all the footage I’ve watched of such and all the descriptions I’ve read of it I just can’t say decisively, yep that was definitely it because it just wasn’t like that. I think maybe it was an aurora, there was a lot of that that weekend too and maybe I just got lucky.

    I don’t know but I remember reading on this thread someone (maybe you John?) suggesting that people who are more open to experiencing things seem to have more experiences. I can’t describe the green light and people think I’m mental if I talk about it so once again I thank you for allowing people like me to ramble on here and get it all out, knowing it will be read by others who won’t judge. You should start charging us therapy rates. hehehe.

  419. Hi Nicole — Nah, no charge for allowing you guys to vent a bit 😉 but if I decide to write a book about this (and I’m considering it — got some interest from a publisher too) I’m going to be emailing a lot of you to see if we can talk further about these experiences. It’s really fascinating stuff and the more of these stories I hear the more it seems to point to some kind of intervention by something — i.e., I don’t think this is a result of psychological aberration or due to a natural occurrence. My friend and blog contributor Frater Auxilior Arti might disagree because he’s of the opinion that these are due to electromagnetic field disturbances, but I still see evidence that those who have these experiences are being manipulated by some kind of unknown intelligence. That’s my opinion at this point, but I don’t have any answers beyond that.

    Yes, it probably was me who made the comment about the possibility that some people might be more receptive to these phenomena. I’m pretty intuitive and I have very vivid dreams that sometimes come to pass, so I think I fall into that category. I’m guessing that you might be the same sort. Whether that’s a blessing or a curse, I’m not sure.

    Thanks for checking in. Please keep in touch.

    — John

  420. Hi. Can you tell me if it is normal to have large amounts of missing time? For some reason, I can’t remember whole entire yrs of my life, and I don’t know why. This has baffled me for many yrs. Any ideas?

  421. Hi Rachel,
    The longest period of missing time that anyone has told me of personally is was several day. I think it was three days that she couldn’t recall (her story is somewhere in the comments section of this article). However, I remember that in Whitley Strieber’s book Communion he describes an extended period of time of life that he had little to no memory of, but recalled some of it while under hypnosis. It’s been a number of years since I read that book, but I have it someplace here at home. I’ll try to find it and re-read that part and let you know what chapter it’s in, if you’d like to pick up the book. I remember that I found that section particularly interesting because it was an entire period of his life rather than just a few hours, as is most typically described.

    A couple of questions for you, if I may: Were you an adult when these missing time periods occurred, or did they happen as a child? How long ago was this? Before looking at any kind of paranormal explanation, I think you might want consider the possibility that there could have been some kind of traumatic event (or ongoing events) that might have caused you to suppress any memories of this period of your life. That might be worth investigating with a counselor.

    Good luck, Rachel.

  422. I had a loss of time experience while driving in the country with a friend and our children. I wrote to you about it in 2010. More recently my daughter and I experienced a dimensional shift that saved her life. I had taken her to high school and parked the car. After exiting our car she walked in front of my car to cross a street. The street is about 20 feet across and rather quiet. It’s near a larger street which has a cross walk and light. As she was stepping into the street from the front of our car, a car raced around the corner behind me, turned right and directly into Julia’s path. Julia was looking down and did not see the car. I screamed and closed my eyes as I realized she was going to be hit. I did not hear anything – no braking – no impact. Nothing. I opened my eyes not knowing what I’d see and there was Julia, moved 20 feet in a split second, stepping safely onto a curb. The driver of the car was still driving like a bat out of hell. Afterwards I thought I must have been confused about where she was in proximity to the car although the more I thought about it the more convinced I was I had not imagined it. Later that day Julia mentioned the incident to me and how weird it was. She said she remembered seeing the car just as she was stepping into its path but found herself well beyond the car and safely on the other side. She said the driver never saw her – as if Julia had disappeared while being shifted. Also supportive of the sequence, she had heard me scream after she’d reached the other side- when I’d screamed as she was stepping into the path of the car. We believe her guardian angel interceded and saved her life.

  423. Hi Paige — Great story, and thank God your daughter was unharmed. The cynical and the atheistic might chalk up this experience as a simple mistaken perception on your part and your daughter’s, but I don’t discount divine intervention and the miraculous. I think it’s narrow-minded to dismiss these things. There are many tales of people who have had similar experiences where they were suddenly, inexplicably removed from harm’s way. Your daughter’s experience is astonishing, but not unheard-of by any stretch. These reports are what fuel my fascination with the unknown. It cannot be possible that they’re all mistakes or lies; real, credible, sane people like yourself report these kind of incidents all of the time, so there must be something to them. Our understanding of reality is very limited, and there’s a lot more too this universe than we can probably understand and this level of our existence. Maybe we get the answers when we pass on. I hope so. It’s an encouraging thought that your daughter was being watched over and protected. That there’s love out there for us human beings must mean that we’re inherently good and worthwhile creatures, even though it sometimes seems that we are not.

  424. I just had a time loss experience on Sunday June 16/13 that has weirded me out. I planned a mid afternoon meal to celebrate Father’s day with my son and granddaughter, so I would still have time to relax before work on Monday. After my son and granddaughter left and I had tidied the kitchen and when I was done I looked at the clock. It said 7:30 pm, good, I thought, lots of time to relax doing my own thing before retiring for the night. I was fooling around on You Tube as I am prone to do, looking up interesting and all kinds of weird stuff. I got up to go to the washroom and saw the clock said 11:30 pm. I was in shock! I could not believe time had passed so quickly so I called time to make sure my clocks were right…they were. Then I went to ‘history’ on my laptop to see how long I was on You Tube. It revealed that I was only on my laptop for an hour and a half! I was not sleeping and I have absolutely no recollection of what I did during those 21/2 missing hours. As I got ready for bed I noticed a fresh puncture mark about 3 inches below the inner crease of my elbow. I am wearing a cast due to a broken scaphoid bone in my right wrist. The cast ends about a 1/2 inch below the puncture. It was red but not painful unless I put a lot of pressure on it. Then I noticed there was a black dot inside the puncture. When I removed it, I saw a tiny, tiny black metal-ish looking thing. l have no idea how it got there or where the time went.

    In 1986 I had another weird time anomaly, but this time I gained an hour and a half. A friend and I were driving from Saskatoon Saskatchewan in Canada to the city of Regina which is 21/2 hours away. We made it there in 1 hour which is impossible. We had checked the time prior to leaving as were were on a time budget. My friend was sleeping as we drove and what struck me when I was reading your story is that I also experienced a strange muting of sound during this experience. It felt as if the car was floating above the road a couple of inches because I could not feel road bumps. I remember the radio went off station and I couldn’t find another so I turned it off. All around me I heard a strange whooshing sound, oddly muting me from the world around me. I felt something weird was happening and I tried to wake my friend but couldn’t.n We got to Regina and I drove into the first gas station to fill up as our next stop was Plentywood Montana and had two shocks. When I heard the time on the radio I couldn’t believe it. Only an hour had passed since we left Saskatoon. My friend woke up when we entered Regina. He too was in shock. My next surprise was my gas bill. I had barely used any gas! To this day I have no idea what had happened. THINGS GOT STRANGER. We went to border crossing near Plentywood but I was not allowed across the border. I have no idea why. My friend was from Detroit and his visa had expired, hence one of the reasons for our trip, so he could not re-enter Canada. We made arrangements to meet in Minot the next day. I went back to Regina and stayed over night at a cousins which seemed uneventful until 20 years later. Eventually I made to Minot, connecting with my friend the next day. WHAT WAS STRANGE WAS THIS: Bothered about the time thing I wrote about it on a paranormal site ( ) in 2007. My cousin was on the computer several years later and by pure fluke ended up finding the story. This was the same cousin with whom I stayed with in Regina. By now she is married and living in Vancouver. We met up in Saskatoon a couple of years later to celebrate the 50th Wedding Anniversary of our Aunt and Uncle. She told me she read the article and asked why I never told her about the time inconsistency. I said I thought she’d think I was nuts. She then told me that the night I stayed with her in Regina those many years ago I was in the bathroom for four hours!!! She was worried but didn’t know what to do and just when she was going to knock on the door I came out as if nothing was amiss. It was quite late as she got off work that night at midnight. I guess I was in her bathroom from about 1 am to 5 am. I have absolutely no recollection of this. In my mind I did not spend that inordinate amount of time in her bathroom and have no idea why I was in there for so long! I have had one other time gain of about an hour when I was in grade 11. I don’t know why it happens but I am glad other people experience time weirdnesses.

  425. Hi my names Vanessa and when I was 14 about two years ago I went to San Felipe in Baja Mexico with my family. It was my whole family, we were out there camping. My aunt, uncle, cousin, dad and I decided to go into town about 20 minutes away for dinner. It was 5 when we left, 5:30 as we sat at our table and we left at 7:00. We were driving on the lonesome road back to our camp site and it was about 7:10 and all of a sudden we get there and its very dark by this time and all our other relatives were saying “what took you guys so long!” and as we were walking in, on the beach to the circle by the trailer everyone looked up above us and their eyes followed something out into the low tide. They were staring. All of them & my family does not joke around like this. We were looking down at the sand because there’s lots of critters and stuff we don’t want to step on in the sand so we didn’t really notice. My uncle said “what do you mean it’s been about three hours!” and they said “no, it’s already 11!” I checked my phone and yup, it was 11:30 pm. After they all said “did you not see that light above you guys!! It was a ball of light that flew into the ocean” they all said practically the same thing and we were all freaked out. Especially after everyone checked their clocks and realized it really was 11:30. Where did the time go? The road was lonely…we didn’t stop anywhere and we were SURE that we left at around 7:10. Maybe if we got there at 8 it would be reasonable but we all lost about 4 hours! We don’t remember anything at all. There was a guy who lived there on a trailer and he said he always sees balls of light floating in the ocean… They were harmless. Anyways, we all went to sleep…. I slept outside in a hammock and at around 3 in the morning my friend called me to talk but I was too late to answer so I didn’t bother even calling her back. I was going to go back to sleep but I noticed a ball of light out in the waters. I was shocked. I thought it was someone out on a boat but that light was going everywhere. Here, there, FAST. there was no way it was a boat or someone walking out there…. I told everyone the next morning but they said it was probably a dream. But when I went to look at the light, I stepped on a seashell and it cut my foot. I showed them that morning and it was there, starting to get hard bcus it was a couple hours old. Till this day we don’t know what happened to us. They say many UFO and alien occurrences happen in Mexico & I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what we encountered that day… Amazing.

  426. Hi John, I wrote to you before about missing time. But this time I have one that is kinda more “proof”. I was training to drive a Haul truck for a mine. These trucks are 250 ton trucks. If you stack 3 semis by 2 semis you would begin to phantom the size of these things. My trainer was a young woman that I found easy to talk to and over our several days together I had told her about my missing time experiences. She jokily asked me to never take her with me when I time jumped. I laughed and told her I would try not to. One night while on graveyards she and I were on a run from the shovel to the dump, we had taken this trip allot over the last few days and we knew having been in the same truck for days that in first gear going 6 miles a hour uphill and then back to the shovel took a hour. Since going uphill so slow it takes about 50 mins to get to this particular dump loaded. So when we arrived to the dump we were surprised to hear the dispatcher demanding from us where we had been. They give you a 7 min leeway on your arrival and we were 7 mins past that and then some he said. so over 15 mins late to the dump. He had been calling us on the radio for over 7 mins and asking other trucks if they had seen us because they couldn’t even pick the truck up on their very high tech GPS system. When the system glitches they loose all the trucks not one. They were sure we had stopped in a dead zone and hung out to be defiant or something. We assured them that we drove the 6 miles a hour and that the truck had no mechanical problems, ( the computer on the truck is hooked to the main dispatch and they can even see how the truck is running clear down the tire temp). They sounded angry with my mentor and told her they had to talk to here after shift. I felt bad. But at the same time was glad that even thou the time was small if was verified that me, the mentor and a haul truck that weighed so much had misplaced time. by proof that no radio, GPS, computer monitoring system, or even human eye (they did send supervisors to the dump to look for us and asked other drivers to look for us.) that this event did occur. Since I would deem the fact the haul truck disappeared as well, not alien abduction. I am going to go with time warp. This is the size of these trucks.

  427. Of course I can remember my name, but honestly, 4 days ago I was up at 6:20 am to get ready for work, wide awake and dressed and sat on the couch to tie my shoe. I had to be at work by 7 am and I’m a 2 min drive but I figured I would get there early and it was 6:30 when I checked my phone’s time. So I start to put my steel toe boots on and last thing I can remember is starting to tie my boot then in a snap I finished tying them both then hopped in the car. Now I usually plug my phone in the car to listen to music so I pressed the power button after starting my car to find out it was 7:30 am !!!! I felt so embarrassed to tell my girlfriend and called my boss who luckily excused my absence but I never felt so lost to not know what happened between tying that lace and getting into my car……

  428. Oh and I’m only 26. No known issues of mental or health issues. Actually one of the best hard workers at my job. Just still can’t account as if I froze and time continued on for an hour.

  429. 3 years ago my friend and I were sitting down at the lake on my property. We were just talking when we saw this floating star move slowly across and I pointed it out. I said ” huh. That was weird.” And then saying it again. Now we have not talked about it until this past week and it was like a barrier had broken in our minds. We realized that the memory we had was “off” like it wasn’t natural in our bodies. The more we talked about our experience the more our bodies reacted. We started feeling heavy nausea , violent shaking , and the urge to cry but we live 300 miles away from each other and were feeling the exact same way. Then we realized part of the memory was that the ship slowed to a stop and time slowed down. Then these two figures rolled in our of a fog created on the water. And it was like we were waiting for them. I honest to god don’t remember anything else but I know there was a reason for it and I feel like its going to be answered. I know that the memory will be fully restored. But the memory they put in us was weird because it was basically like watching ourselves have a convorsation on auto pilot. And we could only see the backs of our heads.

  430. Marhea — I think we’re meant to recall these events at some predetermined time. Or perhaps when our subconscious minds need time to process these memories and then they come forth when we’re able to handle them. I have the same feeling, that I was told and/or shown something that I’m meant to remember at some point in my life. It’s interesting to me that you and many others have said the same thing. Maybe that time is coming soon.

    Thanks for sharing your experience.

  431. Hi John
    I was just considering how many of your readers are RH- negative blood type. This means any body who is A-, B-, AB- and O- blood groups.

    I have just recently stumbled upon a theory which suggests that the RH- blood types originated from aliens species.

    I personally DO NOT concour with this theory, however having read some forums who base their opinions on medical facts, there is definitely a good measure of logic in their argument.

    Here is one of the sites which make such claims

    It is interesting because I did multiple searches for “RH Negative” forums and many of them believe that the majority of alien abductees are in fact RH negative blood types.

  432. I was in the 7th grade when I lost 2 hours of time that i cannot account for. I lived in sky valley California in a trailer park. Was about 3:30 in the afternoon and I walked with a friend to his home so he could ask to go to my house. He walked inside and i sat in one of their patio chairs, everything got quiet and felt so distant. He opened the door and asked why I was still there, I said I was waiting for an answer. He then told me that it had been 2 hours ago and that he had been doing chores. I cannot remember anything of that missing time and it still bothers me today. I need to know where it went and what happened

  433. Hi Matt — I can relate. I was around the same age when I had my experience and I want to know too, but as of now I still do not. All I’ve got is some ideas of what could have happened, but no idea what did happen. Nothing certain or conclusive, anyway. If you read through some of my replies to previous comments you’ll get a sense of what I think is at the root of this.

    But, as I’ve said many times before, I’m pretty conservative in my thinking for a guy who writes a blog about weird stuff, and I hate to immediately jump to the conclusion that all unexplained events are always of a paranormal/supernatural origin. It could be that both you and I and the majority of people who report these incidents have had some sort of mental lapse or temporary psychological disturbance. It could be nothing more than that, and in a certain percentage of cases I’m sure that’s the case — although I have no idea what that percentage is vs. the percentage that may be truly “unexplained” (paranormal / supernatural / extraterrestrial, what have you).

    However, I have received enough reports (literally in the hundred at this point) that are very, very difficult to explain away as being entirely a temporary mental aberration or mistaken perception by the experiencer. I do think that there is an explanation that probably does not fit into the current conventional ideas of what we think of as reality. I suppose that if I believe anything, it’s that we don’t have many answers and there’s much that we don’t know about the universe and our place within it. Human beings by nature hate to admit that they don’t have all the answers, so that point of view is usually attacked by the rationalists and skeptics. I just don’t think we have a real clue about all this, and I’m okay with that. Most people are not.

    If this incident is truly eating at you, you might want to consider hypnotherapy. I’m no expert on the subject, but I do think it has some value. I haven’t taken the plunge and done it myself, although one day I might. Somehow I believe that the memory of this will come forth when it’s meant to. But that’s just my point of view, and it’s not as if this is interfering with my day-to-day life or my happiness. If it is to you, then I’d look into seeing if you can uncover what might have happened to you on that day.

  434. I grew up in the Sierra Nevada mountains, near Reno. There are a couple of military bases around there, in the desert. One in Herlong, CA, and another one in Fallon, NV. My experience not only involves missing time, but also the military. When I was about 14, I was riding my dirt bike around Frenchman Lake. It was a ride I had done a number of times. What made this occasion different was that I found myself riding behind two trucks with soldiers in full gear riding in the back. The time was early to mid afternoon, because the sun was a little more than half way across the sky. The two trucks rounded a turn that put them out of my sight for a few seconds, or so it seemed. When I rounded the turn, they vanished. Weird thing is that this left turn was followed by a right turn on the road, so they should have come back in sight, but they didn’t. I was less than 1/8 of a mile behind them. It gets weirder. Right after the disappearance of the the two trucks, I saw that the sun had moved in the sky quite a ways. It was now close to setting. I wasn’t wearing a watch at the time so the only time reference I had was the sun. I estimate that I lost at least 3 hours that day. As soon as I realised it was getting late, I turned back and headed home.
    Reading other’s stories, I think I might have an idea of what we might be experiencing. I remember growing up that sonic booms were commonplace in Sierra Valley. I recall a particularly loud one during PE class when I was in the 7th grade. So if supersonic aircraft were being flown in that area, why not faster than light craft. I figure that a faster than light craft might create a “temporal boom”. People who experience missing time are at one end of the “temporal boom”, the end where time is compressed. People who experience a time gain are at the other end of the “temporal boom”, the end where time is stretched. It’s just a theory, and I’m not a physicist, and I’d welcome any opinions any physicists who read this might have. Thanks for reading my long winded post.

  435. John — That’s a very interesting theory, and one I hadn’t considered. I’m not a physicist either, but I’d be curious to know if such a phenomenon is possible. I, like so many others, feel quite certain that our government possesses technology that is far beyond anything known to the general public. If they do have faster-than-light craft, would they produce this “temporal boom”? It sounds plausible from a layperson’s perspective, but again, I don’t have the scientific background to know this for sure. I’d love to get some feedback from the scientific community on this. It’s a question that I think would be worthy of an article dedicated to it. If I write that, can I relate your story? Credit for the idea goes to you, naturally.

    Thanks for submitting your experience and your ideas.

  436. Physicists have worked out that faster-than-light travel is possible. One such way is the Alcubierre Drive, a theory worked out by Mexican physicist Miguel Alcubierre Moya. Another one is the Einstein-Rosen Bridge, or wormhole. I’m thinking that possibly someone has worked out an Alcubierre Drive. Whether or not they’re extraterrestrial, I’m not sure. This topic opens up all kinds of philosophical and scientific questions, doesn’t it. I’m of the belief that the universe was created by a divine creator whom I can’t even begin to understand. My questions are, if He created us, why would He stop at us, and who’s to say He even started with us? How deep down into the Rabbit Hole do you want to go?

  437. The fastest form of travel. Using the least amount of energy i would have to say is one that brings the traveler to a stop. Then using a freq. blanket, be able to choose a direction. Great time travel method. There is a kind of 3-D lattice work that is independent of universal movement. It’s rather incredible to think of being in a black bubble slipping through a medium of light in a 3-D lattice work.

  438. I was so happy to find your site. I just had an experience. I am still puzzled by it but glad to see that I am not the only one to have this eerie experience.

    It was last Saturday night, September 7 and I was making a drive of 185 miles to go to see my parents. I had planned on leaving my home in North Central Nebraska earlier in the day but it was an oppressively hot day, near l00 degrees and I decided to leave in the late afternoon. It was 5:27 when I pulled out of my driveway to start my three and a half hour drive to the rural home of my parents in North East Nebraska. I stopped at 6:30 to take a break and buy some gas. I also bought some chicken tenders and an ice cream cone to eat on the way. This was in O/Neill, NE. I decided to go straight east of O’Neill to avoid some highway construction that was on my usual route of highway #20. I headed down highway 12. It was light and the road was not very busy. I thought that I should call my parents from my car phone so I check the time and it was about 7:00 p.m. I was close to the area road that lead to Ash Fall State Park. My onstar phone had trouble getting the call to ring through and tried for some time to get their number. I thought that this was odd as I normally have very good luck calling from that phone. It finally rang and there was no answer. I figured that they must have gone to the 6:30 church service. I figured I would see them in an hour to an hour and a half or about close to nine that evening. They would not be ready for bed yet.

    I decided to continue to go straight east on highway 12. I knew that since it was getting to be dusk that I might need to watch carefully for deer coming across the road. There was not any traffic to speak of so I could watch the road carefully. The highway really seemed lonesome that night. I figured many people were probably had high school football games. The sun was slowing setting and I was now going through some rugged terrain. The sun had not completely set while I drove through some of the most rugged area. I remember thinking that if I could put it into words I would choose some of those chosen to describe the coach ride on the way to Dracula’s Castle in Bram Stoker’s Dracula. I had the feeling that if I had car trouble that I would be less than comfortable in being stopped in this area. I was actually beginning to scare myself a little. Then I got to the top of a plateau and could see rural home ahead. I knew I would have to drive by a little cemetery and decided that I would not glance in that direction when I went by. When I approached the cemetery I saw a pickup during into the area next to it and then noticed that there was already a car there. I figured a couple of people were probably have some type of private meeting. It was light enough at that time for me to see the two vehicles parked there. I intersected with a north south highway there and decided that I would just continue to stay on highway 12 and go further east on it. It was now starting to get dark and I could clouds of evening fog over some of the low areas in the pastures along the road.

    The fog would later prove to be obstacle. It was so think at times that I could hardly see the road immediately in front of my SUV. I would have to abruptly slow down. I could no longer use my speed control setting. It wasn’t like the fog was constant though, it appeared to be only in some valleys. I thought that I was continuing to make good time. It was so dark out after the sun set that it almost felt like I was driving in a tunnel.
    Eventually I arrived at my destination. The valley on the road to my parents was very foggy. When I arrived at their home I was surprised to find that they were both in bed. i then glanced at their clock and realized that it was now 10:30 at night. It had taken me three hours to make the second half of a normal 3:5 hours total for the whole trip, I know that I was not slowed down by the fog that much. I did not stop or lose consciousness that I am away of. My feet did ache like I had been walking but I knew that I had not or least no recollection of doing so.

  439. Richard — So you had no sense of discontinuity, no memory loss? That’s really not uncommon. Some reports I receive tell of a distinct period where there is no recall of what happens, a blank spot, followed by an awakening or “coming to” sensation. Others are like yours, in that there might be a general eerie sensation, but no feeling of time dislocation or memory loss. Strange fogs in relation to time anomalies is something that I’ve read about recently in an excellent book by British author Jenny Randles, Time Storms. If you can find a copy it would probably interest you. Her take is that these are naturally-occurring phenomena that relate to electromagnetic field disturbances. It’s an interesting idea, although many of the reports that I receive don’t seem to fit that hypothesis.

    Has anything like this, or any other strange phenomena, happened to you before this event?

  440. Yes, I had an experience two summers ago. I took a two day trip with my sister’s son. He was about 30 then and had had some unique experience that he wanted to talk over with me. We had some great conversations as we traveled across Iowa. We made a detour from north Iowa into Wisconsin and bought some fresh Wisconsin cheese curds. They are a real treat. We decided to head back through Iowa trough the city of Dubuque. It is an interesting and historic old city but we decided not to stop but go on through and catch highway twenty to go through Northern Iowa. We got on the four lane road without a problem and then became immersed in some more discussion about paranormal type things. My nephew was doing the driving. The next time I looked at a road sign I realized that we had somehow left the four land highway twenty and were now on interstate 80 some 73 miles South of where we though we were. We had only been driving less than an hour and could not have made that distance in that amount of time. We were both really puzzled. It all worked out o.k. though. It just left us in a different spot than we had intended.

    That evening at the hotel bordering interstate 80 east of Iowa City was very spooky. We had rooms that were next to each other. We both retired early. I remember that I check my email and then went to bed. I was awakened by the sound of a door bell ringing on the room next to mine, my nephews room. I took me a second to realize that I was in a motel and there were no actual doorbells for the rooms. After the doorbell I was suddenly aware that I was not alone in my room. I could feel a very evil presence in the little hallway just inside my motel room door. I could sense that it was a tall being and bronze in color, dressed in shiny ancient middle eastern garb with gold chains and jewels for adornment and it had evil penetrating eyes that were staring at me. I would not turn in that direction but began to say the Lord’s Prayer. It was so horrible that I do not even like to recall my minds vision of it. I tried to sleep after that and did eventually fall asleep. Next morning I asked my nephew about it and he said that he had not heard anything but he verified that the being that I described was one that he had also seen in a conscious vision.

    I forgot to mention in my letter yesterday that my vehicle used less fuel that it normally would have to make that distance. It is the same SUV that my nephew was driving two summers ago. When I arrived at my parents home the vehicle showed that I had only used a quarter of a tank of fuel. The was not a normal amount of fuel usage to go the one hundred and 20 miles that I had gone since I fueled up in O’Neill and also not to have the engine running continuously for 3.5 hours. Maybe my fuel gauge was not giving an accurate reading or something but it sure did seem unusual.

  441. Thanks for sharing your experiences, Richard. I try to make a point to ask people who tell me of these incidents if they’ve had any other strange events happen to them. Much more often they say yes to this question, although the other strange incidents are not always of the missing time/time anomaly type. This leads me to believe that either these folks (like yourself) are being singled out by whatever or whomever seems to be interacting with our species (and I feel quite certain that this is happening); or, the people who describe having time anomaly or other kinds of paranormal experiences are simply more sensitive or “open” to them — i.e., where many people would not consciously notice or even experience anything out of the ordinary, a more sensitive individual might see or experience the otherworldy.

    The fact that most people who report having experienced these anomalous time events also claim that they’ve encountered other unexplained phenomena leads me to believe that this can’t be strictly a freak natural occurrence. The likelihood of multiple bizarre incidents happening to the same person would be like getting hit by lightning several times; the odds are very long against this happening. Therefore, I think it must have to do with the individual.

    I find it interesting too that your nephew appears to have an interest in the paranormal and that he described seeing the same entity in his room. An interest in the paranormal (usually followed by or preceded by actual experience) between members of the same family is something that is noted frequently in a lot of research, particularly in the are of so-called “alien abductions”. Again, this could be an intentional targeting of a specific family group by…whatever, or it could be that members of the same family may be genetically predisposed to having the ability to pick up on or even interact with the psychic / supernatural / paranormal / inter-dimensional, etc.

    I do believe that we live in a multiverse, and modern science supports that idea so it shouldn’t be perceived as wacky fringe science. My feeling is that there may be individuals who have the ability to glimpse into these other dimensions and that there are entities that might move easily between their plane of reality and others, ours included. I think that’s where much or all of these paranormal reports come from. While there is no question that some are cases of mistaken perception, mental illness or outright lies, I simply cannot accept that ALL reports of the unknown fall under one of those categories.

    If anything else comes to mind that you’d like to discuss, please feel free to get in touch.

  442. There are several other strange events that have been experienced by me and my family members. The most recent event was recounted to me by my parents the day after my extra long night drive to their home. They said that they had recently looked out over the farm during the early night (about the first week in September I believe) and it was as bright as day on the farmstead. They could look to the distance and see that the normal night becon lights in their area were still shining. They looked to the North from their front door and there appeared to be some light on the old wind break grove across the county road from their lane. It was also a foggy night but not where the light was hitting. I though this was very unusual and tried to get more information. I know that there was a new moon about that time but my parents would know the difference between the moon and some other type of light. They have lived in this same location for since they were married in the 1940’s. It is interesting to note that the area where the saw the light has been an area of other strange events over the past years.

    The area behind the trees is a large pasture. The family cow herd is grazing in this area this summer. It is a forty acre pasture, half of which has never been farmed or plowed up. There is a deep ravine with two stock dams on the creek. There is also an underground large natural gas pipeline that runs through this area. It in the made line to the South Sioux City area. It has been in the ground for years. My most recent personal experience with this area happened over five years ago. I have a log on this but it is on a different computer. It happened on a Saturday night just before New Years’ Eve Holiday of early the next. week. I had just came to my parents after a short trip to Omaha to see family.. I remember that I had heard that the weather was going to turn to possible snow or ice and I wanted to get out of the city before I had to drive in those conditions. There was moisture in the air. I was working on my lap top computer on their kitchen table and my parents were in the living room. I heard my mother call to my father to come to the door and look out. She was riveted to some activity in the pasture across the road.

    My father joined my mother at the front door in their watch over the pasture. My mother said that there must be someone with blinking lights driving around in the pasture. They called to be to join them and see what I thought was happening. I reluctantly left my work and joined them. It was the early hours of the night, maybe around 7:30. In addition to the lights I could hear the doors on the large metal building down the hill from the farm rattle. They are large doors and take a lot of strength to push open and shut. It is a metal building that is approximately 60 by 40 feet. It seemed like I was hearing loud thunder but it was almost on a regular planned sequence. It was very loud. I looked out in the direction of the lights and it did not look like a pickup driving around in their pasture. The lights were in a triangle shape and were of different colors (blue, yellow, red) and one light would light and then the next would light in a regular pattern. The lights appeared to becoming from just behind the grove but on a level with the tree tops. I told my parents that we should call my brothers and his family, They lived a little over a quarter of a mile away but would not have been able to see the pasture from their position in the next valley. They did however confirm that the window in their almost loo year old house were rattling upstairs. My brother and three of his children drove to my parents home but by that time the lights and noise had stopped. My father wanted to drive across the road to the pasture and see if we could see any tracks.

    When we got to the pasture it was obvious that no one had been driving there. The pasture was to rough to drive on with going really slow and bouncing a lot. There were frozen cow pies all over the hill side and no evidence as far as we could tell in the night that any one had driven there. We decided to then drive the roads boarding the pasture on top of a large hill to the West. We saw mo signs of any light or activity. We later visited with my father’s brother who lived in a new home about 3/4ths of a mile to the West and over two hills. His farm is not visible from my fathers. My uncle said that he thought that there must be an earthquake going on from the sound and movement they were feeling. We also visited with another brother who lives about five miles away and up the main drainage valley and over several hill away from my parents. He said that his wife had expressed surprise on seeing balls of different colored lights floated down the Omaha Creek Valley as she was driving home from 6:30 church that evening. My brother explained to us and his wife that what she was probably seeing was a phenomena known as ground lighting with thunder. The weather conditions were right for this he thought. This did not, however fit with what my parents and I saw at their farm. It was interesting to note that the dog did not bark and there was no feeling of foreboding. It just happened. I did find some site to report it to but I never heard back from them.

  443. Triangle-shaped UFOs are reported quite often, although I’m not sure if I’ve read of them emitting loud noises. In fact, they’re often described as being completely silent. Very interesting, though i don’t know how it all fits into the larger context of your experience. But it does support my theory that missing time is rarely a singular event; other strange occurrences often precede of follow them and family members are often involved. Thanks again for sharing your experiences, Richard.

  444. My story is not entertaining….. In summer of 1990 my ex wife and I experienced missing time while my ex wife and I were just sitting in our apartment during a sunny afternoon in Oshkosh WI… I remember telling her I had to go to work in twenty minutes and all of a sudden I realized, I was late for work by one and a half hours….. and it wasn’t like I was preoccupied with anything….. My ex wife and I talked about this experience many times and we came every time to the same conclusion….. Neither one of us remember ANYTHING at all during that period of time…. sorry my story isn’t exciting with aliens probing and stuff but it is ours and we both stick to it.

  445. Please don’t think I’ m a nut but I HAVE seen Triangle craft I am a Air Force Reserve vet and it was my job to know our countries aircraft up and down since I was a crash / rescue firefighter and at least my sighting were not BS…. as well as my Sons, Their Friends as well as My Aunt who is a Jahova’s Whitness …… (they don’t believe in such things) when I tried to confirm what my Son was saying…… She only said, I saw a triangle… yes I saw what he saw… I’m talking miles long and I agree John, in no case I first hand or second hand…..was there any sound. My oldest Son and his friends were also buzzed by what he described as a amber ball of light while playing baseball with his friends …
    and every one of his friends saw it.

  446. Jeff — Yours is like most of the reports that I receive. Reports of UFOs and E.T.s are much more rare. Yours is far more typical: just a blank spot in your memory and a period of unremembered time. That’s 90% of the ones that I people tell me of. Not surprising to me though that you and your family have had some sightings and strange occurrences. That’s also very common, and this makes me wonder if these phenomena are attracted to certain people or some individual are more sensitive and better able see and experience them. It’s often reported that some people report seeing UFOs in plain view while other bystanders are unable to see anything at all. I had an experience like that myself while camping with some friend in NY state. I clearly saw a glowing object of unusual shape in the sky and it made several maneuvers that an aircraft simply would not and could not carry out. My friends only saw a light in the sky but were unable to notice any detail or motion, as I did.

  447. Hi there John! After my wife and I had experienced a missing time situation yesterday morning, I did some research on the web and found your blog.
    Every morning I always like to wake up to music on the radio and it is always BBC radio 2 (UK).
    On September the 02nd 2013 I woke up to the sound of silence, so I turned over to look at the clock and saw it was 07.35am. My DAB radio is set to come on at 06.30am and goes off at 07.30am. I turned on the radio again to listen to some music and at that point my wife had turned over to say good morning and put her arm around me. I heard her say ‘I don’t want to get up yet’
    At this point I heard the 08.00am pips and then the news came on the radio. I quickly turned round looked at the clock in disbelief, then looked at my fife and said ‘It can’t be 08.00am. She looked at me with confusion on her face and said ‘It can’t be as I just looked at my clock on my iPhone and it read 07.34am’. We had lost 25 minutes of time and yet we were both clearly awake and have no memory loss.
    I know it is a small amount of time to loose, but we can’t account for it and it is as if time itself has just jumped forward 25 minutes in a split second.
    I know we will never know the answer to this, but I believe we as human beings are a small part of a very big plan and an even larger universe. This experience has left me very confused and feeling quite vulnerable. None of us feel any different, no clear marks on our bodies, or feeling ill in any way. Saying that my wife has woken up with strange marks on her body in the past and witnessed seeing strange shadowy figures in our bedroom. I must say though, that we have never had any harm come to us what so ever, no matter what has happened in the past.

  448. I was staying in a motel room and walked outside to smoke a cigarette. The time on the t.v. news was 10:37 at night. I was halfway through my cigarette when I looked up at the sky and saw a bright flash of light far off in the distance. I am a firm believer in God and felt it was a sign from him. I suddenly felt the urge to go in my room. I was in my room for less than an hour, when the sun began to rise. I lost over 6 hours of time. I also am aware of things happening before they occur. I would not say I have psychic abilitys, but I am prepared for certain events before they happen. It certainly has made me wonder about the reality of everything. For example, Jesus is with God in the heavens, which I firmly believe, but did satan create intelligent aliens that lack souls which exist in the universe. I have way more questions than answers, but I do know, that I lost a large amount of time, and I have no explanation why. I also know God is there for me. God protects me. I would like to know what happened during that time lapse.

  449. Hello. I’ve been following this forum for quite some time. I’ve had several experiences with time loss, however about a month ago I attributed them to day dreaming or a wandering mind. I would like to share and incident that happened in early September of this year.
    -First a brief history: I have had chronic insomnia since I was 6 years old. I am now 31. I’ve seen numerous specialists, doctors, therapists etc. I will stay awake for days at a time and finally exhaust myself and still only sleep a few hours and do it all over. They’ve recently, within the last 3 years, determined my brain doesn’t produce enough melatonin. I have a very strict bedtime routine now. I am finally able to sleep. Now my story.
    On an ordinary night in September I was doing my bedtime routine. I took my melatonin at 10pm. The same time I take it every night. I showered, brushed my teeth, fed the cat. At about 10:20 I got in bed. I turned on the tv, watched it for a few minutes then set the sleep timer to shut the tv off in 30 minutes. Which would make it 11:00pm. I do the same thing every single night 7 days a week. At about 10:47 I heard a crash in the living room. I know it was 10:47 because I looked at the clock when I got up to see what it was. My TV was still playing as the sleep timer had yet to shut it off. I thought perhaps the cat had knocked something over. My boyfriend was across the country visiting his parents and he had our child with him. It was just the cat and I. I’m probably providing too many details. Anyway, I went into the living room and the cat had intact knocked a lamp over. I picked it up. Turned off the light and I could still hear the TV in the bedroom playing. I checked the doors again to be sure they were locked and went back to the bedroom. The whole event should have taken 10 minutes or less. I noticed on my way back to the bedroom the TV had shut off. Which didn’t alarm me until I saw the bedroom clock said 2 am. I proceeded to check every clock in the house with the same result. I had lost 3 hours. I had no sense of “awakening” no sense of disorientation. It was like time jumped forward 3 hours from the living room to the bedroom and we live in a tiny two bedroom one story apartment. It’s a duplex and my parents live in the other half. Less than one minute after checking the clocks, my mother was knocking on my front door at 2:00 in the morning. She had awoken from a dead sleep with the feeling that something had happened to me. It’s very odd. I don’t know what to make of it but I would like to know where the time goes. :) .

  450. I too, have had, a “missing time” experience. In February of 2007, I was taking my ‘long lost’ uncle, who I had never met before February 2007, to the airport(he was returning home to California) after a very, very brief visit(he somehow found my phone no. and called to say he was coming-he was actually my grandfathers’ brother who I had never met until a conference in Detroit(which is where I reside)brought him to call me, requesting for a place to stay, overnight, until he could be taken back to the airport. After checking him out with other surviving family members, who actually knew him from growing up with him, I decided to let him stay with my sister, as I was having some personal problems that I didn’t want him to know about at the time. The very next morning, I went to get him and drive him back to Metro airport, near Ypsilanti, Mi. My uncle, upon returning to the airport along I-94 going west, said he had forgot something and that we needed to return to my sisters’ house to get it. However, we found the item before returning to my sisters’ house, at which point, I had to make a u-turn to get back in the direction we had started. I remember being at the entrance to I-94 at Van Dyke, with my hands behind the steering wheel and my foot on the brake, waiting to go down into the freeway again(we were at a stop light), when all of a sudden, next thing I know, I was about 8 miles away from where I was last at, driving along I-94 EAST! about to come up at the Little Mack exit on I-94, which is, as I said about EIGHT MILES away from where I was last at, with my uncle being in the car with me, as all of this was occurring-furthermore-I remember looking at the clock on the dashboard-WE HAD LOST FIFTEEN MINUTES OF TIME for which I, to this very day, have no accounting for-in addition-i was driving at about speed limit when this ‘time’ lapse occurred-which was about 70 miles an hour! In other words, I jumped about eight miles instantly(or for about a missing period of fifteen minutes)-all while still remaining behind the steering wheel and driving at full speed(I consider driving at 70 mph full speed)-my uncle was with me while all of this took place and I remember looking at him-he appeared to be just as astounded as I was- anyway being now fifteen minutes behind schedule, I was now rushing to turn back around and get my uncle to the airport on time-the fifteen minutes lapse in time almost caused us to be late for my uncles’ departure from Metro, but we made it. I just happened to see your website and with what I had experienced, thought I should share my experience with you-I never ever mentioned the incident to my uncle again out of fear as to what he might say or how he might react(he was 75 years old at the time). To this day, I have never experienced another incident like the one which occurred in February of 2007, and I deal w/’paranormal phenomenon daily, but not like what occurred on that day. Furthermore, My uncle from California was a member of the nation of Islam, following Louis Farrakhan and I was a Christian at the time all of this occurred-I still lean towards the doctrine and gospel of Jesus Christ although I do not like designating myself as a Christian,at the present time, for reasons which have evolved into my life, which I deem it not necessary to explain at this time. Suffice to say, every word I have just stated is true to the best of my knowledge and recollection-it is also, the first time I have ever went public about this. Perhaps it will lead to information or knowledge in the future that will be of benefit to myself and to the world at large. Sincerely, Charles Alan Brazell

  451. Many years ago when i was arround 15 yrs old (i’m 31 now), after a teacher missed the class, i stayed at school, instead of going with my friends out of school (because of my beliefs at that time, i did not wanted to go to the place they were going).
    So, 50 minuts passed, and during that time i just wondered arround, and took the time to read something. Then the bell rings and i go to my next class… and my friends asked where i have been… fact is, i skiped one class… and i dont remember anything of that.
    Part of the 1st 50 minuts, the break between classes (and all the moving arround of people during that time), the call to the next class, and the whole next 50 minuts… blank. I just remember my self walking to the front of school, and then listen the bell to what i believed to be the break after the 1st 50 minuts, but instead, almoust 1,5 hrs had passed.
    I do remember a big calm and silence before that… and after, i can still remember a feeling of, some kind of displacement!
    I do remember how worried i was after i discovered i missed one class… but my parents never asked me about it (something i’ve found strange, always believed that, as i never done it before, thet did not took it seriously).

  452. When I was in kindergarten I had a missing time experience.

    One day my class took a special trip to the school’s newer playground, which was made of mostly wood (as opposed to the mostly metal regular playground that we usually played on for recess). I remember walking up the stairs of the playground with my classmates and the *poof*, next thing I know I’m standing at the playground’s fireman pole. Only none of my classmates were out there. A third grade class was. I remember asking the kid standing at the pole whether it was safe for kindergarteners to use.

    In any case, they were getting ready to head back inside and their teacher took me back to my class. Apparently I had been missing. For how long I don’t know. Everyone in my class was inside watching a movie but the two teachers didn’t seem too concerned.

    At the time I remember being disoriented. I had (and still have) no idea about what happened. My guess from cobbling things together is that I’m missing somewhere between 20 minutes and an hour of time. But I have no idea what happened during that time.

    I’m curious as to what remedy I should seek, if any, to recover that lost time. I’m currently 25 years old, so we’re talking about going back approximately 20 years. Anyway, it’s interesting and I’m curious as to what you think.

  453. Hey everyone — Sorry for being behind in replying. I do try to make a point of responding to everyone who takes the time to comment on my posts. Life’s been getting in the way lately and I’ve fallen behind. My apologies.

    I don’t know if I have anything new to add to anything I’ve said previously in response to these reports. It’s still a mystery to me, though one conclusion at which I’ve arrived is that these time anomaly phenomenon are much more widespread than I’d ever previously believed and that they don’t fit into any of the “ET abduction” literature. Only a small percentage of the reports involved seeing any sort of craft or entities. More often they take place at all hours and in various locations, not just in the dead of night at people’s bedsides or while driving down dark, country roads late at night.

    I certainly can’t discount that some of these reports are entirely in the person’s mind or could be repressed memories of disturbing or traumatic incidents (not necessarily paranormal ones). However, there are many that don’t fit neatly into any category and have no easy, logical explanation. This leads me to believe that something is going on. What that something is, I don’t know, but I do believe that it involves some sort of intervention by some kind of intelligence. That’s all I’ve got at this point.

  454. Hi John, I posted a while back and have been reading the experiences on the blog. This raised a question, and on something you commented on some time ago. Has anyone that you know of tried going under Hypnosis, and if so are you aware of the results? My curiosity was peaking regarding this and thought I would ask. Hope you are well.

  455. Hi Dana,
    No, I’ve received so many reports through the comments section of this article and also emailed to me privately, but I don’t recall a single person telling me of having undergone hypnosis. I’m thinking of doing it myself soon though. I’ll let you know how it goes and probably will post an article on it too. I often don’t think about it all, however it’s been on my mind a lot recently and kind of bothering me. Sort of flares up now and then, if you know what I mean.

  456. I have had missing time recently…twice within 6 months of each other. Both times I was on my laptop, specifically on You Tube and playing scrabble. The first time I got up to use the washroom and realized that it was midnight when I thought it should only be about 9 PM. When I checked my history on my pc I could only account for time up to about 9pm and then my history on the pc started up again a few minutes before midnight as if I resumed after stopping which I did not.I remember only getting up from my pc to use the bathroom and being shocked by the time on the kitchen clock. Six The next time I lost almost 4 hours. Again I was on my computer doing much the same as the last time. Again i got up to use the washroom and this time I could not believe it. The clock said 3:40 AM! I never stay up past 1 AM and I wasn’t at all tired. When I checked my computer history again my activity stopped abruptly at about 11:20 PM and then started up again about 3:20 AM. All I remember is being at my laptop and then going to the washroom.
    My other experience is when I GAINED time. It took place in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in the summer of 1986. It was the beginning of August and was one of the most beautiful summers of my memory. Each day had been idyllic. Hot, but not killer hot, and lush, which is not typical for our hot dry prairies. The lushness was due to beautiful thunderstorms occurring almost every evening, which cooled the heat of the day invigorating the night with a magical aliveness. You’d feel the storm approaching by the way hairs on your arms would rise and the perfumed air held the hint of ozone. The storms were spectacular but not dangerous, and this too is atypical for this land of extremes. My boyfriend was an American who I had met when he came to Canada to reacquaint with his son from a previous marriage. To make a long story short, he was unable to stay in Canada and get a working visa so he had to go back to the U.S . Naturally, I was heart broken. He decided he’d return to Minneapolis and continue to pursue a working visa from there. I decided I would take a month’s vacation, drive him to Minneapolis and help get him settled. From Saskatoon we planned to drive to Regina Saskatchewan, which is 250 kilometers (160 miles) away, refuel, have a stretch, then head to Minot, North Dakota, stop for the night, then head to Minneapolis. Michael and I were both exhausted from months of fighting the deportation order and depressed because he lost his case. It hit Michael hardest having to leave both his son and me. The stress gave Michael a nasty case of “walking pneumonia” so as I drove he slept.

    I distinctly remember checking the time before we left because I was bugged we were leaving so late. It meant at some point I’d be driving in the dark, which I disliked. As usual as I had the radio on and also heard the DJ confirms the time during his hourly newsbreak. I remember making a quick mental calculation that we should reach Regina between 6 and 6:30 p.m. and that I’d have light until about 10 p.m.

    I believe we were only 30 or so miles out of Saskatoon on the Trans- Canada #1 Highway when I started feeling odd. My physical experience inside the car began to change. Everything quieted, sort of muted – even the radio – like being wrapped in a wad of cotton. I looked over at Michael to comment, but he was sleeping soundly. Then I noticed the road noise and bumps one experiences when traveling in a vehicle had disappeared. The car felt as if it were hovering a few inches above the road and were sort of sailing through the air. I saw no other cars on this very busy highway, which was also struck me as odd. I distinctly remember feeling everything was syrupy. The closest thing I can compare it to was when I’d lane swim a mile and be so exhausted until I’d break through it and go into a state referred to as a “runners high” – this whooshy slow motion feeling.

    When we got to Regina, I went to refuel and my first shock came when I noticed we had used almost no gas at all. My second shock was when I asked the pump attendant for the time. He said it was 5 p.m.! Even though I already knew the answer, I still felt compelled to ask the attendant if Regina was on the same Central Standard time system as Saskatoon . He looked at me like I was the dumbest blonde he’d ever seen. By this time Mike was awake and he too was as amazed and baffled.

    It was physically impossible for me to have made 160 miles in one hour. Even if I had been speeding. What’s more is the very fact that I knew something weird had been going on; it had been physical. The rest of the trip resumed normally, but I will never forget that experience. Sometimes I wonder if our emotional states and my focus to get to where I wanted before the light faded that day, acted like a form of telekinesis – because I had one singular episode of that when I was 15 years old when me and three of my girlfriends were having an intense game of Kaiser and a small plastic ashtray levitated before our eyes then slowly settled back on the coffe table. We all saw it but had no explanation for it.

    Sheri Lowe

  457. John, I had lost some time, about 12 hours, in 1979 in South Dakota. One evening a native came in the house and said that there was going to be a huge thunder storm. I waent outside with him to see the two fronts that were in a collision course from horizion to horizion and overhead. Sure enough the fronts hit and a huge thunder storm occured. Lighting went from horizion to horizon lighting up the sky like I was inside a lightbulb. It rained harder than I have ever seen even til this day. I joined my hosts in there home to wait out the storm. It was about one-o-clock when the rain stopped and I was ready for bed. I left the house to go to my tent, took a few steps and stopped and looked up to see a cloud formation that looked like a left hand comming out of the clouds with fingernails, knuckles,all perfict. It seemed there was water built up in the palm that had been made into a crown like that of water. There was a water drop above that and a cloud with 3 puffs and a droplet of water building up. Well I was astounded and wanted to go into the house to get a camera, I trier to turn but was unable to move my body at all. So I thought I’ll yell out and tell them know, but no voice eather. I tried to move to my tent but I was frozen solid. I was waiting for the immage to be blown away but that wasn’t going to happen eather. My next memory I was getting into a car all packed upand had covered some area as well as everything was packed up after a big rain storm. I would like to find out what happened during this lost time by going through hypnosis. I am courious if I met with a UFO or something else. Why did I loose this time and why was I frozen stiff and if anyone got a picture of the clouds.

  458. John, I had lost some time, about 12 hours, in 1979 in South Dakota. One evening a native came in the house and said that there was going to be a huge thunder storm. I went outside with him to see the two fronts that were in a collision course from horizon to horizon and overhead. Sure enough the fronts hit and a huge thunder storm occurred. Lighting went from horizon to horizon lighting up the sky like I was inside a light bulb. It rained harder than I have ever seen even till this day. I joined my hosts in there home to wait out the storm. It was about one-o-clock when the rain stopped and I was ready for bed. I left the house to go to my tent, took a few steps and stopped and looked up to see a cloud formation that looked like a left hand coming out of the clouds with fingernails, knuckles, all perfect. It seemed there was water built up in the palm that had been made into a crown like that of water. There was a water drop above that and a cloud with 3 puffs and a droplet of water building up. Well I was astounded and wanted to go into the house to get a camera, I tried to turn but was unable to move my body at all. So I thought I’ll yell out and tell them know, but no voice either. I tried to move to my tent but I was frozen solid. I was waiting for the immage to be blown away but that wasn’t going to happen either. My next memory I was getting into a car all packed up and had covered some area as well as everything was packed up after a big rain storm. I would like to find out what happened during this lost time by going through hypnosis. I am courious if I met with a UFO or something else. Why did I loose this time and why was I frozen stiff and if anyone got a picture of the clouds.

  459. Hi John, I’ve had 2 experiences of missing time and one very strange experience of waking up with my legs shaved. The first episode happened about 2 years ago when I noticed washing my legs that there were 2 perfectly symmetrical rectangles of hair shaved from my legs. The area shaved was approximately 2″ wide by 4″ long on each leg in the exact same spot. I have very hair legs and this really presented as quite odd. I questioned my wife and kids about it and they all denied having anything to do with it. Also, I am a very light sleeper. I certainly would have noticed if anyone shaved my legs. What was odd about this was that it took about 8 months for the hair to finally grow back. Once it did, it took about 2-3 weeks for it to fully come back. It was like someone has surgically removed the hair – there was no stubble. I presented this to my family Dr. and he had no idea of what to make of it.
    The next strange thing happened about 2 weeks ago at 3:15 am when both of our great danes woke me as they were wide awake – like they were on high alert of something that was happening. I took them out to do their business . This took approx. 10 min. When I let the dogs in, the first I hear was my alarm clock going off. My first thought was ” How could this be, since I set my alarm at 4:55 am every morning?” The alarm clock read 5:06 am…I have to say that when 3:15 am becomes 5:06 am after only 10 minutes have gone by , I didn’t know what to think or where the time went…
    The final incident happened last week when I saw a very bright flash of light that lit up the whole bedroom – enough to wake me up at 1:08 am. I got up, got a flash light and walked to the family room. I felt a distinct presence in the room but nothing I could prove. In my mind, the whole thing maybe took 2-3 minutes before I got back into bed – only to notice that the clock read 1:20 am. I can tell you there was no way that I was out of bed more that 2-3 minutes….I’ts good to know that I’m not alone.

  460. I have a loss of time experience that I never really shared until just recently and told my husband and our adult children. It was around 1986 and I was about 16 years old. After getting my drivers license, I would volunteer to run any errands for my mom jet so I could drive. I can not remember exactly what month it was but I know it was not winter because I was not yet allowed to drive on snowy or slick roads for the lack of experience in driving in those conditions. I grew up in Beckley WV ( where this time loss incident had taken place) I was more than happy to go downtown to go pay a few bills for my mom. We lived only a few minutes from downtown so the drive was quick. I remember parking and getting each bill together with the right check and put them in order to coincide with which place I would go to first. I know I got up to the buildings where I was supposed to go but not one bill got paid. I vaguely remember walking and feeling very out of sorts. The next thing I remember completely and coherently was sitting in my mothers car and trying to figure out what had happened to me. I can’t even tell you how much time had lapsed. I returned home and I tried to explain to my mom what had happened to me but that was just it, I didn’t know. I had none of the bills with me or receipts that they had been paid. My mom was sort of mad at me and I wasn’t sure if she believed me or not. A day or two later my mother started to receive the checks and bills in the mail. They had been placed in an envelope with a note saying that they had been found on the sidewalk downtown. To this day I don’t know what happened to me. I’ve even thought about contacting someone to see if I could recollect any of it while being under hypnosis. Also, the strangest thing is happening while I am typing this!…my iphone is freezing up as if something doesn’t want me to share my story. I haven’t had any experiences since that I can recall. Would life to know what really happened that day!!!

  461. was a couple of years ago i was lyin watching some t.v….. my fiancee was in bed with our young daughter and it was getting kind of late and a movie i was watching had just finished… i was a smoker at the the time and felt the urge to get 1 last smoke before i went to bed. I used the t.v remote to check the time just to see if it was worth the hassle of going outside to have a smoke as i didnt smoke in the house with our daughter in the house. To be honest i quite enjoyed standing out at the back door for a smoke because if it was a clear night, there was nothing more facinating than staring up at the night sky looking at the stars wondering what if?….. Anyway, without trying to sound like too much of a nut…. when i checked the time i can clearly remember it showed 11.53…. so i said to myself, right i’ll go for a smoke and call it a night at 12 midnight. I went for my smoke ( cigarette ) and came back in and walked back into the living room. Me being me i had to check if there was any other movies coming on that i’d maybe want to record and it was when i did this that i noticed the time now said 1.05. I was so freaked out i just sat for 5-10 minutes thinking… “really”… somethings not right… i only went out for a smoke and that doesn’t take an hour and 12 minutes. I told my fiancee about it the next day plus told others at my work and it was just kind of laughed off but to this day i still believe that somehow, over an hour of time had disappeared which i couldnt account for. i’ve found this page tonight because i thought i would start searching about to see if there was any other similar happenings like my own. I hope someone can relate to my experience

  462. Not to poke a four year-old article with a stick, but I felt the need to post my experience.
    I just lost three hours of time. I almost felt like I was in a trance during the time lost. I looked at the clock on my laptop, looked back up to the screen, did something that takes about ten minutes and 3+ hours had passed. It’s been almost fifty minutes since this happened, and I’ve been trying to collect myself sense. As soon as I saw the time, I had a pretty nasty anxiety attack, but once I calmed down, I did some digging. Surprisingly enough, I couldn’t find many links to time loss and anxiety-something I’ve been struggling a LOT with lately. I’m still slightly disoriented, but I’m glad to know that other people have had similar experiences.

  463. Just had another experience today. Trying to figure out what is going on. I was talking to a friend on the phone, and he invited me to come over to his house, after i hung up, i was headed to the bathroom to take a quick shower before i went to see my bud. This was at 1pm. Next thing i know, i awoke standing up, still dressed but not wearing any shoes, standing in the middle of the ball field about a half-mile away from my home 3 hours later.

    I have a piercing pain in my left eye but no headache. Can anyone tell me why these things keep happening or what is wrong with me? I don’t sleep walk although i do sleep talk.

    I haven’t seen any Ufo’s or aliens or nothing of the sort. I’ve been trying to figure out what has been happening to me and this has been going on even while i was in the military and still continues after my retirement from the military.

    The longest episode that this has been was 3 days. I got in trouble as my command at the time thought i was awol but i awoke in the woods, 4 miles from base and my car. I was driving to PT and then next thing i know i am in the woods. My car was found on the side of the road and i was found by a motorist as i flagged one down when i found a road.

    Can anyone offer a solution to this? This has to stop.

  464. Hi.. My husband and I was discussing missing time a few nights ago and I recalled a weird experience that happened to me in the 90’s when I lived in Plantation Florida which is near Ft Lauderdale.
    I worked 30 miles from my apartment. I always left an hour early because of the traffic in Ft Lauderdale and the toll roads. It was a beautiful bright day and there was no traffic on the roads which was unusual for that area. When I got to work pretty quickly I thought, My co workers were all freaking out saying I was late and if I was ok. I told them they were too funny haha.. then I realized that it took me 3 hours to get 30 miles to work on the Sawgrass expressway. I worked there for 5 years and never once had been late or absent.
    What is more interesting is that When I was on my way home that same day, a tornado followed the sawgrass from my work towards Plantation for 13miles 15 minutes after I got home. I don’t recall anything but leaving my house and then answering all the questions at work and the freak tornado that followed me home which I am sure is a coincidence since tornadoes in south florida are frequent occurences:)

  465. I’ve lost count of how many times this has actually happened and I’ve learned my lesson to keep my mouth shut about it. My husband is an over the road truck driver and it’s just me and our two dobes. I pee the dogs, lock down the house, set the thermostat at 68degrees, shower, brush my teeth, dry my hair and go to bed. Everything uniform every night. Usually once every few months I’m woken up by my dogs raising all kinds of hell. I’m a light sleeper. The house creeks and I’m up. When the dogs hear another animal outside “especially the bears” they growl and I’m up. So you see not much happens in my house I don’t know about. The nights they wake me barking, I can’t remember my night routine that I usually do at all. It’s just gone. The next morning I have my usual bruising in one of two places. Either on my left arm or my right leg. I have had a couple of what seemed to feel like cists under the bruised areas but they go away in about 4 or 5 days. It infuriates me because my husband is never home when it happens. This has been happening since my teens. I’m 41 now. You would think at some point the fear would go away.

  466. Well I don’t believe in paranormal or abduction. As a matter of fact I don’t believe in god, he’ll heaven ghosts, UFO, monsters or anything remotely related to that. I was driving to work as I have been doing for the last 3 years. It takes me 45 minutes. On bad days about an hour. I am driving on the motorway about 70 mph. Today I got to work as normal. Parked the car as usual but when I looked at the clock it was 9:35. I double checked on my watch and 2 phones and the office clock. I am missing 45 minutes. Nothing strange happened and I did not see anything unusual. I did not feel sick or anything like that. Remember I am on the motorway driving at 70 mph as I have been doing for the last 3 years. Had I stopped the police would have been there in a jiffy. So where are those 45 minutes gone?

  467. Hey everyone – I’m really sorry for not following up with your comments and questions. I try to do that for each person who is kind enough to contribute to the site, but I’m just getting back on track after a lot of personal issues and business pressures.

    I’m going to launch the new version of the Paranomalist very soon, which will include a forum section where we can continue our discussion about Missing Time, as well as other topics. I know I’ve been talking about this for a while, but it’s actually going to happen within the next couple of weeks.

    Meanwhile, I’m first going to upload the bare-bones version of the upgraded site and I’ll be rededicating myself to contributing new articles regularly and following through with questions and comments in a timely manner. Thanks for your patience.

    – John

  468. Georges, I wish I had an answer for you. I’ve heard thousands of these kinds of stories from people in the four years since I wrote this article about my own encounter. It might not necessarily be paranormal. It could be something to do with the nature of time itself that we don’t yet understand. I don’t pretend to be an expert on quantum mechanics, but a lot of these new areas of scientific research point to the idea that time is non-linear and there may even be naturally occurring “ripples” in time. Maybe that’s what a lot of people are experiencing. It could be an entirely natural phenomenon that is undiscovered. I don’t know, but I’m very reluctant to pass it off as a some kind of mental aberration, and I don’t think that these incidents are all cases of mistaken perception. It seems to be a very pervasive phenomenon, whatever its cause.

  469. I have had some paranormal stuff in the past but never lost time, until today. It was only a couple of minutes but it was very strange. I was making custard for a pie I was baking for my son. As I was stirring, I decided to play some music. So I put on a playlist from my phone that is 2.5 hours long. As soon as I Press play I immediately look at oven clock and see that it is 1:27. I think to myself that I won’t have it ready by the time the kids get off school. As soon as I finish that thought I look down at my custard that I have not stopped stirring this whole time and realize the first song on my play list just finished and the second one is starring. I think this is odd since I just had pressed play less than 10 seconds ago so I look at my phone and see that the playlist is at 2:37. So I look back at the oven clock and it’s 1:30. When I realized this I had a Strange feeling, the only way I can describe it is a throbing of my surroundings. The room did have an eerie feel afterwards as if someone was watching or was there with me and no one was, I was home alone. I quickly finished what I was doing and left the house until it was time to pick up my kids. I know it was only about 2.5 minutes but it should of been only about 10 seconds tops. Later in the night when everyone was asleep I went downstairs for water. All the lights are on downstairs and halfway through the stairs I see who I think is my brother walking from the kitchen to the family room. He stays with us while he goes to college and is usually up late studying. There was something I had been meaning to ask him so I start gathering my thoughts but when I enter the family room I see that he is sound asleep snoring. I again get that eerie feeling the whole time I’m downstairs. I know I saw a black figure walking from the kitchen to the family room and I assumed it was my brother but everyone else was upstairs sleeping. I don’t know if it I related but when I was twelve I saw his doppleganger, he was about 10 at the time. Another thing that is strange is that my cat usually follows me around all morning when Im home alone, she usually likes to snuggle against me to the point where it is annoying but I did not see her all day today until late at night. I’m just really freaked out about the time lapse. My husband I a magnet for the paranormal though but he does not like to talk about, he has told me of a few things that have been happening since he was a child but won’t open up too much. He is also really good at reading peoples personality and can predict random future events, not big ones just small occurrences. As hard as he tries to block it, some of his predictions are just too creepy. And yes he ha been seeing bright flying and objects and balls of lights since he was a child to as recently as a few months ago.

  470. I have had some paranormal stuff in the past but never lost time, until today. It was only a couple of minutes but it was very strange. I was making custard for a pie I was baking for my son. As I was stirring, I decided to play some music. So I put on a playlist from my phone that is 2.5 hours long. As soon as I Press play I immediately look at oven clock and see that it is 1:27. I think to myself that I won’t have it ready by the time the kids get off school. As soon as I finish that thought I look down at my custard that I have not stopped stirring this whole time and realize the first song on my play list just finished and the second one is starting I think this is odd since I just had pressed play less than 10 seconds ago so I look at my phone and see that the playlist is at 2 minutes and 37 seconds So I look back at the oven clock and it’s 1:30. When I realized this I had a Strange feeling, the only way I can describe it is a throbing of my surroundings. The room did have an eerie feel afterwards as if someone was watching or was there with me and no one was, I was home alone. I quickly finished what I was doing and left the house until it was time to pick up my kids. I know it was only about 2.5 minutes but it should of been only about 10 seconds tops. Later in the night when everyone was asleep I went downstairs for water. All the lights are on downstairs and halfway through the stairs I see who I think is my brother walking from the kitchen to the family room. He stays with us while he goes to college and is usually up late studying. There was something I had been meaning to ask him so I start gathering my thoughts but when I enter the family room I see that he is sound asleep snoring. I again get that eerie feeling the whole time I’m downstairs. I know I saw a black figure walking from the kitchen to the family room and I assumed it was my brother because he could have been the only one who was awake since everyone else was upstairs sleeping. I don’t know if it I related but when I was twelve I saw his doppleganger, he was about 10 at the time. Another thing that is strange is that my cat usually follows me around all morning when Im home alone, she usually likes to snuggle against me to the point where it is annoying but I did not see her all day today until late at night. I’m just really freaked out about the time lapse. My husband Is a magnet for the paranormal though but he does not like to talk about, he has told me of a few things that have been happening since he was a child but won’t open up too much. He is also really good at reading people and can predict random future events, not big ones just small occurrences. As hard as he tries to block it, some of his predictions are just too creepy. And yes he has been seeing bright flying objects and balls of lights since he was a child and as recently as a few months ago. He has had time lost and many other strange many dejavu moments where he can recall places or people he has never met or seen before. For the record we do not drink, use recreational drugs, have psychological conditions.

  471. I experience ecactly what you have described,in above story, off and on. The strange silence, things viewed in a far less realistic sense, things that become more and more distant the more I move toward them but there is also a smell maybe? I’m not really sure though. It isn’t really a smell as it is a difference in my abilty to smell…I don’t know. It’s kind of like “all” of reality has been altered in a very awe causing way. I instantly notice how things suddenly appear so different. I am totally taken by all of my surroundings and lost so deeply in it. Then, just as quickly as it all came on, it is all gone. Every time it happens, I lose time. Sometimes only minutes but most often it’s hours. I always feel totally in control of my actions during these time lapses. I’m just going about things slowly as to take it all in (not in slow motion but rather smelling the roses so to speak). I never seem to have wandered to far, in my mind, during this time, but somehow managed to go from point “A” to point “B” and not being able to recall how I got there. Like you, it always feels as if I was not alone. Like I am suppose to recall something that I don’t…and I’m always trying to figure out what I don’t know. I’ve always just chalked it up to being tired or over stressed but I’ve also spent years wondering how I managed to complete the math test in front of me or drive fifty miles across town or cook dinner or what have you while strolling, as I see and feel it at the time, only a few yards in only a few minutes. So I have an even bigger question now…if I haven’t left where I was originally standing, at the onset of any of these events, how was I functioning elsewhere?

  472. I was at work today and had my watch on which I used to check the time every morning while I wait for my drive outside. It was accurate to within a few minutes of the time on my mobile phone. At around 2PM I went in for a break and looked at my watch and it was 4 hours ahead. In order to change the time on this watch you would need to press 3 separate buttons, it took me almost 20 minutes to figure it out the first time I set the time for daylight savings (I lost the manual) so I’m thinking having it change on its own is next to impossible. Just before my break I had been having an interesting and in depth conversation with some co-workers about the military and military technologies and UFO sightings. I’ve seen 5 or 6 genuine not likely of this Earth UFOs (red and white orbs, triangular shaped fast moving shadows, sandy colored silent and hypersonic craft flying in formation) and so yes I believe in ETs, but I’d never considered the fact I could be abducted until now.

  473. Hi Andrew — When do think the missing time occurred? While at work? Did you notice it being later in the day than you expected, and did you have any sense of time being disrupted? Just trying to get a clearer picture of your experience.

    Very often people who report seeing UFOs or have experienced other paranormal phenomena have also undergone missing time, so that’s not surprising.

  474. Me and then girlfriend were living together.We also worked at the same factory.We spent Sunday like every other Sunday then made our lunches for work and went to bed.The alarm went off normal time and we drove to work.My boss was crazy made at us asking where we had bee. I thought maybe we were late.I said I was sorry for being late I didn’t realize we drove so slow.He then asked where we had been for the last two days and why we did Not call in.I didn’t believe him it was Wensday and walk over to look at the newspaper on the table.ot was Wensday! How could the two of us sleep Sunday night !all day Monday, Monay night! All day Tuesday! and then all day Tuesday night????? With either of us waking up? It still blows me away.

  475. Hi John,
    I have had weird experiences similar to yours for most of my childhood and teenage years. A missing time experience happened to me again about fifteen years ago. I was monitoring news stations from a home office as a job and I set the 9 a.m. talk show broadcast to full blast to wake me up so that I could get ready and get my first batch of news in before 10, then flip the tapes over at 10 to record the second hour of the talk show. I did this SAME routine every single morning. I would get up at 9, turn down the radio (which was recording the broadcast), start the dishwasher (loaded the night before), use the bathroom, and then turn on my computer to start work at 9:30. I did the SAME routine every single morning!

    When I got to my computer and turned it on, I was frustrated to see that the clock on the computer was wrong. It said 11:30 a.m. instead of 9:30 a.m. so I looked at my watch to get the exact right time to reset my computer but my watch said 9:30 too!! I was shocked and thought, that’s weird, they’re both wrong! So, I went into the kitchen and THAT clock said 11:30 (it had been something after 9 when I’d just been in there!) …so I freaked out. I thought, “Okay, if it really IS 11:30, then that would mean that the first side of the talk show finished and if I hadn’t turned it over, side 1 would be at the end. The machines automatically shut off at 11 at the end of the broadcast, so I decided this would be the deciding factor! So, I checked the radios. They were all off. Side 1 of the talk show tape was finished and it had never been turned over. It really WAS 11:30!!!

    I have NO idea how this happened or what happened. I did not stop moving at all during my usual routine so I have no idea at what point ‘something’ happened! I had many other ‘strange’ experiences throughout my life but this was the only one that had been completely seamless. (In fact, I had so many strange experiences I actually wrote a book about all of them called Strange UFO’s and Aliens in my Life … although, I’m not convinced that beings I saw were ‘aliens’ from another planet) … I’m glad you shared your story (and every other person here who has shared) because it really is comforting to know that I”m not the only person that has experienced such strange, strange stuff! (Has it happened to you since the incident you posted??)

  476. In the second paragraph, I MEANT to say, my watch said 11:30 a.m. too!! (not 9:30!) the watch was the same as the computer.

  477. Thanks so much for sharing your story, E.A. — One more for the old files! I think I’ve collected several hundred at this point, so yes, you are definitely NOT alone, if that’s any comfort to you.

    I’m not surprised at all to hear that you’ve had other strange & unexplained happenings in your life. From what I’ve gathered so far, these do not appear to be isolated incidents. It’s part of a pattern. What that pattern means and who or what is perpetrating it is what I don’t know. I think that in some instances, it could be purely psychological, although I think that brushing it aside by saying “it was all in your imagination” is too easy an answer. I think we’re being manipulated in some way. Stories of spiritual entities, elves, gnomes, little people, etc. who have taken human beings or have interacted with them in some way go back centuries and across all cultures and continents.

    Why this is happening and is its nature of it good, evil, or neutral, is unknown. I do firmly believe that this phenomenon is far, far more widespread than many people would begin to guess — those who don’t believe that this is all a bunch of nonsense, that is. Having had an experience like this and having read hundreds of these report sent to me, I know that it is not some figment of peoples’ imaginations or simple fabrication. It’s real, and it’s unexplained. And those are not particularly comforting thoughts.

    To answer your question, no, I haven’t had any consciously-recollected missing time incidents since the one I experienced (35? 36?) years ago. Just some very vivid, very strange dreams on numerous occasions. What they mean, I don’t know. Maybe nothing more than dreams.

    Thanks again for getting in touch. If there’s anything else you’d like to share or discuss, please feel free.

  478. I have had many of these experiences throughout my life. I don’t recall “awakening” someplace else, but I have been “lost” along the way. This usually happens while I am driving. I will experience a hypnotic like sense of just driving along. I will see other cars, trees, farms and houses that I would normally expect to see as I drive around where I live in New Jersey. I will hear the radio, but have no real sense of to what I am listening. Almost always, I will suddenly realize that the drive is taking me much longer than usual. I look around and I do not recognize where I am, although I did not make any turns. I become very anxious. I feel as if I had missed my turn, and upon occasion, have even turned around only to find that I have not gone far enough and had to turn back around again. Eventually things start to look familiar again and I arrive at my destination, albeit quite shaken up. Sometimes it takes me twice as long to get where I am going, other times I will experience the same strange sensations, but without any time disturbances. I also experience sleep paralysis at night and have often wondered if the two frightening sensations are related. ???? Thank you so much for this site!

  479. Hi Diane — Thanks for contributing to the blog. I had sleep paralysis frequently when I was a child, which was followed by my missing time experience in my early adolescence. So yes, I think there definitely could be a connection. As I’ve often said, for a guy who writes about weird stuff, I’m pretty conservative in my thinking. As such, I’m always reluctant to immediately assume that all of these incidents are due to some kind of paranormal explanation. Certainly, some — maybe all — of this is due to a natural explanation. I can’t say for sure at this point, although quite a few of the reports that I receive seem to point to some sort of manipulation of the individual. Who or what is doing the manipulating, and why, is the question. But, some could be mental lapses, autohypnosis, etc.

    Please feel free to keep in touch. I appreciate your sharing your story.

    — John

  480. Hello sir,
    Not exactly sure what to say. I along with your other guests have lost time. I don’t believe that my time was like your others. I have checked maps, times and ETA’s. I have found no reasoning why I (or my friend driving) should have lost time.

    I see that you are still active on here, and that is my main reasoning for contact. My (our) incident occurred in 1998 in Paris, TX.
    My friend and I were on a trip to Kansas from Florida. We had not been on the road long enough to see delusions. We were on our way to Paris, tx. Ok, that is the last place that I remember going to before the incident. My friend was driving and I was in the passenger seat staring out the window. At 2200 I noticed what looked like airplane lights, flashing and blinking. At 65 mph, an airline or military plane would have surpassed us. But I noticed the lights were not blinking like they were supposed to. I watched for about 10 minutes before I said anything to my driver. I made a general comment that they looked like they were going backwards, not forwards. We kept driving for about 15 minutes before I said something else. I made mention of the odd lights again and we saw a place to pull off the side of the road and check things out. My driver slowed down and we got out of the car and watched the lights as they passed into the north. We got back into the car and proceeded on our way to KY. The light still to my east (driving north). We drove again and watched the lights head north and west around us. We thought that was the end.

    I looked at the clock and the time was 2300. I looked again at the clock and looked at the road to make sure we were on track. The clock was fast and the sign that was approaching was mortifying. I looked at my driver and told her we had already been here. She sounded confused at what I said, but I again told her we had been here already. I looked back out my window of the passenger side of the car and saw the same place we had been an hour ago, and had pulled off to watch the lights. My third time telling her that we had already been here and this was what was coming up convinced here that she had not lost her mind. I suggested pulling over at a hotel, and we did. I think it was a holiday inn….not sure. We looked at each other after the incident and I had never been more afraid of anything in my life. I have never had the hair on my neck stand up or been more terrified in my life. I know goose bumps and chill bumps. This was completely different. I was in panic mode, so was my friend.

    We decided to get back on the road and get the f*ck out of dodge. We lost an hour that night. We will never know what happened in that time frame. We have checked maps to make sure we were not doubling back or getting lost. I saw the “Welcome to Paris” sign twice in my life and it scared the crap out of me. How in the hell did We get back to it the second time???

  481. I am so glad I found these stories. I had a strange experience that I know does not have any explanation in “normal type thinking”. I was at work and talking to a patient in a wheelchair. She was an older woman and standing on both sides of her were her two daughters. I was speaking to the woman-eye to eye contact- giving her information. The next thing I know she is on the floor-flat on her back. I never saw her fall from the chair-the chair was not in a position that would normally be if a patient falls…usually the chair will have movement-sound would be heard etc…..I was shocked and said, “what happened?”. Her two daughters were shocked as well and had not seen anything and the weirdest part was the woman was looking up at us from the floor saying, “Why am I on the floor”. She was not injured and did not have any memory of falling either. I am glad I have read other stories regarding lapses in time. I never have experienced anything like this before or since and I am a believer because of my experience that time is not what is “normally” thought and when I share this story with people…they get that funny look in their eyes…like “She is crazy”…but I know what I saw and thank goodness for all involved that the experience was the same. I would guess somehow time jumped ahead maybe seconds…

  482. First of all, I would never tell anyone this story….so I applaud you for having the courage to make this site.
    My experience is a bit different. I’m a very level headed, logical person, so believe me I’ve already been my own skeptic. I just keep coming to the same conclusion. This did happen.

    Last night I could not sleep. This is VERY unusual for me. Tossing and turning, then looking at the clock..then going online to look up my favorite TV shows.
    During this, I happened to notice it was 2:38am by the last time I finally lay back down. I considered staying awake as my room mate was going to get up at 3:30 for work anyway. I looked at the clock on the VCR as well as on my laptop before I lay down. Both said 2:38.
    I lay there for what felt like about 20 minutes…at one point I thought I might as well just get up. I’d only have at most 30 min to wait for my room mate to awaken so I might as well get up and make coffee. So I decided to stop trying to sleep and just get up.

    When I got up I was shocked that the clocks only read 1:30. Feeling strange and confused about it, I just lay back down and went to sleep.

    When I awoke this morning, I just could not get it out of my head. I could not have made such a big mistake on the time.
    Then I remembered, I had sent a friend of mine a silly email about one of our favorite shows before I lay down. So I check my email and there it was…time marked 2:29am!

    I had read about people losing time…..So I googled had anyone ever “gained” time…..and I found this site.

    Thank you for this site… right now I’m still confused about what happened and this at least gave me a place to put it.

  483. A few years back my mom and I were at a Redners grocery store in PA picking up supplies because they had a sale and we were having a party. We both remember getting there, walking in the canned goods isle and then neither one of us can remember what happened. We were in the isle it was just the two of us and it was really quiet, I assumed it was just an off time. Next thing we remember is going to check out and when we get to the mini van we’d been in the store for 6 hours. It wasn’t busy we didn’t even have to wait in a line to check out. Its amazing that the perishable groceries didn’t perish as they sat in the cart. I don’t know what happened, she and I were talking and walking through the canned goods section, it wasn’t very bright in that section of store and like I said no one was there. I could have dismissed it if it had been just me but both of us losing time like that was unnerving and eerie. I felt dazed on the way home as if I hadn’t fully woken up from a dream. I ‘m not trying to sound corny here but it was certainly odd and to this day neither one of us can figure out what happened. Not to mention neither one of us enjoys grocery shopping and wanted it over quickly, It’s not as if we got so engrossed in the sale. I don’t know if I will ever find out exactly what happened but its nice to have a site where I can share this and not have people judge me. BTW I am highly intelligent with an IQ of 141 and am currently a college student, nothing in psychology has been able to explain two people somehow blacking out or having a time dissociative amnesia episode together in a public place like a grocery store. I have looked at alternative explanations and thus far not a single one fits what happened.

  484. This has happened to me. I was actually driving home, not sure where from as it was at least 5 years ago but I remember it was dark out or near dark before and dark afterwards. Like usual I took the same route I normally take. I remember being about 5 minutes away from my home (about to get into the right turning lane). The next thing I remember is “awakening/coming to/snapping out of it” and I had missed my turn and I was miles away from home. I had no idea what had happen or where I had been. I was still in my car driving. I was a little shaken by this experience and haven’t shared it with anyone due to me not wanting to be labeled crazy or anything. Thank you for sharing!

  485. Let me tell you my story

    November 18th 2007 (sunday) I visited my grandmother, I left at 18:00 hours. She lived nearby approx. a
    5 minute walk from my home.
    The next I know after I left it is 19:20 and I find myself in the complete opposite direction.
    I am confused, scratches and bruises on my hand. Mouth is dry, shoestrings are gone.
    Mud on my clothes and face. I felt like I had been wrestling a Grizzly bear.

    Very much like Adena I am very skeptical, lately I have the idea (growing stronger and stronger) to find out
    what has happend….

    Just looking for a reliable way to find out what has happend.

    the Netherlands

  486. This happened quite a few years ago now, still remember every detail of that day and how strange it seemed. I live at the start of the Yorkshire dales, so we had plenty of open space to walk.

    A friend and myself had started walking to get fit, we did the same route everyday, it started with going up a hill, past a woods and around fields. There was also an old manor house which had a field to walk across, past a little church and round a pond back onto the main road.

    Dropped our children off at school and be on our walk by 9am.

    Explaining what happened that day, i have to explain the day before.

    Wednesday January 10th 2001

    Dropped children off at school, went for our walk. It was raining heavy and we were getting soaked, i only had trainers on and they were killing me. We decided to keep stopping in the woods to have a smoke, continuing on we decided once reaching the little church, to go into it and get dry, we spent about 20 mins looking inside. We decided to walk back past the pond back into town. This took us an hr and a half, so back home by 10.30 am.

    Thursday 11th January 2001

    New walking boots had arrived, sun was shining and off we set. Popped into local shop for drinks to take on the walk, digital clock said 9.05am. With my new boots on Set off walking up the hill, we continued walking our usual route, when we decided to cut a field out, carried on walking the same route after missing the field. Walked down a little dirt track to the Manor house, which was and still is being used as a Buddhist center. Next thing we are in the middle of the field next to the church, a man and his dog just appeared and looked at us like we looked at him, confused of where he came from. We continued walking past the pond and back into town. On reaching the shop again, we decided to pick a few items up, looking up at the digital clock it said 12.15 pm, my friend mentioned that the clock was wrong, the owner replied no it was right.
    Walking from the shop to our homes, we could see the church clock, it said 12.15pm, it just would not register that it had taken 3hrs and 10 mins to do our walk. The whole of the rest of the day felt weird, people thinking we were crazy or just got the time wrong we set off to walk. It was day time and we could not even tell anyone what happened, time just disappeared.

    We still talk about this sometimes, i have even thought about being regressed. Not really sure if i want to know what happened.

  487. My experience was in 2012 in the spring. While driving home after a visit with my husband, who was working in another city I lost time. I took the same route every time, it was the shortest way to get home. The last thing I remember is pulling over for a phone call from my husband, we talked for a few minutes and l went on my way. Next thing I know it felt like the car hit a large bump and I woke up on a different highway out of my way. I was exhausted and had to pull over and sleep for about a half an hour. I have tried to figure this out and can’t for the life of me. I can’t stand not knowing what happened to all that time. I don’t remember turning off from one highway to the next.

  488. Wow! Still going strong I see. I’m glad to see that this discussion hasn’t lost momentum.
    It’s important to remember what we have been programed to forget. Some really wild information is starting to emerge and i for one have been waiting for it for over 30 years.
    We need to know what happened to Mars besides the obvious.

  489. A few months ago I was working in the prairies. I was driving from our morning meeting to the job location. The meeting took longer than normal and i forgot to get some equipment. I felt a little rushed but overall felt ok. I was driving down a very straight highway. I was not speeding and it was a company truck gps’d. I knew this road very well as I drove 25 minutes to work every morning. I looked at the time when I pulled onto the highway. Had serius radio on playing the same song. Somehow I never saw the area where my turn was supposed to be 5 minutes down the road. Three minute drive and I was in the town beside me. I was driving into the sun in the morning and having a little hard time seeing. Turns out it was a solstice that day. Did I drive through an invisable time fold or tunnel?

  490. I had an experience when I was around 14-16.It was around 4 pm. Long story short, I was watching an interesting tv show. I really, really wanted to see the ending. That never happened, One second I was watching it, then bam, I was in my bed fully clothed with shoes still on, staring at the ceiling. 30 mins had passed. My dad didn’t even see me walk to my room, which I would have had to walk past him to get there. I was wide awake when it happened, and wide awake after it happened.

    I may have an answer to the original story here. It could be caused by hypnosis. I’ve had this happen while driving home from work. I would just leave work, and then all of a sudden be home, not remembering the drive home. It’s because you do the same thing enough times, and your brain goes into autopilot and you’re basically hypnotized during the whole event. You might research this theory. Hope it helps.

  491. Ok I have a weird one!! My boyfriend and I lost time 2 summers ago. We went out to dinner and we were not drinking at dinner. We pulled into my parents driveway at probably 8pm. I remember walking up the driving and getting ready to type the garage code in. The next thing I know it’s about 6 hours later, I popped up real quick which is not normal for me. We were in bed, my tv was on full volume blasting really loud, and I noticed I was wet… My boyfriend had peed the bed which he had never done before. In the morning I asked him if he remembered getting home and he said the last thing he remembered was walking up the driveway. It was just so weird! Everyone I told thought I was nuts! My mom thinks we got roofied at dinner but we are completely different weights it wouldn’t have kicked in at the same time. Another weird thing was my parents unusually go to bed about 10 ish and it was about 8 when we pulled up and when I asked my mom if she saw us come home she said we heard us come in really late.

  492. Hi there John & co,

    I remember as a kid (about 3-4 years old) I used to play this ‘game’.

    When I was put to bed I would watch the closed curtains and wait till there was no light visible through them anymore, then I would bury my face in my pillow and count to 3, then if I watched the curtains again it would be daytime. It was normal to me and worked every time I tried. I remember at some point upon growing older, I suddenly couldn’t do it anymore… I remember the curtains staying dark and being upset about it.

    It’s only a decade later I remembered about it again and realized it was quite strange.

    Later, when I was maybe 10 years old, it was evening and I was laying in my bed, excitedly thinking about the birthday presents I was about to receive the next day. I couldn’t wait and wasn’t up to sleeping at all, being very focussed and alert. I remember placing my elbow on my bedside table, so I could rest my head on my hand while watching the disney posters on the wall in front of me.

    That’s when it suddenly turned morning. Like in a movie, a scene following another scene, literally nothing in between… I experienced this transition fully consciously, not any blacking out, dosing of or memory gap, nothing… My body stayed in the exact same position, with my eyes still fixed on exactly the same spot as before. Even though I was very happy about it happening, this time I didn’t consciously make it happen like when I was younger, that never worked any more.

    The last time I experienced this was when I was 12. I was in bed watching my brother play a video game, he was about to go to bed too after that. All of a sudden, in the middle of his virtual soccer game, I saw the screen turn off (so I thought). I saw the last frame on the screen fade away/turn into black, just like those afterimages you get when glancing at the sun or a strong light. I turned to my brother to ask what was going on, to see he was already in bed snoring.

    I realize these stories might make it look like I just fell asleep and woke up, but I swear that’s not what happened, otherwise I wouldn’t be on this page talking about it.


  493. I forgot to mention, that to my surprise a close friend of mine used to play exactly the same ‘game’ as a kid. He mentioned this before I did :-)

    take care

  494. Hello, I had posted here before, and upon further investigating I believe that i was a witness to the Cash Lundren UFO case that was reported in 1980 in North Houston around New Caney, Though my dates were off due to the a the amount of time that had passed, I believe that I had actually witnessed the aftermath of that incident. I actually witnessed the helicopters moving the object that was draped in a cloak and tethered to three double bladed choppers, again I am a bit of a sceptic, but after seeing this along with reading about the Cash case I am sure that there is something going on that we are not supposed to know about.

  495. when I was younger ,around 14 (I am now 29), I was standing in the kitchen and the clock said 2:25 on the stove, I couldn’t remember what I had gone into the kitchen for and turned around to walk back out but the clock caught my eye and an hour had passed. As I said that was when I was younger. The past couple of months I’ve been missing entire days and it frightens me. I have had ct scans done and there is nothing physically wrong with me or mentally (seen a psychiatrist) the latest episode was yesterday. I went to the pharmacy to do some shopping and I was talking to the girl at the counter and asked why the office was closed and where were the other girls, she gave me a funny look and said that they only work on Fridays, i said isn’t this Friday and she said no it is Saturday. I don’t have a history of blacking or blocking things out so I don’t understand why I keep losing full days.

  496. hello, my name is Brendan, im currently 19 years old and my incident has left me in disbelief and fear. I would just like an explanation cause the only thng I came up with is fourth kind kinda shit. well ill start off with my age at the time, I was 17 and with my family at the time. I was waiting for dinner so I decided to go to my room to relax for a bit. I then decided to get comfortable so I took of my watch and glasses and accessories and placed them in there usual spots beside my bed. I then layed back on my mattress and closed my eyes for literally 2 seconds and heard my mother calling for me to announce dinner is ready. I then opened my eyes and could hear bernards voice calling me (my mothers boyfriend, awesome guy by the way) and see his hand shaking me asking if im ok, I didn’t know why until I realized was laying on the floor in the hallway in front of the bathroom in a coffin like position. immediately I was startled by the fact that I moved like 5 ft from my bed and all my accessories I took off were on, including my glasses which layed beside me as well. I didn’t make a big deal out of it until I then also realized it was 5 in the morning…….I layed down for 2 seconds……just 2 seconds……..and that was at 11:30 at night. I woke up on the floor with all my stuff back on 5 hrs later. I went to the hospital for 10 hrs for multiple tests and they couldn’t explain or come to a conclusion of how I was moved or even the massive amounts of lost time. im planning to go to a hypnotist for answers, im just scared shittless to what I might find out can someone please just give me some words of advise im really weirded out cause ive been having things happen to me all my life that’s either unexplainable or irrational ranging from ghost to demonic attacks to now this. like what the fuck, and most of you probably wont believe me but for the ones with opn minds and atleast have hopefully hd some similar experiences can come forward or message me please. this is not a joke.

  497. Hey Brendan,
    I’m out right now and replying from my phone, but I’ll reply back at length in a little while. Meantime, hang in there and please believe me when I tell you that you’re not alone.
    Talk with you soon,

  498. Hi John,
    I’m a 48 years old female, mum & wife, work part time in a bank, nothing out of the ordinary about my life, however recently I have experienced 3 separate missing time periods for which I have no explanation and i’m feeling quite confused and even embarrassed about. I have not discussed this with anyone, I just decided to look up on the internet about episodes of missing time and came across your story. I figure if I tell my family I will be labelled a looney but if I share it here I won’t be judged hopefully anyway. So heres my episodes.
    1st – Went to bed at around 11.30pm, woke up sitting bolt upright on my couch in the lounge room starring out the window, dazed & confused, very tired and sore limbs, look at the time clock – it’s 6 am ?, the thing that bothers me the most is that my bracelet was now on my other wrist, this bracelet is tight on me and I cannot clip the clasp closed without help, there is no way I could have changed it to my other arm.
    2nd – Home alone for the weekend as the boys all went camping, I’m watching a movie, its around 8.30pm, can remember seeing around 30mins of the dvd then no memory of anything until I’m standing in the crown land bushland adjacent to our property approx 3 house blocks away, confused but weirdly I wasn’t distressed and just remember thinking I’d better walk home, I head straight back, walk inside, the kitchen clock say’s It’s 2.30am, I don’t believe it so I check my mobile, it’s 2.30am, and the dvd was on pause, I have no recoil whatsoever, approx 5.5 hours of missing time. Again bizarre, my wedding ring is sitting on the table in the lounge, not on my finger !!
    3rd – Just recent, dropped my son off at school, drove back home, got in the house around 9.10am, remember doing some housework jobs, dishes, put washing on, swept floor and then again ‘nothing, no memory’, woke up sitting in my car in the carport with the keys in my hand and it’s now 11.45pm, approx 2 hours of missing time.
    I am very bewildered by these events and all reason tells me there is a logical explanation but how can these be explained ?

  499. Hi Brendan – Sorry for the delay in responding. If you don’t mind I’m also going to direct this reply to Colleen Petersen’s comment as well.

    I’m not sure if I have any new insights into why these things happen to people, so I don’t know how much I can help either of you understand what’s happening to you. However, here’s what I have found and come to believe about these time anomaly phenomena (a phrase I prefer because sometimes they involve experiences other than just “missing” time):

    • 1) I make the assumption that some percentage of these incidents can be explained rationally and do not involve anything strange or out of the ordinary.
    • 2) Rational explanations of these incidents may include a simple mistaken perception, as in “I got absorbed in what I was doing and lost track of time…” or perhaps some form of auto-hypnosis takes place.
    • 3) A physical or psychological abnormality could be at the root of the problem. A reader recently made mention of his son having petit mal seizures whereby he completely “zones out” and has no recollection of the passing of time when he undergoes these seizures. Or, the victim might be repressing some kind of traumatic memory and their subconscious forces them into a state of mind similar to that of those who suffer from petit mal seizures.
    • 4) Some of these experiences — many, in fact — appear to have no rational explanation.
    • 5) Time anomalies that involve more than one person or when those adjacent to the victim are seemingly “switched off” and reawaken after the episode is completed suggest an outside involvement. Who or what is orchestrating these phenomena is unknown.
    • 6) There is often physical evidence — muscle soreness, dry mouth, puffy eyes, blisters, cuts, scars, misplaced jewelry (as in your case, Colleen), disheveled clothing, etc.
    • 7) Victims may or may not find them in a different geographical location upon reawakening.
    • 8) Often, family members are involved, and many times this spans generations — grandparents, parents, children, grandchildren.
    • 9) Only a very small percentage of the reports that I’ve personally received have described seeing any type of spacecraft / U.F.O. or physical entities (E.T.s) — although I have received some reports of this kind.
    • 10) Most people who have sent me reports or with whom I’ve directly spoken about missing time or other time anomaly phenomena appear to be very sane, sincere, genuinely confused and often very upset.
    • 11) Very frequently, people who report these missing time or other types of anomalous time incidents have had other occurrences of what we term “high strangeness” (as you reported, Brendan).

    I think the final point is the most important one: People who relate these missing time reports almost always have had other types of strange/unexplained experiences. The conclusion that I draw from this is that either these individuals are more sensitive to unknown forces that are beyond the perception of most other people, OR these people are being purposely targeted. Targeted for what reason, and by whom or what is the question. Perhaps they’re being targeted because they are more perceptive and receptive to these (extra-dimensional?) forces. But this is really just speculation on my part, and the rationalist in me will always first turn to the most mundane explanation before considering that extra-dimensional bogey men or Martians are the cause of the problem.

    I think we live in a universe (or probably more accurately, a “multiverse”) of which we have a very limited understanding, and I believe that there are other intelligences that have interacted with the human race since our beginnings. Strange and unexplained things happen to normal, sane, regular folk like you and I much more than most people realize. It’s really only in the last five years that I’ve been involved in this field that I’ve come to understand this, and I have a great empathy for those individuals because I’m one of them and I know how difficult it is to reconcile one’s world view when confronted by something that doesn’t fit that view. It can be very disconcerting and upsetting, and I feel for you both, Brendan and Colleen. Just try to take some comfort in knowing that you’re not the only one. If either of you would like to email me privately to discuss any of this, it’s [email protected].

  500. Driving to work, everything normal, it was early morning before dawn – in the blink of an eye it was already sun up. ” That happened quickly”, I thought to myself. On arriving at work I noticed people already in the car park, people coming out of the supermarket. I was greeted by a hostile boss asking why I was so late. I looked at my watch it indicated I was on time, he pointed to the clock on the wall, I was an hour late. I checked the clock in the car it showed the same time as my watch, then I rang my wife asked her what time it was, it was the same time as elsewhere. I had lost an hour with no recollection. Strange ! Though not the first time for me.

  501. Hi John…glad to see that this thread is still continuing. I found this site when someone mentioned it on another board I read.

    First let me say that I’ve had paranormal experiences for as long as I can remember – the earliest being at the age of two. (It’s odd that I can remember incidents from that far back, but have long periods of time throughout my life that I CAN’T remember.) Now, I started getting interested in parallel universes and quantum mechanics last year, and have done experiments wherein I can gain time on purpose – mostly when I am running late, lol. I have been able to shave 15-20 minutes off of drives that I take all the time, without increasing my speed. But I wanted to recount something that happened years ago, that I’ve been trying to understand.

    It was late summer 2001. My then-boyfriend was working an overnight shift, so it was just me and our 5-month-old infant home alone. The baby was sleeping through the night at that point, and just before turning in for the night, I checked on him in his crib one last time. I then crawled into bed, turned out the light, and glanced at the clock, noting that it was 12:05 midnight.

    I laid on my back and closed my eyes. Just then I saw a bright flash behind my eyelids. As it was summer, I assumed it was just heat lightning, a normal occurrence. Suddenly, I became aware that my entire body was tingling, and every hair on my body was standing up. My eyes snapped open, and I remember thinking, “Oh my God, I’m going to get hit by lightning!” At that point, I rolled out of bed and onto the floor. I began to crawl through the house, down the hallway. As I passed my son’s room, I remember saying, “St. Therese, please help me, I’m home alone, please protect the baby.” Now this is odd, because although I’m Catholic, I’ve never prayed to St. Therese. One of my grandmothers did, however, and named one of my aunts after her.

    Anyway, I crawl down the hallway, and by the time I got to the living room, it hit. I was struck by a lightning bolt. I felt it enter my body; my entire body was electrified and I could feel the current running through me. I was in intense pain, and I could feel my skin burning.

    And suddenly, it was over. I was back in my bed, and it was light out. I turned to look at the clock…and it was 5am. What seemed to have taken place in a matter of mere minutes took 5 hours.

    I didn’t have anything like that happen again until last summer, My family and I were watching a movie at home (Cloud Atlas, how apropos) and I was lying on the couch. My contacts were dry, so I closed my eyes for “just a second” but I ended up falling into what felt like a very deep sleep. I had many dreams. Then suddenly, a flash of extraordinarily bright blue light and a violent explosion woke me up. I jumped off the couch screaming “Oh my God!” as my family just stared at me. I just told them I’d fallen asleep and had a scary dream, and to pause the movie while I collected myself.

    The weird part of this is, I wanted to rewind the movie to where I last remembered, as this is the kind of movie where if you miss one detail, you’re completely lost. Remember when I said I felt like I’d been in a very deep sleep and had many dreams? Well it turned out that I was really only asleep for a grand total of TWO MINUTES.

  502. Hello, i need to talk to someone about this, i’m going crazy thinking about it. I’ve been searching the internet trying to get information but i still don’t have any answers as to what happened to me. I was in my room it was maybe 1 am and i started listening to a low frequency noise kind of like a growl but it was getting louder, it was very weird and i started to cry randomly (i wasn’t feeling any sadness or anything) i went to my window and there was no wind, only the noise it was getting very loud i went to bad thinking it would probably go away and then nothing, kind of like a snap i simply “woke up” but i wasn’t asleep and the noise was gone but there is nothing in between as to when i got back to bed and when i “woke up”. It’s confusing me i don’t know what happened my brain has no memories after laying down, can you tell me what happened to me?

  503. Pedro – Did you experience any period of missing time? If so, how long?


  504. Something strange happened to me last night at 10 pm I made a cup of tea and sat down to watch a movie on HBO 2 hours later I woke up in my bed missing a tooth and wearing strange cloths that are not mine , the last thing I can remember is making the tea, later this morning as I was getting ready to get into the shower I noticed a puncture wound on the inside of my left thigh. oh and the strange cloths have a strange smell kind of a sulfur and motor oil smell. if anyone can explain this I’m all ears

  505. Mike – I wish I had an explanation for you, other than the fact that I think we’re being manipulated for some reason by unknown forces. Has anything like this ever happened to you before?

  506. No this was the first time

  507. Mike — Just wondering if you’ve had any other type of unexplained occurrences happen to you. Doesn’t have to be related to missing time. There’s often an underlying connection, though I’m not sure what that connection means at this point.

  508. I hesitate writing because I have for the most part been a skeptic however, here goes. About 3 weeks ago on Saturday morning I woke up checking my Bose clock and my husbands I phone which serves as his alarm. Both time pieces reflected 8:30 and I thought well did sleep in a little bit and then made my way to the kitchen to make coffee.
    As I was preparing our coffee I heard my husband stirring and knowing he would be joining me so I prepared his cup as well. I let our two dogs out of their crates, opened the door for them to go out side. (Now I’ve been up for abt 10 minutes or so) My husband walked out and said good morning, did u just get up? I responded yep about 10 minutes ago. He laughed and said you slept in too…I responded well 8:30 really isn’t that bad… He turned looked at me like I was crazy and said…Kathy, it’s 11:30……. What are you talking about. Well, I didn’t quite know how to respond, I went back to the bedroom and he was right. But I looked at two clocks when I got up it WAS 8:30, where in the world did 3 hours go?.. Totally confused… I’ve been looking for answers and this is how I come across your site. Glad to know it’s not just me but sure would like to know what happened… Anyway,thank you for putting this site up for those of us who have no other means of reaching out. God bless

  509. I’m also glad to see this thread still going… One summer night in 1975 my best friend and I started to walk down the street to her house to walk her halfway home. Halfway down the street is a pool with not too many houses close. At night this area is very dark. Suddenly, above us, a huge bright light began to descend. We noticed no sound, in fact, all night noises had ceased. At first curious, we soon became alarmed and ran off the road and crawled under an old truck that had been parked by the road for as long as we could both remember. From under the truck we could see that the area was now as bright as daylight.
    The next thing I know I am at home sitting on the couch and my parents are looking at me strangely because it took me over 2 hours to walk my friend halfway home. I asked my friend later what happened but she wouldn’t speak of the incident at all – in fact became angry if I mentioned it. I have also been in odd times and places in which alien sightings occurred, people disappeared for hours or days, etc. I don’t feel as if I’ve ever had “contact” but for some reason always been around when someone else is being followed or contacted. (bentwaters AFB). I have recently chalked this up to somehow someone or something knowing I would never have children. Any thoughts?
    Thanks, Vicki

  510. Vicki — I’d have to say that reports like yours in which there’s some kind of sighting (whatever that light might have been) are in the minority, at least among the several thousand reports that I’ve received. This is more typical of the “abduction” scenario as it was often reported by Budd Hopkins. This is not to say that it’s a correct assumption that this is what happened to you, but these sightings are often accompanied by periods of missing time. I’m unsurprised that you’ve had other sightings and odd experiences. These are rarely isolated incidents.

    Once again, I don’t have any clear answers but I’ve begun to see some definite patterns among these stories over time. People who have these experiences almost always have had others. I don’t know if that means you’re being “targeted” or if you’re simply more sensitive to these phenomena. Maybe most — or all — of us go through this but only some are aware enough to realize that something is amiss. The larger questions of who, what, and why are still unknown, however.

  511. Hi Kathy,

    Sorry for the delay in approving your comment. Must have gotten past me and I just noticed it. The website has been particularly busy of late. Can I get a bit of clarification on your story, please? The three hours of unaccounted-for time happen occur after you got out of bed at 8:30? And your husband was asleep this entire time? Just trying to make sure I understand you correctly.

    Is sleeping in until 11:30 on a Saturday out of the ordinary for your husband, or does he occasionally do this? In a lot of these type of reports the person who experiences the missing time does so alone, and others who are nearby inexplicably “sleep” (or are somehow switched off) during the episode. This suggests that whoever/whatever is targeting the individual for this…whatever it is, does not want to be interfered with. This is well established in these reports and I’ve heard it time and again: The person who has the experience goes through it while the other person(s) adjacent to them inexplicably sleep through it all.

    I don’t know what the nature of these experiences are. I’m sure some have rational, real-world explanations, but many seem to suggest outside interference and manipulation. What happened to you might have a very normal and unexciting cause, though the details of your incident suggest that it might be something more than that. Have other things like this happened to you before? Missing time or other unexplained occurrences?

  512. I was in 2nd grade living in Erial, NJ in a two story home. It was the end of summer right before school started. I remember thinking about it being so light out and it was nine at night when my parents would usually put us to bed. I was curious as to why they made us go to bed when it was still light out. This peticulur night I slept in the bottom bunk of the bed. The room us 5 girls shared was a downstairs living/dining room made into one huge room for us that led off of a kitchen we didn’t use. I must of fell asleep before it got dark because I don’t remember it getting dark. I have no idea at what time this incident occurred but I’m sure it was shortly after everyone in the house fell asleep. I was awakened, startled by something, I tried to focus my eyes, and sat up in my bed. That’s when I seen 3 seemed like they were floating figures coming towards me, I tried to scream but couldn’t, I tried to move but couldn’t. My hearing was enhanced and no one else was awake or seemed to be affected by the beings. They came close to me and I don’t know what happened after that. It’s like I lost hours of time. The next thing I remember is sitting in my bed in the same position I was frozen in, it was early morning and the sun was up. No one in the house was awake yet. I tried telling my sister about it, she shrugged it off like it was a dream, but it wasn’t a dream, dreams u forget details and this still after 20 odd years is still as fresh and frightening as the day it happened. I researched it and found these articles on sleep paralysis but I didn’t have an out of body experience and what it describes was not even close to the experience I had. I literally lost hours of time, lost the ability to move or speak, and don’t know what happened in the hours that were lost. I am still searching for answers and appreciate ur articles.

  513. My story is not exactly missing time, per se, but missing distance. A year ago, I got hired at a company in southern PA, about 30 miles outside of Philadelphia. It was about 125 miles from my house, so I made arrangements to stay with relatives near my new job and my wife and son made arrangements to stay with her parents in upstate New York until we found a place near my job.

    Once or twice a month, I would make the trip from Southern PA, through New Jersey to Orange county New York to visit my family. I worked third shift so the drive was usually pretty good until I got near New York City with the traffic.

    Well, one morning, I got off work early, about 3:30am and with a 2-1/2 to 3 hour drive, I figured to be there between 6 and 7 am. After driving about 25 minutes, I began to get dizzy and my vision blurred ( I have 20/20 vision, so this was cause for concern).

    I pulled over and waited for it to pass. After a few minutes, I started driving again and, much to my surprise, I was only about 5 miles away from my destination. I thought that maybe I had fallen asleep while driving until I looked at the clock and saw that it was barely 4:00am. I had driven over 130miles in a matter of a little less than 1/2 hour!

    I did the calculations and I would have to have been driving at exactly 502 mph to make the drive in that time.

    I’ve tried to do research and, as a scientist, I have tried looking at every logical explanation and can find none.

    I have made that drive a few more times since then and have not experienced that phenomenon since.

  514. Hi Jeff — Thanks for submitting this. It’s always interesting to me to hear of these types of experiences because they’re somewhat less common than the typical “missing time” reports that I often receive. Still, I have received a good number of reports that are very similar to yours (i.e., driving, lapse in memory, arrived at destination a considerable distance away in an impossibly short amount of time), so your story is by no means unique. Not sure if that gives you an comfort or not 😉 If you look through the comments section of this post you’ll find a some reports much like yours. Here are a couple:

  515. I have had a time loss experance with my wife. We have not talked with anyone for we dont want to be labeled as kooks. I have read your blogs i want to know if there is a regression therapist in south jersey that could help me and my wife, I am a retired policeman so i am concerned about finding someone how is not a scammer, Also i have observed on three occasions what i truley think were ufos, all three times i had other people see the same objects, Thankyou

  516. I know of a hypnotherapist in my hometown of Ridgewood, NJ, but that’s not exactly in your area. I can post your question (without any mention of your name or circumstances) on my Facebook page and let you know if anyone responds.

    Also, you can try to contact famed UFO abduction researcher Dr. David Jacobs. He recently retired from teaching at Temple University but may still live in the Philly area. His website’s contact page is: Dr. Jacobs was kind enough to reply to me when I had a question regarding my own experience, although I never followed through with any hypnotic regression therapy.

    Good luck. Please let me know if you’re able to find someone to help you.

  517. Hi, I also have had some missing time experiences however I often classify them dozing off and didn’t take much attention into that.
    From most of the stories that I have read there is one factor that confuses me:
    Why the clock (telephone or watch in the pocket) still keep working and doesn’t stop during the missing time incident?(Telephone can set time by the current network time but doesn’t justify older incidents)
    If this is correct the only possibility is the more disturbing entity intervention
    The reason I started believing of paranormal is this because of my sleep paralysis experience which was the most terrifying thing I have felt…
    I don’t believe the scientific explanation of it because all those years of human evoliution should have prevented issues like which can cause freak out over nothing

  518. I have had some people report that their watch has stopped during the period of missing time, but other clocks and timepieces have moved forward normally. It’s just very strange stuff and I don’t yet have any explanation for the phenomenon and its various elements.

    I had sleep paralysis and vivid “nightmares” (though I think they were more than just dreams) prior to my missing time experience. Yes, I agree — it’s very terrifying and it has much to do with my own belief in the paranormal.

  519. My friend and I left a hospital at 9 pm,immediately after visiting hours, in December of 04.The walk to my car was very short and so was the drive to the road I intended to take to the interstate to make a 3 hour trip home. I missed a turn because the road was very dark and unlit but I saw it as soon as I passed it and proceeded to pull over to the side of the road to make a U turn.(Very remote road so a U turn made no difference).

    I saw a dead kitten lying on it’s side and in the next instant I saw what I can only describe as a very large ball of white/tan colored fur. It was as tall as my grill and there was no way to avoid impact. I wasn’t going fast so I wasn’t afraid of injury but I knew I was going to hit whatever that was. My car went up and over it! We landed so hard on the other side of the fur ball that my friend and I were both bent at the waists from impact. We were looking at each other and she said,” You ramped it,Sister”!. We then proceeded to laugh so hard that my ribs and face was sore the next day. Then this horrible…and I cannot describe how horrible…stench filled my car. It was absolutely not the smell of decayed flesh or decayed animal. It was a mixture of everything that stinks that one can imagine. The gagging stench made my friend very ill for a month afterward. I got sick but no for so long.

    My friend started gagging and begging me to hurry up and get moving. I started the car and simply made the U turn and never gave one thought to what I hit. I was very concerned,however, about tearing the oil pan off my car since we hit so hard in the front. I drove a very short distance and pulled into the first gas station. My car smelled so badly the whole parking lot was reeking. A man helped me check the oil (yes,he could smell my car) and said the oil level was fine. I looked that the tail pipe,to see if it was hanging, and it did have long white hair hanging off of it but I looked no further. I was not alarmed about anything until I looked at the clock while my friend was in the gas station buying an air freshener of all things.

    I discovered when looking at the clock that we had been an hour and a half doing what should have been perhaps fifteen minutes or so including making the U turn. We had a three hour drive to go home and hadn’t really gone anyplace to speak of! It took us an extra hour and a half to get home.

    It has been a mystery why my car ramped an object it should have merely hit and then came down so hard in the front. I don’t remember the rear landing. But the sensation of going up and over was a certainty.It has been a mystery why were were both laughing so hysterically when it really wasn’t funny. It wasn’t really anything remarkable at all, from an emotional standpoint, at that very instant. I think not looking to see what you just ramped is strange. Not being able to account for over an hour is the most mysterious of all.

  520. Hi Angela — Wow, that’s a new spin on the missing time reports that I normally receive! I supposed I’d have to assume that this was some sort of animal that you hit (or ramped over) with your car, considering the fur and the stench. Any recollection at all of the details of its appearance? Taking into account the horrific odor and the subsequent period of missing time — as well as your odd fit of hysterical laughter and the fact that you strangely did not look back at the thing — leads me to believe that this was not an “animal” in the normal sense, but probably something that was of a paranormal or extradimensional nature. Has anything at all similar or unexplained happened to you or your friend before this? — John

  521. It was an “animal” most certainly. The best,and only way, I can describe the appearance is like a gigantic snowball rolled up. There were no visible limbs,or head, whatsoever, but the hair was visible. This visual is all I got in the split second before my car went up and over. I said,”Oh,s…”, but I fully expected to hit it full on like should have happened considering the size. I am unable to explain, in any amount of words, how totally unconcerned I was about the whole event at the moment. I was only worried about tearing the oil pan off because I had a long drive home!( It took seven hundred dollars to fix the damage to the rear end and my husband did all the work.) It is so illogical for the event to have seemed logical right when it happened.

    Nothing similar has ever happened and for that I am grateful.


  522. That is truly bizarre, Angela. And it goes to show that these time anomaly phenomena don’t easily confirm to any set of rules. This is the first time I’ve heard of any sort of animal sighting in relation to a missing time experience.

    I always make a point to ask the person relating these incidents if they’ve had other similar (or even dissimilar) experiences. It might not necessarily be a missing time occurrence but could be some other unexplained event or bit of strangeness that’s difficult to account for. I’m glad you haven’t had any other similar happenings. I know for a fact that they are often very frightening and disturbing.

  523. When I was in grade school (4th Grade) I had an experience where I lost at least an hour of time and even thinking about it now makes me uncomfortable. Every Friday my dad had the day off work and I would get to ride my bike to school which was literally a block away. From my driveway I could see kids playing on the playground outside the school and left early so that I could have time to play with my friends before school started. I started on my bike ride and by the time I got to the corner to cross the street I thought it was odd that the crosswalk lady wasn’t there to help me cross. I managed to get across just fine and by the time I walked my bike the few yards to the fence of the playground no one was outside. Confused, I put my bike away on the bike rack and headed inside. When I got to my class room I had been extremely late to class and we had started on the second subject already. When I arrived him that day from school I told my dad about it and he swore up and down that I left before school had started and he could see kids outside playing too. Even thinking about this experience chills me

  524. Hi Katie — It never fails to amaze me how many people have had these experiences. They are far more common than you’d think, and certainly than I ever would have thought before writing about this and receiving all of these stories from people (in addition to the blog comments I get quite a few emails each month regarding these missing time reports). I wish I knew why they happened but I have no definite answers. I have no doubt that some are due to “rational” explanations such as simply losing track of time. “spacing out” (as we used to say in the ’70s), misjudgement or misperception of the time elapsed, etc. Some, I’m sure, are outright fabrications, though I generally don’t get that impression from most of the people who contact me about these experiences. They mostly sound sincere, credible folks like yourself who are simply trying to make sense of something that troubles them and for which they have no explanation.

    Though I’m sure some of these have rational explanations, many of them are so strange that it’s nearly impossible to come up with any kind of rational conclusion. Do you remember anything like this happening to you before, or any other unexplained or strange occurrences at all, prior to or after this?

  525. Hi John,

    I’m SO glad to have found this website – your story reminded me of a few incidents I had as a child while walking home from school in the early to mid 70’s. I never really thought about them until I read your story, but to this day I have a fear of ‘getting lost’ in places where I am completely familiar with. But I have another story that haunts me. I actually never really thought about this following incident until watching t.v. one night (channel surfing) and came across a black-and-white movie of a woman running scared through a corn field. I never watched the movie, but the memory it brought was so odd because I had never thought of it since it happened until that night (I was around 38 years old), in spite of the oddness of what happened. Here are the details;

    This is a typical in the sense we were on driving around about 9pm on a winter night in Wisconsin, on country roads with corn fields on either side. The four of us were ages 16-21 and I was in the back seat on the driver’s side. While driving, the moon was bright and the driver looked out the window and got excited because he saw a man in the middle of the corn field. The rest of us didn’t see anyone, but the drive was so convinced he did a sharp turn and drove the car out to the middle of this corn field – no road or anything! He drove through snow about 6 inches deep to get there. I remember looking out the window trying to see what he was talking about, but never saw a man. I only remember the moon was bright, which I thought was weird because with so much light and no obstacles (save for a barn farther away) I should have seen the man, too. Then we all woke up – at 8am! It was a beautiful, sunny day. I was now in the front, passenger seat. We all woke up at the same time and wondered what happened. Somebody remembered seeing the man so we looked outside of the car to see if there were footprints by the car. I think we were looking for our own footprints, too, because none of us remembered anything except that the driver was a man the night before. We didn’t know why we were in different seats or what had happened. We drove home after that and did not talk too much afterward. I mean, none of us communicated with each other very much after that, ever since, even though before that we were all very good friends. I guess this incident was just too weird. And I never thought about that night again (I never even questioned why I lost contact with my friends), until I saw a clip of that old movie that brought back that memory.

  526. I forgot to mention a couple of important details about the incident;

    First, we looked for footprints but found none. In the morning there was about a foot of snow (8am) so we knew any prints from the night before would have been buried but still there would have been indentations of where a footprint would be. But there were no indentations, no indications of any person being outside.

    Second, two of us were under 18 years, and my friend (16) had an extremely strict father. Yet, our parents never contacted each other, the only communication I have since had with that girl, who back then was my best friend, was that it was so odd how her parents did not react; never called the police, etc., which would have been the norm. I was raised by my grandparents and they never mentioned anything (I was 17) about not coming home all night. This was also extremely odd. And with all that – it seems like once that night/day was over, I never had any memory of it until watching that movie some years ago. For some reason, now this whole incident bothers me – mainly because I wonder why we never questioned it, never talked about it much, or why we never got in trouble.

  527. Hi Cindy — Odd, out-of-place/out-of-character reactions are commonplace in these missing time/memory loss reports (see the previous comment by Angela). Also, other people on the periphery but not directly involved often seem to neglect to ask questions or mysterious forget or sleep through these incidents. That is further indication that these happenings are not always random, but are orchestrated in some way. By whom (or what) and why, I don’t know.

    As I always ask, do you remember anything like this happening to you before, or any other unexplained or strange occurrences at all, prior to or after this?

  528. Thank you for your reply. I have finished reading all the other comments and I do feel a little better knowing I’m not alone. I found it interesting there were other reports of other odd incidents in Wisconsin, I think around a similar time.

    I have this recurring memory that just pops into my head and has always bothered me for a long time. I remember telling this story to a lot of people because it was just a strange occurrence. In WI we lived on a larger piece of property by a highway in southern Wisconsin so my sister and I used to play outside a lot together and alone. One time I was swinging by myself, then next thing I know I was in another area of the yard just standing there by myself. I felt like I had just ‘woke up’, and as I was trying to get my bearings down I looked at my arm and saw a HUGE, white spider on my arm. It was so big it took up my entire fore-arm. Now the largest spiders we had we daddy long legs with the largest being about the size of someone’s hand – and they were brown. So when I saw this stark, white spider on my arm I screamed and jumped around for a couple of seconds – then stopped to look for it, but it was no where in sight. The area I was standing in was a ‘clearing’ of sorts, with only brown dirt under me. As a child, I wanted to find that spider so I could tell a grown-up, because it was so unusual. But I could not find it. After a few minutes I convinced myself it was an hallucination. In spite of having occurrences where I have seen things out of the corner of my eye or whatever, and then the things I thought I saw really weren’t there, this one always bothered me because I feel I KNOW it was there; that it was not a hallucination.

    I don’t know if there was ‘missing time’ as times were more relaxed then. We often played outside, alone for hours at a time. So the thing that was weird was swinging, then being in another area of the yard and seeing the white spider. I had always ‘assumed’ that the explanation for the change in location was my spaciness from being a child.

  529. Hi, John. In 2012, I posted here about a four-day missing time experience that happened to me. Last night I was reading other stories that have been posted since, and came upon a Dec. 2012 post by Lisa Marie. She wrote: “The strange thing that I never told anyone, that I spent the morning pulling wires out of my back shoulder. Long skinny wire threads.” This really bothered me, as I had a similar experience….I have never told anyone either, because it just seemed too crazy. I pulled several wires out of my legs some time in summer 2001, in the year following my missing-time experience. They looked like fiber optic wires.

  530. Hi Debra — That’s just fascinating. As I aggregate more and more of these missing time and time anomaly reports I try to look for consistencies among them. That’s the only way I can begin to draw some conclusions about these baffling phenomena. Accounts of physical effects of these experiences are a powerful indication that these are not simply some sort of mental aberration or mistaken perception by the experiencer. Reports such as yours point to the implementation of some kind of technology, the purpose perhaps being for tracking or monitoring of the individual. This leads clearly to the intervention of some sort of intelligent beings. Whether this is being carried out by our own government or non-human intelligences is an unanswered question, but it would definitely seem to preclude that incidents such as your and Lisa Marie’s was mental or due to some kind of natural phenomenon.

    Thanks so much for sharing that. I’m working on a new version of the site and I’ll be created a forum section that will have a section for people who have had these experiences. The more people who are willing to open up about their encounters, the better we’ll be able to draw conclusions and move closer to answer (if this question is at all answerable). Thanks again.

  531. hi,im mexican so im not so well at english but i will try to explain what happened to me, it happened right know an hour ago i was looking at my celphone it was like 3:00 am i was tryng to sleep reading but then i saw 3:03 then i remember that 3:33am is not a happy hour but i say to my self its bullshit i dont care… then i saw 3:06am then i say ok then when i watch the clock it will be 3:09 and then it pass when that pass i say ok its just coincidence… then i started to play a video game for like 8 minutes then again i watched the clock it was 3:14am then i said well it is not a number related to 6 so i forget it then turned off the screen on my cellphone i looked at the sky from my window like 2 minutes then prepared to sleep i was going to put my alarm here comes the scary thing it was the 3:44am… i thinked ok maybe the clock is wrong then chequed the hour on my hand watch and it was 3:45am i missed 30 min of my life and i dont know what happened.. im really scary becouse of whats people says about that our.. i dont know and here i am trying to find a reason or find people that experienced the same, im very sorry for my bad writting and gramatic but in spanish there is no information so please excuse me…. i dont know what happened may be my clock started to malfunction but the extrange is that i was looking the clock many times how is it possible?, im sure that 30 min passed im really sure that i wasnt looking the sky for 30 min
    thanks by the way
    im 22

  532. JOHN.. i know this seems a bit strange.. but i’d really appreciate if you would contact me.. something strange happend to me last night.. really strange (no ppl i wasn’t raped or sotomized) but just too much to type. i’ve never reached out to any one like this, but i’ve also never had anything like this happen to me. i lost time.. well not exactly.. a friend of mine did. and i watched the entire time lapse in paralysis watching what
    happend to him, no funny creatures, or lights.. but i was totally paralyzed. it was as if the only thing that was allowed to move in the universe was my cat.. he just had these siezures like spells, and i’d go completely numb watching, and my cat would start brushing and biting my leg like she was trying to pull me out of some unkown world.. please, i swear to GOD this is driving me

  533. this is driving me crazy and i don’t have anyone to talk to .. please

  534. Hi Lori — So sorry to hear. When bizarre things like this happen to people it’s very upsetting, I know. I’m around for a few minutes this morning but I have more time in later on today (I’m on Eastern Standard Time, USA). I’ll email you.

    — John

  535. I think you missed my story from June 8th :)

  536. I also think that I might have experienced missing time during my childhood, its a very hard thing to be sure of especially because it was when I was so young, I want to say I was around 5-6 years old (maybe younger?) but I’m not sure. There are also a few odd memories that have stuck with me for 30 years that don’t really make much sense.

    I don’t remember much from that early when I was a kid, but I have never forgot this because it just seems so odd and out of place. Anyways, I remember laying down to go to bed and after what seemed like only 2-3 or so hours of darkness the sun came back up. I don’t ever remember going to sleep, I remember laying there trying to get to sleep and being so puzzled why the sun was coming back up when it did.

    For years I thought this was what people were calling daylight savings time, being so young I didn’t understand the concept of what it really was until later. It might simply be that I fell asleep and woke back up without realizing it, regardless this has stuck in my memory through the years as something that just felt odd.

    There are some irrational fears, or more like images in my head that I am afraid of, one is of a strangely shaped tree branch outside of a window. It doesn’t make sense why I am afraid of such a thing, even I can’t understand it but that image freaks me out when I think about it. Another is of a dog I thought I saw in my room one night with tiny “lights” for eyes, that night I hid under the covers never peaking back out the most scared I’ve ever been in my life until I finally went to sleep. I am not scared of trees or dogs in general, but those particular images stick in my head and give me chills when I think about it.

    This kind of stuff could be a number of things from hallucination, childhood imagination, falling to sleep and not realizing it, or anything. Like I said though I have just never forgot them because it seemed out of place from normal life and very real.

  537. 14 hanging out washing for my mother lost 4 hours no strange events besides disorientation. I lived for seven years of my childhood with the same visits at 3.30am every night heavy breathing followed by something leaning over me I can still hear the breathing a deep inhale loud exhale. Then on some occurrences it would place a hand or w/e on top of the blanket all one can do is pull the covers up restrict breathing and hope for the best. I have no idea if its all related but it followed were ever I went and stoped soon as I hit adolescence. Now 40 and events are still imprinted very clear and to detail weird stuff does happen…

  538. MSB –Yes, I did. Sorry about that. Fascinating account of your experiences! I was away on June 8, camping out in the Pacific Northwest.

    The more of these types of time anomaly reports that I receive, the better I can begin to see patterns appear. Bright, flashing or floating lights are often associated with these missing time incidents. I don’t know if that’s because of some kind of electromagnetic phenomena or if they are intelligently directed and controlled. I read a book that I’ve mentioned a few times in this thread called “Time Storms” by Jenny Randles. She believes that these episodes happen because of naturally occurring EM activity that somehow distort time in a way that we don’t yet understand. She makes a very compelling argument in her book, which is very well-researched, but that explanation doesn’t fit in with a lot of the reports that I receive. Your second incident seems less likely to fit into that theory because other people were present and would have experienced the same thing if it were a natural phenomena that visited your area. Also, these things appear to happen repeatedly, and it would be very unlikely if it were a freak “storm” of some kind — similar to a person getting hit repeatedly by lightning. Not too likely.

    Are you generally a sensitive or somewhat psychic person? Do you have premonitions or have you seen or experienced any other unexplained phenomena? That’s often the case among those who tell me of having these experiences.

    Thanks again, and sorry for the delay in getting back to you. — John

  539. I don’t know where to start so I guess I will begin with my first time loss . It was Christmas time 1989, I was 4 years old, after lunch me and my older brother went well outside to play in the yard my mother had bundled me up in my coat and hat. I remember that it started to snow and my brother and I laid down on the ground and was watching the snow fall. I felt like I was in a trance the next thing I knew my brother was playing with my older sister on the porch and my mother had came out of the house to call us in for dinner. I remember getting up and my coat was missing. The ground was covered in snow and there was snow under me when I had laid down there wasn’t any snow on the ground I remember feeling dazed and confused we had just ate lunch and I couldn’t understand why we were having dinner. I don’t remember what had happened to me but that was just the beginning. After that I began having dreams vivid dreams of floating away from my home.. I would wake paralyzed and scared with out being able to speak. I would see very dark people shadow figures at night in my room. This went on for 6 months or so I know this because we had moved shortly after I had started kindergarten, I had gotten into trouble at school for a drawing I had drawn, I have no recollection of me drawing the picture. ( I did later see this drawing when I was around 10 years old, it was three dark figures and a little girl floating above a house and a craft with lights.) the day after I had got in trouble our house was put on the market and we moved across country. We moved in with my grandparents and things were quite for a while the dreams had all but faded. Years had passed and they had all became a distant dream. Then shortly after my 8th birthday the dreams came back I would wake up in extreme pain in my legs and back and paralyzed once again. This would happen happen at least once a month or so. Then I started to see dark figures during the day not all the time just here and there. I lived a block away from the school. It took me 5 minutes to get home every day. It was a straight walk down the sidewalk no turns just had to cross the street at the schools cross walk. School got out at 3 o’clock every day I remember getting out and crossing the Street The next thing I knew I was standing in my yard and the sun was going down my mother had ran out side screaming and crying asking where I was. I couldn’t speak I could barely stand up. My mom had brought me into the house and got me a glass of water. She looked very concerned and told me I had been missing for hours I had asked me where I was. I had told her that I had just left the school I didn’t remember how I got home, I began telling her all that was happening to me my dreams, the figures in would see. She looked concerned but not surprised. She had stopped me and told me to be quite about it. I have always felt like I wasn’t supposed to talk about it. I had asked my grandmother why my mom had shushed me and she had told me that things happen to special people and the rest of the world just doesn’t understand.

    We moved very shortly after that and things stopped happening for a long while. My next experience wasn’t till I was 16 but this time was different. I was out with a group of friends and we were walking around the wooded area behind my house the sun had just gone down and we had begun walking back towards the house. We were only a few minutes from the house and could see house through the trees. When all of a sudden there was a bright light above us and it was a blinding and it warmed the air around us. I don’t remember much but when I came to I was alone in the forest and my friends were no were to found. I was dazed as I walked out of the woods and wandered in my house, every one was gone and I was alone. I tried to call my mom on her phone but the phone wasn’t working, the tv was static and there was an eerie quite that came from the house. About an hour later I saw our car pull in the driveway and my brother came in asking where I had been. And I had been missing for hours, I was shocked every one just disappeared I didn’t go anywhere. All I remember was there was a bright light and every one was gone. All of my friends had told me that they saw the light to but it was only there for a second or two like a blink or someone turning on the car lights for a second and that’s when I disappeared. They all thought I had ran into the woods in fear or something.. I just let them think that I was messing with them and that I had ran. But I don’t know what happened.
    My dreams did come back but not all the time once or twice a month at most, we had moved a few more times but the dreams moved with me. I would wake up with bruising on my legs, back, arms, and stomach. I would find new scars on my body that looked like an old scars.
    When I was 20 I had woke up and to my surprise I had silver patches all over my legs and on portions of of arms. I was doing scared I went to my doctor that day my doctor looked confused and concerned about my skin. Because I had just had my yearly physical therapy week before. My doctor took skin samples and sent them in to get tested. Turns out that I have psoriasis that should have taken months if not years to get to the amount that I had and not overnight. It has not gone away even to this day I have tried topical creams (which made it worse) pills (which gave me seizures) tried to change my diet, exercise, tried tanning and avoiding the sun but nothing worked. (At this point I have come to the conclusion that it won’t go away.)
    Years had passed I still had the dreams but I hadn’t missed any time for a long while, I had gotten married and had a girl and a boy of my own. Then one evening 2 years ago my family and I went out to dinner at this little restaurant about a mile away from our house. After dinner we started driving home and the sun was just going down. We were driving South towards the house and the next thing we knew we were about 8 miles north from the house we had pulled over at a gas station and just looked at each other I made sure the kids were still in the car. And in a half panic my husband questions how we got where we were. We had lived in the same city for over 5 years and the same house for 3 years we traveled the same road every day and ate at the same restaurant once a week, he was dazed and confused and so was I. As we began our drive home my daughter kept asking me where we were at. And I told her we were just out for a little drive. When we got home I had realized it was almost 9pm we had lost 3 hours or so. The next morning I woke up with cramping in my stomach. My husband kept trying to figure out what was happening and what had happened to us. He was concerned about it but was afraid to talk to anyone else about it. Two weeks later I found out that I was pregnant. The pregnancy was normal but my dreams were frequent. I had my son a few weeks early but he was a healthy beautiful boy with no complications. He seems to be ahead of his siblings though he just turned 1 in July and he’s beginning to talk, he walked at a younger age and is using “tools” to get things he wants. He can unlock doors uses toys to make stairs to climb over baby gates. He’s very advanced for his age. But he’s not the only one my daughter who is six now asks odd questions like: why are we different from everyone else? She called the mall santa a “human” in a costume. And she is always asking me about other planets and the people who live there. I have never spoke about my experiences to her and I don’t know where she is getting her information from. I haven’t lost time since than so far and my dreams are only once a month or so. So I’m doing okay.
    I spoke with my grandma about it a few months ago and she told me that these things happen to us, that we are different and I had asked the same questions when I was little and so did my mother. It happens to special people all over the world and for those select few our eyes are open and we see better then the the rest of the world.

  540. I just wanted to add that my children are remarkable. My 6 yr old has this uncanny ability to know things she was reading before she was three, she has this ability to read people and always seems to know things about people, there was one day a few months ago when we were at the grocery store in the check out line there was an elder behind us and my daughter reached out and grabbed her hand and told her she was sorry about her son but every thing was going to be okay, the lady just started to cry, after talking to the elder for a bit I found out that her son had died in Iraq the week before. But that’s not the only time that she had done that about a year ago I was driving home from a doctors appointment and she started freaking out and yelling to get off the freeway, I took the first exit off and seconds later I watched a car spin out of control hitting multiple cars and then flipping over before it came to a stop against the barrier. I was still on the off ramp when this had happened, that would have been us I would have been stuck in the middle of it. She has the ability to see things or know things. Last Christmas I had got her an inotab 3 kids tablet but I had decided to wrap it up like a vacuum cleaner using a box and the wrapping paper roll and the gift as the bottom part when she saw the “vacuum” under the tree she got all excited and screamed you got me a tablet. I was so disappointed I worked so hard to disguise that gift and she knew what it was before she even got to touch it.
    But she’s not the only one though my 2 yr old son is different also he’s really good with numbers he is always counting and adding. He tries to read but he only sounds out words. He is always trying to fly and tries to move objects with his mind ( he hasn’t been able to accomplish them) he gets extremely frustrated with it though. Though he is only 2 he is as tall as the kindergartens at my daughters school in some cases taller. His head circumference is 22.5 inches and he has to wear either a resizeable hat or an adults hat. Last year he wanted to be a cowboy for Halloween but the hat that came with the costume didn’t fit him at all. So we had to go to a western shop and purchase a hat and size 6 7/8 and today it is too small for him. He is intelligent and applies a lot of critical thinking before doing things. He is always trying to figure out locks and the passwords on the computer, he has been able to cracked the passwords on the computer and unlocks the parent locks on the tv. But the oddest thing that is that some nights he will be up talking as if he’s having a conversation with someone. I go in his room and he’s sitting in the dark on his bed or in the middle of the room. When I ask who he is talking to he either replies his “friend” or the “doctor”, but he doesn’t like the doctor. He says that the doctor can be mean at times. But his friend protects him. I fear that it’s a cycle and my kids will end up going through what I had had to, I feel like moving because it helped a little bit when my family moved from place to place every few years. I want to talk to them about their experiences and ask why he doesn’t like the doctor to get more information about it, but I just can’t get the words out its like it’s a bad omen or something. It’s even hard to write it down but it is easier to write it.
    The baby who is one has a head circumference of 19.5 inches he is gifted also he is talking early, walking early, and applies a lot if critical thinking skills also. My children are remarkable but I fear that they would become outcasts as people wouldn’t understand they just do things a little different. My pediatrician has begun to recognize the differences but it seems like she has mixed feelings about it. She has asked me if I had considered putting them in the gifted programs or gifted schools but I don’t know if I would consider it. My children are my life and I want them to be as normal as possible or at least have normal experiences and to not be singled out from the crowd.
    I d

  541. I don’t know what to do

  542. When I was in high school, I was working at a local fast food joint. One night at work, I lost exactly one hour of time some how. We always had a routine of what to do and when to do it to maximize our work output. That one night, when it was time to start the last set of dishes (right after something else that usually took an hour that I had started on an hour prior) I looked up at the clock, and it was exactly an hour past of what it should have been.

    To this day (that happened in 1997) I am convinced that I did not just lose track of time like one who was having fun would do, as this was a routine type of job, start at a certain time, do certain things at certain times, and leave at a certain time. That night, with no set-backs to remember, not just me, but all of us left an hour later than normal from work.

    I will repeat, this happened to all of us at work that night, we all lost the same exact hour, and all pretty much noticed it at the same time after it happened.

    Though, I do no recall anything weird happen like what you described, and it was not anything to do with daylight savings as this hour that was lost was from 9pm to 10pm.

    Just an hour lost, for everyone in the building, nothing more, nothing less.